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Found 30 results

  1. In the My Little Pony series, which are there any “friendship lessons” or topics in the show that you can relate to and stick with you in your life? It doesn’t have to be life changing and doesn’t even have to equate to all that much or be specific; just anything that comes to mind. For me personally the first that comes to mind is “Read It And Weep,” because when I was younger I loved to read but often got mocked for it, and because of this swore off reading altogether. Rainbow Dash’s constant sneaking around and denying of the fact that she loved the Daring Do book reminded me a lot of those years I was afraid to admit my love for reading, afraid that the people around me would judge me for it. (Luckily though when I was about 9 I stopped caring and read as much as Twilight, very openly, too!)
  2. It's amazing how as an adult you can look at animated movies and really wring out all the great lessons and characterizations in the movie itself. The MLP Movie was certainly no exception. Perhaps a few of the greatest examples I can pull from the movie are Tempest's painful past playing a role with her current role as the Storm King's sidekick Twilight's desperation interfering with her friends Not forgetting who you are and what you're made to do Let's go over the first. the movie when we first see Tempest, we see the familiar villain archetype: wanting surrender, wanting power and wanting to complete tasks for selfish gain. We get a hint of something due to Tempest's broken horn. Fast forward to Tempest's Song "Open Your Eyes", and this is where we learn the full story of what happened to Tempest. The pain of losing her horn caused her to become bitter and angry, because her horn was what made her so special. She loved to create beautiful sky displays...but all of that was taken away from her due to the Ursa Minor slicing off her horn. Even when Twilight saved her, she still felt remorse and sadness. She could not see herself as "complete" without her horn. Nonetheless, as the movie conveyed, "You are still you, perfect and beautiful, no matter what happens or what you look like." The next deep point was Twilight's desperation in wanting to save Ponyville over her friendship. This scene was honestly very hard to watch. After a delightful and joyous song "One Small Thing" by the Mane 5 and Princess Sky Star, it was discovered Twilight was trying to steal the pearl. This costs the Mane 6 their new seapony transformation and a banishment from Seaquestria. Twilight and Pinkie get into an argument, which results in Twilight stating she doesn't need her friends, paraphrasing. This was the big moment where Twilight realized she had become too desperate in the need of an item to save Ponyville and Canterlot, and completely forgot about the worth of her friends. This was where Tempest wanted Twilight, alone and with no one to defend her. This is perhaps the hardest lesson to swallow in the whole movie, because it teaches that you can't rely on physical objects to help you complete a task. In the end, it's the people/ponies/friends that matter the most that will help guide you through whatever you need. The last deep point I bring forth is one that has been repeated in countless movies, one of the first being "The Lion King", "Remember who you are". Returning to that hard scene where Twilight was desperate to save Ponyville, she forgot who she was. She forgot that she was the Princess of Friendship, and in that one scene where she confronted Tempest in that small cell, she said "Friendship didn't fail me...I failed friendship.". Friendship is an abstract idea. It is what brings us together. And in this world today, with all of this hate and stuff that's going around, we can easily get swept away in the vortex and forget who we really are, and in that moment, friendships can disappear with a poof. But alas, this quote has another meaning. Remember the pirates that the Mane 6 met who were supposedly henchmen of the Storm King? Remember how Rainbow Dash reminded them who they were and what they were meant to do with that one song "Time To Be Awesome?" Well, the same principle applies here. You can't let anyone steal your mojo and your charisma. That all belongs to you. To conclude, looking at the MLP Movie from an adult perspective really made me think about my journey through life thus far. It made me ask a lot of questions...such as: Do I know who I really am? Are my "friendships" really true and honest? Am I dwelling in past events too long? Has the past influenced my emotions? Am I letting people take advantage of me and making me forget who I am? Am I blaming other people for my wrongdoings when I am too desperate to complete a certain task? There are a lot more questions out there. In the end, looking at the MLP Movie from an older perspective can really help you evaluate yourself from all points and make you think about what has been successful, and what you need to work on, so you can become the best you can.
  3. We all have to learn a thing or two in this life but some of the most valuable yet often painful lessons come from learning them the hard way. Two recent lessons come to mind for me. I have been practicing driving for a while so I can get my license, I have been taking lessons but have also been practicing with my aunts boyfriend (we will call him Ray both because it is easier and that is his actual name) who knows a lot about cars. The car I have been practicing in is a 1994 Lexus LS400 which while it has been put through its paces is still in relatively good condition and will be my car once I get my license. Ray gets a back injury leaving the car out of use for 2 straight months, I try to start the car after all that time only to find out that the battery is dead. It gets jumped but is not left running long enough to keep a good charge so it has to be jumped again. After this second jump Ray was recovered enough from his back injury for me to practice with him again which we did. I also took his advice and had the car run for at least a half hour 2-3 times a week which I did but the battery died AGAIN. I skip one day, just one after I let the car run for 3 days in a row for at least a half hour and it still died. I bought a jumper box in case but it turned out to the wrong one, luckily Ray came with me and I returned the wrong one and got the right one. A few days later I used the box to successfully jump it and ever since then have started the car every single day for a half hour without skipped a day EVER no matter what. I learned the hard way to never ever EVER let an older car sit without being started for prolonged periods of time. I also recently learned at work a few days ago that you can't buy hot food with an EBT card (food stamps). A customer asked me if he could buy fried chicken on food stamps and since I witnessed customers buy as well as rung up several customers myself for every junk food you can think of with their efforts to pay with food stamps going through with no problems aside from the cards often getting de magnetized from frequent use/wear and tear. Since I had no reason to assume otherwise I said "yes" and he comes through my line a few minutes later with a Family Meal Deal, tries to run his EBT card to pay for it and it dosen't go through, it not going through scared the shit out of me because I thought something was wrong with the computer. It took my manager coming over and explaining it to me to make me realize that I was completely wrong meaning that with no other means to pay the food had to be taken back to the Service Deli.
  4. For me I would say that huracane Flutershy was the first one were I felt like I was almost looking into a mirror. I cry every time I see it because it hits hard to home and fluteshy lessons in general are the ones that I still need to work on to get where I want to be. The other one would be the one with zepher. It's the one I think I urgently needed to be reminded of and I want to be confident enough to finish my studies just like him at the end of the episode. Which episodes sounded more with you?
  5. What is/was your favorite thing to take away from the show? Examples: Was it one of the stated lessons like there's more than one way to study? Was it an Aesop not directly stated in the episode like while Fairy Tales shouldn't be done so literally, you can still learn something from them. Was it something that relates to you like Zephyr Breezes' fear of failure is to me? And many other examples. It can be anything as long as you got something that was personally worth your while.
  6. We all know that MLP started out as a show to learn about friendship and other things but has it succeeded? Has anyone in the fanbase learned anything? It doesn't have to be one of the lessons. It could have been something about the characters or about yourself! I personally have learned some things from the show. I learned that characters like the mane 6 can still be written well. I learned that being yourself is more important then what others think of you. I learned that not everyone has given up on children's media. I learned that sitting down and feeling miserable without trying to get better is not good for anyone. I learned about how my depression worked and how I should beat it! I'm sure I learned a bit more but I can edit that in later. So, what about you all?
  7. Hello everyone, I would like to know which lessons of Season 7 are your favorites (and your least favorites if you want to vent). Maybe you give more credit to the importance of the lesson, or how you could relate to it, or the way it was delivered through FiM's characters and storytelling, or a mix of them. I would also like to know your criteria for choosing your favorite lessons. My personal favorites, because of their importance in the healthcare of mind and body are (in no particular order): Discordant Harmony: Being friends doesn't mean acting or liking the same things as one another, and differences between friends can help each other appreciate new things. It Isn't the Mane Thing About You: One doesn't shine from the outside in, one shines from the inside out. We all have routines or features that boost our confidence, but they're not essential for us to be confident. A Health of Information: If you don't take care of yourself you won't be able to take care of anybody else, or to do whichever critical activity you would need to do.
  8. What i mean is: What is a lesson from the show which you can connect to that you know should be listening to but continue with your short comings? For example. I have said this multiple times but i don't follow with "Stare Master" The lesson with that episode is "Don't bite more than you can chew." But even still i overwork myself and setting deadlines for a lot of things but BECAUSE i'm doing so many things it's hard to follow those deadlines.
  9. We've seen Flutters cover a lot of issues involving her timidity, shyness, and self confidence. But so many episodes (Putting your hoof down, Best Night Ever, Power Ponies, Keep valm and Flutter on) show that she DOES have anger issues that lie under her cute and shy personality, and they have yet to be addressed. She hasn't had any lessons on how to control her anger when it rises to the surface, and that, as in the past, has shown to be a serious problem because she lets it get the best of her. So should these issues be tackled like her shyness? Personally, I think Luna could be the best pony to help her with this, since she has fallen victim to her own anger a few times.
  10. I was just wondering... MLP is suppose to teach lessons on friendship. But are their any leadership lessons which they teach. One which I could think of was Amending Fences. Twilight could not be held responsible for what happened to Moondancer and yet she took responsibility, apologized and tried to make it up. This is something which only good leaders will do. Anymore you can think of?
  11. (Please note: the following points raised are from my perspective and not official in any way. Feel free to add your own and discuss.) From the title, it may seems odd as they are ones who needed to learn the lessons to get their cutie marks. What I am going to discuss is about the kind of lessons that we can expect from the show when they do eventually get their marks. The writers seems to be finding the best way to push the CMC toward their marks and it seems like that they are getting closer. However, there is a mix feeling about them getting their cutie mark and not getting it. I support what the writers are doing right now with the CMC as it would still keep them in the show despite eventually getting their marks. They tackled these issues lightly with "Bloom and Gloom" but I feel that they are either setting up something here or they are doing it early so that they can keep avoiding going into the eventually end. The issues arising from the cutie marks and what would happen to them was a good setup for conflict. I feel that the writers did a fantastic job of framing the problem through the CMC's individual worries about the future, they also made a subtle link to how we sometimes worry about the uncertainty of the future. In a typical format of a story, this is what I would call a build up to a climax. The climax would be the unavoidable conflict between the CMC when their friendship is tested due to their talents. They became friends under the same umbrella of being blank flanks. I mean, look at Twist. It would be interesting to see this as an episode in the show to see, given the tension that the build up is going for. Next, I am thinking about who would get their marks. Thanks to "Show Stoppers", we all know what they are good at already so there is a loss of the unexpected and guessing fodder. "Bloom and Gloom" gets more right but I am not going in that. Twilight has been doing well in guiding the CMC in the right direction: Apple Bloom is getting to learn more of what I would interpret as the subtly behind alchemy and getting her to calm down and be patient so that she may soon see the way to her mark, Sweetie Belle is learning magic for unicorns and this is what I would call the discipline and confidence that she needs to eventually get her own mark, Scootaloo is learning basic mechanics and this is what I would say is the most obvious of the CMC and what Twilight was going for was that she would soon see her love for her scooter and lead her to her marks. From pure speculation, I think Scootaloo might be the first CMC to get her mark. She had one key episode in "Flight to the Finish" and her mark seems to be the most obvious comparative to her other two friends. According to the brony analysis community, they raised a point that I like to add: Scootaloo's main issue is that she has to face limitation both physical and emotional. Limitation can also spark adaptability to play with their limitation and overcome what seems like a hurdle. So who do you think might get their marks first or do you think it is possible for all 3 to get their marks at the same time? Do you think we will see this develop eventually or will the writers try and avoid this for as long as they can?
  12. While people are seething on Spike being a "static" character and having to relearn lessons he's been through already, I personally, find it ironic that no one seems to notice that Twilight repeats the lessons she's learned, but also, has taught to others. The importance of asking for help? Anyone? Does no one remember her teaching it to Apple Jack, back in "Applebuck season"? And then learning to rely on her friends to help her, in "The Crystal Empire", "magic Duel", "Twilight's Kingdom", AND "Rainbow Rocks"? All these times she's tried to do things on her own, but eventually needed to turn to her friends to help her out. And we see NONE of this in "Princess Spike"; Twilight's past lessons of asking for help completely dismissed, when she runs herself ragged, staying up for three days straight. And no one blames Twilight for it, apparently; in spite of her being a Princess, who should be more responsible than that by now; in spite of her having Celestia, Luna, and Cadance right there, to ask for help, if she needed it, which she clearly did; in spite of calling on the rest of the mane 6 to assist, even). But nope, nope, nope, it's Spike who;s in the wrong and gets torn apart, and the one who has to re-learn previous lessons. Certainly not Twilight, because main character, and look, she's a PRINCESS! That MUST mean she's responsible. Ok, I see how it is. =_= Character stagnation in Twilight? Should she be more mature than she is, now that she's a flippin Alicorn princess? Should Spike coup de'tat?
