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Found 24 results

  1. For those of you who have a job, what do you like most about it? I don't have a job anymore, but I was most recently a zombie actor at a corn maze. My favorite part of that was just hanging out with the other zombies. We often had breaks between rounds, and used that time to chat, joke, listen to music, and eat junk food we snuck in. Some guys brought along a little bit of weed to share on the last day, too. (Not me, though. I'm an angel ) Before that, I was a bagger at a grocery store. Similarly, my favorite part was hanging out with my co-workers after all my tasks were complete. I lived in a small town at that time, so I worked with other kids from my high school. We'd just hang out by the front and talk, waiting for customers to come in, then pretend to look professional.
  2. Well first off i did 3 searches and didnt find it so I'm sorry if posted Most of us have a form of employment, just wondering were do you work, what shift do you work (optional) how much you make, you know stuff lile that about your job As for me I'm an overnight baker and maintainance man for a Canadian coffee chain. The job sucks but it pays the bills
  3. so what would bee your dream and what would you like about it? me it's making music and movies for my own studio witch the name of it would be vision wave media.
  4. Pretty straightforward question here for those who have/had a job, what do you guys like/dislike about it? Sure, job is job but no harm done just letting all out. I work at the retail's deli and one thing I dislike is the rush hours and the costumers being impatient about why it'd took so long for us to get to them. eh? well look around you, you're not the only one asking for sandwich. One thing I like is how easy the job is (minus the rush hrs), just cut up the meat, resupply the food, and making sandwich.
  5. Hey, do any of you guys have jobs? If so where do you work? Are you old enough? Or are you still teenagers? If you have a job where do you work? Are you allowed to where -pony- MLP shirts to your office or do they have strict dress codes? Do they allow you to use MLP screensavers? Are you ever teased by other workers or customers for liking MLP?
  6. So I'm fifteen and in high school. I was wondering for those who do and don't have jobs what its like. Whats it like with out a job? whats it like with a job and if you do have one do you like it?
  7. The title is self-explanatory. Who else here is unemployed and how are you enjoying/loathing it? Feel free to rant about your previous job or about our economy in general. :3
  8. Pretty straightforward. What’s the minimum working wage in the state you live in? Here in Florida it’s 8$ an hour.
  9. What jobs are there in Equestria
  10. CoolConfucius

