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Found 14 results

  1. So when I 'people watch' or just see someone passing by I will normally see what they are wearing and normally come up with a judgement of whether or not I would like them or not. I feel what you choose to wear is very important as it's normally the first impression you make of someone (Other than having an initial conversation with them). Normally for me anyone wearing 'nicer' clothes such as collared shirts, polos, dress pants, etc.. get an immediate seal of approval from me and in my experience most of these people are much easier to talk to and genuinely nicer. On the other hand when I see people wearing 'gangsta' clothes I immediately have a lack of interest in even being around or near them as normally they are more irritable, less approving, and will sometimes just be very confrontational. So my question is as the title states: Do you judge people by what they wear? What are your experiences with how you have judged people? Are you mostly right in your judgement? If you have ever been wrong in your judgement then tell the story. Do you think the clothes you wear influence the judgement others have of you?
  2. So, while I've only surrounded myself around men and women who don't judge people such as myself, since a fraction of them actually watch the show themselves, but the only men I know who watches the show are finicky. One wears a necklace of Rainbow Dash, and the other posted a RD pic on his Facebook. But, I am also aware of the side of people which get judged for liking the show, are you one of those who get judged?
  3. This game is simple. You judge the user above you for a crime and then you give your sentence. I'll start. I judge the user above me for being a hypothetical example and condemn him/it/her to the gap between dimensions for 39 eons, 5 hours, and 6 tacos. Begin.
  4. So, I am writing an MLP fan fic, but I need to check if my OCs are to Mary Sue (not all of them are mine, so don't blame me for all of them). The fan fic is of a war between the two sisters that's happening but it doesn't launch it straight away, it happens after three or so chapters. My first OC is Princess Noctis, my main OC that I have edited a lot over the past few years. (Please don't judge her on her sister or Spyro Jack, they are my friends' OCs) Basics Name: Princess Noctis Nickname(s): Noctis, Noc Gender: Mare Species: Bat pony alicorn Age: filly Birthday: Dec 21st (longest night) Sexuality: Straight Allegiance: Luna Republic (At first), Peace Corp (Later) Appearance Body colour: Really dark blue Body type: Tall, thin (not too thin though) Mane & tail colour/style: Dark blue, young Luna (bit more ragged, no swirls) Markings (Stripes, spots, whatever): none Eyes: Light, piercing blue Cutie mark: Crescent moons with mane-coloured, sparkly mist and bat wings Accessories: - Height: 1.3m (average fillies are about 1-1.2m) Weight: 13 KG ~ 24 KG Notable features: Bat wings, slitted pupils, fangs Other: - Personality Personality in general: shy, timid, smart, clever, intelligent, claustrophobic, cheeky Fatal flaw: shy Likes: night, the moon, the outdoors, bats, wolves Dislikes: sunlight, bugs, bullies, the colours pink and green, walking Favorite food: Apples Favorite book: Flutterbat Favorite pony: Fluttershy Favorite animal: Bats Favorite song: Twinkle twinkle little star Favorite place: outside (night time) Other favorites: racing, flying, speed, silence Least favorite Food: grass and hay Other least favorites: houses, buildings Daily life Place of residence: Canterlot/ Ponyville Occupation: S.M.I.L.E agent Talents: flying, moon-raising, bats Hobbies: flying, racing Friends and family Mother: Princess Luna Father: Prince Nyx Siblings: Princess Apocalypse Other relatives: Princess Celestia, Princess Solis, Princess Apocalypse Lover/spouse: Spyro Jack Offspring: - Friends: Sky (bat), Figura (changeling), Discord Enemies: King Sombra, Tirek, Princess Solis Pets: A blue phoenix she gains part way through the book Magic Powers: Alicorn magic Super hearing Super sight Can communicate with bats, wolves and other similar creatures Do they like using magic? Yes because it reminds her of her twin Flying Wings: Bat wings Wingspan: 3m Top flying speed: 8000+ mph (rainbow dash flys at about 7600+ mph) Does your character like flying? Yes, being pretty much raised by bats Do they use flying in their daily life? Yes, she prefers flying to walking Other info Theme song: Stop the bats ( )Quote: “YOLO!!” Any other info on your character: she gets tired during the day but awake at night Backstory: Birth Noctis was born the way most other natural born alicorns are. It is a magical event and Luna and Nyx were both ready for it. Magic spiraled up both their horns and then they touched. This sent cosmic fireworks into the air which exploded into thousands of stars that showered down all over Equestria and lit up the sky. This went on for quite a while and then the biggest one exploded far above Luna and Nyx’s head and sent a giant metor-like star slowly descend towards the two lovers. Just as it was 5 or 6 metres above Luna and her husband a group of bats passed through the light. Apon the passing, the star grew brighter. Then it touched the ponies’ horns and knocked them both backwards with an explosion. Now there was a bat shape scorched into the ground and on either wing there was a foal, one with a ragged, dark blue mane and tail and an even darker body and the other with a black and red mane and tail constantly changing colour with her black body. These cute offsprings of Luna and Nyx weren’t normal alicorns though. They had bat wings and fangs. Nyx was shocked and was scared of the child, but Luna being Luna, was kind and caring to her her newborn foal. 2 yrs Noctis had always had speech problems, if it wasn’t for her tutor, Fluttershy, she probably would still be speaking high pitched squeals which only Fluttershy, bats and other bat-ponies understood. You see, this young filly had been having secret midnight outings to see the bats, who had taught her their language. They also taught her to fly. 5 yrs Now she was starting preschool, the filly had learnt most the pony language and could speak it fluently. She now spends most her time with Fluttershy or out at night and now sleeps upside down. She was quite lucky to have such an amazing sister who stood up to the bullies for her. Her twin also teaches her magic. 8 yrs The age she was when she got her cutiemark, she was flying out at sun-set, but Luna, her mum, had overslept so she couldn’t raise the moon. Noctis was worried, so decided to take matters into her own hands and raise it herself. She brought up the large silver ball and when she came down, she noticed something. Her cutiemark! 12 yrs Now, Noctis was at the same social level as the others (pretty much) and is starting school. Luna at first tried to get them into Canterlot High, but they were full. Luna realised that schooling in Ponyville would be the only other option, so she sent them there. Luna told the CMC (they had grown up to about 17 horse years) that they had to help look after the younger counterpart of their club. I might have to edit the backstory a bit, oh and she's the element of peace (new set of elements) (credit to the maker of the form:
  5. I'm basically on a uploading streak today... Morning: 1 vid Afternoon: 1 vid (updated intro.) Evening: 1 vid So I got 2 speedpaints on my channel now, can you awesome ponies/ people please give me some advise? I think I'm lacking something, but I dunno what... Charizard Y: Eevee: Guys please help! >.<
  6. This doesn't have color for the simple manner in that I cant color well. But the drawing aspect I handle just fine. Mostly. I hope. Anyway, here you are.
