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Found 6 results

  1. Equalists will be oblilerated! Who shall win the fearful battle? A giant robot with a million health, capable of shooting destructive lasers at will and smash anything in his way, or an Equalist who can use her professional magic to do alot of destruction and tricks? Battle!
  2. The world isn't what I used to hear it as until I found this and I believe the time for change must return. This has also been a problem since the beginning what say you?
  3. Some old art I had lying around. I forgot about it and need to edit it when I have the time. =T /Edited Now we have line art! Just need to get to coloring and shading. :3 /Edited Here's the finished product. Hope you like it. :3
  4. COVERING MY DONKEY: THIS POST DOES NOT CONTAIN IMAGERY, BUT CONTAINS SOME DISCUSSION OF SO-CALLED MATURE (SEX, INTOXICANTS) SUBJECT MATTER. SO THE SHELTER THE CHILD TYPES DON'T SPAM ME, I WOULD PREFER IF ANYONE UNDER 16 OR SO WOULD KINDLY PRESS THE BACK BUTTON ON THEIR BROWSER. IF YOU CARE ABOUT HIDING FROM THAT SORT OF THING, NO ONE IN THE DIGITAL AGE CAN STOP YOU IF YOU'RE GOING TO READ IT ANYWAY, THOUGH, AND THIS DISCLAIMER IS A BIT HYPOCRITICAL OF ME AS I, AFTERALL, HAD QUITE THE EROTIC COLLECTION BY AGE 12. FOR LEGAL PURPOSES-EVERYTHING IN THIS POST AND ON THIS ACCOUNT PERTAINS TO A FICTIONAL CHARACTER. I ALWAYS FOLLOW THE LAW AND NEVER LIE. Greetings my little (and large) philohippic Comrades, Despite what one might initially assume due to the irreverently jocular nature of this account name, I am not a troll. Nor am I a sociologist who believes there has to be some esoteric reason for the cross-generational popularity of a fairly good cartoon. I am simply a collector of knowledge in his mid-twenties. I'm posting this here since this the nature of this post transcends the professed purposes of any one subforum on this site. The purpose is merely an exchange of knowledge and opinion. MLP and its fervent fandom has lead me to some interesting thoughts since I discovered it. This will be a long, dense post, so eternal thanks to those that put in the time to read it and have an open enough mind not to label and dismiss me outright due to the overwhelming prejudice in modern times against recreational drug users. Please read the whole post before replying, and, if interested, speak your mind. You don't have to worry about offending me, I don't get offended- I take action and mere words on the internet are never worth what I refer to as action. I've seen and heard everything anyway, metaphorically speaking, of course. Let's start with some background about the type of person I am so I'm not really the type to join social movements, or have blind loyalty to a state just by accident of birth locale, (I've always been rebellious and a bit of a trickster- my younger self could have really related to Discord...), so I wouldn't exactly call myself a "brony". Just look at how many of you similar in age and male (usually... there are always the Rainbow Dashs and GI Jane types) are in the military. Don't take this the wrong way as I know the US' disastrous history of senseless wars in the period following WWII up until the present is not the fault of you 23 year old grunts with cutie marks on your Abrams' barrel, but the fault of our corrupt government, but I'm the type of person who if drafted for a war I didn't personally believe in would end up shooting the first drill sergeant that insulted me and stealing an attack helicopter to get away- governments are governments, always driven by greed and lust for power rather than love, none of them are worth dying for in my opinion. Plus sociopaths, the world's most convincing liars, always rise in such organizations because power excites and titillates them and a sociopath good at acting and who understands the masses will always beat someone honest. There are exceptions, but they're few and the few decent politicians usually get assassinated. Read some history if you don't know what I'm talking about. And not your high school textbook approved by the Texas Board of Education that talks about dinosaur Jesus Reagan defeating, single handily, the black and white, good and evil, "commies". Even wikipedia is more reliable than most of the crap they'll spoon feed you and make you regurgitate mindlessly in public K through 12. But digression aside, I have a fondness for the show and how it presents ethical argument. I've come to enjoy the morals and empathetic outlook of MLP in a way similar to why