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Found 26 results

  1. Here is Terra from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep on the Organ. A Patreon Request. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton (Requestor) [Moderate Fan] James Flores, Jesh PK & an Anonymous Patron If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here:
  2. Here is Scythe of Petals from the Kingdom Hearts series on the Organ. A Patreon Request. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton (Requestor Shout-out) [Hardcore Fan] Austin Spendlove [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here:
  3. Here is Hollow Bastion from Kingdom Hearts on the Organ. Enjoy. Special Thanks to my patron, (Ultimate Fan) Juke Denton, for this request and for supporting me on Patreon (the first-ever request from there). Join him here:
  4. So who else is excited for Kingdom Hearts 3? Will the plot get any more insanely complicated? The answer is most definitely yes. How many times will the word darkness be uttered? What worlds are you most excited for? Personally I'm really excited for the Tangled, Monster's Inc, and Toy Story worlds. Trailers for Kingdom Hearts 3 are spoiler tagged.
  5. welcome to my topic thingy here we disscuss jojo gaming kingdom hearts and whatever else that pops in our heads and of course MLP
  6. HYPE TRAIN INCOMING: Gotta love that redundant title. Anyway, Aqua and Birth By Sleep 0.2 as a whole are looking fantastic, especially the spells and animations. Comparing what we see here which is pretty much a KH3 demo to what we saw in 2013, Kingdom Hearts III has come a long way graphically! I don't expect 0.2 to be a long game, as we only see 2 locations in this trailer. I'm expecting about 1-2 hours of playtime. Back Cover also looks very interesting (and beautiful), even though I haven't personally played Unchained X yet. Always good to add more lore to an already complicated series that already has about 8 games in it! All joking aside, Kingdom Hearts II.8 is looking fresh, and makes me wish KH3 would come sooner. (Oh, Dream Drop Distance is in it too) Side note: You know a game is going to take forever to launch when they need a release date for the release date.
  7. As an old Disney fan and Unreal 4 enthusiast I'm really excited for KH3, but not willing to buy a console just for one game. Luckily there's a petition to give Square Enix the message to release the game on the PC. Are you planning to sign too?
  8. So! I recently made my pony Oc Vladicarus a furry version, a dingo, and now i made him as KH character with help from my friend, rookie! what do you guys think? :3 here:
  9. So I'm sure a good number of you like Kingdom Hearts but there is something I have noticed in the fandom surrounding it, this element is present in the series itself but it's not nearly as pronounced. Now, to make my own patronage clear, I'm an absolute disney maniac. When I picked up the game, it was for the fantasy of actually playing through my favorite movies, fighting alongside my heroes, exacting revenge on the villains who scared me, and just the idea that I could be in Agrabah one day and Wonderland the next. Now don't mistake me, I love Sora, Riku, and their related companions and nemeses. In fact I think the inclusion of things like the Heartless and the conflict of Light vs. Darkness is a brilliant conceit for all of these disney worlds to be connected by. Almost every disney movie deals with the conflict of good vs. evil but it's often a battle waged just as much in the heart of the main character as the actual struggle against an external villain and the Heartless lend themselves to all settings. Sure they look extremely out of place in say, Pirates of the Caribbean but that was already about zombie pirates and various sailor myths actually being true, and even then the Heartless take the shape of something at least familiar or suitable to their surroundings. All that being said, when you look up fan content, particularly fanfiction, the stories that include new worlds (disney or otherwise), or include new elements from different franchises with Sora going on a new adventure are massively outnumbered by Organization XIII fics and shipping fics, often of the boy on boy variety. Not to sound homophobic or anything, but I never got that any of the members of the Organization had the hots for one another, and evidence is stacked pretty high that Sora loves Kairi. Has anypony else noticed this? If so, why do you think it is?
