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Found 24 results

  1. - Hug is for friends! - Kissing is for lovebirds or if you just want to randomly - Kill is for the pony above you that you hate or you are mad - Revive is if you want to revive a fallen person - Dead is what you must post if you have been killed until somepony revives you - Explode is if you want to quit playing for good - Fus Ro Dah is Glomp, Kiss, AND Kill!! Just do one of the 7 actions the title says you can do! Hug, Kiss, Kill, Revive, Dead, Explode or FUS RO DAH!!! Have fun yall!! P.S. I got the idea from Shankveld's Marry, kiss, or banish to the moon.
  2. The avatar above you is out to kill you. They will hunt to the ends of the Earth to find and destroy you. Do you think you can survive their fury?
  3. Greetings all! Funny words huh? KiLL KiSS Would you kiss or kill the member above you? Don't forget to brohoof if you like the game for more. So, let's start with me; would you kiss or kill me?
  4. A thread where weird rumors go to be discussed and dissected. There was once a rumor that Into The Void by Nine Inch Nails was going to be in Zootopia. This would have been amazing considering how good the song is: BUT, the only evidence that has been seen was on imdb and Wikipedia, both being uncredible sources. I have no idea why this was, but as aforementioned, if I had heard this in the movie out of nowhere, I would have shit myself in the theater. Very uncomfortable. What weird things have you heard on the internet (or in real life) that are weird/fake/hilarious
  5. Well this may be news to some, but it's been known for a few weeks that TES Online is on the way in the future. With the information already released about it, what are your opinions about what has been released. I am honestly not too excited and not looking forward to this Mmo. From what I understand, The progression through the game I will find quite uninteresting for an Mmo, even worse than that of Sw:ToR (Which I didn't enjoy at all). I also don't personally think that it will feel like a good addition to TES. I am quite a fan of the series, and all the things that make it an Elder Scrolls game I feel will be lacking. Simply because it wont function the same way at all gameplay wise. I really do think that TES should be just a different game with a different story. It just comes off as a theme park mmo to me, like how ToR is a theme park mmo. and I just don't think many TES fans will enjoy the game for what it is other than playing with friends and perhaps the lore simply because it may feel like a bad spin off or something. I guess that it is way too soon to have a final opinion, but I just am not impressed at all. But what do you ponies think for what has been discovered about TES Online?
  6. The basic purpose of this game is to kill the user above yourself in a random and/or ridiculous way. You can use anything you think of to achieve this task Next poster starts.
  7. hey everypony this is what you have to do. you post something cute, as cute as possible. it can be anything: a youtube video, a picture, a song. anything. it doesn't have to be mlp you have to watch the thing the user above you posted and give you'r reaction to show us how dead you are this is mine (i allways find this song super duper cute)
  8. -Snipped content, purging account-
  9. Kill the ant game This is a game I found in a forum and decided to share it with you all its an easy game that any one can play. Here are the rules of the game. So one person says a reason the ant didn't die and then tries to kill the ant themselves. Poster one : The ant was stepped on and dies. Poster two : A veterinarian was there to bring the ant back to life then was toss away into the ocean. poster three : A life guard bought the ant back to shore and does cpr on the ant then the ant catches on fire for no apparent reason. So that's pretty much it about the rules of the game. I shall start the post . The ant eater eats the ant ..
  10. So of all your favorite cartoons, which one would you want mlp to be crossed with for some sort of special (canon or non canon) I am bringing this up because of that one fimphons (family guy-simphons) crossover coming up, me personally, Gravity falls by far, they are very similar in quality and kinda structure so I see them bouncing well off each other, also , bill cipher and discord trolling each other... A show I dont want to see crossed with mlp is adventure time, because I hate it.
  11. I PG'd it up a bit xD. If "kill" is too harsh, just pretend I said "never have anything to do with ever again." Rendering the pony "dead" to you. Pick a pony, anypony, to assign to each. The Mane 6 are of course permitted, background ponies are permitted, characters regardless of gender are permitted, etc. Annnnd it goooes like this: Marry: This one's easy - Rainbow Dash is my waifu, after all. *Cuddle* (perfectly innocent): Well, it'd be awkward if I cuddled with one of RD's close friends before marrying her... Maybe... Mrs. Cake LOL. Because I've actually no real desire to cuddle with her, and afterwards I could just tell RD, "It meant NOTHING! It was a mistake; you're the only one I want to cuddle with now." Kill (or permanently shun): Possibly Snails lol. He just annoys the fudge out of me. I can't imagine the other ponies really minding all that much. Your turn?