I believe some people enjoy being involved in a religion. I've always stood against the traditional religions, however, because I want my here and now to be good, not wait for an afterlife for which there exists no firm evidence. And I am an unrepentant hedonist (a lover of pleasure for those without a dictionary as their cutie mark)- I love feeling what I want to feel, when I want to feel it, so pyschoactive drugs in other words (besides alcohol and tobacco, the two socially accepted ones have the worst effects and health effects IMHO) and I like my love with lust, not without it like traditional Christians, Muslims, and Jews seem to, at least publicly even if they're doing Space Imperator Ron Paul knows what clandestinely, in the bathroom of an international airport. And I've never liked dogma or things that stand in the way of peaceful science without a REALLY goddamn good reason why (such as torturous large scale experiments on higher animals and humans) and not because someone thinks a tree representing curiosity, knowledge, and innovation has evil apples. My advice- never jump into a decision that could affect you health or future BUT once you find out all there is to know, as far as you can with the time available to you, never let anyone decide for you though listening to advice is useful as long as you are 100% sure you understand the advice-giver's intention toward you, biases, and level of skill or knowledge of that which pertains to that particular fork in the road you travel. I've eaten many forbidden fruits- good things have happened, bad things too, but I never jumped into anything (pyschopharmacology, psychology, history, and literature are my personal areas of expertise) and I grew much wiser and gained perspectives that no one can ever even guess at if they themselves always choose safety over freedom. "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." "What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!" That is not to say one should be reckless, but safety over enjoying your life in whatever way that means to you, whether driving somewhere that has the possibility for a crash, sky diving when there's a small, small chance your parachute will fail or, hell, you fall into a storm cloud that does unto thee what Zeus be doin' unto a Persian. Or maybe you take a little cocaine or mdma to make a concert on your birthday awesome (espressos and energy drinks and large amounts of caffeine in general, are way harder on your cardiovascular system than mdma, mephedrone, or even cocaine used sanely- the drug addicts you see on tv, by the by, are a VERY small proportion of the population that sometimes enjoys euphoric chemicals and an alcoholic is just as screwed, health-wise if not by our joke of a "justice" system, as any junkie or crackhead or what have you (alcohol in its pure form does the most bodily damage out of most drugs, legal and illegal, you've ever heard of- unclean needles and impure things like heroin- which is not fundamentally different in method of action or rate of physical dependence formation from the painkillers you get after surgery), but, yes, the drama llamas you see on COPS are using these things very stupidly. But one cannot save someone from themselves and humans have ALWAYS loved intoxicants- agriculture instead of hunting and gathering arose mostly due to grain for beer and indigenous religions always seem to have some sort of shaman or medicine man who's a big advocate of whatever the local psychoactive plants and fungi in the area his or her particular people live in are- and is a personal choice really a valid reason to put someone in a cage and quite literally torture them? Is that helping them? Yes, things that endanger others, such as driving under the influence SHOULD be illegal- but adults, in my opinion, have an inalienable right to use whatever in their own home so long as its not hurting others, such as neighbors, the environment, or their children (I personally do not plan to procreate to avoid passing on my congenital depression). SO HOW DO ALL THESE DIGRESSIONS OF THIS RELATE TO MLP AND ITS (TEENAGE AND ADULT) FANDOM? It started with a computer game. I sometimes play a computer game (at least when the electric elves plaster the "updates" on their houses in a manner that does not direly raise the ire of the impetous Windows gorgon and hotheaded demon Video Card kept locked within their keeps by the heroic vigilance of the knights Norton No-nonsense and McAfee McKickass). This videotainment is called Team Fortress 2; the