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Found 60 results

  1. So, from what we've seen so far, Lauren Faust (the original creator of Gen 4) will not be involved in Generation 5 of My Little Pony. You don't have to believe me; this is coming straight from the horse's mouth (no pun intended ). I suppose it's to be expected, Lauren left Hasbro on a pretty sour note, so I don't guess they would want to hire her again. Do you believe that this is a good thing? Will this be a nigh-death sentence for Gen 5? Will this really mean anything in the end? Feel free to speak you mind; just try to keep this civil!
  2. I was answering a post about the first things people saw from MLP and it got me thinking. I didn't know anything about MLP until late '13. I only found out about it by searching Tara Strong from something else I saw. Anyway, Gorillaz is an animated band that started in the late '90's. It was started by Damon Albarn from the British Alternative Rock band Blur and Artist Jamie Hewlett. They collaborate with many other artists also. They are mainly alternative with some hip hop. Two of their most known songs are Clint Eastwood and Feel Good Inc. I remember when Clint Eastwood was on the radio a lot around '01 when I was in middle school and I thought the band was weird at that time being a cartoon and all. They were really promoting their newest album in 2010 on YouTube. I got interested and decided to research what the heck was going on with that band. That's what I was into online around the time MLP started. This is my Favorite song/video by them Back when I first saw it I was like WTF IS GOING ON?!?! You have to know the characters/ongoing story. Lauren Faust is a big fan of Jamie Hewlett's (Gorillaz Artist) comic Tank Girl So do any of you guys know of/ like the Gorillaz?
  3. I just randomly remembered this picture I saw on Lauren's twitter that I found back around when I first found out about MLP almost 6 months ago. I think it means :okiedokielokie: . I cracked up when I saw it.
  4. W have all probably seen the annoying kids show, Dora the Explorer right? But what if Lauren Faust Decided to remake it? What do you think she'll change? What would Dora and her little monkey, Boots be like? Would there be a fandom about it? Regardless on copyright and stuff. I think she'll be some sort of a similar character like Daring Do.
  5. Lauren Faust left during sometime around season 2. And after she left, I heard that the show started to go in a completely different direction from what she originally intended. I could only imagine how annoyed she probably gets that the show went into a completely different direction than to what she originally intended.
  6. Me: 16 to 21 yo. Lauren Faust: I think more about maturity level more than literally age. I think of them from anywhere from 12 - 17. I use the excuse that horses age differently than humans to give them their adult independence. Source:
  7. I mean, honestly,the question I (along with other fans) have is, "What's the Difference?" Now, one could point out, that Applejack and Starlight wouldn't use any feminine charm on Spike and would be the kind of characters that would except him for who he is, and be down to earth with him. But I think Trent Osborne (Fellow Fan and Youtuber) said it best in the comments, (which for some odd reason were removed from audio/video on this): Now, he did go on to add more, but again those comments are were removed for some reason. But the overall take from those comments are, just because the show staff has yet to REALLY address this, and with the potential that S9 could be it, we (more than likely) will get the resolution there, and from some odd reason, (just a gut feeling I have), I feel that they will have an episode where Rarity x Spike officially become an item, however it will be done in a very subtle way, in other words, we'll see it happen, but come the following episode, it will be it didn't happen, but we (as fans and viewers) will know it did (I mean when watch the show, the episodes, while remaining in the seasonal timeline/continuity , don't always acknowledge moments from pervious episodes in that season, unless it's a two-parter or necessary , like in "Horse Play"). But despite that, again I ask , "What's The Big Difference"? Because if you're going by age difference, same applies to AJ and Starlight. And also, let's look at it this way, if they wanted to put this Sparity to bed, they would have done so a long time ago, but as you can see from this recent season, it's still as strong as ever. Also, remember this, Lauren Faust wanted to use Spike as our eyes/POV to see how beautiful Rarity was/is, I'm sure she didn't expect this whole Sparity thing to come from it, but yet here we are. So yeah, if you more on this, check out my audiovideo (located in the video fan art section of these MLPForums). But what's you take on it?
