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Found 47 results

  1. Which Pokemon game is your favorite? Why? My favorites are Pokemon White and Pokemon Black 2. I felt that these games had a fun and memorable playthrough. The games could have been a bit longer, but I loved pretty much everything about them.
  2. Discussion thread on Japan's new era, Reiwa. The current era, Heisei, will end this Tuesday. Akihito will abdicate the throne after 30 years as Japan's emperor. His son Naruhito will become the new emperor of Japan. The last time an emperor ever abdicated in Japan was in 1817 (202 years ago). Photo overview of Akhitio and his life in the Japanese royal family: Info about the upcoming emperor:'s-new-emperor-naruhito-a-cosmopolitan-team-player What are your thoughts on this? For me, Heisei will be looked back on as a memorable childhood when us Westerners experienced the golden age of Japanese pop culture. I'm hoping Reiwa will bring positive fortunes to the people of Japan as they have been through alot of hard times as of late.
  3. Some of you learned about a few Asian countries that were once under Japanese rule until 1945 in world history class at school, but what would your reaction be, had the Surrender of Japan failed, and the US and Canada's last presidents were Franklin Roosevelt and Mackenzie King before they were both replaced by Hirohito?
  4. List your top 10 anime here 1. Neon Genisis Evangelion My favourite anime, i've seen it so many times and i find it so interesting, it's just so cool 2. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya So much fun, with a nice quirky look on life i found it halarious and a good fun adventure. 3. Code Geass It was a fun anime, so much fun, and very cool, loved how cynical the characters were. 4. Full Metal Alchemist Another fun adventure, nicely animeated and funny in it's own way. 5. King of Thorn I'm suprised at how many people havn't heard of this anime, It was a great movie, i loved the philosophy behind it. 6. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Similar to NGE, with Kamina, cos Kamina is amazing. 7. Elfen Lied Gory, bloody, gut wrenchign, depressing and all round fun. 8. Durara I don't know, i just couldnt stop watchign it, it was so cool. 9. Sayournara Zetsubou Sensei This si quite possibly one of the most messed up anime i've seen, It's horrible and yet so funny, it's just so dark. 10. FLCL Randomness galaroe. Post your top ten, for those of you wondering, i find death note to be highly overated.
  5. Which legendary Pokemon are your favorite? My favorites: - Articuno - Lugia - Entei - Latios - Groudon - Rayquaza - Dialga - Zekrom - Xerneas New legendary for Pokemon Sun:
  6. How would Friendship Is Magic have been treated if it were originally made in Japan? Not exactly all that odd considering the art style shares many a trait with conventional anime. Say Hasbro decided to focus on launching their product in Japan first. Same design. Same scripts. Same animation. Same characters. Same everything. Just swap the VAs for their Seiyuu equivalents and trade Studio B/ DHX for Kyoto Animation or someone else that deals well in cute things. First, how would this show be reacted to by anime fans in the west upon the initial airing in 2010? And second, say the show made it's U.S. debut in late 2012 with an English dub, around the same time MLP originally debuted in Japan. Same american voice actors and all, getting broadcasted on The Hub, etc. How different would the fandom be reacting to MLP as an import, getting a high quality dub two years after the first airing and comparing it with the original?
  7. So I just finished watching this anime and was wonder if anyone else has seen it? If so did you like it or not and why? Sorry, I'm a curious guy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For those interested here's what Wikipedia summarised the plot as: The Seven Deadly Sins were once an active group of knights in the region of Britannia who disbanded after they supposedly plotted to overthrow the Liones Kingdom . Their supposed defeat came at the hands of the Holy Knights, but rumors continued to persist that they were still alive. Ten years later, the Holy Knights staged a coup d'état and captured the king, becoming the new, tyrannical rulers of the kingdom. The third princess, Elizabeth, then starts out on a journey to find the Seven Deadly Sins and enlist their help in taking back the kingdom. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Small personal review ahead, proceed with caution: Personally, I really like it for characters, especially greed and sloth, and story isn't that bad as far a stories go but the all but a few of the battles were too short and I didn't like the Elizabeth that much as a though character, I just found her annoying. Also I heard a season 2 is scheduled for 2016 so there's another thing to add to my "Reasons to be hyped for 2016" list
  8. Hello and welcome to the discussion thread of all things Naruto! I, myself, am I huge fan of the series and I would love to hear your thoughts on it as well. Feel free to discuss everything about it!