  13. This is a topic I thought I would pick because life is full of lessons for we are always learning as we travel this road. I have learned lots mostly from my children of all places it seems that children can teach us all, if we only listen. I used to think I knew it all, but I was wrong I was a mysogynistic typical male, now I am a feminist, and fight for womens rights. I have also learned not to judge others, and to give everypony a chance. So I can say I've done a full 360.
  14. Deus Ex Machina has been present in MLP since the beginning with examples dating back to G1 and while G4 has used it as of season 3 I have noticed an increasingly annoying overuse of deus ex machina. For those of you unfamiliar deus ex machina is a situation that seems insurmountable and nearly impossible gets a highly unbelievable/improbable solution out of nowhere. The elements of harmony and other things similar are while good examples of this were somewhat more forgivable with the show not having a heavy action focus. But in season 3 and to an even greater extent season 4 this has become so blatantly obvious as to be quite irritating. In the Crystal Empire two parter Twilight conveniently managed to master dark magic seemingly overnight which while we know she is a quick study and the element of magic this seemed rather convenient. And of course there is the princess of all deux ex machina's where Twilight became a "princess" in a rushed season 3 finale that had almost nothing to do with the season itself with only some vague hints like her "destiny" for example that could be interpreted as anything tying it together. The cutie mark switching idea and trying to master a spell even Starswirl The Bearded couldn't both had great potential but were executed unbelievable poorly. The situation was solved by fixing the problem which is understandable but the solution was because Twilight understood "friendship" and Starswirl The Bearded didn't making the lesson of the episode if you "understand friendship" and a teachers pet that you can ascend to the pony equivalent of godhood. In Rainbow Falls the fact that Rainbow Dash is a gifted flier has indeed been established but the fact that she is some pegasi Obi Wan Kenobi by being the only hope for Ponyvilles team to make it and so good that even the Wonderbolts want to use deception to steal her is completely ridiculous. Bulk Biceps or Macho Pony was a cadet at the Wonderbolt Academy and all of a sudden he can't fly? And it has been established on multiple occasions that Fluttershy is not one for crowds or public performances and yet she is on Ponyvilles team? The episode treats it like Rainbow Dash is the only pegasus in Ponyville that can even fly properly which again is ridiculous and inconsistent. We know Rainbow Dash is fast and has a lot of potential to make it into the Wonderbolts but while Rainbow Dash is fast so is Soarin and Soarin also has years of experience to back it up as well yet this episode treats Soarin as if he were completely incompetent. At the end of Twilight Time we saw the CMC all of a sudden master tasks Twilight tried to teach them that they had trouble with, tasks which they admit they haven't been practicing at lately. And in the latest episode
  15. Hello there, Friendship is Magic taught me to be myself and not care what other people think about me and how many friends I have. Since I became a Brony and not cared I have gained a lot of friends and became well known for my comedy (I don't care about "popularity"). So I was wondering if the show taught you guys any lessons that you may or may not still use? /)
  16. This is just kinda a random topic that came to mind, and I just felt like putting out there because I wanted to see what kind of things people would say about it... wait a minute isn't that the reason for like every topic? Maybe I am tired lol. *Ahem* but enough of Zygen getting sidetracked. So as the title suggests this is about teaching yourself to sing, I've been trying to teach myself to sing for a bit, not maybe as much productive practice as I probably should many times, but I want to learn to sing, and while I don't think I could do lessons due to the fact my parents wouldn't pay for it mostlikely, and I am not super comfortable with singing around a professional singer in the first place anyways, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. And try and see how much i could teach myself. I'd like to also say that I play Trumpet for my highschool band, i've been playing that about 5-6 years, so I atleast have some form of musical experience. If it also means anything I recently started trying to teach myself guitar, and that's been going on i'd say around a few weeks. probably a month now. I can't say I've successfully taught myself any instrument on my own though, much less singing, but I've tried to. I've kinda just did some research on the whole thing and tried to find some tips and see how many I'd actually remember and be able to apply. Obviously not all of it may be 100% correct, or I may still be doing certain things incorrectly, but I tried to combine my judgement and the knowledge from my research on the internet to see how much I could learn. And as far as results go I think i've improved, i'm still honestly in my eyes only like half decent at best maybe, But atleast I think i am half decent where as before I'd consider myself pretty bleh. So I've made progress, the question is will I become good? Who knows. I guess that's part of why I made this thread, to see if anyone else has tried to teach themselves to sing, or has done so and maybe succeeded, or if some people have taken lessons, or some people just feel lessons are the only real way to learn to sing, or whatever your thoughts are. Maybe you just want to say that you'd like to learn, or something, although I feel like most people I know would like to be able to sing to some extent. I can say I certainly enjoy singing, of course a lot of times I'm just singing for fun and not really to sound good, requires a lot more focus to sing well ;p. Plus I don't like to sing full out while the rest of my family is home, because I don't want them to think I'm annoying or anything, or just weird idk, or bad or something, not that the rest of my family really has any singing talent themselves(Well my stepdad has some I think, but still.) Anyways enough of me rambling, (You can find plenty of that elsewhere.) Post away on the topic at hand, and have a good day!( Or night depending on what time it is when you read this and where you are and all that ;p.) Edit: I decided to test out my range and if I did everything right my range is something like B2-C5. I'm not entirely sure how super accurate it is, but i'd say it's pretty close, give or take a note I guess. That's without Falsetto.