  8. I know this has been posted several times before. But who confirmed it, what confirmed it? Im lost. First I heard that Lauren Faust said that her parents are dead. Then im told that the episode "Apple family reunion" IMPLIED it. Then im told that applejacks parents died due to timberwolves. Now im told that theyre note dead and thats what thye want me to think. What I want to know is, who said it first?
  9. So, with the release of Them's Fightin' Herds earlier today I felt it prudent to create a place where the game can be discussed, fan art can be shared, and people can discuss what they have enjoyed of the game thus far. And yeah, this isn't pony specifically, but the game is tied to the brony fandom and thus deserves some mention. And so, have fun! Source:
  10. Yes, she indeed did create G4, crafted the first season, consulted on the second, etc. But would her direction have garnered enough support from fans, the network and Hasbro? Would she have stopped the show earlier, choosing to end on a high note than draw things out? Would her ideas have kept the attention of the fans for 7+ years? She wasn't in favor of Equestria girls. How would that not coming to be have affected the reach and appeal of the show? Under Faust, would MLP have had enough steam to green light a movie? MLP is nearing a decade in existence, but woudl it have lasted this long under the OG management?
  11. So in faust's show bible faust not so subtly hinted at something else as dash's Destiny besides joining the wonderbolts, possibly as a secondary thing, possibly as a replacement instead as her destiny. What do you think she meant by "or perhaps fate has something more in store for her" in regards to her Wonderbolt dream?
  12. This is a re post from my personal film blog. I am not just trying to get traffic to my site. I just wanted to share this with follow bronies because I mentioned Lauren Faust in it. I was once again invited to the KCC Diversity Festival. We originally planned to screen the new film “A Stroke Of Endurance” for the festival but since “A Stroke Of Endurance” is not released yet we came up with the plan of showing “Drama Sighted” and a few, brand new exclusive promotional clips from “A Stroke Of Endurance”. The clips included a rough version of a trailer. I spoke about the films at the beginning and end of the presentation and did a Q&A. The first few questions were about technical aspects to the film like what kind of camera was used and what aspect ratio the films were in. Then someone asked if I was inspired by anyone in the media. I told them I was inspired by Lauren Faust’s writing style. I study her writing style in MLP and ask myself why it works. Someone asked if I had ever seen bullying like in the “Drama Sighted” film happen at KCC, luckily the answer was no. I got some questions about how I planned to expand my work out to others. I told them that I plan to take “A Stroke Of Endurance” and the other films to campuses and organizations and of course keep uploading them to youtube to reach people. Then I got the usual questions about why I cast disabled actors and how I started making films. I told the story of how “Drama Sighted” went from being a play to a film, how I learned basic filmmaking from scratch and branched out. I told them I cast disabled actors because I believe it makes the performance more authentic. I feel that while able bodied actors try to learn to do disabled roles well by researching etc they often do not understand the experience of the disabled character, and won’t emote or express body language with the effected part of the body. Like an actor imitating spasticity will hold still whereas an actor with spasticity in real life will still move that part of the body. I told them how disabled actors had expressed to me that they often feel they have to hide their disabilities get roles and how I had encouraged the actors to let the disability related parts of their body language show through, as long as they did it “in character” during shooting. The response to the “A Stroke Of Endurance” clips was very encouraging. At the end one of the audience members approached me to ask me questions about how to communicate about her disability with a friend of hers who is also disabled. I’m glad that my films could help her and the other audience members understand disability and a little bit more of the human story. I really hope to come back and screen “A Stroke Of Endurance” in spring! Super special thanks to Kingsborough Community College for organizing, and inviting me to the festival! I have permission from Kingsborough Community College to write this post!