  9. It took quite awhile for me to finally get this. But finally, after a Paypal option was created, i bought myself a subscription for NJPW World, New Japan Pro Wrestlings answer to the WWE Network. How well does it hold up? First of all, i must say that it's cheaper then the WWE Network. NJPW World only costs 999 Yen a month, which is 7,40€ in europe so that is already a big plus. Their Menu needs a bit to get used to, but it's good overall. You might be a bit shocked at first at the japanese signs, but you can also switch to an english version for us Gaijins. NJPW World has a big archive of matches all throughout their history, from today till Antonio inoki found it in 1973. Most of the 70s and 80s stuff are not full shows but only single matches, but it's not that bad. They even have some of the cross promotion shows they had with the WWF, WCW and All Japan pro Wrestling. for fans of wrestling history, it's truly nice to look at. There are several special features, like a G1 special page, where you can find all the tournaments that go back till 2007 or special shows like Wrestle Kingdom and Dominion. the stream also offers all current and past episodes of the Tiger Mask W Anime, which great for people who want to watch it, but are not interested enough in anime to buy a crunchyroll subscription. NJPW World also has exclusive behind the scenes interviews and documentaries in store, even with english subtitles for those who are not capable of the japanese language. Most of the Documentaries are very well done and also makes some of the top guys in New Japan more interesting. Of course, there are livestreams going on if there are Live shows and not just New Japan. Besides New Japan, the stream also shows special events from mexicos CMLL and special shows of Americas Ring of Honor, which are most of the time crossover shows with New Japan. Shows most of the time come with american commentary by former WWE and ROH worker Kevin Kelly and the former extreme intellectual Don Callis, who was known in ECW as Cyrus the Virus. All in all, i would recommend it for the people who are big fans of New Japan. This is a very good streaming service and a good way to support this promotion.
  10. We all know that Xbox, as a brand, is simply not successful in Japan on any levels. The systems do not sell, the games don't either. A lot of people for some reason blame Microsoft for this, saying that the company doesn't focus on Japan at all. I however feel there is a different cause for all of it and that cause is simply Japan itself. What I mean by that, is that it seems the Japanese actively avoid Xbox. They stay clear of it and prefer the systems made in their own country. I find this to be rather troubling on its own, but it goes further. Recently, the game NEIR was basically confirmed that it will not be coming to Xbox One at all. It was originally thought it would, but the creators said that it won't, because of the absence of Xbox One sales, IN JAPAN. So they are choosing to ignore every other territory because reasons and losing out on a ton of potential sales because of some stubborn pride thing. I respect Japan on many levels, but I cannot deny that in this particular case, they take their pride thing a bit too far. That leads into the main point. I feel the failure of Xbox in Japan is simply a self-fulfilling prophecy on their part. Japanese devs have stated that they don't make their games for Xbox because Xbox doesn't sell in Japan. The huge problem with that logic, is that there needs to be games for the system for people to buy the system for. So they don't make games for it in the first place, which leads to abysmal system sales and those abysmal system sales then lead to no Japanese games being made for it and the cycle fuels itself endlessly. That is a huge problem. So in the end, it comes across as the Japanese actively avoiding the non-Japanese game system. The Xbox One is fairly successful in many other territories so choosing to not put their games on that system even in those territories is, to me, a dick move. This is in contrast to the Playstation Vita, which only saw major success in, where else, Japan. This lead to that system getting tons of developer support, mostly exclusively in Japan itself, while the system was left to die everywhere else. With games like NEIR and Dynasty Warriors 9 apparently abandoning Xbox altogether, even worldwide, it is making me lose a lot respect for Japanese developers. Their viewpoint seems to be so narrow and only focused in Japan and Japan only, which is not only a bad business move in my view, but also a kind of arrogant way to approach this industry. I hate any kind of national pride that leads to arrogance. Microsoft has already tried to do a huge Japanese push for the Xbox 360 years ago, with some very solid titles being made for the system, but this did next to nothing for the brand's success there, furthering the point that the Japanese seem to be avoiding all of Xbox like a plague. Apparently Phil Spencer met with a bunch of Japanese development teams recently, and hopefully that helps some things, but it is a shame that it takes the head of Xbox itself going there and talking with them for them to show any interest. So there is my view on this subject that I have been increasingly thinking about. Do you all have any opinion's on this? Any thoughts? Like I said, this entire situation is making me lose respect for Japanese devs. They choose to deny me the chance to buy their games because I don't own the Japanese made system. I mean, if they really don't want my money, then fine. Their loss. This whole thing would be like if I actively avoided all Japanese games because they are Japanese made, which would be incredibly stupid.
