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Found 12 results

  1. I missed the premiere of The Legend of Korra and just watched both episodes. In my opinion, I think it is awesome! I love the Avatar series and this seems like a great sequel. I personally like the steampunky atmosphere and how it is like the end of the bending era. I was wondering what all of you guys think.
  2. The Wrestling world mourns, from the death of one of it's most iconic late 80s characters. Harry Fujiwara, who was most famously known as Mr.Fuji in the WWE in the late 80s and 90s, died at the age of 81. His most famous role, was being a manager, playing a mostly sneaky japanese stereotype, calling himself "the always devious." The most famous wrestlers he managed whered Don Muraco, the powers of Pain, The Orient Express and WWE Champion Yokozuna. He was also an accomplished wrestler in the 60s and 70s, winning numerous territory titles around the world, like the canadian heavyweight title in maple leaf wrestling and the WWC North American Heavyweight Championship. If there is a heaven, i can imagine that fuji threw salt at st.peter to enter. Rest in Peace Mr.Fuji. You'll be missed.
  3. So, which are some of your favorite urban legends related to the world of gaming? Even though these rumors are usually always hoaxes, it's kinda amusing to read about them sometimes. Some notable examples include being able to resurrect Aerith in FF7, the myriad of myths surrounding the GTA series, the infamous Polybius, and many others.
  4. With Christopher Lees most recent death, it's time to pay tribute to one of the greatest actors ever. But which one his greatest and most iconic role? I would say that Dracula is his greatest role. Some would say that Bela Lugosi is the better Dracula and he is certainly great. But he just dosen't sound as menacing and seductive then Christopher Lee does. His voice is really getting to good use here, making him really sound like he is the lord of darkness himself. There is some nostalgia BS with it, since this is one of the first Horror movies i watched, but even if that's the case, you can't ignore this great performance. So, what is your favorite performance?
  5. I'm sorry if this kind of thread is not supposed to be here, and if the mods think this is better placed elsewhere, please feel free to move it or remove it, but it needed to be posted. Nelson Mandela was a hero for his country and for black society as a whole throughout the world in his fight for freedom and equality between the two races in South Africa. He fought for his beliefs in his way and was incredibly successful. His historic passing and the struggles he went through in his life will never be forgotten. Good night, sweet prince.
  6. For those of you who don't know, I'm a bit of an Avatar fan. And by that, I mean massive huge fanboy. So when I saw the trailer for Book 2 of Korra, things happened in my head. I suppose you could say that I'm excited.
  7. ...Twilight Princess GEDDIT? So I don't know why anypony hasn't done this before, the pun totally wrote itself and as we all know, ponies love puns.
  8. Tales of a Millennium Entry IV Galloping Thundermare The name she was given by her birth is now long forgotten; some even think she was never one of our kind and claim that her origins are from the womb of Tartarus itself. However those words were born from ignorance and fear sprouted by her tempest and as once she galloped through our blessed Equestria like one of our own flesh and blood. Centuries ago she was a just wretched filly lost into the consequences of life and this world. Being and orphan has never been a blessing and in those ancient times where the hostility and corruption were law the young mare was destined to live day after day of harsh and painful service. This were times of confusion and betrayal, the rule of the sun princes and her promises for a wonderful Equestria were not enough for some who were willing to do whatever in the pursue of riches and power. Those were the dark times of the realm of the sun and our kind was far for the glory and prosperity we know today. Nevertheless our young mare was just one of the victims of those wild times and her pain will be one to be carried in a way never seen before. She was taken by some of these ruthless ponies, casting her fate to misfortune and anguish as the hearts of her guardians were tainted with the need of demeaning the pure and clean completing the cycle they couldn’t break making it grow with no stop as our filly spirit was broken like theirs. The “saviors”, as they usually named themselves, treat her almost as a slave making her work each day of her young years to earn the food and shelter they always bragged to her. There was no day she could feel love or kindness just abuse and corruption feed her spirit for day and night, still she was strong willed and always hoped for a place beyond the rain and withered fields a place to escape from all what her life was and just be free. Her days of innocence just flew away like the pegasi on the sky. She always admired the winged ponies for their implicit freedom cursing the day she was born a bound to the ground. The sky was the place where her spirit and wished could gallop free contrasting her body shackled to a reality full of unpleasant times and ill memories. But as history has shown our kind there is no date not to met, neither