  7. 1. Do you judge people based on their profile pic, typing, outer appearance, personal interests etc.? Do you think it's fair to do that? 2. If you were employer would you go and check your job seekers Facebook or other social media profiles before you decide who to hire? Do you think it's fair that some people do it? My opinions are: 1. Yes, because I like to know what kind of people I'm dealing with and creating some kind of picture from that person helps me come little closer to that person. If I can't create any picture telling me what kind of person I'm dealing with then that person starts to feel more distant to me. I think that is pretty fair to do that, because otherwise it would be kind of hard to get to know people over the internet. 2. I don't even use Facebook or other social medias that much. I think that peoples social media profiles shouldn't affect their chances on getting a job. I think those people who look social media profiles to choose their employees are close minded, because persons interests or profile pic doesn't relate to his working ethic in any way. But when they have seen those profiles and what kind of people they are it's really hard for them to not to let it affect when they choose the workers.
  8. I have noticed that a lot of antagonist are vary controversial. So feel free to discus you opinions, head canon, and ideas involving them here. I know I will.
  9. As a judge would you condemn a Human or Pony of the same crime to get an equal sentence? Examples: Pony murders a Human. Human murders a Pony. Human murders a Human. Pony murders a Pony. Would you give a lesser sentence depending on one's species? Or would you make Pony and Human have an equally bad sentence? Or would you over the fact because your a Brony give the Pony a lesser sentence? Thus enforce a double standard.
  10. I was Bored last night and decided to draw some ponies,i drew pinkie pie, fluttershy and Rarity with my friends ponysona cause i was bored
  11. what do with these people. Especially if you put your work out there for everyone to see(call it art, music, literature). This happened to me on my deviantART with this artwork: One user got offended by the word "RAPE" and commented on my artwork. This is the conversation: did I handled the situation right? or did I look like the jerk of the story? ironically, this is my most favorited artwork on deviantART
  12. Hey everypony!, I had an interesting thought today. Whenever people hear "My Little Pony" they automatically assume we're talking about the older generations and the toys from the 80's. It is my educated guess that this is why Bronies are seen as feminine, or homosexual in the eyes of those unfamiliar with FiM and the community. My question to you Bronies and Pegasisters is this: How do you think society would view us if the MLP franchise started 2 years ago with our beloved Friendship is Magic show? Do you think that our masculinity is judged based off of the older generations, or do you think we're being judged by some simply because it's a children's show intended for girls?
  13. Welcome one and all!!!! I've been writing a specifically involved (Rated R) fiction series and it seems I'm missing a specific amount of main characters. You see, I have four main character slots........and only one has been filled as of late. I'm giving you a chance to apply your OC for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. All ponies that apply will also be judged by my friend and I so that you can know exactly what we like and dislike about your OC. Even if your just interested and crave a bit of oppinion, you'll still get a chance very few are ever offered. About the writer: I've been working with writing projects for many years and quite a few of my short peices have been published....though normally only in articles. I'm currently working on a novel alongside this project. Conditions (what you will be judged on): * OCs must be 100% origional * OCs should not be mary sues * OCs must have evolved personalities and interesting stories * OCs should be as unique in appearance as possible * It is prefered that OCs are not created with pony creator, but this is not a rule * OCs must be created by the person presenting him/her (no stealing) Application form: Name: Age: Gender: Appearance: Refrence (image): Personality: Backstory: Your OC will be deeply analyzed and critisized. Please do not take offence if you recieve harsh feedback on your character, it is never personal. Main characters: * Alora (myself) * * * And may luck grace your imagination!!! For more information about lower-level featured positions, Click here:
  14. Hello everypony! I am Mia Neigh, judge for Ponyville's court. You probably don't know me, as I had only a brief entrance of the show during one of Pinkie Pie's Smile songs (I swear, she does that every week or so) In case you still don't know me, I am the green pony there. I am generally busy, but in my spare time I like to enlighten ponies about Equestria's laws and court system. Feel free to ask any questions!