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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everypony! I’ve decided to make a game based on your/my car knowledge! Rules of the race: 1.You can post a picture of ANY car of any brand,model,and year 2.You don’t have to be specific on dates just the car name and brand (unless you know the date,go ahead and add that) 3.The cars can be from commonly known,to near unknown 4.The cars can be Muscle,import,supercar,hypercar, And so on. 5.The game will advance after the question has been answered 6.Only 3 hints! 7.Good luck and have fun! Ill start This car is NOT a mustang is made by Carroll Shelby Is a Dodge What is it?
  2. If you are big on NASCAR, or even heard of NASCAR then you may get some interest out of this here drawing. The inspiration for this was from a Dale Earnhardt Sr. poster I have hanging above my television which Dale Sr. is leaning against his 97' Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS and looking off to a angle. Basically for this drawing I decided to draw more of a angled perspective instead of just a side shot (as the original poster was) I tried to make everything scale out and look like it fits properly, the hardest part was probably Rainbow Dash in general, just the way I wanted her was very difficult to try and draw due to there not being a reference to follow. But in the end, I got he to lean up against this generation six Chevrolet SS NASCAR properly. I also based Rainbow Dash's signature off of Dale's signature using some of the style from his signature to give it a classy look instead of just writing "Rainbow Dash" down next to the number 20. Even though I probably could have spent more time shading this picture up, I really found it interesting when finished. For a product of 4am, I turned out pretty cool.