term not to expired and just as complete empires have fallen to the putridity of their cores after an unspeakable atrocity her spirit could break no more an so she ran away from her saviors. For day and night the mare ran feeling them on her hooves, terrified of being caught and taken back. Through fields and roads, through plains, through scorching sun and brutal storms her gallop carried on, never turning her sight never stopping her dash, not until her flesh could bear no more and her mind awakened from her fears and mourns. Under the rain and thunders she stall to the ground, her hooves were broken, her heart almost demised she could taste her life on her mouth as the feeling of her spirit still running leaving her behind. This was her end she was aware as the end freeze her to the core, the final race come to this conclusion every fiber in her knew that hill bathed by storms was her last resting place, that was when the thread of legends entangled all through her bones and soul. Over the winds and tempest another withering being was near to meet its end. A strange creature was starving for ill thoughts, not described in any books or scrolls some believed was akin to the fabled bringers of cold and snow of our Heartwarming tales. No one had ever encountered such kind of being ethereal and un existent in flesh although real and tangible in essence, its hunger and need drove him to the dying mare for the sustain her despair, pain and fury could provide for it. The fading earth pony could not understand the specter beyond her sight, she had thoughts of the afterlife and saw it as a carrier for her soul, but the creature was far from a celestial being it feed over the mare’s sorrow with such frenzy some could even call it passion and flare mistaken the feast it was having over the now broken soul. It was such a desperate devour that the creature could not realized he got attached to it’s pray as a cold unnatural feeling started to run across the earth pony’s flesh. Both becoming one could mean something unreal but the legends are born from so much more and that storm was the time for one to do so. A lighting of incommensurable might rushed from the heavens to the ground sparking the earth and sky with its terrifying bright. It stroke with god like accuracy the body of the parting mare and ended the life of the ethereal creature in less than a breath. The power of the sky itself flowed through the agonizing creature’s veins and the essence of the unknown being took each ounce of its fury and despair previously consumed into a form of pure living plasma. Her body blasted in a maelstrom beyond description made of energy and remains turning her mane and tail into whole lighting flowing from a body now dyed in a white glow of aberrant beauty with bolts of blue electricity running though her coat. Her eyes blasted with sparks covering them with the full current of the celestial wrath as a cry from her throat turned into the voice of the welkin speaking the piercing language of thunder. The Thundermare was given birth by storm and death itself. The Thundermare’s mind was blank she could only hear the call of the rage in the sky and see the might of the tempest regaining her memories, memories of pain, suffering, abuse and sorrow fueled her fury that resounded into the deep ceilings of the world as a uproarious thunder. Her hooves suddenly moved by their own recalling the fatal race that brought her there, but now her gallop defied reality itself taking her to the clouds above. Leaving lighting traces behind, the Thundermare was at last able to find her longed freedom in the sky. Each one of her steps leaving bolts of deadly power behind, setting a symphony of chaos and tempest at the surroundings skies, over the land the creatures witnessed her race with fear and startle as her wonder started to fade into a madness driven by a rage long before engraved in her heart. The gallop was her right, the gallop was her might, the gallop was existence and life as she runs through the skies of our world bringing fear to those below. Over land and sea, over plains and mountains the thunder of her hooves recalls the pain of her previous life and announces the danger of her wrath and might. A being who seems the avatar of fury that was never touched by love, an asymptote to peace waiting for a soul brave enough to tame her for the world’s ease . But that is indeed a different tale Shout-outs and kudos to @@Artling, for such a great piece bringing her out of words and giving her a shape. This is the forth entry of the Tales of a Millennium - Fanfic Project. All about this project is right here on this topic. English is not my native language so please if I in any way this is not understandable or well written tell me so to fix and improve. Also bring the criticism to the comments and help me get better. Thanks for your time reading this
  9. This just hit me. Could the mirror lake hidden away in Everfree be used to create armies that would terrorize Equestria in a conquest attempt? If the lake was uncovered by someone other than Equestrians again, then it could spell trouble for Celestia and her kingdom should it be used for malicious purposes. Who would make enemies with Celestia, though? It doesn't seem likely, but perhaps griffons once fought Equestrians during a part of their history and old tensions will arise again because of a madman.