  17. howdy yall, i have been wondering if any of you guys would like to learn to DJ. i am in the uk but i am going to do it online. i use all kinds of music and i am willing to help many people. i am going to be doing group DJ lessons and one on one lessons over skype if anyone is interested please PM me. i am only going to do this if someone here wants to do it. i am a digital DJ and if anyone is thinking of getting their own kit then i am willing to help you out by letting you know what kit you need and good brands to use. and if any of you are living in london as of september i am also willing to do real lessons in person as that is where i will be living. all of my lessons are going to be completely free if you join in via this site. and i can even teach you how to DJ like a brony. any questions? just PM me. peace out ~L.S~
  18. A little over a year ago, I fell in love with a girl (name's Jaimie :3). It's not anything too special right? Every guy's gone through that stage at least once. Heck, they probably went through it multiple times. At first, it was an infatuation. She's a real Fluttershy. Literally. Loves anything to do with the environment, is shy and awkward around strangers, and has beautifully long hair. Like, it's silky! And she looks cute! And chubby! And I was just RELISHING all the possibilities of being with this girl who I only knew because I tutored her in chemistry. Only one conversation, and I was already feeling something tingly. Tingly feelings are wonderful, mysterious things. You feel warm when you see a girl (or guy) you're attracted to. You want to be with them because they're so... well... perfect. Like, they're beautiful for hugging, kissing, and the like! They share some similarities with you, and they seem to like your company. And all that you seem to learn over just one conversation. That's what happened to me when I found Jaimie at a staircase, sitting alone. I approached her, and I chatted with her. It was a wonderful conversation where we got to know some things, but it was awkward now that I look back. She barely knew me, and out of nowhere, her former tutor pops up and wants to talk to her as if he loved her! We had so many moments of silence, and it was like Jaimie was thinking, "Paul. Go away please. I need to work!" Sure she said I comforted her, but it was still REALLY awkward. Then silly me decided to tell her my feelings over a Valentine's Day Card because of that one conversation. Worse yet, I wrote a cheesy poem! This was Jaimie after she got my card! first, then , and finally . When I told her my feelings to her the first time last year, her face just screamed, "Paul... are you nuts? I think you're wacko." It was a good thing she still wanted to be friends, given the fact she's so nervous and awkward around guys! Over the next month, all I could do was wonder what exactly went wrong. She smiled at me. She waved at me now and then. She was shy around me and it seemed like she didn't mind me. Why didn't she like me that way? I thought they were indicators that a girl liked me! Yeah she thought I was a really nice guy, but I was only a friend. Even THAT was questionable though! Then came my friend Pamela, a close friend of Jaimie. What she told me would come back to haunt my mind for the next year... "Paul... You're truly the only guy Jaimie feels comfort with. Build a friendship slowly while not expecting a relationship. You can still hope for one [under God's will], but don't think that you'll have the right to it." That phrase confused me for the next year. And it led me to a whole lot of crap. No it wasn't the phrase itself that was bad. It was my misinterpretation that led to the crap. You see, when Pam said that, I thought, "Hey, if I became friends with Jaimie, then I would definitely get my relationship! Problem solved! :yay:" And so I did that. Be her friend and approach her as much as I can and get to know her more! That I did, and I even gave her a comfort card so she could get through her exams and gave her free tickets to our concerts! She got more comforted in me over the rest of that semester and we learned a lot more about each other! But where was the relationship? That I wondered over the summer... As the fall came and gone, Jaimie and I had so many cute moments... and she was getting so comforted around me too! She jumped on me like Pinkie Pie to support me for my performance of a really difficult piece! She approached me for conversation several times, and we even had a lunch date! Surely she'd ask me for a relationship now?! But the expectation was what hurt me most. At all the times we couldn't chat, I felt miserable. I thought nobody cared about me and that I would be all on my own at my last year at my university. Jaimie was so busy with her friends... I thought she had forgotten me... neglected me... I thought I'd get love! All hope was seemingly lost because not even a shy girl like Jaimie wanted