objective of the game is throw bottles of piss (if you're the Sniper, I'm not kidding ) at your opponents who are part of the opposing paramilitary gang of lunatics, Red or Blu (I assume this is meant to represent the Crips and the Bloods... but most of the watersports and weapons fetishists are caucasian including the pyromaniac and obese Russian sandwich assasin/bullet hoarder! In this game you can select an image file on your computer to use as your "spray" (an allusion to the artistic and/or vandalistic, depending on perspective, practice popular with the more territorial of urban adolescents), push a chosen key while your jesu- I mean crosshair is pointed at a wall or the ground and a reproduction of the image appears within the virtual environment. Now forgive me if my following language offends you (I've never understood being offended by mere noise, intent is all that matters, words are just tools; for example the German word "doch" is an intensifying particle of a nuance we didn't exactly have in English, thus the intensifying of the adjective in, "By the beaks of Odin's ravens, she's so fucking beautiful, and in an aesthetic and ethical sense as well as an 'I want to fuck you' sense. Fuck! I see Herman over there trying to woo her, gotta run Charlie". Linguistic virsatility, fuck yeah, knowledge!) I am what I am, not really what television networks would deem a person with a "family-friendly" ("family" seems to be code in the US for "accepting of a prudish paradigm and paying mindless homage to authority"). So for a few YEARS, I had been seeing my little pony sprays in the game which really what-the-fucked me. I didn't care in a "this gender and/or erotic orientation can't like or do that" way, but just in a "this is highly abnormal, this has to be a joke, corporatist media, especially that for children is usually awful". So I thought it was all a big joke and that, much like Mystery Science Theater 3000, the attraction of these fellows to this odd franchise of genitalless talking anime horses had was due to the thrill of being seen to transgress norms by pretending to enjoy something that's "so bad, it's good". One night I was in an odd mood having inhaled many a bowl of fade leaf vapors and more than a dab of an esoteric psychedelic called 4-Aco-DMT, similar to the infamous fungus, and with a boquet rich in the scent of Ayahuasca and synthenesia. So I downloaded (or "pirated" if you're the intangible capitalist sort) the series to try figure things out as usually these ironically "liking" something fads the young blood on the electronic frontier are prone to exhibiting do not focus on any one thing too long. Much to my surprise (besides the theme song...) I genuinely loved it. You need something colorful to watch on psychedelics (and empathogens with any risidual visual effect), but it was the characters that made it for me. I recognize bits of almost all the "good" characters in my better self and the villians in my old self. My new self being the one my girlfriend of five years and thing like raves enhanced with cathinones or mdma someone had made somehow somewhat altruistic, something I would have considered anthema to my wretched existence before drugs. My old old self, due to various neurosis was set on killing himself, but I found meaning in life, felt warmth and happiness when I tried a non-lethal via respiratory depression amount of a substance useful for the least painful manner of self-termination. And so I made a decision that wasn't death, that decision was to explore the full potential of my mind via psychoactives. In full honesty (we're talking fucking applejack shit here nigga) this was the BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE, the intention to intoxicate, the will to go wild, the supplication of your soul to the GODS OF CHEMISTRY AND BIOLOGY, that's right! Euphoria for YOU, YOU, AND YOU OVER THERE! Even for EWE! But seriously, don't give drugs to sheep- one gets addicted, they ALL get addicted. Fucking conformists. Even if anything your DARE type programs claimed was true (which it really, really isn't and, even when it is, usually only for rats taking 1000X the amount I would take of a given substance for their weight) when one has nothing to lose, one figures anything many obviously see as the One True Center of their existence must have some sort of pleasure associated. I did not have a heart attack, become covered in scabies, become subject to an extraterrestrial neurological parasite, become Rob Ford Mayor-at-Large, yet who is somehow on crack's "boy toy", grow venomous invisible claws (as they claimed in DARE) that secrete a caustic poison that turns Russians allergic to alcohol, thus putting our world in the crosshair's of global nuclear fire, or even exchange a simple bout of purely financial fellatio in return for a "fix". I do not even have Mind Herpes! But something even worse happened- I somehow grew a conscience! ME?! The Lord of Lies also known as the DJ "Bee Zizzle to tha'Bub". DO NOT FOLLOW MY LEAD IF YOU DO NOT HAVE SUPERB SELF CONTROL, BTW. The intoxicants I liked at first (my old self) were the mu opioid receptor agonists and dopamine type drugs. This is because they (while you're on them, of course, every drug has some sort of downside and moderation is needed if you want a decent future) make you feel good, but in a selfish way. A don't give a damn what anyone says way for opiates and a euphoric selfish energy I have termed "fight or fuck" mode for cocaine. Even so, I was still actually a hell of a lot nicer than my depressed sober self. You need a baseline level of happiness before you care about anyone other than yourself, afterall. I believe this is where the folk wisdom that you must love yourself before you can love anyone else comes from. I was able to exude confidence, which got me my first girlfriend- technically my first friend since as a child, the lack of feel good chemicals made it impossible for me to get any joy from social interaction (the only thing social I enjoyed was violent revenge if someone tried to bully me for my 'loner' status, anger does actually feel better than the void). Now my favorite neuroenhancements are psychedelics. Psychedelics are, simply put, a sort of emotional magnifying glass, so while opium or cocaine will give pleasure no matter whats going on in your head, emotionally speaking, when you take it, things like LSD and mushrooms can be very uncomfortable as they can force you to face things you do not want to face. But I decided to give a rather forgiving one (and technically legal if you claim not to use it as a drug, which, naturally I DO NOT, NOR DO I EVER DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL. HEIL GROSSER BRUDER!) another go and I decided to focus, this "trip", on something "upbeat" rather than the demons in my head. That's when I first saw MLP FIM. And I have to say... I think most of these horses would get along with me, they seem rather druggish themselves! All of Lauren Faust's stuff seems a bit... too "creative" for sobriety. Gee, those Powerpuff Girls sure have big pupils... and laser eyes. And what gives someone laser eyes? Ecstasy! Chemical X! And don't get me started on the goddamn horses... wait, I'll start anyway, let's see. Firstly, Rainbow Dash is obviously a huge cocaine and/or methamphetamine user. I have mountains of proof for this, here's a quote from Rainblow Dash, "I need to get these clouds spun and then CLEAN THE WHOLE SKY", a meth user "I need to get spun and then CLEAN MY WHOLE HOUSE!", Rainblow Dash (after receiving a wing fracture) "Three DAYS?!", a coke fiend "My dealer is out of town for a WHOLE WEEKEND?!". Complete lack of inhibition, impetuous, obsessed with exercise, competition, and "flying high", an ego inflated like a fat man with a giant family on Thanksgiving, and a love for controversial symbols like the Schutzstaffel BLITZEN BOLT?! Just admit to Comrade Stalin, you gave stimulants to a toy horse and made a cartoon about it. You can tell me Lauren, would I be so goulish as to send you to the Gulag? Would a man twirling a handsome black moustache like this deceive you? And really.... "Rainblow Dash, more like Rainblow CRASH!"? You've got to be kidding me! And CRYSTAL ponies?! Was Somber/Sombra a meth dealer? Is the unicorn king HEISENBERG?? Pinkie Pie... do I even have to say it? LSD. LSD. LSD. St. Anthony's Fire! And she can be seen keeping up with the winged she-Ford, as well as never gain weight from countless pastries. So, obviously, she smokes some crack, and some pot as well, explaining the speed and appetite, respectively. Rarity, as the socialite, obviously has connections as she's able to find crystal wherever she goes. She's Spike's dealer. Twilight is obviously the chemist of the bunch. Probably makes MDMA and hands pills out in little packets at raves with messages about "friendship" on them. Nightmare Moon was a narc! While a strenous life of hard country livin' and hard work drove Applejack to heroin, as well as her eponymous elixer, she drudged on. Though gradually becoming its slave, the sweet nectar of the poppy eases the agony of her labor-broken back. The haze of sedation and the drunkeness from her flask of jack clouds her senses. And seduces her whims... sometimes she just blurts what she's thinking out, she's so out of it, but, mostly, she just doesn't care anymore what anyone thinks, so why go to the effort to lie? Hasn't she done enough work already? This is a poverty wage, not a living one! If she doesn't get a loan soon Charles-Schwab will foreclose on the family farm! And Applebloom's specialness, in desperation, will turn to the stripping profession. Now you know why the South has so many problems- honesty! The NSA listens and DEA agents lurk, never is it wise, to dip your whick of truth, into the social murk. Never a true word, do the truly wise ever write! A/S/L? 13/f/cali here XoXoXoxXo OMG! BFF! Nicht wahr meine Freundin? Yeah, I'm sorry Applejack, but I prefer the BLUE PILL! Adderall! Scootaloo is an outlaw biker chick on speed by creed. Gilda took too many steroids. Celestia had a prescription for Xanax and everything was fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnneeeee, until she toooooooook it before flyinnnnggggg! The Token Black Guy, wait, I mean the Zeebra used an exotic African dissociative psychedelic alkaloid found in the Iboga root habitually and ritually. This has resulted in her rythm-based speech impediment, because as all Good Christians know zeebras are not ponies, because they were stained with the black sin of the Rebellion in Heaven of the Fallen Pegasii in a past life and thus a zeebra's brain is more suceptible to the dangers that Mr. Hearst has maintained are certain to inhabit the intoxicants and vices of Negro and Asiatic choice, please, start helping keep zeebras away from white women due to the irrestible, bestial tendencies of the minority mind beset by drugs! You can take the zeebra out of the Savannah, but you can't take the Savannah out of the zeebra! I jest, of course, and dislike neither Zeebras or the non-pale and round-eyed. I myself wouldn't mind a hefy load of melanin- I hate wearing sunscreen while running, makes my skin itch. I'd dye my hair green too because that would look awesome with dark skin. Rave and sixties counterculture has a lot in common with this show you all like. A LOT. Look up P.L.U.R. Just like the rave horses gradually learn how not to be a total dick, ecstasy taught me that there was actually something called love that wasn't just lust. 4-aco-DMT puts you in a childlike, receptive state and something about it has given me much more perspective and empathy. Even, sometimes, lasting into sobriety. Cocaine has allowed me to give the finger to fear and pursue what I, not the powers that be, believe in. The balance of different drugs and states of consciousness in one's live's are a bit like you try to show how different personalities in your show can all add positive aspects to the prevailing dynamic of the group relationship. The other thing that made me reconsider my position on the value of friendship was an obituary of Scottish author Ian Banks that led me to wikipedia, which led me to a series of novels regarding an extraterrestrial, interstellar, advanced, post-scarcity, socialist yet with full individual freedom, moneyless, civilization of organic beings and machines guided by creations called Minds that had starships and sattelites and ring worlds and such for bodies and, due to thinking on hyperadvanced AI subtrates in the 4-D realm, could outhink a biological billions of times over in one nanosecond. They also had drug glands. DRUG GLANDS. And were capable, both genders and even people that became plants, of unlimited, sequential orgasms. Oh, yeah and the novels had a lot of good stuff to posit about ethics, I SUPPOSE, and how to guide the more unenlightened into more harmonious and automatically intoxicated relationships, as the Qia Chinese Emperors of 1300 BCE would say. But, like I said, the old socialist that penned those books is dead! And I haven't yet found a drug that lets me talk to the dead AND remember what they said long enough to notate it. So I can't very well ask that bloke for advice, can I old chap? I've honestly never had a friendship I didn't start because I was horny- yeah it's a bit gross, but it's the truth. Maybe I'll try the platonic thing one of these days. Of course it would be easy to make friends in such worlds, but real humans leave much to be desired. I always thought, since the way the rave horses behaved, was most unusual for humans (ones not on empathogens)... or really primates in general- not a very well-behaved group of animals. But psychedelics taught me the value of believing things that are not true just to get certain reactions from your body and subconscious that are beneficial for other reasons. And thus, disdaining most of the world's most popular mythologies like Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism that spurn my lovely hedonism, some of the media I've absorbed (I can't exactly become emotionally engaged with something I make up myself, there is a different joy of creation to that, but it is not act of relationship voyeurism as many videotainments stand), principally said novel series and this obviously drug-inspired horse cartoon, and combined it all into a series of beliefs that I treat, rather than nuts that take shit like mythology as scientific fact, it like "software" and "compatibility" upgrades letting me be well-behaved... most of the time... towards members of a species I don't exactly favor, my 7 cats speaking to that fact, due to humans' apparent inherent disposition to be total dicks to one another at most times, but which represent the only sentients currently available for me to interact with (I don't speak dolphin). But if aliens do ever show up, sorry, but I'm out of here. Even if I have to install a brain slug. Anyway in the books there were a herbivore evolved race of sentients called Pavuleans or something similar, which were nicer on average than humanoids. I used to think morality was completely subjective, but while much of it is entirely cultural (ie what age you are "allowed" to do this or that, what is "perverted", ect) there are some objective elements, I think. I think the core of it is altruism and an intent to make things better, to build rather than destroy, that forms whatever objectivity "good" can be said to have. In extremely "nerdy" terms, I think I've gone from chaotic neutral in alignment to chaotic good. Psychedelics do not teach you about the outside world, they teach you about yourself. They are not useful for physicists, engineers, and the like- but for knowing yourself, what your emotions really are, they are invaluable. Plus if you learn about something sober, examining it while in another state can spur creativity and revelations. MLP is a bit like the morality tales tribal peoples would tell around their campfires to teach one another what it meant to embody whatever that group's ideal was... I'm more a jaguar, a fairly solitary predator, than a horse, but for any worthwhile future to exist we will need all you centaurs to be your collaborative and ethical selves even harder. So comrade socially-conscious narcotic pharmacopia rave horses show wind-movers, how does one create compatriots when all the meeting halls and sacred groves have become disgusting with commercialism and cold modernity? When other males in the society commonly reject necessarry components of connection such as emotional honesty and platonic touching? And when his lover speaks of eviscerating any "other" women out of the vicissitudes of jealousy (my mate is bipolar and thus cannot enjoy the chemical perspectives I can, she is at least partially convinced that I've melted my brain one too many times and thus watch children's shows)? And when others who enjoy magic are often jealous of this wizard's trove of spell scrolls... I could find bats and give them out so that the blind might drive by way of organic sonar and make friends with the blind. But, we CANNOT DO THAT, this is NOT BAT COUNTRY! Oh, yes and the appearance of having "multiple" personalities does tend to dissuade potential comrades, for some reason. Or is it the way I burst intensely out into the environment, pupils dilated, with blood red eyes, blood pouring from my nose and sometimes eyes, and come bounding up like a bat out of hell, pristine in my style with my love of historical Hugo Boss uniforms and a submachine gun at my waist? Or is it the way I glower, how the only happy face I can make looks like the Joker on crack? Could it be? Or is it that I ask everyone to join the narcofreedom revolution against the wicked US world police? Is it that I say those who enforce unjust laws, much like the Nazis condemned at Nuremberg as complicit in war crime by us, deserve whatever violence they receive and how I hoot and holler with word of the death of a narcotics officer on the wrong side of a booby-trapped cannabis grow? Is it the five o-clock shadow? The unswaying gaze? The way I gradually go up on my