  13. MLP FiM's original show bible leaked yesterday and I'm not gonna lie, there's some really cool stuff in there. Not sure if I can link to it without violating forum rules because after all it appears to be copyrighted material. But I think it's great stuff if you are interested in Lauren Faust's creative process while developing the show, as well as possibly what could have been if Hasbro hadn't insisted on including less of the adventure stories that Faust wanted. So just in case I can't post a link, here are some highlights: - Lauren Faust predicted that at least some boys would watch the show - Many characters had different names, designs, and cutie marks. For example, "Twilight Twinkle" was colored differently and had a cutie mark resembling the flag of Pakistan. - Twilight and Cheerilee were originally supposed to be very close. - Celestia was supposed to be a queen (this was later changed because Hasbro believed that "queens" in fiction are usually evil). - Unicorns were apparently supposed to hail from the mountains. - There's a lot of concept art of things that never ended up being used, like different outfits on some characters. For example, some outfits include bridles, which have never really appeared in the final show. - The Wonderbolts were originally called the Blue Thunders. - There are some episode synopses, meant to give examples of adventure and relationship stories, respectively. Some of these ideas for episodes are recognizable from Season 1, while some ended up being discarded. - Deer and seaponies were supposed to be canon from the very beginning. It's possible the unused deer episode was the inspiration for one of the comic arcs.
  14. MLP is still an awesome show, but how would the show turn out if Hasbro never messed with Lauren's vision of the show? Yeah the Mane Six would've looked different and had different names, but Celestia was originally supposed to be queen, but Hasbro thought that queens are evil. Yeah, evil queens happened like, I dunno, once in Disney? Twice maybe? So that ruined queens for them? You know how stupid that sounds? Twilight's story would've turned out to be pretty different if Lauren's vision wasn't messed with. She wouldn't be an alicorn, but she would've been Celestia's successor. Cadance wouldn't have existed either, but I kinda like Cadance. How would Spike have turned out, would his character been taken seriously earlier than season 6? What would've been the CMCs' destinies? How would the Mane Six turn out? I kinda like how the show turned out, but I would still like to see an alternate reality where MLP was exactly like Lauren thought of in her head! Would it be better than this version of MLP, or not as good?
  15. Lauren Faust's prior work on the Powerpuff Girls and her marriage to PPG creator Craig McCracken is common knowledge among bronies. Same with Tara Strong's VA duties. But what the average brony may not know is that about half of MLP:FiM writers are PPG alumni. So it's only natural to have a few shout outs to PPG fans, some more overt than others. Start with the Cutie Mark Crusaders: Apple Bloom/Blossom – The leader girl with red hair who likes to wear a big bow. Sweetie Belle/Bubbles – The girly girl who likes making others happy. Scootaloo/Buttercup – The sporty tomboy who pretends to find affection disgusting. The most obvious PPG shout out to date is this clip from Hurricane Fluttershy: In addition to being the obligatory Valentine's Day episode, Hearts and Hooves day is a tribute to Keen on Keane. In this episode, the PPGs hook up the Professor with their teacher, Ms. Keane. Unlike the CMCs, the PPGs don't need a love potion for the grown ups to hit it off! The scene Stare Master where Scoots and AB dress up as a cloaked monster and Sweetie Belle says “You cannot run from me” may be based on a similar skit in The Powerpuff Girls Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever. @@Feather Gem, @@Twinhead B, Thanks for reminding me about Snips and Snails. They are from the nursery rhyme about what little boys are made of. That's what the Rowdyruff Boys are made of and the Powerpuff Girls are sugar and spice and everything nice. Thoughts and additional possible references are welcome.
  16. Now I know there are people that think Scootaloo is an orphan, but Lauren Faust, or Big Jim, somebody... said that Scootaloo's parents are just never around because they have, and I quote "very demanding jobs". What do you think these jobs are if that were the case? Now me, I thought it would be pretty cool if Scootaloo's mom is an EUP guard, and Scootaloo's dad is a nurse over at Ponyville General! It's so ironic, yet so natural! Teaches kids that gender in jobs don't matter! Males can be nurses, and females can be royal guards (something that we need to see before the show ends - mare guards). I hope Scoots' parents appear on the show soon finally!