to love me... I lashed out at everyone a lot more than I should have, and I was easily provoked to anger. At my worst, I started smashing things. I started to close myself from everyone, and I closed myself from God. I kept asking God about my love for Jaimie. "WHY DON'T I HAVE LOVE YET?! " I screamed from my mind with anger at my Lord! I may not have said it, but I blasphemed with my heart... "NOBODY LOVES ME!! NOT EVEN GOD!! DAMN EVERYTHING!" It wasn't until February that my friend Jess noticed my fears and told me to see a counselor. I was hurt inside, and I thought nobody cared about me, especially that rascal Jaimie. I did so much for her, and yet we haven't gotten anywhere in our friendship... I thought I'd get a relationship! But all that time... I forgot that last phrase... "Don't expect a relationship, but continue to have hope and faith, building your friendships slowly out of God's love..." Lots of people, from forum members like Mightymags, to my friends Emily, Jess, and Pam, and even my counselor and parents, told me all that... and I forgot it. You see, love is something that God gives to everyone. It's not something we ever had the right to, for we all have fallen short of God's glory and deserve to DIE as punishment for our sins. But lo and behold, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ came down to this world, bear the brunt of the world's sins on the cross, and pegged it into His blood. From the past, present, AND future, He placed it there. And you know what? We didn't deserve it. Christ came down there with compassion. He healed the sick, opened the blind men's eyes to see, and most of all, cleansed our sins away... It's that love that I had to truly give to Jaimie. I had to pursue her as my friend, not expecting her to fully appreciate my efforts. I had to be compassionate and abundant in my love while realizing its boundaries and knowing when something was too far. I was giving cards, tickets, and my energy for her, expecting something in return. But true love doesn't expect anything in return. It gives freely from God's grace. It gives it to all, even if you know that you won't get anything back. From all my friends, family, and counselor, I learned so much about God's love for me. About how God never forsook me in the first place. And finally, how God wants me to love everyone, especially Jaimie, the way God loved me. Even if it will hurt. Even if I won't get anything in return. Over the next two months after I gave Jaimie my "last-ditch Valentine Card", she became very giddy... and happy around me. I started to remember what God wanted me to do to love her. I began to talk to her considering what God did for me, and things changed so much... I knew she was comforted around me before, but now... it's like I've seen a completely different Jaimie. She seemed so much happier, freer, and more... loving to me! I was stunned at her reactions to me coming to her! She giggled at me a lot more, she was a lot more active, and most of all, she wasn't awkward around me at all! She was even thinking more about me, being concerned about missing my senior recital and considering all my successes and failures I went through with med and grad school! She remembered all that, something I never expected... All that... it accumulated into 2 big hugs from Jaimie after I had completed my senior recital... :o I thought she HATED physical touch! But these hugs... where did it come from?! She WANTED to hug me! We hugged as if we were... in love... I've never felt a more loving hug, and what was so beautiful about it was that I never expected it! We... we even have a picture of us happily sitting beside each other as my friend Enya took a picture of us... God works in funny ways doesn't He? Throughout the whole year, I was expecting a hug and a picture of us together someday! And you know what? When I least expected it... after I remembered about unconditional love... He gives them both to me! God... you are HILARIOUS YOU KNOW THAT?! Now, I am preparing to tell Jaimie about my feelings for her. How much they have grown over the past year and what I learned from her. I learned God's unconditional love for me from her, and she's blessed me so much, despite my unrelenting fury that stemmed from last semester... I'm not expecting her to love me back. I just don't want our friendship to die... Even if it DID die, which would hurt me a lot, I learned so much about God's love for me from her... I'll never forget it... That's why I wrote this blog post. So that if I did forget it, that I would come back here and read all about God's love for me... And it's also for everyone... We didn't deserve love. God gave it to us through Christ and the Holy Spirit. I'll never forget you Jaimie... God taught me so much in my friendship with you... I may have my fears linger about every now and then, but God's love... wipes all my fears aside. I love you Jaimie. Really. I do.
