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Found 34 results

  1. Should there be a lego mlp set? I personally would love it (I'm a huge fan of legos), but what you you guys think?
  2. I just finished creating this LEGO Dude Perfect poster to promote my latest product idea. Hope you like it! You can support the idea here: Thanks! - Regal Shadow
  3. Hello everypony! I'm creating a product idea to share on a website called LEGO IDEAS. The set is based on four YouTubers: Dude Perfect, Charlie Puth, JaidenAnimations, and TheOdd1'sOut. If you could let me know which of these four YouTubers you have heard of, and which you are a fan of, that would be great! I'm trying to get a feel for how many people are aware of these YouTubers. Thanks! ~Regal Shadow
  4. Hello, guys if you like MLPFIM then you'll rainboom your tail over Target stores to get Unikitty Blindbag sets collect all 12 enjoy everypony after all I'm Rainbowdash I'm awesome !!!
  5. Well, I don't see a Lego thread, so here we go. I've been building on and off for about 5 years, and I feel that I have gotten pretty good at it. Here I will be posting some of the things I have built recently. I mostly deal with space and mecha builds. Sorry architecture fans, buildings just don't put the spur in me. The "Argus" Light Cruiser: This is my most recent build, and was my first attempt at making a capital ship. I am fairly pleased with the result, but after I finished I realized I didn't have enough places to stick guns on. Oh well. But look, I built a little fleet out of my tablescraps! This made me immensely happy.
  6. Welcome to the LEGO discussion thread! Here you can share your experiences from your childhood, all the sets and themes that you used to (or still) love, and if you're an avid hobbyist, you can share some of the stuff that you're looking forward to. You can also share awesome pictures like this: So epic! For me, this franchise was the best thing to have ever happened to my childhood. It made my childhood livable and I still to this day embrace the nostalgia! It's been about three years since I've had a LEGO set but recently, I have decided to try to pursue this fascination of mine once more. Honestly, I would love to have several sets to keep on display in the future, even when I get married and have my own family. This thread is dedicated to anything LEGO!
  7. So, this is just a discussion thread about LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. Feel free to participate in any discussion you like. Who's your favorite character(s), episode(s), etc.?
  8. Just asking if anyone here knows or watches Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitsu? I finished watching Season 5 and it's easily the best season: great action, great humor, great new characters and just an enjoyable ride from beginning to end. Brohoof this if you watch and like Ninjago.
  9. This film somehow looks like a hoot. It's basically the new cheesy Batman film I've been waiting for, and it isn't afraid to pull punches at itself. What's your thoughts on this, with Will Arnett reprising his role of the Dark Knight?
  10. Do you guys remember the Lego games series before the "Lego blockbuster" happened? I think so. It's almost 13 years ago since the last Lego racer (Drome Racers) and I'm still waiting for a new racer from them. I have both 3 original games for the computer and still enjoy playing them, since most of the current Lego games feel like generic Hollywood copies. Lego doesn't need blockbuster IP's to be good since they have enough original IP's from their own line. Here's a list of wishes for a new Lego racers I like to see: - Gameplay. I really want to see fun, challenging and variating gameplay with multiple tracks, power ups, battle modes and team modes like the Grip 'n Go Challenge: - Building options. Because creating your own racer and car is fun indeed. - Reward system. Receiving new building options and stuff after finishing a challenge. No day one DLC and pre-order bonus bullshit. - Original Lego scenarios. Lego has countless themes of it's own series and doesn't need to rely on Hollywood's blockbusters. What do you like to see in a new Lego Racers?
  11. Welcome, fellow Matorans, to MLP Forum's official Bionicle fanpage, The Temple of Worship. As you may have guessed, any and all fans of Bionicle are welcome to commune here and share their stories. If you owned any Bionicle/still own any Bionicle, be they Gen 1 or Gen 2, feel free to tell us about them. Allow me to write the temple's first manuscript. A long time ago, I owned two Bionicle. They were Tahu and Gali. Both were Toa Nuva, although at the time I thought they were Toa Mata due to the similarities of their Kanohi. That and I was a boy who was madly in love with them both. Anyway, after freeing them from their cryoshells and building them, I set them atop my shelf. They spent their time watching over me, as well as occasionally sparring with each other to alleviate boredom. Alas, both Tahu and Gali ended up lost in the winds of time. I don't remember if they got thrown out or if they were donated to the local charity shop, but what matters is that I miss them both. Since then, I have made it my mission to reclaim Tahu and Gali, as well as gathering all the Toa I failed to collect in my youth, including the Turaga, Takanuva, maybe Mata Nui, and the Gen 2 Toa. Once that is done, I will then construct an altar made of Lego, displaying all six Kanohi of the original Toa as a tribute to my love of Bionicle.
  12. OK, so, Lego Dimensions was announced. Currently Portal 2, Back to the Future, Portal, Doctor Who and the Wizard of Oz, along with LOTR, Lego Movie and Batman have been announced. But here's my content wishlist. What content would you like in Lego Dimensions? For me it would be Lego Racers: Think about it, Rocket Racer and his gang would be perfect for modern day! They should make Lego Racers 3! But this could be a great pack. Lego Eastenders: Gamesmaster have been wishing for this, it could be possible. But they will have to see. Just imagine playing as Phil getting into arguements! Lego Star Wars: OK, so this probably won't come out for a while, the hype of Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars would have to die down first. But it would be awesome. X-Wing fights and everything! Lego Narnia: Could be a decent content pack to explore. With Aslan and Ridable Mounts. Lego Tomb Raider: Perhaps the Idea that I had should be saved for last eh? Lara Croft against Phil Mitchell isn't exactly the strangest thing you'd see though. Lego Top Gun: Pretty much any Tom Cruise film to be honest, Mission Impossible and Edge of Tomorrow would be good. But flying an F-14 shooting at stuff would be excellent. Lego X-Men: With Quicksilver having an ability to slow down time. What would it be for you? What content would you like to see in Lego Dimensions? And most importantly, would it be worth the money ?