feet, lean down over whoever I'm talking to, gradually speaking louder, and LOUDER ABOUT HOW THE AUTHORITARIANS ARE RUINING OUR LIVES? Could any of that be the problem? Or perhaps, if I just take enough different kinds of drug at once, my fantasies might just become real enough that I won't need anymore than one friendly sentient from this broken world on the perpetual precipice of disaster and atrocity. I know this though, I am a Culture citizen and I am joining Special Circumstances, the segment of Contact which deals with influencing the evolutions of repressive, primitive, barbaric, and unequal civilizations of all manner of being! Seriously though, if you like to read and like the ethos of MLP give Banks Culture series a try. Start with Consider Phlebas. If any of you have an intellectual interest in both the good and the bad, as well as the real non-DEA-funded studies behind our collective knowledge of psychoactives consider reading Erowid is purely an educational site, it will not tell you how to find anything. For the kids that read this post despite my initial warning- your brains are growing and a lot of things that adults can do without permanent harm can cause you big problems. The brain keeps developing until age 22 or so, but even if you one day want to experience other states of consciousness wait until your teenage recklessness is gone, whatever age that ends up being for you. Know yourself fully before attempting to change yourself. Love is still the best drug anyway... and, if it's real, it doesn't cost a penny Post anything that comes to mind if you'd like to reply. And may each of you help this wayward species finally see some sense. The email I used for this account is a throwaway, btw. If you want to talk, post in the thread. Can't trust anyone blindly when half the population is intent of persecuting me for the very things that made me *not* a danger to society. I was a sociopath... and I blamed my lack of happiness and companionship on the rest of the world- instead of the rage and fear that boiled constantly inside of me- before becoming a "shaman"- I enjoyed hurting anyone that gave me an excuse. I now only believe in violence to protect a life when there are no other options. I consider the things DEA agents and certain cops to equivalent to torture and murder, so I do admittedly have a group I hate with furious passion. That is cops and politicians willing to enforce or make unjust laws. But even they have nothing to fear besides my subversive anti-state speech unless they try to cage me or hurt my family. I can't exactly do much on my own anyway (now if I had ten thousand or so of you as revolutionaries...), in the physical sense. AGAIN, FOR THE PORKIES- THIS ENTIRE THING IS A WORK OF FICTION AND NOT AN ADMISSION OF ANYTHING ILLEGAL OR INTENT TO COMMIT ANY OFFENSE THE IDIOTS YOU SERVE HAVE DREAMED UP. AND IF I HAD SOMETHING ILLEGAL, WHICH I DON'T, I CERTAINLY WOULDN'T KEEP IT ANYWHERE ASSOCIATED WITH MY LEGAL IDENTITY. I WILL NOT TELL ANY OF YOU HERE HOW TO BUY DRUGS, AND, AGAIN, NOT THAT I CONDONE THEM, BUT IN THE DIGITAL AGE IF YOU CANNOT FIGURE IT OUT ON YOUR OWN YOU'RE THE TYPE THAT'S LIKELY GOING TO HURT THEMSELVES MORE WITH THE THINGS THAN RECEIVE BENEFITS. LET'S JUST SAY I'M MERELY RESEARCHING DRUGS FOR A NOVEL. A CRIME NOVEL. WITH A COP AS A HERO, EEEYUP! (my apologies Applejack) BE LIKE TWILIGHT AND ALWAYS DO YOUR RESEARCH, DRUGS OR NOT! DON'T LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP LIKE RAINBOW DASH, SURE, THAT THING YOU'RE PUNCHING MIGHT TURN OUT TO BE A PILLOW, BUT IT MIGHT ALSO TURN OUT TO BE A HUGE SPIKEY DRAGON.
  5. So, are there any of you bronies who know of and or are members of the international group "Students for Liberty", otherwise known as SFL? What are they? They are mainly students from mostly colleges and High schools working to spread the ideas of Liberty and/or Libertarianism to others of their age group. They have a website here were you can learn all about them: The reason I bring this up know is because of their recent international conference in washington D.C. Many Libertarian speakers were there, and about 1400 attendees. There was even an episode of Stossel which will likely be re-airing based in the conference, allowing students come up and ask questions of the speakers. They even had a Republican and Democrat each come in to defend their views and be questioned by the students attending. And all in all this was very fun to watch. So, do you know of this group and/or conference? And what are your thoughts?