  10. Basically with KH3 coming around there have been many people sharing ideas. Now i don't mean to sound mean , but some ideas have been rather odd, and seem really stupid. I'd like to share some of what I've seen as well as see some odd ideas anyone else has seen. Disney channel characters making an appearance in the game such as Triangle head and rectangle dude Chicken little as a world because he showed up as a summon for marketing reasons Finding nemo as a world with a boss fight against the dentist where we try and escape to the toilet Meet the robinsons where the villain is the hat Wall-E where Sora would become morbidly obese to fit in to the world Cars the movie as a world and have sora, donald , and goofy transform into cars Those are just some of what I've seen so please share
  11. (Before I start, this is my first fan fiction) Back in the time of the rule of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. Everything seem'd happy and cheerful, until darkness came to Equestria somehow it grew in the deaths of Manehattan. Of cource Twilight Sparkle "The Princess of Friendship" tried to stop it, but soon she failed. The darkness was to strong, it was overwhelming to the Mane 6 along with the most valuable ponies of Equestria. Equestria was soon swallowed by darkness, until a fateful day a boy named Sora and his friends Donald and Goofy arrived in there world. It seemed all hope was lost until these hero's came to there rescue. The darkness was controlled by discord himself, sora has never fought the master of chaos before, but he has taken down most of the organization 13. He soon discovered that discord wasnt the other one who controlled the was luna! She had become Nightmare Moon agian, so sora had to think of a plan. He soon discovered that not everyone was swallowed by the darkness, he met Twilight Sparkle, PInkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Apple Jack, and Spike the Dragon. "Friendship is magic" Twilight mentioned....she also said "The Elements of Harmony Is the strongest magic in equestria, but its blocked by something strong. Not even the friendship of Friendship can remove it!" Sora replied "hmm I wonder if my light can unseal it?" So they wemt to the tree to see if the darkness wouls fade. As sora tried to remove the darkness Princess Celestia swooped in a used her magic to remove the darkness from the tree. Everyone was shocked that Princess Celestia was still alive, they thought that the darkness swallowed her. So soon the darkness was gone and light was filled the land of Equestria! It turns out luna nor discord was behind any of it, so sora had to leave his mission was over and everypony thanked him and his friend's for the help. But in his heart he knew not all darkness can be removed.......
  12. This game takes place in an alternate universe in which during the Luna and Celestia battle, Luna managed to avoid being sent to the moon due to the darkness inside of her. Celestia casts a spell altering her form and she takes the name of Owluna, after the creatures of the night. You play as Vinyl Scratch, with help from a former Lunar guard by the name of Moonshine. Together you go on a quest to twart Owluna's plans and save Equestria.
  13. Personally I Would See These Five Worlds Return 1: Pride Lands (The Lion King World) 2: Disney Castle (Mickey's Home World) 3:Port Royal (Pirates Of The Caribbean World) 4:Twilight Town (Roxas's Hub World) 5: The World That Never Was (Nobodies Hub World) What Would YOU! Want To Return Pls Tell Me Below
  14. In a article from khinsider they have a source link from ign saying that the CEO of square enix Yosuke matsuda had a long speech from a translated site :
  15. 1,000 years ago, Luna and Celestia lived in peace. They ruled over ponies in a kind manner. Of course, all good things must come to an end. Luna once forgot that ponies slept in the night time. She then secretly gathered the Elements of Harmony in an effort to make sure the ponies... I don't know... Spend more time with her? Luna banished her sister to none other than the moon for 900 years. Why not the sun? She would get seriously burned. NOW WE MOVE TO THE PRESENT TIME. Vinyl Scratch had been friends with this queen since she had first met her. Only, this wasn't the Luna we know. Her coat had changed color to a light magenta, her mane becoming a sparkling lime green, and her eyes becoming yellow. Owluna (as she was called) had undergone some physical changes, as well. Her mane looking something like this, while her tail matched Rainbow's but with orange and green stripes. The Darkness had absorbed Luna's heart, turning her absolutely evil. Vinyl had recently discovered this, so she set out to do what any sensible hero would do. Thing is, she's not any sensible hero. She has a Keyblade. Scratch called the blade by the name, "Feel the Beat," due to its music note-like structure at the blade. Vinyl rushed off to the castle, but not before meeting a new friend. Vinyl had met Moonshine, a young, blind Unicorn that utilizes sight magic in order to see. She was purple and had pitch black eyes. Her mane was like Pinkamena's, only shorter and it was black with orange stripes. The two rushed off to Owluna's castle. They were greeted by Owluna, holding her own Keyblade. It was Xehanort's Keyblade. Owluna and Vinyl ensued in an epic battle. Eventually, Owluna gave up and the evil inside her heart was broken. Moonshine was just kind of there. Author's note: This is the first of many stories in the Owluna's Reign series. This one may be short, but I'll make up for it given the fact that the others are broken into chapters. As always, I love feedback.
