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Found 1 result

  1. Before the WWE and WCW became global powerhouses in Wrestling during the late 80s and early 90s, there was the NWA, or National Wrestling Alliance. NWA wasn't a Wrestling promotion, but more of a governing body that held historically, the most independent wrestling promotions in history. These promotions back then, where called "territories," because they all had control over a specific area in the United States. All those territories had there own champs and their own superstars and Titles. But the NWA, choose from all the their territories THE NWA World heavyweight Champion and this guy, would go through all the territories to defend it against the number one guys, of each territory. Now of course, they don't exist anymore. They where either going bankrupt, because they couldn't make as much of money as the WWE or WCW, or they where just bought out by either of those. Some people gave up on Wrestling at that time, because for them Wrestling wasn't wrestling anymore, because WCW and WWE where exposing the business. The wonderful thing about the Territories was, is that they all had a different style of Wrestling. Some where more Hardcore, some where southern, some where cruiserweight, etc. and that's what the territories made so great. You always had the right Wrestling for you, anyway you looked. With the WWE now being the International force of everything that is Wrestling, there is barely any wrestling that you can find. You got TNA, which for one reason or another, always escapes his grave. You have ROH, which is kinda the breeding ground for future WWE employees. We have Lucha Underground, which is awesome, but is also partially a TV show, so you can't see it every week and you have NJPW, which shows the best Wrestling in the world, but has also seen better days. You have a few very small indie league, but you won't get any sort of Television exposure from them. So i ask myself, "can't there more Wrestling for everyone and can't there be the type of Wrestling that people like?" And i said to myself "Yeah. If the WWE brings back the territory system." It could be something like this. The WWE is buying out the rest of the Competition, meaning TNA, ROH and Lucha Underground. The TNA Roster gets reduced to a half, with the most talented guys remaining and gets put together with the NXT guys and that's the Florida Territory. Lucha Underground will be the California, or Pacific Territory and ROH will become the new Northeast territory. The WWE will put other territories throughout the country, even a few in Canada and even in Puerto Rico and they will all have their owns local championship. The WWE will still make their normal shows Raw and Smackdown and PPVs, where they get certain guys from the territories and where they can wrestle with other guys, from other territories. The WWE will have the womens championship, the tag team championship, the Intercontinental Championship and the WWE Championship, with the WWE title really determining the absolute best of all the territories. Would Vince do that? Absolutely not. Vince has too much of an Ego to go through with this plan. But i think Hunter would go through with this plan. This guy eats, sleeps, drinks and breaths Wrestling and has a very Old School thinking. He remembers the territory days, because he was a big fan of Ric Flair, who was the poster boy of the NWA during the 80s. The WWE has large amounts of money and i think it wouldn't cost much to build these independant territories and we would have more alternatives then we have now. Do you think it would be a good idea?