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Found 10 results

  1. Have you been kissed before? I was kissed by a girlfriend I had in fifth grade. It was an experience I cherish to this day. She moved a year after and it really sucked for me. But hey, if any of you girls on the forums want to date me, pm me or something like that.
  2. Well, this is a pretty random and silly topic, so let's get to the point. You know that kind of scenes in movies, games and TV. The protagonist and his/her lover have a nice, little moment for themselves, they say something a little sappy and prepare themselves for a big nice kiss. Just as their lips are about to make contact, something suddenly shows up and ruins the whole thing, whether it's a friend of the hero/heroine teasing him/her, an important call, a great danger, a family member, a pet, whatever... So, has anything similar to this situation ever happened to you in reality? And in what kind of situation? Your lips are about to press themselves against those of your lover or any other special somepony, and suddenly, a Moment Killer (labeled as such by TvTropes) puts an abrupt end to it. Sometimes, rather than the kiss getting intertupted, it can go all awkward instead.
  3. As with many other kinds of media, video games tell a story, and, like most stories, heroes usually have a love interest, and they both will usually show their love for each other with a big, deep, passionate kiss, usually near of after the climax. So, which kiss cutscenes from video games do you guys consider among the best?
  4. Merry Christmas everybody! Have some ponies kissing, because why not. Everybody loves that, I think... Link to DeviantArt Page. Blame ~SadisticFluttershy~ for the recommendation. I hope you all have a splendid day! P.S Can you spot the three 'lil spies behind the bushes? 2nd P.S This is alright to post, right?
  5. Hey guys! So this picture took me about 2-3 days to do! Yes I did use a base, to me it's like a guide! Of course this base came with horns and closed wings, but as you can see these two ponies are unicorns. I thought the horns that came with the base we're too small, so with the customizing both OC's I drew my own horns. Also the reason why it took me so long was one day I would start working on it, and then leave for another day and so on, you get the idea! This took soo long to finsh. The last day it was done I was up until 6AM. BUT it was so worth it! So in case you're wondering who these OC's are I will explain. The stallion is Crimson Grinn, my OC's husband. The mare is Vanylla Sweetsu who is the wife. Crimson belongs to a very good friend of mine who is on the forums, check him out & his OC! The couple have been married for a year and half now and already have a family. Vanylla is expecting another foal soon (so in the picture I tried to make a bump noticeable! I hope it does X3) they have a son and daughter, one a unicorn, the other an earth pony. If you wanna check them out all links well be here below! Hope you like the picture! Crimson Grinn: Vanylla Sweetsu: @RAGE
  6. So...I've noticed an interesting trend in new Disney movies. Particularly princess movies. The trend started innocently enough in Pixars Brave. At the end of the movie, it looked like Merida had lost as the second sunrise came and her mom was still a bear. Only after Merida cried over what her mother had become, did the sun raise fully and her mom turn back to normal. (The only reason I'm counting a Pixar movie here is because Merida officially became a 'Disney Princess') The trend continued into the new princess movie, Tangled. This time it was more apparent, as Rapunzel's magic tears brought her recently dead boyfriend Flynn back to life. We could give this a pass seeing that she still had the magic in her from the flower. Then in Frozen, we see Elsa cry over her sister. Her sobs too seemed to bring her sister back alive, this time it was passed by an 'act of true love'. But if you put this all together, the trend is too present not to notice: In the Disney universe, crying is magic! Not just any magic, but bordering on the line of necromancy. And it seems that only Disney princesses can do this magic. So what do you think? Is crying the new 'true loves kiss?' Will this trend continue into the new princess movies yet to come out? Or does it stop at Frozen? Post below! It's just some food for thought. What do all of you think?
  7. So I am cuddling up with Derpy plushie and my Applejack and Twilight Sparkle plushies are in the basket they or Derpy are in when I am not using them and I noticed something rather interesting. Now aren't they cute together? They have a lot in common if you think about it, they both work hard are very diligent and determined. Both have experience raising kids, Twilight raising Spike and Applejack raising her younger sister Applebloom. But who says the "responsible ones" can't have a little fun every now and then? I wonder what Big Macintosh and Shining Armor are going to think?
  8. Well yet again as I am impatient, here is a pic of two good friends of mine, OCs kissing. All I have to do is add shading, cm and a background I cant bloody draw stars to save my life
  9. To counter up the popular thread about being kissed by your favorite pony, I made this one, and I'll admit this is just the making of an topic that came when I read Pegasus25 post: " Counter question: what if someone saw you being kissed by your favorite pony? Like a friend of yours, or your father,walked in just as it was happening, having no way of knowing that you did not willingly kiss her? To put in perspective, your friend/dad/whatever just witnessed you making out with an equine" So, thanks Pegasus25, and to counter, what would you do?
  10. I'll leave this open ended with no poll because there are to many ponies. I don't know why I thought of this, I just did. Of course, this is going to be a huge matter of opinion, not only to how which pony kisses, but to what each person thinks is the best kissing technique. I think Twilight has NBK because she reads so many books. She didn't have time for friends, so it is pretty obvious she doesn't have time for any colts. Because of this, she probably *ahem* "sucks" at kissing and only does what she read in books. Rainbow Dash has probably been across the street several times if fanfic has anything to say about it. Therefore, Dash is probably really good at second base. Rarity would probably be a really good kisser too. I bet she had several relationships while she was a teenager. She wouldn't be a sloppy kisser. It's hard to put a finger on Pinkie Pie. She doesn't seem like the kissing type. I don't know. Fluttershy would be hard to even hold hooves with, let alone kiss. She's a rookie. I can imagine Applejack being an okay kisser, but I bet she uses tongue like crazy... very sloppy. That's just the mane 6, but I'm open to anypony you guys think of. Post who and why you think they'd be the best kisser. I think Spitfire would be the best. She just has that impression I guess.