  13. Somewhere in an alternate universe... How great could it be if that actually happened... Hasbro & LEGO would make a lot of money, I guess. I would so much buy it It's not 100% show-accurate, but Hasbro's toys are no better in this case.
  14. This is a fanclub designed for all things pertaining to the best character, Unikitty, from the LEGO Movie. Whether it is Unikitty, Biznis Kitty, or even Astro Kitty all Unikitty is welcome here!
  15. Was just browsing around Yahoo News, when I found this article (click the link below): Did Lego Batman 3 Just Tease a DC/Marvel Crossover? Now, i've played both of LEGO's DC and Marvel games on xbox, and have just one thing to say if they really made this: Thoughts?
  16. LEGO. Chima. Yup. I like this series, it has humor and battle scenes galore. If you haven't seen it yet, Season 1 is on netflix. So go watch it now.
  17. Look this up guys. It's likely confirmed it's coming back. I mean, they have leaked images all over the web that it probably takes up 5 terabytes. ... Greg is love, Greg is life.
  18. So...yeah, go see the movie. I wish I could say more, but I don't want to spoil anything outside of the fact that it's really freaking great. It has this fantastic dreamlike quality that gets refreshingly trippy and existential, love the sense of scale present in several of the scenes, every second was so jam-packed to the brim with jokes, sight gags, and legitimately awesome action bits that I'll probably enjoy it the second, third, etc. number of times I watch it (probably more because there won't be terrible audience members), love the moral (the only movie in recent memory to actually go full-on with the whole "anyone can be the chosen one" theme), it looked amazing, it's incredible how engaged you are despite the fact that literally every scene features some sort of self-mocking gag, and it goes without saying, but Unikitty and Benny the 1980's Spaceman were the absolute best. Did not know Charlie Day was in this. It was a better action movies than most action movies nowadays. It was a better Batman movie than The Dark Knight Rises. It was a better MLP movie than EQG. It's like someone took the opening of Toy Story 3, expanded it to an entire movie, combined that with Who Framed Roger Rabbit and 2001: A Space Odyssey, and set out to make an awesome parody of The Matrix that might totally be better than The Matrix. And then Batman's grunge song about his dead parents and how awesome the color black is plays over the credits. Go see The Lego Movie. Your move, Boxtrolls.
  19. I never went to see LEGO Movie in the theatres so I bought it on Blu-Ray, which made it my first time watching it. I now realize once again how much fun LEGO used to be back then and still is to this day. It may seem kind of weird to see a guy in his 20's playing with LEGO, but it does not seem weird to some people, I mean look: we watch an awesome cartoon about multicoloured ponies! But anyway, I think I have rambled on enough. The question is: How many of use still play with these awesome interlocking bricks?
  20. Anyone remember that? That was the shit (sorry but I couldn't really think of another way to say it) back then when I was in 3rd-6th. Still got Tahu from like 2002 or something, and a crap ton of others old ones and newer ones too. I still got all the comics from the lego club magazines lol Was anyone else sad when they ended it and brought in the crap called hero factory?
  21. I found a bunch of old games, and I was wondering what to play. If any of these games ring a bell with you, talk about it!
  22. But... Wow, what? I mean... I wasn't going to go see Frozen either... That is a crazy rating for Rotten Tomatoes. Maybe I'll go see it.
  23. Well I'm pretty sure you all know what legos are and after trying to build a MOC(still working on that) I decided to make a topic about lego. I don't know about any of you but I love lego to be more specific I love to build MOCs with bionicle parts and I am currently working on a lego skyrim project. So do you like lego and if so what do you build with lego, whats your favorite theme, also if you build MOCs and you have pictures upload them. P.S I might try to build a pony MOC if I do I will try to upload a picture.
  24. As a young child, I used to collect the orriginal "Bionicles" by LEGO. It was really fun to build them, make them fight, ect. Anyway, the orriginal "toa" bionicles used to come with a small CD that you could run on your PC to learn about the lore. Going over the entire first generation lore, I noticed some of the eerie similarities to MLP FIM. Here is a basic video explaining the original lore, although there are many more details that have my mind blown. (Post may be updated with more content) In case you didn't get what I'm saying: Mata-Nui = Celestia Makuta = Luna/Nightmare Moon 6 "Mighty Heroes" are the mane 6. Masks of power = elements of harmony. Makuta's Jealously that the islanders only loved Mata-Nui = Nightmare Moon's Jealously that equestrians only loved Celestia. Makuta's spell causing darkness = Luna not lowering the moon. There are also some similarities in the maps... Imagine MLP if Luna had defeated Celestia and banished her instead. It's not a carbon copy, but I think its strange to some extent that there are so many similarities. PS: Onua is best Toa. Vibe kill. Aren't you one of the guys who attempted to spam my profile? -.- Anyway, if only one or a few of the things mentioned above we're similar, than I would just shrug it off. The only thing is that there is a group of similarities which makes it even more similar as a whole.