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Found 6 results

  1. Not that you guys would really care, but I just wanted to spread the news on here. He truly did deserve that Oscar for his outstanding role in The Revenant (even though I admittedly have not seen it yet (shhhhhh )).
  2. Freezen Dash

    Cleo fanfic chapter 4

    Light began to shine through Leo's eyelids. He heard birds singing from outside, an orchestra of tweets and chirps. "Mmm... morning already?" He stretched, sat up, and began wiggling his toes and fingers awake. The alarm clock read 7:46. Did I forget to set the alarm? He thought. The smell of eggs and bacon wafted from the kitchen. Eggs and bacon, awesome! He quickly pulled on a shirt from his dresser and paddled to the kitchen. "Morning," Leo said. He pulled out a chair from the table and plopped down. "Good morning Leo." Calypso replied, already dressed for the day. "The eggs are ready and the bacon is almost done." She flipped the sizzling pork over in the pan and grabbed some plates, piling it with golden scrambled eggs. Calypso also got out some forks and handed one to Leo, who was drooling over the fresh breakfast. "Oh, yum!" He exclaimed after shoveling a big serving of hot eggs in his mouth, not feeling the burn on his tongue. "This is great!" Calypso smiled. "Thank you. Save some room for the bacon though." She took the pan off the stove (which she also turned off) and scraped the bacon on to each of their plates. "Dig in." In a matter of seconds, Leo's plate was clear of anything, all the crumbs licked off. "Hey, hey, hey. Can I have that?" He pointed to Calypso's last strip of bacon. "No." "Please?" "No." "Pretty please? With a cherry on top?" He gave her a puppy dog look." "Ugh, fine! Don't use that on me!" Leo snatched it off her plate and gulped it down. She watched him eat it with a hint of longing. He didn't know whether it was for him or the bacon. He guessed it was the latter. Maybe. Now feeling a little guilty, he got up and put the dishes in the sink for her. "What do you want to do today?" He asked her. It was a Saturday which means that the shop was closed for the day, only doing pick-ups. "Oh, uh, I don't know." Calypso shrugged. "What about you?" Leo pondered this. I guess we could take Festus and fly to Camp Jupiter and visit my man Frank and Hazel. I think Jason should be there as well, which mean Piper will be also. Maybe even spend the night in New Rome?" Calypso tilted her head to the side. "Yes, that would be nice. Do we have any pick-ups today or tomorrow?" "I think only one this afternoon at eleven." "Then let's go at twelve." "Deal. In the meantime, I'll get Festus ready. I think he can do a long distance flight now, but I'll just test fly him for a bit." "Sure. Don't forget to pack. "Yeah, okay." The wind whistled in Leo's ears. Festus flew into a small puffy cloud and emerged from it wet. The water droplets evaporated off of Festus' warm back. They talked a little to each other. It went like: Leo: Knock knock. Festus: Clank puff Leo: Sherwood. Festus: Whirr creak clank Leo: Sherwood like to come in. Festus: ... Leo: Uh, yeah. Okay. Whatever. By the time they touched down back home, the sun was high in the sky. Ding ding, went the bell when he walked in. "What time is it?" Calypso was behind the counter, scribbling down something in the logbook. She looked up, pushing a section of her brown hair behind her ear. "It's eleven forty-six." She said, glancing at the clock on the back wall. "Did you pack?" "Well, no. I just got back." Calypso grunted. "Just go. And don't forget your toothbrush and comb." "Yes ma'am." Leo trudged up the stairs, grabbed a backpack, and shoved a fresh pair of jeans and his Camp Half-Blood t-shirt (Just to show that he wasn't one of the Romans). He also threw in some screws and bolts. Oh, and