  6. Written for the one-year anniversary of MLP Forums! Life, Liberty, and the beauty of Love and Tolerance Before I begin this 800 word essay or post (an indirect challenge I took on from the Happy B-Day forum!), you may recognize the title taken from the Declaration of Independence. Of course, the last words were changed from “the pursuit of happiness” to “the beauty of Love and tolerance”. I am sure we have all had our Constitution and Declaration of Independence lectures, both in high school and college. Even if you are outside of the United States, chances are you have heard and read about America’s founding morals and values. However, it was always interesting to people: the fact that the founding fathers worded happiness as something you pursue. So, can happiness ever truly be obtained? Well, that’s what we are going to go into, and it all relates to love and tolerance, with the My Little Pony community as an example. The pursuit of happiness is sometimes confused with the American Dream. The traditional American Dream in short, is to work hard, obtain wealth by working hard, and pass this tradition onto the next generation. However, there are a lot more factors that play into this concept. But the basic idea is the fact that our society has gotten so caught up with big business, obtaining wealth and materialistic possessions…that we may have truly forgotten the things in our lives that make us truly happy. To explain this better, I will tell a short fictional story/hypothetical: -Congratulations! You’ve “made it” by the American Dream standards. You have wealth, you have power, and you can virtually afford many items with a 1 to 5 million dollar salary a year (before taxes). But wait! Now you are a part of the largest tax bracket in existence, sometimes paying more than half of your income on taxes. This upsets you, but you continue to build your own business and Entrepreneur Empire in the hopes of obtaining happiness. You love what you do and you give a lot to charity, but you are still unhappy. You feel like you’ve missed it, and you are not quite sure why. You have money, you have power, you have respect…what else is there? Well, there is love and tolerance. And finally by some miracle overcoming your busy schedule, you find your soul mate! You get married later in life, and have a few kids. However, you are so busy with work it’s hard to spend time with family. One day, you find yourself stopped at a stoplight in a $90,000 SUV and your family is arguing about cell phones, not being able to do what they want, and you are upset. You then notice the car in front of you: A beat up old station wagon that probably wouldn’t be able to sell for more than $800; and there is a full family in the car, windows down, laughing and having a great time after a fishing trip. Then it FINALLY hits you! You realize after chasing your dreams for so long, everything you needed was right in front of you. Now, instead of giving to charity because it “looks good”, you give freely and visit those children in need along with your family. Your family begins to learn what it truly means to be happy: money is nice, but if you let it rule you, it will consume you. Love and happiness is about random acts of kindness that go unnoticed. Happiness is about sharing, caring, and being joyful no matter what the circumstances. Because no matter what you’ve been through in life, and no matter what disability you may face, the only true disability in this life is a bad attitude. Also, with great power comes great responsibility. Lastly, with faith, hope, and love…you can finally find true happiness, no matter what your background, income, or upbringing. You can control your own destiny! And that is one of the messages I believe this show has to offer- So if we bring that story into the My Little Pony community, WHO KNEW! I mean, who knew a television show designed for little girls could bring together a community of boys, girls, men, and women of all ages? Well, that is what has happened and is happening! And we have the entire community, and places like MLPForums to thank for that! Now mind you, the internet is anything but a true human experience. But it’s a great start to real life meet ups, getting to know others, and just plain learning how to not follow the norm or the crowd! Now my quick background: I am not extremely active on the site, but I have gotten to know some amazing people here, and even though it’s online, I can tell by the quality of a lot of posts…that a lot of folks here care about being genuine, and care about helping the world. So to that I say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MLP FORUMS! Let the true pursuit of happiness start with love and tolerance. Although we may always pursue happiness, always remember: if we approach something with a humble heart and a genuine spirit, “with ordinary talents and extraordinary perseverance, ALL things are attainable!” –Sir Thomas Buxton -STEEL MATT (Matthew)