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Found 8 results

  1. Me and Arylett have gone and started getting into this whole "Let's Play" thing on youtube, just for kicks and giggles. And one of the first things we had to go and record is one of our favorites, Kingdom Hearts! :3 We are new to this whole thing, so no fancy editing or any such things. No, just raw footage of us playing with the occasional background noise of cats and Arylett's mom being her normal loud self. Not much else to it, really. Hope you guys enjoy it! :3 List of currently uploaded episodes: Episode 1: The Journey Begins Episode 2: Darkside to Selphie's Skirt Episode 3: Where's the Damn Fish? Episode 4: The World Just Shit Out a Ship! Episode 5: "It's Blown Up Kid, I'm Sorry." Episode 7: The Lost (Audio) Episode Episode 8: Nipple Drive Episode 9: Flaming Homo Heartless Episode 10: The Gyyeaaaaammezzz! Episode 11: The Cute Wittle Doggie! Episode 12: Green Afro Pill Episode 13: Jumping Jane Episode 14: Tarzan's Demonstration of the Shitting Position Episode 15: The Mysterious Pokeball That is Donald's Head Episode 16: Return to Traverse Town Episode 17: Donald the Duck's Ass Episode 18: Oh God, It's Pinocchio! Episode 19: Lost in Agrabah Episode 20: Still Lost in Agrabah Episode 21: Goofy Evolves! Genie Jafar Uses Hyper Beam! Episode 22: The Kidnapping of Dildo Nose Side Quests: The Gummi Ship Tragedy New episodes will be posted Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Check back for more!:3
  2. Guess whose birthday it is today? Why, it's none other than @, 's! He's epic, and whilst I'm still working on his REAL birthday gift (which is a complex undertaking with a bunch of shading and crazy obsessions), I decided to give him a quick one for his birthday ON his birthday. First time in a long time I've been in time (so much TIME) for a person's birthday. It's a redesign of his ponysona, Klopp Thunderhead, This guy is an epic fedora stallion, and I like how much more colorful and Kloppish he looks now. As always, he must have a manic grin (fear it, Zoop)
  3. Where did you get your avatar, Arylett? Well, non-existent hypothetical pony person thing, I'm glad you asked! You see, if you do not know, that is Flareon, an Eeveelution. I am aware that some sort of fad happened recently regarding those, but this is not for that. I actually did not know about this fad before. This was for a roleplay I had with my great buddy Klopp. (Which I am considering moving here. The roleplay, that is) I made it for him as a gift to make up for the fact that I never gave him anything on Christmas. It's a wallpaper large enough for his bigass screen. So here you go: And here are some references of our characters, in case you might be curious: Arylett (Flareon) Klopp (Luxio) Arylett (Eevee)
  4. Okay, so you may be wondering what this is all about, right? Well, I had this wonderful idea to just suddenly start reading status updates in a dramatic voice for no particular reason. I figure this might become a thing I do frequently, especially if I can get some help finding some nice content. All you gotta do is take a screen cap of something on the forums and I will go ahead and read it overdramatically. I probably won't do all if there are too many requests though, so I will likely use the ones with the most thumbs up as I go along... but yesh, now to the good parts. I wouldn't start this without already having some good content, so here you go, a few good status updates that required a dramatic reading: LRP is always a source of good entertainment: Link to sound file Here's another random example that caught my eye: Link to sound file Anyways, yeah, there you go. I hope you enjoy. :3 And yesh, please provide me with more good shtuffz if you like! :3
  5. You guys may not remember this, because as far as I know, Arylett hasn't updated her MLP Forums fanfic in ages. T_T But this week, I was trying to think of something to draw, when this popped up from the back of my mind. I just sketched out the pose at first. Then had to look up references for hairstyle and muzzle and whatnot, but couldn't find that big and beautiful image of him rearing up that I remembered seeing (whose cropped version once made Klopp's avatar). I had forgotten he was a pegasus, haha. That being said, if he used his wings, this wouldn't deserve the name "heliKLOPPter".
  6. So, I decided to do some drawing stuff, and of course my OC, Klopp Pony, was the first thing to come to mind. Last night I drew this portrait thingy here (Spoilered for massive resolution): And then tonight I went ahead and drew a full sized body shot, with a few proportions kinda screwed up, but oh well (More spoiler for more massive resolution): Thumbs up for camera phone, lined paper and mechanical pencil! Best tools for drawing, and then sharing said drawing, right? Anyways, neither of them are perfect, but I am kinda like how they turned out, so I thought I'd just go ahead and share them. :3 Criticism is welcomed, but will probably be ignored, mostly because I already know what's wrong with it
  7. Alrighty, from now on whenever I create some pixel art thing, I shall not post it anywhere but RIGHT here. I'm not going to make any promises, BUT, I would like to try to keep this thread remaining on the first or maybe second page due to my own posting of pixels, and not because you ponies bump it like crazy. So, let's not hold off any longer, shall we? Here's the pony stuff I have made so far! Trotters: Random Pixel Gifs: Basic Ponies: Non-Animated Pony Icons: Animated Pony Icons: Okay, so the main point of this topic is to hopefully motivate me to make more pixels, because lately I have been slacking on that just a bit... SO! I won't be doing requests (maybe) but I do have some ideas in mind for some new stuffs, I just need to actually DO them.
  8. Exactly what the name implies. This one's for you, Klopp! More coming soon. A Kloppfic: Chapter 1 The streets of Manehatten are a dangerous place to be. With drug trafficking and gang violence, a pony could easily lose his way and end up in the obituaries the next day. Klopp kept to himself as he walked the lonely sidewalks he had called home for the past two weeks. Being an undercover agent of Feld0 did have its downsides, but it was all worth it. He knew he was serving his leader, and he had to admit, the ever-lovely Arylett Dawnsborough wasn’t bad either. The loneliness of his job could often get to Klopp. He always told himself that he’d turn his badge in one day, and settle down, adding to his collection of exotic hats. But this dream was always washed away by Feld0’s many assignments for him. This week, he was infiltrating the inner-circle of a notorious gang member, high up in the infamous Spam trade. Spam had taken it’s toll on the once great city of MLP Forums, a city that, at a time, was filled with prosperity and hopes for tomorrow, but brought down by the evil-scum that were spam dealers. The beloved fedora that Klopp loved flew off his head, upsetting the humble Keeper-of-Justice. He was on his way to meet with Spam Dealers; he had to keep his cool. A HeliKloppter whirled over head, its spotlights hitting the streets, probably in pursuit of a clopper. “Eeghad!!” Klopp said to himself. He was often mocked for the similarities of his name to the foreigners from the strange land of R34, but he never let that get to them. HE was the one wearing the fedora. Klopp soon entered the spammer’s hideout. The worn out sign above the door said “Rainbow Dash’s Adventures-The Rainbow Galaxy”. An obvious hoax, Klopp observed. He approached RainbowDashie slowly. Spammers were quick to violence and cussing, something Klopp disapproved of. At this time, Klopp could only hope that the spammer did not see the wire he was wearing…