  12. I kinda wondered this, considering most of us are afraid of these eight legged creatures. We could put them outside....but coming from somebody who attempted to harm a spider not too long ago. >.< I mean, it could've been poisonous for all I know. I feel bad about killing it, I always tell a spider "I'm sorry" before squashing it. u-u Yes, I feel remorse for a freaky spider... Is killing a spider basically murder, since we are taking it's life? Or is it necessary to ease our discomfort and possible safety?
  13. So apparently a 16 year girl in Connecticut was murdered for supposedly rejecting the killer to prom. I don't even think I need to say anything besides this. And this
  14. got another idea? post it here NOTE: this is just to be goofy, i am not (that) insane. just for humor.
  15. I don't mean to say, for certain, that she is no longer kind or friendly, but as we've seen in season four - she blatantly killed something. I can't recall a time in the show where something actually died besides when she shot a bolt from her horn and killed that plant. It died! That specific plant actually died and she didn't think anything of it, she just saw it as something in her way. Also; that plant was more of an animal than just a regular plant. Imagine later in the show if it were another pony? What if Alicorns, from nature, are insane or evil? That would also explain why the Alicorn amulet was, by it's own, evil. Please discuss, I don't want to leave anything out of or not consider something behind this theory.
  16. I suspect that by the very nature of Alicorns (or perhaps their magic), Alicorns are generally evil. Added that if they are, what will become of our beloved Twilight? (I understand that quite a few of these are sort of far-fetched, sorry.) My first reason of suspicion is, quite simply, the Alicorn amulet. This amulet, containing powerful magic, could drive someone into doing great evil. Somepony like Fluttershy could become cruel and tyrannical like Sombra by wearing something named after the Alicorns, if not made by them. A point I made earlier today, Twilight didn't give a bit about killing that plunder seed plant. I understand, it's just a plant. Still though, with her own magic she blew it's head open without a second thought. Which also makes me rather curious as to how she knew that spell (Harry Potter didn't just know the killing curse - he learned it from David Tennant, so where would she learn that killy-heady-explody-spell?). Another thing is that when she used "Alicorn magic" it looked just like dark magic, which makes me think there might not even be a difference and that "Alicorn magic" is just a polite way to put it. Princess Celestia is personally all over the place in my opinion of her, but regardless I believe she is heartless and truly evil inside. A delightful example is with Fluttershy when she let her think that Philomena was dead ( ). Another would be when she trapped her own sister in the moon for 1000 years. Think about that. 1000 freaking years for standing up for her beliefs and fighting for them. She can also use dark magic like a pro, which I find to be a bit more than unusual. Despite all of these, she loves using people, which is exactly the reason why she freed Discord ( ). There are likely other reasons why I think Alicorns are evil, but I've either forgotten them or not yet picked them up. Now, as to what would happen to Twilight; could she herself become evil simply because shes an Alicorn? The magic of the Alicorns, from the view of what I've stated, is evil. Having being infatuated with magic, and now having the power of the Alicorns, wouldn't this make her much more willing to go overboard like she did to write a report to Celestia? She wants power, she wants to learn, so why not things that were previously out of her grasp? Please discuss and point out things I may not have noticed, I wouldn't want to base something on something completely untrue.
  17. My sister in law makes $200000000000000000000000000000 a year training monkies to kill world leaders from home. You can too! Just visit! It's 100% free! My sister in law quit her job because of! Note: this is a parody of spam e-mails and comments. does not exist.
  18. *from another forum* Okay guys...Let's play some good ol' fashioned Marry/Snog/Kill. Basically you pick out three real or fake characters (Marriland members, Celebrities, Superheroes, Cupcakes...Anything goes!) And the person that posts next must pick which one they would..You know: Marry, Snog, or Kill Example: Person 1: Batman, Superman, Aquaman Person 2: Marry: Batman Snog: Superman Kill: Aquaman May, Dawn, or Misty? Person 3:...And so on and so forth... OK. Q, Snips, or Pen Stroke?
