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Found 6 results

  1. I no longer like to identify as any part of the political spectrum, mostly because I believe that identity politics is utterly toxic tribalism that prevents us from talking honestly about issues, but also because I'm finding it increasingly difficult to see anywhere on the spectrum that's a comfortable fit. My views haven't changed much in the last decade, but the political sides sure have. For my whole life, I have considered myself left/liberal, and I still have what I would describe as "classically liberal" views. For my whole life, I have also been under a grave misapprehension, which is why I wanted to write this post. I want to speak directly to all conservatives/anyone who considers themselves right of center. For most of my life, I have been under the impression that conservatives are, for the most part, all backwards, bigoted, racist, sexist, gay-hating religious maniacs, and that this is more or less the definition of conservatism. This is obviously false. It's only in the last year or so that I started to look, listen, escape my echo chamber, and realize my mistake. I've read and listened to the opinions of many conservatives whom I was pleasantly surprised to find are very open-minded, rational, compassionate people. Some even share many of my views, and it surprised me when they said they identify as conservative. It made me stop and say, "Wait a minute....but those views you have sound like classically liberal views!" Most conservatives are just normal, nice, decent people who don't want to stomp on other's rights. Likewise, most liberals can be described exactly the same way. I have always considered myself a liberal, but I am absolutely not one of these trigger-warning, free speech stifling, offensive word banning, college speaker de-platforming, SJW snowflakes. Don't make the mistake of thinking that that's how all liberals are. Both sides seem to see only the worst of the other. In one corner the liberals say, "Yer all a bunch of bigots," and in the other corner, the conservatives say, "Yer all a bunch of delusional nutjobs." Neither is true. These extremes are just fringe minorities that are not representative of most people. I believe that the percentage of leftists that are extreme, free speech stifling SJWs is about the same percentage of rightists that are truly racist, sexist, hateful bigots. Please remember that these are just tiny, yet disproportionately noisy, minorities. Conservatives are not all my enemies, and liberals are not all your enemies. If we drop the labels and listen to each other, we might find allies in unexpected places. Of course, I feel like I'm probably preaching to the choir in here, as I've always been extremely impressed with the maturity and decency of this community (at least what I've seen of it.) My words probably aren't needed in here. They're needed out there. Like....y'know....on the Twitters or the Youtubes....but I don't feel like being chased down the street by a mod with torches and I hide in here. :/ It's better than nothing. Better than not speaking up at all, I guess. Thanks for reading. Have a ponirific day.
  2. I am young and do not know many things. I do not how to fix political problems, but this I know: we must stop claiming that our political opponents want to destroy our country. Since the election (and probably for my entire life if I had been paying attention), I have read and heard countless times things such as, "liberal progressives will do anything to destroy our country," and "republicans will stop at nothing to destroy our country." It is the same on both sides. The fact is that neither side actually wants to destroy the country. Endlessly I hear claims that Obama actually wanted, desired to destroy America. This was his intention. His mission. I hear the same of Trump. Endlessly. This is pure insanity. Neither of them want to destroy America. Liberals/democrats don't want to destroy America. Conservatives/republicans don't want to destroy America. This insanity needs to end now. Each side has differing views on what's best for the country, but neither side intends on destroying it. The only people who intend on destroying the country are actual terrorists and jihadists, and perhaps a few anarchists and nihilists on the fringes. But I continue to hear endless claims from each side that the other side is actually hell-bent on the destruction of the country by any and all means. It is mind-boggling how ridiculous and unproductive such claims are. I am very liberal, but I have no loyalty to any political party. I am very anti-Trump, but I don't believe for a second that he actually intends on destroying America. I believe that his way of going about things is wrong, and I believe he's a narcissist and a pathological liar with a tenuous grasp on reality, but not for one second do I think he hates America and wants to destroy it. If we are to solve any problems, we need to talk, and before we can talk, we need to stop this insanity and admit that we all want what is best for the country. We just disagree about what that is.
  3. Since I saw another user do this, I figure I'll do it as well. Abortion: I am 100% pro choice. Mainly because I'm my life philosophy, and scientifically, at least in my opinion, a fertilized egg cell isn't a person. Not to mention I support the right to choose in general. Death Penalty: I'm not against it, but I'm not for it, either. Although I do consider it cruel and unusual punishment for crimes that aren't murder, I can sympathize with people who support in cases of murder, because if some bastard murdered my wife, I'd make them pay. Economy: I'm less familiar with economics than I am with social issues, but I support Democratic Socialism. (I know, I'm a friggin' communist. ) Freedom of Speech: I fully support it, as most people should. People should be allowed to make certain speeches even if it upsets people. And if those upset people try to use violence against people who are expressing their freedom of speech, put them in jail. (I'm talking to you, anti-flag burners.) Guns: I love guns. A lot. Though I am very supportive of gun control. (There's a difference between gun control and gun bans.) I think there should be some form of background check, because I think it's a REALLY bad idea to just let any butt-wipe with money have a gun. Gay marriage: I 100% support gay rights. Immigration: I might get a lot of flak for this, but I think that we should allow Mexicans who cross the border illegally to stay in America, because I'm sure they wouldn't do it illegally unless they had a good reason. Mexico is a dangerous place, and when the pressure's on, the luxury of choice tends to disappear. As for banning Muslims, I am highly against that. Even though I despise Islam, I think it's unfair to condemn an entire group of people just because there are some radicals and extremists. I will admit that if you look at opinion polls about the Muslim world, there are a concerning number of Muslims who are a BIT more comfortable with violence than they should be. But that doesn't mean that they themselves are terrorists, and there are millions of Muslims who COMPLETELY condemn terrorism and violence. Religious Liberty: I fully support religious liberty, even though I'm very anti-religion. But if you start imposing your religious beliefs on other people, I'm gonna have a problem with you. (That's not religious liberty, by the way.) Transgenderism: I think that people who get sex-change surgery deserve rights just as much as anyone else. I personally don't believe in that "unlimited genders" Tumblr nonsense. But if other people do, who cares? They aren't hurting anyone! I might edit this in the future to include some other political beliefs I have but forgot about. Let me know what you think in the comments below.
