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Found 5 results

  1. Stages: 1 (No evolution, Legendary) Type: Psychic/Water Abilities: Madness* Base Stats: (Total- 600) Max HP: 140 Attack: 60 Defense: 100 Sp Atk: 120 Sp Def: 140 Speed: 40 Learnset: Lv. 01- Confuse Ray Lv. 01- Confusion Lv. 01- Whirlpool Lv. 09- Bubble Beam Lv. 16- Rain Dance Lv. 22- Water Pulse Lv. 28- Nasty Plot Lv. 34- Calm Mind Lv. 40- Stored Power Lv. 47- Psychic Lv. 55- Hydro Pump Lv. 62- Psyshock Lv. 70- Sanity’s End* Lv. 79- Future Sight ABILITY: Madness- Makes moves of the same type have a chance of applying confusion based on power (1% per 5 power), up to a cap of 30% added confuse chance. Moves that already have a chance have that percentage added to their current chance. "Whenever the Pokemon uses a move of its own type, it gains an added chance to confuse the opponent." UNIQUE MOVE: Sanity’s End- PP: 5 Power: 90 Accuracy: 90% Attacks the opponent with a mental onslaught of dread, has a high chance to inflict confusion (30%).
  2. Which legendary Pokemon are your favorite? My favorites: - Articuno - Lugia - Entei - Latios - Groudon - Rayquaza - Dialga - Zekrom - Xerneas New legendary for Pokemon Sun:
  3. WARNING: May contain spoilers! Earlier today, I was playing Borderlands 2 online with my brother on the PSN. I was Lv. 24. He was Lv. 26. And we fought a Lv. 28 BNK-3R. I was very under leveled after he went to check on his sick girlfriend, I decided to farm the BNK-3R and do some level grinding while I was at it. My stuff sucked and I wanted better equipment. The BNK-3R has a chance to drop the legendary weapon Bitch or the legendary shield Sham. I've been looking to get the Bitch for a very long time on my PC. I've fought the BNK-3R at least 100 times and I still haven't had a Bitch drop on my PC. Well on the 4th fight on the BNK-3R on the PS3, this happens. I finally get my first Bitch drop. Granted, it wasn't on my PC. Which sorta pissed me off because if I were on my PC, this gun would be Lv. 50 and not Lv. 25, but I finally got it and I get to see what it's like. I've been using it for a while and it's a really good gun. Well about 20 more fights down the line, this happens I got 2 Bitch drops in the same 2½ hours. I am pretty fucking excited. So I texted my brother these pictures and rubbed it in his face because we mess with each other about finding legendary stuff all the time. Now I find 2 legendary things and it feels so damn good to rub it in his face I asked him a question I never thought I would ask him in my life: "I have two Bitches and I'm willing to share. Would you like one of my Bitches?" :D (Because what do I need two of them for?)
  4. I am a really big music fan. And in my listening, there has always been one or two people that stuck out to me as really ground-breaking/innovative musicians. So I decided to make a thread for discussing people like this. If I had to name one, I'd say Chuck Schuldiner. This guy was one of the pioneers of the death metal genre. Though he originally wrote about gore, like many death metal lyricists, he took his music to new levels with songs that explored more realistic, yet dark themes such as the human mind. Not only this, but this guy could shred. How about you guys?
  5. I think this is the best one I've yet made. I couldn't help myself on this one.