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Found 16 results

  1. After watching this from Think Tank, I couldn't agree more (which means I fully I agree with their thoughts). However, I would like to know what you guys think about this. I'm talking to both genders (male and female). Do you think it's ok for guys to cry? Please be thoughtful and don't make your answers too shallow (if possible). Because this question can be answered in many ways.
  2. Greetings, good people of MLPF, and welcome to the wonderfully upbeat positivity thread! Here, we focus on the positive, and positive only. Share all the good things currently happening in your life, things you love about yourself, things you love about the world, et cetera and so forth. Anything goes here as long as it's happy and cheerful. Help boost your own self-esteem, as well as the self-esteem of others, help out your fellow man, try not to cause any trouble, and happy posting!
  3. Life can be a tough task sometimes. We all face trails and hardships in some form or other, all throughout our lives. Some have it more severe than others, but we've all been there, all had that moment where we could just sink into a dark corner and cry, feeling sorry for ourselves, the world, whatever. But I believe we also often take for granted, those things that make us feel joy, hopeful, and happy to be alive. I sit here on a beautiful sunny day, hardly a cloud in the sky, the greenery returned to the trees and a light breeze keeping temperatures pretty much optimum. Right now, everything just feels so tranquil, peaceful. It reminds me of the days that made me feel so positive about my life. Even through all the hardships, even through the many still to come, I've still had these wonderful moments, and nothing can take those away from me. It gives me the desire to continue, to push through the hard times in the hope of seeing more good times ahead. It really can be the smallest things that help us keep the faith. So with that said, I'm curious to hear about what sort of things keep your spirits up? What are the kind of things you find joy in? Do you maybe find it difficult to do so? Some may even find happiness in things others would think questionable. Everyone is different, and perhaps something you post here will help another who is struggling. You never know! ...And don't just say "Ponies."
  4. Hello, from cloudsdale in lovures lane of magic in the air she has love for everypony whatever their gender might be enjoy it well because with all this violence in the world we all need a Rainbooming love from everyone's heart and that is where my Valentine's character fits in enjoy the artwork !
  5. I had one only last night about some little friendly mouse (no clue why ) that liked to climb around on my body. I don't remember too much about it, but at one point, he fell and landed on his back with the cutest shocked look on his face... but he got so happy when I started tickling him then~ ...this is kinda embarrassing to talk about... Have you had any cute moments in your dreams?
  6. Merry Christmas everypony! Here's this year's Christmas quickie! For those of you who don't know, a Christmas quickie is a little tradition of mine. I take a maximum of 3 hours to whip up an arrangement of one of my favorite Christmas hymns/carols! So here's Joy To The World!
  7. It's me! =D (Yes, this is a male pony(Stallion ) Yay! Ask me whatever you want, I'm happy to answer! =D (Dangers of asking questions may include but are not limited to: Muffins, Cupcakes, Party Cannons, Laughter, smiling, jokes, and Huggles) ( )
  8. My first pony pic I've ever drawn. My favorite picture of Pinkie Pie!! Only reason I didn't color in her hair is because I had no idea how many shades of pink Pinkie Pie even was! I ran out of pinks! I sketched it with pencil then redrew with pen and prisma colors. It has a lot of problems with it but, hey it was fun to draw. Hopefully I'll get better!
  9. To day I just wanted to say, that all you friends and contacts I have here on the forum. That this stallion love's you all. I think been like one and half year sens I join this forum and community. And I say it's been time well spent. I forge new friendship with people I would most likely never meet, if i didn't come on this forum. And hope you all been enjoying my company and chating/pm. Cause I been enjoying talking with you all. And sens I came here, i feel. I have not only grown as a brony, but as person asswell. I feel more free to expresses myself, and to share my thought's. Then any other place been on the internet. And this have been positive experience for me. And In general. Feel better abut myself. And think this show's, with me begin more creative then I been before. And I am, enjoying it. But enough of this this jacky feeling stuff. I wise this next year well be as good. As this one on where. Sig, signing off.
  10. I'm very positive! I try to remain happy as much as I can but sometimes I just get an overdose. For example: sometimes when walking home from school on a lovely day I start singing about random stuff! People probably think I'm crazy or something but I just can't bottle the happiness up sometimes. Perhaps I even sometimes annoy other people when I'm happy which is really not my intention. On the other hand I sometimes manage to cheer up someone who's feeling blue. I also talk to bugs and other animals when I'm really happy even if I know they can't understand me. OOOH! And I saw the cutest dog just the other day! I had to pet it. When I'm with my friends is probably when I'm the happiest. We mostly talk since nobody wants to play at this age but we playfully tease each other. And having a fight can sometimes be fun too. I don't mean the psychic kind of fight but the real physical fight. Okay we don't hurt each other (much ) since it's just for play. Gotta see if you can trust them, right? C'mon guys, share with me what you do when you get this overdose of happiness! When you just can't not feel the joy of living! When do you usually get this overdose? I'm eager to know.
  11. I guess my main question here is... Have you ever been nostalgic over a video game before? Do you connect it to a life event? I am nostalgic over Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Sega Genesis. My reasons for this I guess would be that I always played it when I went over to see my mother... So what about you?
  12. I ask this because I recently had a personal realization that I was feeding my god of anger (Mars) more often than my other gods/goddesses. We're so quick to feed our "Mars" instead of "Venus" that it almost seems natural. Are you feeding your jealous, hyper-masculine god, like Jehova? Or your goddess of rage, Lyssa? Maybe it's time to step back and just evoke your goddess of loonacy and sillyness, Eris? Sometimes, we just have to question what gods we're truly feeding.
  13. The Passing of a Mother. What can be said about the loss, of a dear mother many things. Remembering the times of a joy, times of sadness, laughs. \Which Flutter amongst the winds, which will not be forgotten even at times end. Though anguish may be great, to wear it tears the hearts strands over many seasons. Scars that seem to ever so deepen, fade with the hands of a clock. Even with the passing of a mother, as tragic and cruel hope exists within a feint light. One day paths shall cross again, far away and above the clouds, a smile as warm as a heart. A forever love and joy held within the deepest reaches, spirits abound ever growing never ending.
  14. Undyne

    Ask Rockshire!

    Well, this is a bit redundant... But, yeah, it's a Q and A deal! Go ahead and ask me what you want! Just make sure that it follows under the rules...
  15. Well after reading through a few old chapters again out of boredom I thought "Hey why not make a thread on MLP Forums?" So I did. For those of you who don't know, Black Adventures is a series of comic strips that loosely follow the storyline of Pokemon Black and White. It's random a lot of the time [especially in the first two or so chapters when Black and N go back in time to save Hitler] In the comic N is more or less Black's "companion" almost like Misty and Brock were to Ash in the show. As of now Black's only Pokemon are MissingNo and an Audino named Joy. Since N hates battling and well anything involved with being a Pokemon Trainer Black only allows Pokemon to join him if the Pokemon itself wants to. Also N cries. A LOT. [Or enough anyway] The humor in this comic is almost like a Yaoi parody. Which can lead to things like this: It's not always like this and it's not really even Yaoi. Like the creator says in the FAQ. As of now their are 24 Episodes/Chapters with a number of parts varying to just a few to about 24 or 25. For the host site go here. To start from Chapter 1 go here. http://blackadventur...ode-01-part-01/
  16. This is a Haiku I wrote when I first heard the leak of Smile, Smile, Smile. Deviantart link ___________________________________________________________________________________ Today I listened Balloons raised my soul up high I Love Pinkie Pie