  11. Hi just wanted to share a model kit I put together recently. The model is called Dark Spiner, it's a Spinosaurus type Zoid from the Tommy Zoids action figure series. I found it on amazon for just $44 witch is a pretty good price for a Zoid kit. It was easy to build it took me about two hours to complete. The only problem with the model is the electric motor doesn't work very well. That doesn't really bother me to much. This model was sitting in a warehouse somewhere in Tokyo for over a decade.
  12. I talked about this Anime in the Wrestling Thread, but i thought it deserves it's own Thread. Does anybody else watch the newly made Tiger Mask Anime? I know that there are Anime fans out there that watch it, that are not really into Wrestling. I personally really like it. It tells a really good brother story, takes Prowrestling very serious and i really like the choreography of the matches. I also like the cameos of certain NJPW stars, like Kazuchika Okada or Yuji Nagata. Also, Tiger Masks agent is a real cutie. :3 So, what are your thoughts about it?
  13. In the words of Sanic the Hegehog, "xxx_sm0k1ng_1s_4_dumb0t$_xxx" So I went to visit Japan last year, right? You know how it goes, family trip, you get dragged into going, already been there a thousand times . . . couldn't get any more complicated than that, right? Well, I wouldn't exactly say it was "complicated", but it was certainly something . . . different. Firstly, I'll start with the present. I'm doing the "National Pony Writing Month" with my entry being, "My Little Pony: Equestrian Redemption", a sequel to an unfinished series that I started back in 2015. I deleted everything because I thought it was terrible (it was), but it's coming back better than ever. So be on the look out for that. Also, because fifty-thousand words is a bit of a challenge, I might not be writing here for the rest of the month. Sorry 'bout that. I guess I'll be taking my hiatus early. No worries because for those of you who joined our Discord Server: You'll be able to hear from me all month. The purpose of the server (which I don't believe I explained too well in the previous entry) is to be a more public, more reliable way to show off the source material for many of these blogs, as well as giving more people a chance to offer suggestions and input for past and future entries. Our server offers users to "listen in" (All audio, no voice) on the conversations my friends and I have during the making of these entries. If you wish to join in on the conversation (and you are "deemed fit") you can ask us and we'd be more than glad to grant "special access" and give input during the calls. It's a good step forward and if more people join in, this blog could live on for a much longer time. There will be another link at the bottom of the post for those willing to join. (Discord is a pretty cool program. I'd recommend it even for non-gamers who use Skype. Discord is much, much more organized than what the name advertises.) And now for the past, which is the focus of this story. I believe I mentioned visiting Japan? So we'll start from there. Japan is a nice place to visit and has a lot of interesting exhibits to cast your eyes on. My favorite aesthetically? The Sankeien Garden. It's nice to walk around; and although I have a vague memory of it, I do remember we arrived at the last 30 minutes until close. (Fun Fact: I believe those gardens were featured in Sword Art Online [don't ask me what episode]. If you visit the site, you can actually see a lot of the same bridges and ponds. Again, I don't know the exact garden name, but I do know it was that one.) My favorite humorously? The Poop Museum. The name says it all. Look it up, I dare 'ya So what made this trip special? Why is this trip different from all other trips? Not to mention, why am I writing a blog about it? Well, I was going to tell you eventually. . . On the last night of my five-day vacation, I stayed at a "Capsule Hotel". If you don't know what those are, I'm not surprised. Capsule Hotels are, on the face, neat little one-person rooms all stacked up on top of each other. Each hallway is filled with at least forty of these things, but it's still an interesting concept. Of course, that's on the face, but what's behind the mask? In the words of Michael Rosen: "That's an interesting story, and I'll tell you." First thing that should