  10. Tales of a Millennium Entry III The Perpetual Nightmare For you must know Magic is the life that runs through the structure of existence itself. From its wonders we can obtain day and night as well as bring rain down to our land. It has always feed our kind with its mighty and warmth touch helping us and delivering the livelihood that thousands of generations had on their days. It’s not a secret we have been blessed with this gift, and neither the glory it has shined on us, but as it nature dictates that same flow of life can become a torrent of despair within the wrong grasp. What this words record is knowledge meant to be abolished from this world, the collective memory of the creation have almost lost its trace on behalf of itself, for the nature of this enchantments was never to be discovered, and yet the echoes of its consequences still resound on the day and night we all share under the sky. This sorcery was born from fear itself. Harvested from the dread, created by the struggle of countless spellcasters, sages, sorcerers and wizards that despite generations or species have found their match on the everlasting judgment of death itself. Yes, one after another the wilders of magic have been able to weave the treads of creation itself, bending the laws of nature and tamed the cosmos movement itself; but none of them even with their transcendent might has been able to overcome their inherent end. This was the origin for the Nightmare, The Perpetual Nightmare, the effort of countless warlocks driven by their own fear of nature itself brought to this land one curse that even the most unreachable beings fear. There were times where the knowledge was lost or erased but it would seem that evil itself serves as the messenger of this wisdom of pain and curses. Finding new fertile soil in the minds of the confused erudite the seed of this sinful wisdom grow with their arrogance against the rules of life. By scrolls, and records the masters of the magic have left behind the traces of their work, letting new scholars to start where their precursors left before meeting their final fate, each breed going further, each mage reaching farther. For each generation the excitement and invigoration grow and torn to madness as their fear of not being able to accept their own nature and left behind what they have achieved. As records of the spells were captured on ink for the future, the root of the Nightmare can be traced down. Failed sorceries to stop the age of the caster were the first, and too obvious, attempts followed by rejuvenation and dead rising spells. Each mage was prompt to find an answer, to prove its divine superiority by finding the eternal life. But all and each one of them failed and faded in the never ending flow of time. Many branches grew from that root. Some of them even brought chaos and calamity to their finders and the land. But the knowledge never stopped, jumping from life to life, traversing species and times, the records were growing and the wicked never halted their chase for glory and immortality. One of those branches grew into the mind of one of the most gifted spellcasters the world has brought to life. Welkin Gazer was responsible for one of the brightest ages of magic after the great change. His work and wonders helped even the princes of the sun to overcome the duties of two deities by her alone. But as the years went by Welkin Gazer had to pay the toll of them, and his fear led him to live a double life that hid by in darkness of the night the overflowing shadow inside his aging heart. By studding sinful scrolls from sources yet unknown, Welkin Gazer came across the theory that unifying the principles of dream waving magic with his mastery over the conception of time and his magical nature as a unicorn the path to endure ages by finding eternal slumber, and rising whenever he would consider would be at his feet. Records of the wise unicorn based on this source, recount a spell capable of victimize a soul with a never ending dream. A dark fantasy overloaded with the most intimate fears and horrors the victim mind could craft. And according to Welkin Gazer journal on the matter “It would seem that the nightmare itself creates a malevolent being inside the dreams of the victim. Scheming the endless torture and assuring the suffering. ” For years the mage master walked his days as a kind and wise scholar inside the walls of the rooms and halls where he imparted his wisdom to young horned students. By night he would run unspeakable experiments to dozens of his kin abducted, even some of his own apprentices, to bring him the ease from the disgust and fear mortality craved on him. His putrid knowledge source was tested with his skills as a master of the magic arts. But the Nightmare was so much of a challenge for him. As his science grew by failure his ambition turned into madness and soon his daylight act was shattered by his own self turned into a unrecognizable monster that lost every ounce of will and self-control, desperate and hopeless he tried to consume the whole Canterlot Magic Academy into an endless sleep to find at least