  16. Um, hello, I'm Heartless Fluttershy. I perished long ago, though who my Nobody is is unknown. (I might make an Ask Nobody Fluttershy at a later date) For now, you can ask me questions. This is me:
  17. Yuh, so I only did this to replace the old pony collage on my wall and well it got intense. Took me a couple days to finish it since I get distracted easily. All done in ghetto crayola/rose art colored pencils. Old collage(drawn 6 months ago I think?) New collage The biggest struggle was trying to take a really good picture with my phone without the damn lights messing up the colors too much. took 20 pictures and me sitting in the bathroom to accomplish the task.
  18. Come at me, Kingdom Hearts fans! I just remembered I made this back in 2011 with a buddy. A real, wooden keyblade! The design is not obviously the same as what the final version happened to be, simply because it would've required more work...I also wanted to revise it a bit. Anyways, I still have the keyblade lying in my corner.
  19. Me and Arylett have gone and started getting into this whole "Let's Play" thing on youtube, just for kicks and giggles. And one of the first things we had to go and record is one of our favorites, Kingdom Hearts! :3 We are new to this whole thing, so no fancy editing or any such things. No, just raw footage of us playing with the occasional background noise of cats and Arylett's mom being her normal loud self. Not much else to it, really. Hope you guys enjoy it! :3 List of currently uploaded episodes: Episode 1: The Journey Begins Episode 2: Darkside to Selphie's Skirt Episode 3: Where's the Damn Fish? Episode 4: The World Just Shit Out a Ship! Episode 5: "It's Blown Up Kid, I'm Sorry." Episode 7: The Lost (Audio) Episode Episode 8: Nipple Drive Episode 9: Flaming Homo Heartless Episode 10: The Gyyeaaaaammezzz! Episode 11: The Cute Wittle Doggie! Episode 12: Green Afro Pill Episode 13: Jumping Jane Episode 14: Tarzan's Demonstration of the Shitting Position Episode 15: The Mysterious Pokeball That is Donald's Head Episode 16: Return to Traverse Town Episode 17: Donald the Duck's Ass Episode 18: Oh God, It's Pinocchio! Episode 19: Lost in Agrabah Episode 20: Still Lost in Agrabah Episode 21: Goofy Evolves! Genie Jafar Uses Hyper Beam! Episode 22: The Kidnapping of Dildo Nose Side Quests: The Gummi Ship Tragedy New episodes will be posted Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Check back for more!:3
  20. First time posting one of these, idk if it would be Craft or you know Cosplay. But here it is don't mind the.. Well background/me with ma epic hoodie on! Didn't show my face because i got way too much Pimples ATM! Btw! I made this aboust 2-3 years ago, so it does have minor errors.
  21. Me and my friends all love the Kingdom Hearts series. Because of this, we were super hyped when Sony announced that Kingdom Hearts 3 was going to be released on their new PS4. Yes, this game is only going to be single platform, which I'm bummed about. But, I guess it makes sense. Kingdom Hearts is usually released on the Playstations, so I guess they're trying to stay with the program (Yes, I know about the Nintendo exclusives.) Anyways, the game itself looks awesome. The trailer shows all of the Kingdom Hearts game that have been released since Kingdom Hearts 3. And, I have to say; they're finally getting to 3? I mean, jeez, you've had all of these different adventures and stories with and without Sora over the years, and you're finally getting to number 3? Eh, whatever. Kingdom Hearts 3 is said to be the end of the Xehanort Saga, as well as some incredibly miniscule tid-bits on what Sora's quest in this game will be about. It then shows the Master Keeper keyblade on the shore of Destiny Islands, where Sora picks up the keyblade and seems to be inspecting it. Then, fancy logo entrance. But it isn't done yet. We seem to get a small bit of gameplay footage, too, and I mean VERY small. We see Sora in Twilight Town, a major landmark in the Kingdom Hearts series, being chased by a giant swarm of heartless. After a few seconds, Sora jumps off the wall of a nearby building and rides the swarm into the air as if he was surfboarding on a giant wave. After a few seconds of the heartless swarm flying around in the air, the heartless then gain their focus back to Sora and he jumps into the swarm with the keyblade, cutting to a "Now under development" text with a black screen. The trailer may be as brief as brief can be, but I'm enough of a Kingdom Hearts fan to realize what exactly Square-Enix is trying to go for. Like most Kingdom Hearts fans, I'm excited for Kingdom Hearts 3 (Even though it took them long enough to get this far.) Still, I'm not going to be playing it, because I will not be getting the PS4. If I ever hope to play it, I'll just have to hope one of my friends picks up a PS4 and happens to have this game with it, too. NO BREAKS ON THE HYPE TRAIN.