    Job Forum

    Hey all, I, and I imagine a lot of others, would like to see a forum on the topic of discussing jobs or the lack of: coping with a job, switching career paths, or hunting for a job. For Bronies looking for a job or looking to expand their network, this forum can be helpful. Resume feedback or LinkedIn exchanges would also take place here. The forums under Octavia's Hall may be great for those who make a living from artistic pursuits, but what about those in the "non artistic" fields? In a way, this can be similar to Life Advice, but from what I've seen, Life Advice has been about school, relationships, and mental health. I imagine this would belong in Beyond Equestria. Thanks!
  11. Hey There so i got a homework for my economy class and the homework is to interview an entrepreneur.(asking him about his jobs,this that etc) and i wanted to do mine different from the others. i think i could get an A for this so i just need to find some entrepreneur. I'm Gonna do it with voice Interview via Skype you can add me on skype : skycr4ftdie the deadline is November 25th please halp
  12. I mean, we already know that Rarity and Applejack run their own businesses, Pinkie Pie is the town's party planner and may also work for the cakes part time, Rainbow Dash manages the skies though now she seems to becoming a part of The Wondercolts (which I guess is their version of the airforce), Twilight is a princess and before that she must have been supported by Princess Celestia in order to carry on living in Ponyville, but how does Fluttershy earn her money? And I have seen her with money before (S:2 E:19 Putting Your Hoof Down). I know she looks after animals but I don't quite know if she gets paid for that.
  13. Had an idea. Most everypony's had a job where the customers were...unpleasant, in some way. And everypony's been a customer- and probably an unpleasant one at some time, even surely without meaning to be. So, what's your job and how can the rest of us be less terrible to you? Try to keep this advice general (Not just pertaining to youu) so it can be readily applied; and not obvious- e.g. "Don't let your kids kick the employees"/"Don't swear like a sailor at the employees" etc. Preamble: Presently working in a call center. Despite daily, hourly, complaints from coworkers about callers, have found that if we call receivers speak very pleasantly, so do the callers. In nine months, have never once been cussed out, and this in an occupation where it happens fairly frequently to others. So that's on my people (Mostly? There's surely other call receiving jobs in which the customers are just reliably awful. As there's pretty much everything.) Actual start: When calling questions/support, what you lovely callers can do so is... I've one request...just one... please...don't hang up on us, it's heart breaking. so mean!! If others don't get sad about it like I do, it still ticks them off and that'll effect how they speak to the next caller. If you call someone for help, how can you just disconnect without warning? and often when the call receiver is mid-sentence... Even if someone's trying to upsell you hard (And that sucks.), just say goodbye, okay, maybe that person will be less annoying to the next caller. And when the receiver isn't trying to sell you anything...trying to tell you things to save you money and always beginning with "Do you have time..." or "Have you heard..." or "Would you like to hear about..."... jerks jerks unforgivable jerks who just leave so mean my heart no tl;dr Don't hang up on call receivers, it makes us sad, say you're finished with the call and goodbye and THEN leave! your turn.
  14. (I don't know if this has been done yet) If you were a pony on MLP, what would your dream job be and why? I would be an alicorn healer and nutritionist. I would use science and alicorn magic to make medicine and herbal remedies to help pony kind. I would also try and help the farming ponies to grow more healthy veggies and all.
  15. I usually hear from non-watchers that they believe Bronies are non-working cellar dwelling loners. I'm keen to bust this myth as I know Bronies who have quite successful careers. I'm quite curious to hear what the community does for a living. I for one am a graphic design in a small firm. It's pretty awesome, I even sneak in some cheeky pony fan art on the quite hours.
  16. So we all have worked at some point in our lives! And I'm sure most of use have come Cossack those things that make you life all the more hard to do! That boss who makes you do the worse things, a kid throwing up, a co-worker who leaves you do all the things! A customer who you wish you could just punch for being a ass! We all have those peeves, those things you hate or happen that just ruin your the whole day! So lets share them! Post away the things you hate that happen at work!
  17. Source: Evolv and The Wharton School use ‘big data’ to predict when you will quit your job (VentureBeat) Take a read through that article. From a technological perspective, what Evolv has come up with in their algorithm is pretty impressive - apparently, it can predict with stunning accuracy how loyal a prospective employee will be to a company. It raises some far-reaching implications, however: corporations and large companies are already perceived as soulless conglomerates that run after only one thing - getting as much money as possible for as little risk as possible (how true that is is another topic for another time, but that is what most people seem to think of big companies). Will widespread adoption of algorithm-based employment revolutionize business by matching people to their dream jobs at companies they'll work really well with, or will it only make the unemployed feel even more faceless and uncared-for?
  18. Yesterday, I finally finished my last pmv - that of Epic rap battle of history between Gates and Jobs. It took about 4 months of lazy work, and in my opinion, turned out quite well. Let me know what you think about it !
  19. Find an MLP clip, pic, gif or such that describes your typical work day. I'm an usher at a movie theater.
  20. Anyone ever had a boss that you just wanted to drop kick in front of customers, laugh ludicrously, and carry on with your life? I've had many, and thankfully most of them have been dethroned or dishonored.
  21. As far as America goes, we are in a recession, so we hear a lot about how there is too many people out there, that is out of work. However there are not enough jobs out there, to supply the amount of people out of work. So if you could create jobs, what kind of jobs would you create? Below I listed a template to make this much easier for every to be specific, so let's follow the following format.. Industry type: Job Positions needed: Experience Required: Reason why we need more of this kind of work?: I will start... Industry type: Information Systems/Computer Networking/IT Job Positions needed: ENTRY level IT HELP, desk, field technicians, Junior System Admin, Junior Network Engineer, Tech Support, PC repair man. Experience Required: Zero to 1 year of experience, for Entry level people first. THEN there would be a "Level 2 and 3" position for those with 1 to 3 years experience. Job Limitations/Restrictions: ONLY for those who are recent grads (Graduated from college in the last 2 years) or those still in college Reason why we need more of this kind of work?: There are not enough ENTRY level positions out there, It's a catch 22, you need experience to gain experience, but no one wants to hire someone who has zero experience and just came out of school. Where are our students with little to no experience, supposed to go? We need to create more ENTRY level positions out there. The pay may not be great but it helps recent graduates and current graduates get hands on experience. Personally if you are investing in certifications or college to pursue something, that should be reason enough to create entry level jobs, so they can get out there and work. This is not the only industry that America needs, in fact there are many others, that we hear about all the time that we need more "science Majors" and computer programmers. All the time, the employers complain that they cannot find EXPERIENCED people to do that work. The reason they cannot find experienced people, is because they are not willing to train those who are only lacking a year or so of experience. So I feel recent graduates and people with no experience are hurting the most. What about the rest of you? If not America then what other locations are you in or feel needs more of X and Y type of that you feel needs work? Let us all know in below!
  22. If the mane six had jobs in the military during a war, what would they be? More speifically, what they would do best? Like fluttershy as medic for example. Please give your honest opinions.
  23. i am not sure where this should go or even if it is pony related take a look at the video any ways .
  24. For a while now we've all known about the instability of our real-world economy. I don't quite remember how I got to thinking about it, but going off of this, there's something that stands out to me is Friendship is Magic: There are always jobs for ponies. Celestia must have gotten the system right, because unemploment is at an all-time low in Ponyville (if only the same could be said for reality... Celestia for President, anypony? With Luna as VP, perhaps?) In fact... Now this would be cool... What if there's never been a pony unable to find a job? The only exception being, ponies that don't want to work (as Granny Smith says, "lazy daisies"). Maybe, if one were to get into larger cities like Manehattan, poverty might be a little more prevalent. But I doubt anypony would be turned away if they were eagerly and readily seeking employment. Unless they proved extremely bad at the job, of course: This leads me to believe that most ponies either get jobs or start up businesses based on their cutie mark, i.e. their special talent/life's calling, and the skills that come with such a talent. Surely I can't be the only one who noticed how smoothly the job market operates in Equestria? Let me know how you think ponies get jobs, or how Princess Celestia runs things so smoothly, or how the Cakes EVER let as hyperactive a pony as Pinkie work in their shop?! (Lol just kidding Who doesn't love Pinkie Pie enough to say "No job for you!")