his toothbrush and comb. Slinging it over his shoulder, he ran back down the stairs. "I'm done!" He called out. "Okay! I'm in the back with Festus!" Calypso shouted from the barn house. On his way out he turned off all the lights and locked the door behind him. Calypso had climbed on top of Festus in the front seat with the reins in her hands. "Hey!" Leo said. "Who said you could drive Festus?" Calypso stuck her tongue out at him. "I can ride him just fine!" "And do you know how?" "Oh, uh." Calypso blushed. "I kinda' took him out for a spin a couple of times." "When?" Leo asked incredulously. "Um, at night when he had his old wings. I didn't go very high the first few times. Good thing Festus knows how to fly by himself." Leo shrugged. "Well, if you think you can handle him all the way to California... fine with me. I trust you." And he really did. He wouldn't trust anyone else with his dragon, not even Jason. Calypso smiled. "Thanks." Leo climbed up behind her. "Uh, hey," he said, moving his arms, silently asking if he should put his arms around her waist. "Do you mind?" Calypso sucked in her cheeks, which turned a rosy pink. "Sure. We wouldn't want you to fall off and turn into demigod splat on the ground." She joked. "Hey, those are supposed to be my lines!" Leo grinned. "Yeah, whatever. Just hold on with those scrawny arms of yours." So he wrapped them around her tiny waist and said, "Now don't you crash us." They took off, soaring through the bright blue sky. Calypso's hair flew into Leo's face. He caught her scent, a lovely mixture of cinnamon and wood smoke. He laid his head on her shoulder and closed his eyes. "Oh, er, um... Leo? Are you okay?" Calypso tensed up. "Mmm, no. I'm good. Just a little tired, that's all." he lied. He couldn't just tell her he just wanted to do that because he liked her. That would be awkward, especially if she didn't like him back. But the raft came for Leo that night in Ogygia. Didn't it only come for heroes Calypso had fallen in love with? And what about that kiss that had followed right after? But what if she didn't feel the same anymore? If nothing they've only grown closer, right? Before he knew it, it was a few hours past and he had fallen asleep on Calypso's shoulder. Oh man, he thought. I hope I didn't drool. Fortunately, he did not. Leo lifted his head. "Uhn…" He yawned. "Finally awake?" Calypso asked. "Yeah… why didn't you wake me up?" Leo asked. "Well, because you snore a little when you sleep. I thought it was… cute." "Oh." They continued on, almost there. Calypso hummed and sang and sang and hummed. In a few minutes, they were greeted by two Romans where they landed in a field just outside the border. One was a bulky Chinese dude and the other a small African-American girl with chestnut-brown hair. "Yo, Frank! Hazel! Sup!" Leo jumped off of Festus, Calypso sliding down behind him. "Hey there Calypso." Frank looked over Leo's shoulder. "Nice to see you again." "Yeah," Hazel said. "Are you two staying long?" Leo nodded. "Yep. We wanted to stay the night too." "Stay the night?" Hazel cooed. "Sounds like fun! Wanna stay at our place?" "If that's okay." Calypso said. "We don't want to intrude or bother you two. We could stay in a hotel or something." "No, no! Its fine! We asked, if you were going to be a bother we wouldn't have!" Leo grinned. "Alrighty then, demigod sleepover!" He looked at Calypso. "Plus one immortal Titan daughter." Frank shrugged. "But first, we have to warm you about—" Before Frank could finish, two more demigods came storming from Camp Jupiter. A tall fair-haired male and a choppy-brown-haired female—Jason and Piper. In seconds they reached the group. Frank and Hazel backed up, definitely looking scared. "Leo!" Jason and Piper growled at the same time. They glared at each other. "Can I talk to you?"
  3. Freezen Dash

