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Found 16 results

  1. As the title says, I'm interested to know if you love/loved or hate/hated someone in your family and why? For me I would have to say that I hate my grandmother. She is crazy(Literally) and I know it isn't her fault but it still annoys me, A LOT. I hate hearing her voice now. (We all have a dark side I guess). (I hope this haven't been posted yet)
  2. Sorry for the awkward phrasing. Is there a character (or characters) that everyone seems to like, but you're either indifferent or against? For me it's Starlight Glimmer, but that's only because I'm not past Season 3 and haven't encountered her yet. She has a big following, but I'm not sure why just yet! For a long time it was also Fluttershy. When I was a teen I thought she was annoying (but I love her now).
  3. Seeing as there is a thread about foods you dislike that everyone else likes - lets make one about drinks. So as the title asks, what drinks do you dislike that everyone else likes? ______________ - Dr. Pepper I don't know how you Americans can like this stuff. Blegh. - Orange Fanta - Sunkist - Flavoured Water really popular in my school and I have no clue why - Aloe Vera also really popular in my school - Pepsi Max - Mountain Dew - White Wine I'll drink red wine anyday but white? NO. And that's it. From what I can think of. You guys?
  4. For example: Almost everyone loves to drive a car. Well, I hate driving. Why? Because I MUST pay atention to everything that is arround me and if I ignore it, I could hurt someone. There is always this a****ole crossing the street whenever he wants, there is always a driver that drives so baddly and if it is not a person is an animal crossing the street. Is way to stressful for me....
  5. I am just concerned, what was your favorite Movie from last year? Since it is 2017 now (Obviously). My favorite was Ghostbusters. But I honestly have a hard time choosing between that Movie and Moana....So I am just going to say those where my two favorite Movies from last year. If you don't have a favorite Movie, you can also feel free to say the Movie you hated the most from last year.
  6. I for one never really li- lived for the like/dislike system. It is a 50/50 split between liking or disliking it. Usually some of the videos I watch on YouTube are average, so I do not click on the like button. If I liked the video, I click the like button. Simple right? Youtubers just asking for a like at the end of a video is just annoying to me. I get that clicking on the like button would bring their video higher in the search results. However just liking every single video I come across loses my definition of what 'like' means. It just turns it into some involuntary action. Basically I will like the video if I like it. I still miss the 5 star rating system YouTube used to have.
  7. Who else likes this song i've been listening to it all day, and if anybody knows other songs like this one:) Remixed- Original- Children of the Night (remix).mp3
  8. So, what do you guys like and dislike about school? Here are my likes and dislikes.. Likes: I like pushing the buttons of teachers and the fact that I meet my friends at school. School is pretty much the only place where I can talk to kids my age. Dislikes: I dislike the fact that I have to get up so early, it's been suggested over and over that the school day should start later, especially for teens. School can also be stressing, you know, with schoolwork and people acting like idiots sometimes. If you're out of school (finished with 12th grade and or college), you could tell me what you liked or disliked.
  9. I find a few unconventional things attractive/not attractive. I find pale skin very beautiful, not being racist, but very pale skin I just happen to find beautiful. I also think longer noses are beautiful, and wish I had that rather than a childish button nose. One last and very uncommon thing is I like guys that are around my height. Really tall guys are scary to me.
  10. Look guys, I'm new here. I mean, I have been a fan of MLP since the start and even had a few of the 80's ponies laying around my room as a kid, but I have never been part of a fan group. Frankly, I don't really know what to do, but I guess ultimately I am looking for some friends. I used to be pretty good at starting up a conversation and making and maintaining relationships, but as I get older... I don't know. It just seems harder in the real world. So many people you never expected to be absent in your life find new loves, change, or simply move away. As I look around at my fading circle I have realized just how shabby I really am at reaching out to new people. It comes back to telling myself, look... I am NOT the only person who feels this way. Just look around. Hopefully I can gain some confidence here among what looks to be a wonderful collection of people. /) P.S. - BEHOLD GIMLI MY GLORIOUS CORG
  11. All right, we all know how most Spike episodes are generally not very loved in the fandom so what is your favorite of the bunch since it feels like everyone at least likes one Spike episode of the bunch. One of my favorites is Power Ponies. Just a perfect example of the writers having fun. Another is Equestria Games. Yes, I get that they didn't show the games. But I'm looking at the episode for what it is and not what it could've been which I feel most people have done. Also, I'm surprised it's not that liked. Spike is treated with so much respect and isn't that what a lot of people wanted? I wound't mind if that was pretty much the only criticism I've seen so far. So, discuss away!
  12. As a class assignment we were told to analyze the structure of this article: It's a very complex argument that basically defines the difference between liking and loving, and says that liking is for cowards because love requires an actual commitment, whereas we don't have to worry about, say, our phones because we just like them. It is definitely worth your time to read. I can answer almost any question you might have about it, because my Lang. teacher and I discussed this thing super in depth. Personally, I found only one flaw in his argument which is that not everybody who uses technology is obsessing over the ergonomic factors it provides. Some of us actually use e-mail for contacting people, and not just because it is a safe haven from the outside world in which all of our desires are suited perfectly. So what do you think about the article? Do you think that being likeable is a narcissistic position and that machines are attempting to replace real love with only "likes"?
  13. Fluttershy likes trains, seems legit.
  14. Bored, how could you say such a thing?!?!? I'm always eager to reveal more about myself to the good ponies of Equestria.......YEEEEEAH QUESTRIA'!!!!!!! Do you like pie, CAUSE I LIKE PIE, OH MY GOD, ONE TIME I ENTERED THIS PIE EATING CONTEST AND I WAS ALL LIKE..........
  15. I made a Facebook page for my OC, Cascade. I feel I may have created a monster. But now that she's there, she'll never leave.
  16. This morning, I implemented a shiny new favouriting system on, which lets you easily add tracks, albums, and playlists to your favourites with the click of a button. It works great, and I like how it turned out. But, right as I was about to begin working on a likes system to upvote good content, I realized that it would be practically the same thing as the favourite system, just with a different name. Both systems would serve to mark content that you have positive feelings toward (ie. content you like). Both systems "collect" content that you like in no particular order, unlike playlists. Aggregating the number of favourites or the number of likes on something for any reason is pretty much the same operation. So, either one would be suitable for use as a statistical system. The two would be functionally identical. The only difference that a "likes" system and a "favourites" system would have is the connotation implied by the words: "Favourite" has a stronger connotation than "like". To put it another way, saying that something is a "favourite" is another way of saying that you really "like" it. Favouriting something implies that you like it. Liking something DOES NOT necessarily imply that it's one of your favourites. To be honest, I don't think that we need separate "I like this" and "I really like this" systems. So, I'm leaning toward taking the favourites system I already built and renaming it to a likes system. Instead of favouriting something, you'd like it, and content you like will be displayed on your profile. Same thing, really; just different words used to describe it. I believe this would encourage people to make more use of the system, because of the weaker connotation associated with the word "like". "Favourite" is more likely to imply that it's part of a curated list, and that's what playlists exist for. What do you think?