  22. I got it the day it came out, art book and all. I watched all of the 358/2 Days cutscenes already, and I enjoyed them a lot. I started a Level 1 Proud Mode challenge, and I can't get past Clayton! I barely manage to make it past his first phase, but him and the Stealth Sneak just prove to be too much for me. It brings me back to the old days back in 2002 when I was first playing, and I couldn't get past Clayton on my first playthrough... Any tips? If not, what are your experiences?
  23. I wrote a fanfic of Kingdom Hearts based on Current Know Info on KH So heres the plot Xehanort arrives in Equestria and searches for a body to control as his pawn. Trixe's Heart was too open to the darkness. Enough for Xeahnort to control her. Xeahnort begins to cause trouble in various cities across Equestria. Master Yensid sends Riku, Sora, and Lea to Equestria to fight Trixe-nort (See what i did there?) (No more will be give because of... Spoilers..) So here i'll some parts Sora: This is what lights the darkness! A chance to make everyone happy Riku: (Played by me) Lea: Its not Axel anymore, The names Lea.. Got it memorized? Twilight Sparkle: Good Afternoon, My name is Twilight Sparkle. Applejack: Well Howdy there Mister Sora! The Name's Applejack! Rainbow Dash: Wow! That Sword, Its so.. EPIC! Gimme Gimme Gimme! Rarity: Your Attire! Its Simply... Simply.. FABULOUS! Pinkie Pie: Wow! Hi there Sora! Wait.. YOU'RE NEW! Oh SHOOT! I gotta throw you a party! I'll be right back! Fluttershy: Oh My! Your something... Like i've never seen before! So what was your name?... Riku? Oh so you're a Riku! Trixe-Nort: Darkness cannot be destroyed.. It can only be Channeled (Same voice as Trixe) Celestia: The darkness can be destroyed, For what brings light to the darkness, is a Keyblade Master. How to auditon: Say the name of the Character(s) you would like to voice Say the Line Submit in .MP3 format or it will be ignored (Sound Cloud and Youtube is fine aswell)
  24. Hello everybody! I noticed that there was no Kingdom Hearts thread, which somewhat surprised me, so I decided to just make it right now. To kick things off, I think I'll just ask a couple of simple questions for now: 1. Who is your favorite villain in the series, and why? 2. How did you get started playing the games? 3. How many of the games have you played/beat? I'll just post my answers first. 1. I have to say the original Xehanort. He is honestly evil, yet seemingly in a more...intelligent way than his two other versions were. He also does bring up some valid points in my opinion about the world as a whole and such. 2. One of my sister's friends had the first game, but accidentally left it at our house. I found it and started to play it and just couldn't help but keep playing. I picked up most of the other games right after that. 3. I've played 1, Chain of Memories(and the remake for the PS2), 2(Both the regular version AND the Final Mix version), Days, and finally 3D. I haven't beaten Days unfortunately due to laziness, but I've beaten every other game that I've played and I'm currently trying to find a Re:Coded to play(even though I already know all that happens in it). Speaking of beating games, has anybody else beaten 3D? I managed to beat it the day after it came out, and I'm already excited for the next game. Anyways, post away! NOTE: If you discuss 3D, please please PLEASE for the love of Celestia USE SPOILER TAGS FOR SPOILERS! That's basically most of the stuff in the game, especially after the first world or two. Most people haven't beaten or even played 3D yet, so don't go and spoiler people without at least giving them the fair warning of a spoiler entry.