    Cleo fanfic chapter 3

    "And this, Callie, is where Festus started!" Leo exclaimed. "Do not call me 'Callie'." Calypso shot him a look. "Whatever you say, Lypso." She shot him another death glare. "So anyways," Leo continued, leading her further inside Bunker Nine. "I found this place after I saved Festus from the trap my brothers and sisters made." Calypso looked confused. "Why would they trap him?" "Well," Leo said. "At first, he was good until Beckendorf died. Then he went a little cray-cray and burned the camp and hid into the woods. Then I came along with my awesome and totally amazing fire skills, and fixed the bad boy up. Even gave him wings." Then Leo began describing Festus during his quest with Jason and Piper, like how he got a little frozen in Boreas' place, when Khione the ice babe froze his hard-drive, and how he got destroyed save for his head. At that last part he started getting emotional and turned away so Calypso couldn't see. He coughed and showed her the drawing he made when he was a kid and Hera was a crazy old baby-sitter who liked putting little boys into fireplaces. Calypso nodded and seemed very interested in everything he told her. He liked the way her eyes widened when he told her about the many ways he almost got killed (and temporarily turned to gold) and the amazement she showed when he told her about the times he saved Jason and Piper with his mechanics. Gods, she was cute. Leo was in the middle of telling her about crashing from the sky and onto her island when he heard the horns signaling dinner. It was that late already? With his ADHD, time sped up when he was having fun. But anyways, he took her to the dining area. When they got there, both were famished. "The plates give you any food you want to eat, and the drinks give you any beverage unless it's alcoholic." He wished he could have invented it, but it was obviously magic, not mechanic. "That's cool." Calypso said. "So what is the fire for? The one that people throw food into." "Oh, that's a sacrificial fire. You burn an offering to your godly parent or whatever god or goddess you are thankful to." Calypso made a face. "Ugh, an offering to the gods?" That's right, Calypso was mad at the gods for her unfair punishment on Ogygia. Leo was mad at the gods for that too, but then he wouldn't have met Calypso. "Meh," Leo snorted. "Oh, well. Let's eat, I'm starved!" Leo ate some really good enchiladas. Calypso didn't eat much except for an egg salad sand-which. He scooted closer to her. "Only egg-salad?" Calypso shrugged. "I like eggs and salad and bread." Leo laughed. "Here, try this." He held the enchilada to her face. She looked at it uncertainly, but bit into the food. She chewed and nodded. "It's good." Leo grinned and said, "Yep. Now lemme have s bite of that." He gestured to the egg salad sandwich. Calypso shook her head. "Nope." "Not fair," Leo pouted. "I gave you some of my food! And you still owe me for saving you! How 'bout another kiss?" She laughed. "Not a chance, scrawny." But she pecked him on the cheek. He smirked. "That all ya' got?" "That's all you're gonna' get. And that didn't happen either." "Whatever you say, Callie-Lypso." She elbowed him. "Ouch! Hey!" So with many "Good-bye"s and "See you later"s, they flew back to their place, warmed in the cold night by Festus' heat. When they got there, they walked Festus into the shed and climbed the stairs to their own rooms. "Night, Calypso." He said. "Good-night, Leo." She said. "Today was fun. I like your camp." And to bed they went. Leo didn't have a single nightmare that night
  4. Freezen Dash