  17. Occasionally when an idea doesn't fit into any fanfic or anything I might intend to produce but seems decent enough that I don't think it should go to waste I will post it here for general use so that someone else may use it if they find a relevant inspiration for its use. One idea that could be funny would be to have Pinkie affected by a reverse-entropy spell or something that causes her to bounce twice as high each time. Then maybe Twilight would have to calculate which bounce is going to send her off into space and have her bounce at the right angle so that she bounces into a geo-stable orbit around the planet..
  18. I know that Lauren Faust created the show and was the initial show runner, but left when Season 3 came around. But who took her place?
  19. Not to call doom and gloom, but i fear this game is gonna flop, because of 3 reasons. 1. It's a fighting game. If you want to publish a fighting game, you should seriously aim at Console gamers, because not every PC gamer wants to buy a controller and rather play stuff with their Keyboards. 2. The game will cost 40$ and only has 6 or 7 characters. Street Fighter 2 in 1991 had 8 characters in the Arcades and these days, we have fighting games that have 40 or 50 unique characters, so this game dosen't have alot of variety. 3. Only Bronies will care about it and that's not really all bronies, because of the simple fact "it dosen't have ponies in it." And Bronies who do buy it, are just buying it, because it's the closest thing they get to "Fighting is Magic." Maybe i am wrong. Maybe it will be a huge success. But i simply don't see it. I added this, because this theme is awesome. EDIT: I was informed that the normal price tag is 20 $. It won't change my general opinion of the games success, but i think maybe it will make it a bit more interesting.
  20. This is something I did for Lauren Faust: My character Wanda posting with the Fausticorn as a celebration of 5 years of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  21. With the show's popularity I don't see why she would leave. Is there any specific reason?
  22. Happy birthday, Lauren Faust (: . -- Deviantart link - . -- Tumblr post - . --
  23. This is something I've thought about a few times. I've always been interested in the production aspects of movies and cartoons and really like how all the VA's and others working on the show interact with the fandom. This recent video with M.A. Larson talking about Magical Mystery Cure brought it up again. MLP was kind of doomed from the start, seeing that it was being aired on a small new channel available only in higher level cable/satellite subscriptions that not as many people had. Also MLP's history. According to Larson, Magical Mystery Cure was supposed to be the series finale. Had the whole Brony thing not started, I think that would've been the case. There are a couple things to keep in mind: What you see airing now is roughly a year old (a.k.a season 3 was a WIP while S2 was airing- the fandom really started picking up at that point) Hasbro isn't going to keep shelling out cash for the show if it isn't bringing in more money from merchandise sales. I mean look at the end credits, all those people aren't working for free. Even before seeing the video- I figured Hasbro probably would have closed up shop on G4 MLP after season 2 or 3. Being on that small network, I just don't see how Hasbro would have justified the cost without bronies boosting the ratings. That would have been a shame because there is still so much that can be done with the show. HOWEVER, Hasbro now does seem to genuinely interested in the fandom now based on some of season 5's slightly deeper topics, the 100th episode, and some various merchandise licensing agreements. Based on some of the So do you think the fandom actually saved the show? I bet the fandom does bring them a noticeable amount of profit at this point. *EDIT--- If you think about it more, technically the internet saved the show BUT it doesn't directly fork over the cash *
  24. I want to know your guys' opinion on a "taboo" topic within the fandom. Is the show going, or starting to go through seasonal rot? Keep in mind, I don't want to hear any BS like season 5 is the worst thing ever, or the show has been crap since season 2, because anyone with a brain can tell you that's not true. The show does have a different FEEL than season 1 & 2, but that is probably due to the absence of Lauren.... So what do you think? Has the show started to decline in quality? Are the bad episodes of S5 (Appleloosa's most wanted and arguably castle-sweet-castle/Slice of life) an indication of the start of decline? Or do the good episodes such as Griffonstone, Bloom and gloom and Make... Keep Discord show that this season is par for the course? Keep in mind this applies to all aspects of the show such as stories, character strength, lore, worldbuilding, animation and music, so post your opinions below!