give you a big red symbol is the fact that they divide the males from females between differing floors; but you should've probably expected such a thing, so I'll keep going. Secondly, if you look very closely behind the counter, you can see the shower room. Filled to the brim with nude men; how subtle. Now, I know that we in the west see something like that as taboo, but here in east? Nah, it's fine. Let the kid jump around in the back of the car! we're not driving nearly as fast as we should! Luckily, I didn't take a shower that night; though, by the end of the night, I probably should've. Capsule Hotels are a breeding place for claustrophobia. Despite being armed to the teeth with alarm clocks and televisions (funny story), those capsules are very, very small; (It's about three feet in height.) and again, you're stuck in a room with about fifty other people who don't know where they're going (there was a bar under the hotel). The Televisions! What can I say? No headphone jack? 24 hours a day scripted p-rnography? n o t b a d. :awuh: (Guilty as charged) So other than the suggestive stimulation playing on the television, everything else was pretty normal. Each individual compartment came with their own blanket and pillow, alarm clock (I said that), and radio (still no headphone jack ). Only other thing that happened was that at about four in the morning some random Japanese man, shirtless and possibly wasted, climbed into my capsule. I had to kick him out. -RealityPublishing Discord (check us out!):
  14. Ask my OC from the Naruto and Naruto Shippuden series (the one in the love triangle!)
  15. What are your favorite anime? My favorites: Naruto Shippuden Fairy Tail (Still ongoing, guys!) Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Durarara!! Soul Eater The Devil Is A Part-Timer! Food Wars! Death Parade Serpah Of The End Digimon Frontier
  16. The first official trailer exhibiting gameplay for the new Pokemon games, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon has been released. Not only is gameplay shown, but we get to see this generation's starter Pokemon as well as the legendary Pokemon! WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD Trailer:
  17. Kakashi Hatake, from Naruto, finally had his face revealed at a Naruto exhibit that took place last year in Japan. I realize that this is a bit late, but i'd love to hear your thoughts. Source: Kakashi's face:
  18. As many people may know already, there's a whole new Godzilla film coming this year! A trailer has been released reccently Truth is, the movie's been in production for quite some time, and was created by Toho thanks to the success of the 2014 Godzilla film. So, whatdya think about the trailer? Gotta say, it looks quite good! Just hope Godzilla has a roar more similar to his 84-91 or Millenium versions in the film proper, 'cause the 62-75/92-95 roar doesn't fit this incarnation of him very much.
  19. What is your favorite anime opening/ending? I have a few favorites, but here are my 2 favorites: My favorite anime opening: Fairy Tail opening #15 My favorite anime closing: Soul Eater ending #3
  20. The original thread was locked up due to the requests having only Japanese characters in the picture but no English translation. Luckily, I checked with the admins to see if I could re-post this thread promising to have English translations in the picture and they said I could. Requests are still open and here is a collab pic of samples of the kind of stuff I will draw on this thread. So who would you like me to draw next?
  21. The anime Seraph of The End: Vampire Reign has become incredibly popular since it's original airing early this year. So, I figured i'd make a discussion thread for it!
  22. I freaking adore this anime! So, I figured i'd make a discussion thread for it!
  23. WARNING: SPOILERS On July 18th of this year, the official Yu-Gi-Oh! YouTube channel uploaded a teaser trailer for their upcoming movie: Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions. Movie information: Teaser trailer:
  24. Who in your "opinion" is the most tragic Yandere Anime character? Background wise and how they became how they are stuff like that, explain your answer and view. (Also mention what Anime that character is from, It also doesn't matter if your chosen Yandere is Male or Female.) (Example: Yuno Gasai from The Future Diary) Admin Edit