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Found 7 results

  1. Hi! For this topic/game, you have to make a list of three things about your MLP oc, except one of those things is a lie. For example: 1)My Oc is a pegasus 2)My oc is called Izel 3)My Oc is allergic to oranges And every pony else has to guess the lie! The first person to guess the lie goes next, and you can make the lie as obvious or non-obvious as you like. Please keep everything age appropriate I'll start: 1)My OC comes from another dimension 2)My OC lives in the Everfree forest 3)My OC has a broken wing
  2. Ok so I've noticed something. I did a search and didn't find a topic on it, so hopefully I'm not redundantly posting anything. After first learning of MLP and watching the first two episodes, the song jarred me a bit. "I used to wonder what friendship could be...." Uh, no, no you didn't. You blatantly ran away from the ponies you knew in Canterlot and you kept trying NOT to make friends when in Ponyville. You decided they were your friends when your lovely *spark* happened inside you, but you didn't WONDER about friendship. Based on that, I called Twilight a liar. I got over it, clearly, hahaha, but it still pokes me every time I hear the song. Anyone else? Thoughts? Other takes on it? Maybe I'm just interpreting it incorrectly or something.
  3. Based off the popular BBC gameshow Would I Lie to You, and the rules are somewhat similar. Basically, You state either a fact or a falsehood about yourself, and the next player along has to guess if it's a truth or a lie, then give their own fact or falsehood. The original poster may or may not elaborate as to whether or not it was true or not later. Example: Poster 1: I used to eat crayons. Poster 2: Lie. I have never eaten baked beans. Poster 1: (quotes his last post, plus poster 2's answer) Actually, that was true. Poster 3: (quoting Poster 2's fact) True. I like to dress tarantulas in suits. Poster 2: Yep, that one was true. (quotes Poster 3's fact) I'm gonna guess a lie. ...and so on. I'll start: When I was a child, I used to eat such things as pencil graphite, pencils, tar and gravel.
  4. Soo.. I've been wanting to draw this for soo long.. and yesterday I were bored.. so I sketched this : then today I finised coloring it. ... now back to doing nothing but.. nothing... *edit... changed the original text to "Chocolate Milk..." for obvios reasons also DAlink :
  5. Vaporeon

    Ask POnYDOS

    Hello and welcome to the Ask POnYDOS Thread. We hope your time in the "Ask a Pony" section has been a pleasant one and we are now ready to start the questions proper. Keep in mind however that even though asking questions is the primary goal of this thread serious injury's may occur. For your safety and the safety of other please refrain from -zzt graagdsfhdsf zzt- I'm back the questions will start in 3...2...1...
  6. This is going to be the hardest one yet. I'm working with a 720p screencap so a lot of guesswork going on. Body and mane outline. Finished! 1842 x 2000 | 774 x 840 | 358 x 388 Full size on DeviantArt (4604 x 5000)