  19. I rarely dream, and most of my dreams don't make logical sense at all, that's why I usually forget about them in the middle of the day. This moring, I opened my eyes, I was awake, but didn't want to wake up yet, so I closed them again, and went back to sleep. I was sleeping yes, but my sleep was much more lightweight because I just woke up once and I could be woken up by anything even a dream, in this case... a nightmare. Well, I don't know how it started, but I remember that I was in a room, and some fiber glass debris from the ceiling started to fall on me, I have a trauma with that material, so I started to feel all itchy, I think I even felt itchy in RL. After that, my dream morphed and instead of me, there was Milla Jovovich standing in the same dark room, with a very cute short dress and looking at the camera (I wasn't there, but I could see it like it was from a screen, but I don't recall myself looking at any screen, I didn't exist, but I could see everything, hope that makes sense). Anyways, the same debris feel on her head, and she started to shake it off, when out of nowhere the ceiling fell apart above her revealing 5 snakes, that stretched themselves to where she was, and all of them bit her on several part of her body, and not only that, after they bit her, they used their fangs to hang on her and they started to pull her off the ground, she was screaming in pain, but they kept on pulling her. Then, bazillion of mini snakes started to fall from the ceiling and started to feed themselves with her, all of that while she was being pulled. at this point, they already ate her arm, and one of her legs. When she was on the ceiling, the bigger snakes started to vomit acid on her, her lower torso started to break off in 2 halves, I even saw her panties, they were black, and they started to feed as well. Her lower torso fell off, slowly, like it was some kind of mucus kind of material. It was shocking, it was disgusting, it was terrifying and horrible. After ALL that, she was still alive. *blur* *blur* *blur* Scenario change, she was inside a car, screaming because the small snakes were still feeding on her, she had like 100 snakes on her, surprisingly she had her lower torso back, but she was still missing and arm and a leg. She was screaming the name of a man, I don't remember now, she got out of the car, and started running (with 1 leg) to the street trying to shake off the snakes, and screaming the man's name, when a fucking truck (it was late at night, means NO traffic at all) ran over her, I still can remember that horrible sound when the truck hit her, she was completelly blown up to several pieces, arm, leg, head, organs, everything! flying meters away from the place of the accident. When that happened, I opened my eyes, I didn't wake up abruptly, because I wasn't completely sleeping, but my heart was pumping fast. I hated this dream, I don't know why my brain has to do this to me I don't care what you think of her and the RE movies, she's my favorite actress and the RE movies are among my favorites. She's beautiful, she's kind, she can kick ass, and she's awesome, why would I have to dream something like that? However, there some people that I would like to take her place in that dream haha x)
  20. I've seen pony death talked in discussions, shown in fanfics and fanart, etc. Now, I know it "won't happen in the show" and all. But what do you think about them shown in fanon? My opinion is...I like it. No, I don't like the thought of a pony dying and I do not wish death on anypony. I the sadness, the feeling that goes through a pony when a friend here. I just love emotion from it, which is why pony death is fine by me, but not in that know. If the death is comedic, I don't like it. What about you?
  21. Hello everyone. It's pretty simple. Whoever posts above you will be killed by you with any random object, weapon, superpower, etc.. From a chainsaw to a juicebox you can use anything. I'll start off. I kill myself with a slice of moldy bread.
  22. The Game is Simple.The above Post will give you 3 Charecters which you can Kiss one marry one and kill one.The one you kill must be Replaced for thebottom one to answer which one would kiss marry and kill..Must be Mainly Pony Charecters.Okay First Kiss,Marry Kill Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, The great and Powerful Trixie
  23. So I said "Kill it with fire" on another thread and this came to mind! Just something as random as Pinkie that hit me! By the way, it's a REALLY high res picture so it may come up really big in your browser. Sorry about that lol
  24. OMFG! Fred got his own show? Please kill me!! I don't hate him, but HE IS 17 NOW!! WTF??