    Cleo fanfic part 2

    The sun burned the back of Leo's neck. He turned over the dark soil with his trowel and stuck in some strawberry seeds. Sighing, he dipped his bandana into a bucket of cool water and tied it around his neck. Water ran down his back. On the other side of the garden plot was Calypso, humming as she worked. Her jeans and white blouse was speckled with dirt. With quick hands, she flipped over the soil, planted the seeds, and watered it. She looked really hot—and not "heat hot", but "attractive hot". Her brown hair was pulled back with a red bandana and there was dirt in her fingernails, but that was how Leo liked her, not afraid to get dirty. He put down his gardening tools and crouched down next to her. "Boo," he said. Calypso stopped humming. "Hey." "Can't wait for harvest time." He said. "Nice plump strawberries so good, it'll make Camp look bad." No reply. "So… uh, want a lemonade?" Leo asked, getting up. "Yes please," Calypso looked up and gave him a small closed-mouth smile. "With a lemon wedge." "Righty-o!" Leo stuck his hands in his pocket and whistled, walking to their kitchen above the auto shop. Inside, he poured some home-made lemonade into two glass cups, plopped in some ice cubes and cut up two lemon wedges, sticking one on each rim. Leo gazed down from the window that overlooked the small garden. Calypso was sitting in the grass, singing to the plants. Her voice was magic, making the plants grow a little faster. Even from up here, Leo could hear it perfectly. With both drinks in hand, he quietly closed the door. He sneaked up behind her and said, "One ice-cold lemonade for Madame Calypso." in a French accent. Calypso jumped in surprise then laughed, taking her drink from Leo's hand. "Thank you, sir." She mimicked his fake accent. Leo grinned and they both sat in the grass, sipping lemonade. He put his hand down next to Calypso's. Calypso looked at their hands and blushed, then squeezed his pinkie with hers. "It's nice out," she said, her brown eyes on the horizon. "Yeah, it is." Leo said in a light tone. Another point for Team Leo. "Do you want to take Festus for a ride?" They've been building a pair of better wings for the newly bodied bronze dragon. He was permanently awake ever since Piper charm-spoke him alive. "Do you think the new wings will work?" Calypso asked, uncertainty in her eyes. "Of course!" Leo said, surprised. "We made it ourselves, so duh!" Calypso nodded. "Right. After we finish our lemonade. When they drained the last of their drink, they brought out the celestial bronze wings from the workshop. Leo ran to the barn in the back and called out, "Festus, boy! Time to fly!" Out of the dark corners lumbered out a very large metal dragon with ruby red eyes and sharp teeth. Festus made some creaking and whirring noises which Leo understood. "Yeah, your new wings are done and ready for a test flight!" Festus stomped closer to Leo who rubbed the dragon's muzzle. "Can you take Calypso and I to Camp?" He asked. The dragon cocked his head as if pondering and then made some clicking noises that Leo knew as yes. "Alrighty. Let's attach those winds and saddle you up." Leo led Festus out of the barn to where Calypso waited with the wings. What shined more, the light reflecting off the bronze wings or the sun on Calypso's hair? In only a minute, the wings were attached to the dragon's back. Leo helped Calypso on top then climbed on himself. He held the reins in his hands. "Hold on tight now, we don't want you falling off and turning into an immortal splat on the ground." Calypso snorted but wrapped her arms around his waist. Leo's heart did a full gymnastics routine. She smelled really good despite working all day. "Come on, Festus." He coaxed. "Let's see what you can do." Festus flapped his wings a few times. Then he took off a little clumsily which made Calypso squeeze tighter. He grinned like a fool in love, which he was of course. The wind whipped their faces, making Leo's curly brown locks bounce. The buildings below looked like toys. They flew past a surprised flock of birds. A bug zipped past his ear and must have hit Calypso's face because she yelled, "Gah!" and buried her face in his back. Leo smiled. It was colder up here, but Calypso was warm—and cute. "We're going to camp!" he yelled against the wind. She nodded, her face moving Leo's shirt up and down. "Okay," he heard her say. After a few minutes of flying in the air, they touched down in Camp Half-Blood, scaring away several campers. They landed in a clear area in the middle of the ring of cabins. Leo helped Calypso off. He waved to some gaping demigods. Percy and Annabeth ran to them. He grabbed Calypso's hand and pulled her over. "Hey, man!" Percy said, capping him on the shoulder. "Welcome back. Haven't seen you in a while." Annabeth hugged him. "Nice to see you, Leo." Leo still held Calypso's hand. He gestured to her. "Guys, remember Calypso?" Percy and Annabeth nodded. Percy shifted nervously from foot to foot. Oh yeah, Calypso used to like Percy. A little flame burst inside of him. He was still mad that Percy had hurt and left her on Ogygia. Annabeth eyed Leo and Calypso's entwined hands. "Are you guys a thing now?" she asked. Calypso and Leo flushed and quickly let go. "Uh, no." He said. "He is still annoying." Calypso said, turning her head. "Yeah, and Calypso is still, uh, Calypso." Leo joked. The ends of Calypso's mouth twitched up. "Oh!" Percy exclaimed, putting his hands together. "Calypso's never been to camp before." "Of course! Let's show her around," Annabeth agreed. Just then, a big boom came from somewhere in the back of the forest. "I guess that would be Bunker Nine." Leo said. "Let's go check it out!"
  5. Freezen Dash

    Cleo fanfic chapter 1

    Leo flipped the sign in the window from "Closed, Come Again!" to "Open, Welcome!". He did some last minute cleaning while Calypso, his co-owner (and potential girlfriend) watered the plants that decorated the exterior. It was only two weeks since they opened shop, but they had great business. It was also a couple of months after he had rescued Calypso from Ogygia, the magic island on which she was imprisoned for a few thousand years. So yeah, I guess you can tell that Calypso is kinda immortal. But that worried Leo. Calypso was the kind of girl he dreamed of, if he dreampt of girls. The problem was, he was so out of her leauge. Sure, they had shared a kiss once, and sure, gods had demigod kids with regular mortals, but he wanted to marry her (hey, a guy can dream) and grow old together. But Calypso couldn't grow old. He was snapped out of his thoughts when the very girl put her hand on his shoulder. His heart skipped a beat. "Leo," she said. "Are those weapon repairs done?" "Yeah." He nodded. They did stuff like chariot and weapon repairs for demigods, and some regular stuff for mortals. "Good. Order Nine is getting picked up in an hour." She squeezed his shoulder and walked away to hammer out a bent up sheild. Leo's heart did a flip. Gods, he thought. One of these days, my heart will completely stop! It was noon, and Leo really needed a shower. Calypso managed to get dirty but still smell like cinnamon and wood smoke. In his opinion, there was nothing hotter than a girl who didn't mind getting her hands dirty. Her long, straight, golden-brown hair was pulled back, a grease smudge under her dark almond-shaped eyes. He didn't realise he was staring until she looked up and met his eyes. "Leo, you are bending the sword out of shape." Leo looked down at his still working hands and saw that he indeed was bending a bronze sword backwards with his hammer. "Oops. Sorry." He blushed and she shook her head, smiling. "You know what?" Leo said. "It's time for lunch. Wanna go out and eat someplace?" Usually they ate food Calypso grew and cooked. It was really good, but he wanted to make some moves. "Sure. Where to?" "Uh," Leo fumbled. "Maybe that Italian place by the park." "Sounds nice. Let's go change." They went up the back stairs to their above-shop home. When they came back down, Leo was wearing fresh jeans and a white shirt. Calypso was wearing one of her Greek-style dresses. She had her hair down and brushed so she looked the same as when they first met. "You look really nice." Leo blurted. He quickly shut his mouth, embarrassed. Calypso looked down and blushed and hit Leo's arm. "Come on." He flipped the Welcome sign back to Closed and shut off the lights. Leo held out his arm. "Come with me, m'lady." Calypso smiled and took his arm. One point for team Leo, he thought. The food was great. He ordered the fettuccine alfredo and Calypso had a salad. Leo swirled the pasta with his fork. "So... do you like it?" He asked. Calypso chewed a bite of lettuce. "Yes. It's good." She reached across the table and wiped alfredo sauce off his face with a napkin. Whoops. "What about your other friends?" Calypso asked, Huh? "Oh, you mean Jason and Piper and the others!" They visited every so often to chat or ask for repairs. "You know, Jason and Piper are still together. Jason's an ambassador for both camps. Frank and Hazel are in school in New Rome, and Percy and Annabeth are counseling at Camp Half-Blood." Calypso nodded. She ate some more of her salad. Leo shifted in his seat. His foot touched Calypso's. He began to move it, but Calypso didn't seem to notice anything, so he left it there, touching her small foot. He felt strangely embarrassed about it. What do you want to do after we close the shop for the day?" He ventured. Calypso pondered, putting her chin on her hand. "I want to plant a new section of fruit in our garden." Our garden, he thought. Just like our home and our shop. Just like a couple already, he wished. "What kind?" "Oh, maybe strawberries? I never grew them on Ogygia." "Just like Camp Half-Blood." She shrugged. "Can I help?" "Of course." They finished lunch and went back to the shop. Calypso took his hand and gave it a small squeeze. "Thanks, Leo." Leo smiled and walked beside her, ready to get back to working with her on the machines.
  6. Hazardus_Havard.

    Leo The Zodiac And Anonymous!

    Okay. So, I'm doing a new image from another sketch. It's Leo the Zodiac pony along with Anonymous. I saw this and really wanted to do a colored version, so yeah. As usual, I do the sketch (Done by AtlasPony), then lineart, then color, then final product.