one test subject close to his desired outcome. This attempt was countered by the swift response of the stellar princes herself and her personal guard, the four corners. With no option to flee and his sanity long lost Welkin Gazer cast his unfinished sorcery over himself succumbing in a slumber that lasted for a thirty nights and its days. But the slumber was far from what the old unicorn could expect, tormented by endless dreams of indescribable dread he woke up only to end his own life not being able to escape from the horrors created by his own magic and mind. However the tragedy that that old fool of a mage brought to us, was far from over. Those who were victims of his dementia paid with unbearable hallucinations that haunted the few months of life that remained in them. Just a few of them were able to wake up from their terrorizing dreams just to die on a world that they were unable to see, listen or even feel. The records told that the pain, suffering and unavoidable los of those innocent souls diminish the glow of the sun for the ache the sacred alabaster mare felt inside her heart. Ever since then the dream weaving magic has been forbidden among the pony kind, hated with such anger that the house of the sun and moon have chased down any wizard who have come close this principle. Still the original scrolls that ignited Welkin Gazer corruption were never to be found, and the sole nature of the magic wilders makes the search for immortality an unstoppable quest, for a mind overcome by arrogant fear is lost to a path away from the warm shine of light and hope . As the record of the world knows the Perpetual Nightmare could live on in the dreams of a never coming dawn. But that is indeed a different tale This is the third entry of the Tales of a Millennium - Fanfic Project. All about this project is right here on this topic. English is not my native language so please if I in any way this is not understandable or well written tell me so to fix and improve. Also bring the criticism to the comments and help me get better. Thanx for your time reading this
  11. Have you ever beaten the second quest in Legend Of Zelda? Everyone I know has never beaten the second quest, and so I want to know if any of you have ever beaten or even try to beat it.
  12. "Ocarina of Time" is regarded as a classic and a great game. However, I feel that it's largely overrated. While it is certainly a good game, it isn't nearly as good as the fanboys make it out to be or as good as it should be. Here's what they did wrong: 1: Tutorials Okay, not even the biggest fanboys will defend this. The tutorials in "Ocarina" are terrible. Navi is one of the most annoying characters in any video game. And don't get me started on that big, stupid owl. The problem is that both of these characters were meant to give tutorials where none were needed. Thanks to the well designed HUD of the game, players could easily figure out the rules of the game themselves. I did notice one or two times when Navi actually gave you an idea you might not come up with yourself. If they used her that way more often, less people would complain. 2: Difficulty curve There is no nice way to say this: "Ocarina of Time" is way to easy. The first half of the game has a good difficulty arc, but the last few dungeons feel phoned in and half-assed. Ganon's Tower is particularly guilty of this, being no more challenging than walking down a paved road while being attacked by de-clawed kittens. The last part of the game is supposed to be hard, not a walk in the park! 3: Recycle plots, if you care about the planet This was what really got under my skin. Okay, you have to sneak into the castle...wait, that sounds familiar...then you have to collect three might just be a coincidence. After you collect all three, you get the Master Sword--wait what!? Then you are transported to the future, which is a dark mirror of the past. A "dark world", if you will. Wait, let me guess: now I have to get seven sages? Oh, what do you know, I do! This is the exact same plot as "Link to the Past". It is such a cop-out. Each Zelda game that came before this took the series to new and interesting places. Not so much the second one, but shut up--I'm trying to make a point here. Recycling the plot points of a previous game is just cheap. 4: Dumbass NPCs "Ocarina" was during that transition phase in video games. It was doing the 3D stuff well. The believable characters? Not so much. The NPCs come off as dumb and lazy. They're always asking you to run errands for them. Wouldn't be to much of a problem if not for the evil overlord they know is out to kill them all. Why is no one trying to get rid of Ganondorf? Were are the King's loyal subjects? Probably the dumbest NPC ever is that one chick that asks Link to collect her chickens. Why didn't she just get them herself? Because she's allergic to them! Well, maybe you should look into a different profession! Don't worry, what is good about "Ocarina" sure outweighs the bad; but I wouldn't call it the best Zelda game ever, let alone the best game ever. I just felt the need to say my peace on that game.