  19. i've seen people complaining about how Babs and Rarity weren't punished in One Bad Apple and Sweet and Elite respectively. The problem with this is that the purpose of a punishment is to teach someone a lesson, when they already have, it becomes very redundant.
  20. So I was at work today, and I finally got a decent train of thought going. That is usually hard for me to do, even if I dial in my zone. There are days it just needs to be the right stuff going on. Got the right pants on, boots cleaned and tied nicely, my sweat guard camo on, my best hits from my gaming music file.. and maybe sometimes a little Michale Jackson makes the magic who knows. I got into my zone and started rapid firing through my work. Working at a Pet Store may seem ideal to some to avoid heavy work, but that's not true for this work horse. So I'm chuggin along and pluggin away filling holes and spots with product when it hits me "I'd love to make a internet series of just games I love that some people may or may not be able to play/beat!" I turn my music up one more notch, I find my chi, and I am on fire at this point just going with the flowing. It also came to light that "Maybe sometime soon I will get noticed for working so hard lately" and it was becoming apparent to my managers I do work hard. Granted yes I can be quiet the goofball, but I do get my job done and make sure my area is looking like prestige just hit it. Then I look around, and this one person trying to get noticed to move up is just barking every chance they get. I want to say something, but I know if I do it'll backfire and I'll get in trouble. So I just keep on going, until they get at me for something silly. I blow it off, well at least I tried to until they kept finding more reasons to be up in my stuff. I got no problem with people working up the totem poll, but a bit of tact and respect is required before you even go there. So at the end of the day I told my MiC (Manager in Charge) what was cooking, and she told me she'd handle it. It's just upsetting to know that in my old jobs me+sweat+hard work= up the ladder. Nowadays it feels like arse kissing+sweet looks+ nice body= up the ladder. Don't wanna be a spoiler but in reality the worker beats the looker in the long run. So I am thinking to myself as I laid down for a nap "If only I could dedicate myself harder with support I can do many things. I just need the switch hit to make magic. I need to hit that switch more often." Then I realized; you can wake up everyday and shake off your sleep and do life, OR you can wake up and shout out loud to the world "I am the best in the world at what I do because I am the best. No one can put me down, no one can shut me up, and I need to prove that what I do makes me the best at it." It's that simple! I wish I saw it five years ago! I am going to try from today forward to always proclaim to myself and those who question me "I am the best at what I do, and ain't a person who can touch me on my level. I am the best, and I will prove it day in and day out" Life Lesson learned: Living life to the full by being the best you can be and proving it. Thought of the day: People can put you down and rub you around the wrong way, but it only makes you better when you take it and put it back at them by being better and smarter than they were.
  21. What quotes from the show do you feel that you can relate to, specifically about school and careers? For example, this sums up my debate class at college: [url=" Foaming cider and everything.... As another example, here is one of the things I learned at boot camp: this line is from "wonderbolt academy": "So you want a chance to prove yourself, huh? Well here's your chance. 500 laps! [complaints] NOW!!!" The lesson, don't piss off your CO. A bunch of guys at the MCRD in San Diego learned that the hard way....