  4. Source: (I really hate Fox News, but Kucinich is pretty trustworthy if you ask me... He's a lot like Bernie honestly) In a nutshell, Kucinich believes that some intelligence officials have been trying to sabotage US-Russia relationships since the last months Obama admin to start up another Cold War to get intelligence on the Russian military (I assume that's what he means by "cash in"). He uses these events to support his belief: A. A recently leaked call from the head of the NSA. Assume it's about maintaining bad relations with Russia. B. The peace deal in Syria. The agreement was violated by a bomb that killed over 100 Syrian soldiers. C. Flynn lied to the FBI about Russia sanctions discussion (plausibly because he knows something's up...) This could be catastrophic, if correct. I believe it is, and it sounds utterly terrifying. Another buildup of weapon technologies that could end up in World War III and the end of modern America. When I say could, I mean LIKELY. Though it has other implications as well. It would hurt the economy (by increasing military spending and make welfare possibly become a thing of the past while living in the bubble that's about to pop, likely through nuclear annihilation, the nuclear annihilation part is the most concerning, for obvious reasons. I think with this in mind, the nuclear clock right now should be at 1 minute 'till midnight, instead of 2 1/2 minutes. I certainly hope some of the best of society can prepare for plausible nuclear bombing. Or at least some of society... I may sound like a crazed lunatic when I say that, but think about it. You know what happened last time. We almost got bombed. Literally we were about to get bombed in September of 1983 because of a glitch in a satellite, but it didn't happen only because of a now retired lieutenant colonel named Stanislav Petrov trusted his instincts and didn't press the button. Otherwise, America today would already be a nuclear wasteland, though probably not quite like it seems that it could be in the near future, sometime during Trump's presidency. I hope not, but I think it could easily happen due to this. Stories like this are WHY I'm concerned. I'm concerned that we may be at the beginning of the end for America. I feel like it should be understandable what my concern is now that there are multiple threats to our safety, between our president and his cabinet and rouges in intelligence agencies. Though I'm also concerned, in a lesser amount, about economics and our political atmosphere being as un-American as can be in America. This bombshell makes me much more concerned, that we may have the beginnings of the end here in these covert attempts to bring us to war with the Russians, which we don't want. I don't want war at all if possible, let alone with the Russians. They could end us, as they almost did 33 years ago.
  5. ...Whom I bet you don't know about because the corrupt Democrats that are falling to corporate fascism don't like progressives, as we've seen. They ride on their coattails and then trash-talk them until there's no tomorrow because endorsing their beliefs would harm Wall Street... Oh poor Wall Street... How many wall street bankers have you seen in homeless shelters? Pretty sure the answer is zero. On Main Street? It's at least in the hundreds of thousands. Anyways. This man is a German immigrant that spent his childhood in Lancaster, Ohio. He is a veteran of the US Air Force. The average citizen other than the fact he's running to be the chair of the DNC. This helps my image of him, as he isn't like Hillary Clinton or Cory Booker (Barack Obama 2.0), who weren't humble to start with even. Just average Mc-Liberals (also known as Neo-Con Lite) who wouldn't know the people's interests if they heard the people yelling them in their ears to the point that they would go deaf. Or at least they've acted like it. If they know what REAL PEOPLE are interested in, it'd make me like them even less than I do... So yes, by appearance alone, he seems a man that is representative of the people. His platform is progressive, and all about the middle class. He's for Single Payer healthcare (as over half of the US is according to surveys conducted by Gallup), Regulating Wall Street (including POLITICAL powers that they have), Ending tax dodging, and opposing any (real, Hillary...) bigotry. As well, he's all for making the minimum wage actually tolerable (If you didn't know, it's $7.25 an hour. I must say, that's pretty freaking meager if you expect to be able to afford even a small apartment with the fact most have price tags around the range of $700 or so a month WITHOUT utilities...) which I can absolutely stand behind. Oh and he will STAUNCHLY OPPOSE TRUMP, instead of LETTING HIM DO WHATEVER HE WANTS, even voting FOR his nominees... Though he did at one time support a flat tax rate, but he's said too many times to count that he isn't for that anymore. We all develop politically over time, after all. Fun fact: I supported Mitt Romney in 2012 semi-vocally because I used to be conservative until I realized that conservatism is absolutely backwards soon after I said that. He also takes NO CORPORATE DONATIONS (if he did, I'd slam him as a hypocrite... What he'd be...). He only takes money from the people, the ones who SHOULD have the right to vote and decide elections. No donations by Goldman-Sachs (Steve Mnuchin would absolutely hate the platform anyways...). No funded speeches to assure Wall Street crooks that they're still above the law. Not today. As I said, he fights for the people. So, what do I think overall? Time will tell if he's an Elizabeth Warren (a little iffy, not really fighting too much. Though part of that is that she got censored by ) or a Bernie Sanders (An old man who's tired of the trashiness of our country and absolutely rips on Neo-Cons and Fake Liberals when he gets the chance). Though he seems the latter, I can't be sure yet. I don't know of him as well as I do those two, so...
  6. I know that The Political Compass is not a perfect test, as I believe that complex political questions cannot be boiled down to a simple multiple choice test, but I do believe that this test can sometimes give a generic snapshot of where one stands when it comes to politics. Let us keep things civil, everpony. Here are my results: