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Found 37 results

  1. You should all be familiar with the game League of Legends. If not check it out on youtube!So here we can discuss anything about it. What lvl are you, want to join our MLP clan? Need friends?You can all add me if you want too. Im currently playing on EU West.Add: Sir PurrPurrI use to play with Lamii and Freckels, and i enjoy every minute of it.So what do you think of this amazing game?::UPDATE::So a lot of people wanted me to update this post with a few features such as where do everybody on this forum play. I can do that, no problem. But if you want to be on the lest you have to either send me a private message OR quote me.EUW EUE NA
  2. Since I saw a thread about the most toxic online communities, and a post about a gaming community in there, I decided to make a thread dedicated to the absolute worst video game communities. Which do you think is the worst and why? I think League of Legends is an obvious choice. The community has constant drama and has driven multiple people over the edge. Not to mention it has a serious reputation for toxicity and trolling.
  3. Well, here it is. I haven't actually played the game since early Season 7 (Can't believe it's been almost 2 years), so my opinions may be a little outdated. Nonetheless, this is also partially based on other tier lists, so there is something to this aside from what I think. Nonetheless, it is mostly what I think from watching a few league games, combined with my opinions and my knowledge of changes since I actually played the game, so it could be a little off. Top Tier: Sion, Darius, Viktor Strong: Irelia, Urgot, Garen, Teemo, Jax, Yasuo, Riven, Akali, Aatrox, Camille, Kled, Fiora, Renekton Decent: Yorick, Pantheon, Illaoi, Cho'Gath, Nasus, Shen, Rumble, Gangplank, Singed, Poppy, Swain, Jayce, Kayle, Wukong, Quinn, Vladimir Usable: Kennen, Jarvan IV, Pyke, Lissandra, Dr. Mundo, Tryndamere, Nautilus, Heimerdinger, Rengar, Maokai, Ekko, Cassiopeia, Karma, Trundle, Vayne Weak: Gnar, Ornn, Talon, Xin Zhao, Graves, Galio, Olaf, Mordekaiser, Ryze, Tahm Kench, Fizz, Lulu, Leona, Vi, Lee Sin Bottom Tier: Zed, Blitzcrank, Thresh, Udyr
  4. Welcome to a new series I wanted to start up. I noticed there weren't too many lore videos up, and I really want people to notice champions backstories in a quick and easy way. I want to start from Z-A, so leave a comment or like to tell me what you think! All League of Legends Lore in Under 2 Minutes videos will be uploaded on a random basis, so come while they're hot!
  5. Anyone have or looking to start a Fantasy LCS league? Missed out last season cause the head of the league didn't start it, and i really want to get in on it this season.
  6. Has anyone else noticed that Zecora looks like Illaoi? Not a spitting image though but she even sounds like her. Do you guys think that someone in Riot headquarters kinda took Zecora's likeness? Do you think that there might be a lawsuit? (probably not.) Riot = Bronies confirmed.
  7. Who is your favorite champion from League of Legends? Why that champion? My favorite champion would have to be Zed. I just like his overall character and style. Especially his ability to juke around and make really amazing plays when played correctly. And remember kids, "Embrace the shadows. Or DIE in darkness." -Zed 2014 In a slightly related topic I have a few Zed shirts C: Fluttershy shirts are best shirts though. Always. Attached are the pictures on the T-shirts :3 <-- Signature isn't on the shirt, just the image
  8. hi this is the forum where u can request a profile for league of legends I will create it and lvl it up to lvl 30 and send it to u for free and you can pick the username and password and regen also u can request specific champ that u want on there if u want u can tell me the masteries and runes that u want other wise I will leave them blank also I will be creating random ones that you can pick from if u want I will post the ones that are done these will most likely be on the NA regen and to keep the passwords safe they will be sent by pm's and i will get them done as soon as possible
  9. ​I HATE PEOPLE ON LEAGUE! (Gaming people in general ALSO fall into this category.) You know what pisses me off? When I'm going online just to unwind after a stressful day of filling out applications and calling companies for a potential job just so have some (excuse the language) punk ass bitch of a human tell me how I need to kill myself because I'm not playing how he wants me to play. This applies to any gamer, nothing is worse than when you're playing a game minding your own GOD DAMN business having a grand old time and then that ONE person that ONE INSIGNIFICANT person comes waltzing along just to ruin what little fun you may be having! I understand if you're having a bad match or a bad game, that's fine. What's INEXCUSABLE is them telling you things like "You should kill yourself, you're so bad. Uninstall then re-install just to uninstall again that's how bad you are." Now I know what you're thinking, "Just forget about it. He's a nobody, probably a loser who hates his own life." That's true and probably accurate but tonight really made me upset. I'm just so sick and tired of people thinking "Oh just because I'm on the internet I can call you whatever I want!" Psh, if you were face to face with that person I'm sure you'd think twice. Please understand that I don't usually let things people say online get to me but last night was just too much for me and I had to vent. So tell me what you guys think, do you have personal experiences that you remember that just drove you crazy? Have you yourself been the troll? Have you done anything to stop the bullying? What can we do as a society to stop these jerks? Do you think anything needs to be changed? Have you ever been threatened over a game or in person? When do you think the bully takes it too far?
