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Found 8 results

  1. FullMetalParagon

    Video MLPForums Plays!

    So, hello, forums! I am FullMetalParagon, or, if anyone knows me from Youtube, The FullCrumb! I'm here with a little video series that I'm wanting to get started up after working with FlightForce on MLPForums Reacts. Basically, the concept is that every episode, myself and a few other people get together to play a game - old, new, I can run people through how to play them all (You can run VPN connections through DOSBOX), and even Multiplayer Pony Games as well! I'm posting here partially to see interest, and if anyone has any questions about this, just post here! One thing that WILL be required is SOME kind of face cam, due to the fact that your reactions will be necessary.
  2. Vinyl seems to be fading, but I want to know if there's someone besides me who supports this hobby regardless. If you have any records, post some pics or just talk about them here. I'll start with some of mine. I got these two in the mail recently. The 10" is The Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-la-la Band's "'Born Into Trouble as the Sparks Fly Upward.'", and the 12" is Converge's "Axe to Fall" on neon yellow vinyl (pretty sweet).
  3. BrilliantVenture

    Video Soon.

    "The Madcap LP" Official Trailer! Coming February 1st. 16 Brand New Tracks Collabs Feat. Cardi, Jreap Over 1+ hour of brand new content! Songs: Hello (Feat. Questry) Nu Style (Feat. JYkL & H1de)
  4. TheLuigiLightning

    Lets Play Let's Play Story of the Blanks

    The following link will lead you to my let's play of Story of the Blanks, a really old Creepypasta game that was made around the beginning of the Brony fandom. I think the game has aged pretty poorly, because when I played it, I heard it's very popular, but it didn't seem like much. My let's play has a little bit of editing in it to make it more interesting, but other than that, it's a pretty typical LP. I know that no one ever seems to do this when I ask, but could you PLEASE give it a rating out of 10? Also be honest. I actually hate it when people just say "It's good" to be polite! Thank you. Enjoy my LP
  5. In the past, I had started doing some LPs of some games, but I didn't really finish most of these because I didn't know if anybody would actually watch them. Would anybody be interested in my LP/commentary of games? I might also branch off and do some reviews as well if that's something you would be interested in. Tell me in the comments below, you can also recommend some games for me if I do end up doing this (Although I already have a few in mind that I know I'll be doing if I end up going through with this)
  6. Harmonic Revelations

    What Should My Next Project Be? (Poll)

    So, I thought it would be kind of nice if I left it up to you fine people what I would be doing next, so I made a poll. Just because I figured that letting you guys decide what you wanted me to do next would be a bit more interesting than me just picking something off the top of my head. Basically it works like this, whatever has the most votes by the first of September wins, and is what I'll start working on.
  7. I'm gonna send it to him to give him and give him the 411 later. However I want some of your thoughts and such. Good? Bad? Say what you will
  8. Hey there everypony, what's up? I'm King of Magikarps (duh) and I just recently started a brand new LP of Pokemon Yellow. But this isn't going to be your average walkthrough, no this is a ponified version. That means my commentary, play style, and general air of the LP will be of PONIES! Be sure to check it out Part 1 here: This thread isn't about advertising though, this is about feedback. I want you guys to tell me what you liked, what you disliked, what you want to see more of, what you want to see less of, etc. in my future videos! You can leave your comments here or on the video, either are fine with me. Now, I'm not asking you to subscribe to me (if you want to I won't stop you though ), I'm just asking for your opinions and thoughts on how I may improve the quality of me videos! Thanks for reading and I hope to see you guys in the future!