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Found 6 results

  1. Lil' Lovebug

    Gaming Fantasy LCS

    Anyone have or looking to start a Fantasy LCS league? Missed out last season cause the head of the league didn't start it, and i really want to get in on it this season.
  2. Omygoshomygosh I'm here playing around in League and I realize, "Whoa, some of you guys might like to play with me!" So I made this post to see if anyone would like to play some normal 5v5's now and then. Summer break is long and ongoing, let's see if there's anything we can do together ^__^!
  3. Twilight The Creator

    NFL Fantasy League - We Dem Broniz

    hey guys. A friend of mine and I have a league going on. It's a 10 team league so if you want to join: The draft is at 9:30 eastern. League: Password: BnG158 Hoping to see you there
  4. So basically, I've been playing some League of Legends lately and have noticed (after purchasing Leona and playing support for a while) that she is oddly similar to Celestia. She warships the sun, and she sounds almost JUST LIKE HER. I realize that they are voiced by two different people, but the similarities are striking. Let me know what you all think.
  5. I was thinking about setting up an fantasy football league for our little community here. There can only be up to 20 people, but can have as little as 4. I think it would be a fun way to get together and smack-talk about football if that's what you're into. The league is on and you have to enter the password: mlpforums in the password box to join, as it's a private league. I believe you have to have an account also, so you will be prompted to log-in or create one. We also have to agree on a time for an online draft, so if you join, you should post your availability (specific times) so I can find the time to get the most people there. I think sometime Saturday would be the best option, and it might also be the last day to have a draft before the NFL season starts. And feel free to leave questions, comments, complaints, compliments, or anything else related. Also, if someone higher up on this site would like to take some charge, I have the ability to give you management privileges in the league. We need at least 4 to start, we already have two right now, try to anypony that would be interested, I'd love to make this happen, even if it is just with 4 ponies. It does look like Saturday is the last day to hold a draft, so we need to get on it. The draft is tentatively set for Saturday, September 8 at 10pm EST/ 7pm Pacific time. I do not believe I can hold this at a later date.
  6. Very WIP at the moment. I plan to actually finish this one, I promise!