  22. Okay, so I've been a brony since October and it has really impacted my life in a big way. Before I discovered MLP:FIM I was a hardcore Pokemon fan, and I still am, but not very active anymore. Once I discovered MLP:FIM and watched a few episodes, it hit me. Every time, I saw the old MLP stuff, I'd cower away, grab the TV remote, or run out of the room I was in. Now, all of that has completely changed. People ask me why I even bother watching that show. They don't know how DEEP it is. They just look at it in a shallow level, because they rely on the previous generations of MLP as their evidence. But I tell them, put all of that aside, it's a new era, a new experience. The #1 thing that got me hooked on this show was the depth of each character and the depth of the lessons. For instance, Pinkie Pie is not just a hyper party animal. She's a loving, caring, giggly ball of fun, who despite her quirks, understands her friends. In "Griffon the Brush-off," despite her love for pranks, she also considers who she pranks. When Rainbow Dash says they're going to pull one on Fluttershy, she's shocked, for Rainbow Dash has forgotten that Fluttershy is very sensitive and one wrong move could send her into a huge crying fit. Switching to Rainbow Dash, we see her loyal personality, as shown in the pilot episode and her will to push herself to become the best she could be. Yet, she is very arrogant and promotes herself like she's the best, when she isn't. This is what some people do today. I even do it. Plus, the overall society of MLP:FIM works just like the real world. No one goes without a day of doing something, weather it's helping to build new buildings, clean up and do other chores around the town. It even goes as far as cleaning up winter to prepare for spring. The way each lesson is portrayed so deeply is why I like this show. Take "A Canterlot Wedding" for instance, which had quite a bit of complaints and hate before it even aired. When I watched it, I thought it was one of the best episodes ever, for the lesson portrayed in this episode was so well portrayed. Learning to trust one's instincts is a very important lesson we all need. Because of the presence of two Cadences, one good and one bad, Twilight rushed to fast and accused the wrong Cadence without getting the full intel, which led to her being abandoned by her friends, her brother and even Princess Celestia herself. Celestia doesn't even offer any words of wisdom. Instead she drills it straight into Twilight's head that she did have a lot to think about. (Just typing that phrase makes my heart creak). That's how much that episode affected me personally. I would never want my friends to abandon me like what happened to Twilight in that episode. It just goes to show how one's actions, and one's thoughts, could affect everything. What are your thoughts on this?
  23. Before posting. Please take the time (if you so chose too) to watch this video as it will help you to understand what it means to "Enrich lives". It links to a video from the series "Extra Credits" Some games are entertaining. Some have changed how we think about the world. What games have enriched your life? For me it was the first game I ever preordered, my very first Zelda game. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker came out in my early teens. I was still very much maturing as a person. I also have a younger sibling so the game really spoke to me as an older brother. The game taught me something very important about responsibility. Link in the game had saved his sister, but he battle was not over. Link was set to defeat the evil that started his adventure in the first place. For those who have the power to defeat evil, it is their duty to do so. The strong have the duty to protect the week because their nature of strength calls them too.
  24. Joining such an awesome fandom centered around a show that is, itself, centered around love and tolerance must have changed you in some way. I want to know how! Speaking for myself, the no. 1 thing I've taken away from becoming a brony is: Don't judge people for being "different" from you, or "weird". Different, taboo, whatever, is by no means -harmful- in any way. If someone is one way, if they aren't harming anyone, then there is absolutely nothing wrong there, whatsoever, so respect them just the same as you would anyone else!
  25. Ok, I'm still pretty new here but this definetly isn't the first forum I've been on by far People have been msging me asking for advice on drawing, and what not So I'd like to propose a thread dedicated to Learning to Draw (ponies, humans, portraits) If you have a question about drawing, want to learn to draw better, or just not sure on how to tackle a pose, than you can post it in here This thread will be used to teach you how to draw from the ground up, what to do, and not to do Why put this on here?...Well back when i first started drawing I freaking WISH someone did something like this to help me improve, and catch my mistakes Folks i didn't start drawing "decent" until i was out of Highschool! SO how is this going to work out? SIMPLE, either you can post a piece here, and ask how to make it better OR you can ask a question on how something should be tackled Example, lets say "Randy" wants to make himself his own OC Pony, but doesn't want to cheat and use the pony creator, but to actually draw his Pony from Scratch Well Randy is gonna have to use steps, similar to these Step 1: male or female /Pegasus, Earth Pony, Unicorn, Alicorn Step 2: find a pose Step 3: Hair style, Eyes Step 4: color choices Or maybe our friend Randy wants to learn to draw anime but he wants to improve on his hair style/ faces/ or maybe over all body anatomy That's the point in making this thread So if you guys want to learn to draw better, than i can try and help you out just post your drawings here, and we can help on improvements if any are needed, or if you want your piece to look better