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Found 2 results

  1. We are all pony fans and I love my brony brothers but I wanted a place to talk to all the lovely lady bronies out there. So come on by say hi and let us know more about you. This is kind of like the cutie mark crusader clubhouse friendly and fun! I am 28 almost 29 new fan of this generation of MLP. I am a G1 and G2 pony fan but I think I missed G3. I am a huge fangirl for a lot of things. Favorite pony: applejack Interesting fact: I got married at Walt Disney world Your turn ladies!
  2. Brook

    Wonderful Women

    Can we just take a moment, to appreciate all the great women out there that DON'T act or dress up like sluts? The women than every man needs and without would be kind of lonely? I just want to say thanks to those ladies. I'm not sure where this whole "if I act like a whore people will like me" thing came from, but it's stupid, I'm not attracted to that, and I'm freaking 14, like, THE AGE of lust, and it's not a good thing, I prefer girls who are my friends before they are my girlfriends? I guess, 'cause I never actually had a girlfriend, but I think people are slightly forgetting that "girl-friend", means "friend" first, the fact that it's a girl is only second I want to say thanks to all of the girls who don't act like that, so thank you for being good people girls. Also, if you're a girl reading this, first off, hi, second, you're probably awesome