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Found 2 results

  1. So we all know the disaster that was the Jem live action movie. But what if instead of a movie, they went with a show. And they used MLP as a (re)launching point to start G2 of Gem and the holograms and it's accompanying merch to try and combat the rival Monster High franchise. Plan A. Say that the mirror world is actually to the Jem universe. EQG plays out like it did but instead of the HuMane 5 it's Jem and her bandmates. Twi and Jem work together to bring the band back together and foil the plans of a Sunset-esq villain, kicking off the G2 Jem franchise in EQG style with a redemption arc for our antagonist playing a role in the series. Or plan B. Hasbro still kinda want EQG and Jem. So what would make more sense? A crossover in the EQG sequel, where magic is fueled by the power of music and Jem and her holograms must win a battle of the bands in order to stop evil doers who want to use mind altering pop music to rule the world. Is it just me or was Rainbow Rocks secretly the Jem and the Holograms reboot Hasbro always wanted? So what do you think of the first ever MLP film or it's sequel being used to kickstart JatH G2 and the Hasbro animated universe? Would you watch a Jem TV series in the style of Equestria girls? How well would it have been received by Bronies and the OG Jem fans and how well would it have performed?
  2. Ok, everypony more childhood cartoon movie turning live is JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS next year ? How excited are you ?