  10. For those of you familiar with league of legends, you should be able to recognize this as azir in pony form! For those of you not familiar with league of legends, this looks like a pony in (hopefully) cool looking armor! As always, critique is accepted and appreciated. This is just a sketch, though I may go ahead and color this. It's mainly just practice for armor on ponies. Fitting, since azir is one of my favorite champions.
  11. Hello there! Team Permafrost, a new e-sports team for multiple games, is currently recruiting for it's new League of Legends branch. I am Looseleaf, the League of Legends branch team manager and top laner! If you're a cool dude who's decently good at League and wanna join a ranked team with similar chill players, I am currently looking for players who are the following: A) Respectful Somewhat Decent at the game C) Highschool Age at least D) Dank Memers If you are interested, all positions on the team listed below are up for grabs. Top (Since i can migrate to other positions): Jungle: Mid: AD Carry: Support: Still interested? You can visit the Team Permafrost site @ If you'd like to contact me personally, you can send me a PM or post your interest on the forum!
  12. Omygoshomygosh I'm here playing around in League and I realize, "Whoa, some of you guys might like to play with me!" So I made this post to see if anyone would like to play some normal 5v5's now and then. Summer break is long and ongoing, let's see if there's anything we can do together ^__^!
  13. Hello! I had to make a drawing for a school project, So i decided i wanted to draw Leona from League of legends Thsis project took me 7 hours in total. I hope you like it
  14. So with with the recent changed URF mode, who do you think are the most OP champs even with the nerfs?
  15. So I was drawing yesterday and finished up a little Ahri (A character from League of Legends) sketch I had started earlier. Please tell me what you think about it! ^^
  16. so i've been playing Dota2 a lot now because some friends of me play it and i was tired of LoL and HoN was just bad, according to me. But when i try to tell the differences between Dota2 and LoL my hardcore LoL friends doesnt seem to listen and still thinks Dota2 is a ripoff from LoL. so i ask ye, witch one do you prefer and why?
  17. This is a WiP, so far I've done the easy part. I plan to only colour the orbs and their reflecting light in some neat glowing style. Maybe it'll look good. it's made by free-hand. Oh and btw, link to the trailer " ". Paused the video at 5:30, where the original subject is shown. For better image quality go to my deviant. The picture got a bit blurry when I uploaded it, anyway to fix that? Sharp as a piece of glass irl.
  18. Was just wondering if there are any other LoL bronies about to watch the championship games right now. If you are what team/teams are you rooting for? If you aren't watching the games then I'd still like see how many bronies play the game, and what their favorite champion is (besides Hecarim lol). Also if you like Imagine Dragons then listen to this:
  19. (Please excuse me for my bad English ) Hello everypony! As you know, nowadays MOBA games are very popular and there are lots of MOBA games. However, the most known ones are League of Legends, Defend of the Ancients 2 and Smite. And on the internet, there is an endless war about which one is the best: Smite, DotA 2 or LoL. So what do you think bronies? Which one do you like the most (And if there's another MOBA game that you like, please say it )? And why? But please, for God's sake, do not allow that topic to turn into a shitstorm like the other topics in the other websites, please respect to others ^_^ I would like to start off. For me, I liked Smite the most. I've played LoL for 2 years and Smite for some months, I'm 25 lvl in Smite. I've tried DotA 2, and I didn't like it. I don't know why, maybe it was too dificult for me but I couldn't have fun while playing it. But when I started playing Smite some months ago I really liked it and I'm having so much fun right now
  20. If ya doooo we should totally exchange summoner names and talk about our favorite champs! Mine's Soraka because I just love being able to support someone and tank hits if I have to. Soraka can take a nice chunk out of someone with her silence, too.
  21. hello every pony OzSNIPEoZ here looking to recruit some ponies for league of legends ranked team or just to have some fun with if any of you are interested then add me and comment down you're ign (in game name) so i know who adds me, hope to see all my fellow bronies on the rift.
  22. Hey guys whats up my name is MrGamerPony. I am currently looking for some League of Legends players to play with. Me and a few friends play but we have yet to have a full team so we need some people. We also want to form a Ranked 5v5 Team so we can get some real games going. Solo wont matter what rank u are this is a team game so yeah anyway so if you dont want to or do want to join message below to just play games with us thanks. My summor name is MrGamerPony
  23. Hello does anyone play League Of Legends On EUNE? If you do feel free to add me IGN:bikupa xl I just play for funsies but sometimes ranked, i really do not try super hard but i always try. If anyone asks i am silver V -_- I hope to play with someone!
  24. Hey, I only have one question, will somepony out there be my carry? c; Moreover... anyone wanna be the best of friends play league, and skype? I'm one hell of a support! Ezreal... I know your out there.. I just hope you find this post... x) P.S.S I've always wanted a best friend to play league with. Q_Q P.S.S.S I'm on League of Legends NORTH AMERICA... so.. yea you gotta be on NA. ._.
  25. After a looking at my match history, my friend said I should go brag. Not that Im am into bragging but it did give me the idea for this topic