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Found 14 results

  1. Before anybody ask, i will say it first. Yes, this is real and i have no idea why, because this is something that is just so out of this world that i am sure that the makers where on something, when they made this. Simba the king lion was a 1995 animated tv show made by the infamous Mondo TV studio, made by most of the same guys, that are responsible for the infamous animated titanic movies. You remember them right? Now, it's already bad enough that they already try to cash in on the lion king name, considering this came out when the lion king name was incredibly hot. But they also use other things from other disney movies, especially the Jungle Book. You see, this show dosen't play in the african savannah, it plays in the indian jungle and Simba is the one that gets raised by the wolfs. Confused? Thought so. I will go a bit more detail in this with some of the stuff that happens in the show. Its plot concerns Simba, whose father “The Lion King” (not Mufasa for some reason) is shot dead by hunters within the first minute, making Simba an orphan who must grow up to seize the throne and such. See, kids, these guys axed off the father straight away. No need to ease you into it with all that pesky “character development” and “build-up” crap! Now it gets interesting. The villain of the piece, who naturally longs to conquer the kingdom himself, is not Scar, not Zira, or any other Lion King antagonist. It’s Shere Khan, the tiger from The Jungle Book, who has been turned into one of the most tragically incompetent and non-menacing villains I ever did see and whose right-hand man is Tabaki the Hyena (eventhough he is a jackal in the actual book.) Simba’s allies, meanwhile, include such inventive creations as Baloo the bear, Bagheera the leopard (you read it right) a wolf family that raises him Mowgli-style, Kaa the python (put in mesme rize, at this point it dosen't matter), a Bambi clone named Buckshot, a puppy dog with a ball, two comic-relief mice who dress like sailors a bespectacled owl who looks like a mix between Winnie the Pooh‘s Owl and the Tootsie mascot, a raven with a top hat, magical fireflies, a terrifying talking tree, a goddamn dinosaur, and eventually a love interest for Simba to gawk at while she smiles, giggles and looks unnervingly human (you’re welcome Zootopia fans). Did I mention that Simba and Buckshot eventually gain the power to shoot lethal beams of light and that the mice receive enchanted medallions? That happens. Simba the King Lion is stiffly animated, the sound effects are minimal, some parts have been ignored completely during the English dubbing (several scenes will have the animals sing a “jungle anthem” but no words ever come out; it’s quite the fever dream), the editing can be loathsome, continuity is frequently disregarded, the drama is cheesy, the comedy irritating, and most of the characters are just there to be there, never changing or contributing much to the story. The ones that evolve the most are Simba and Buckshot, the former being too ruthless to be the likable noble hero he’s packaged as anyway. I’m pretty sure some of the others, like the puppy, don’t even age. Maybe there’s a magic explanation for that too in an episode I’ve yet to see? The show also loves to drag things out, giving us multiple chapters in which everything between jack and shit happens, even after Shere Khan’s anti-climactic and frankly merciless defeat (Simba totally obliterates his enemy and looks like a blood-thirsty maniac while he does it). They were so desperate, in fact, to make this a long series that we got an episode where Shere Khan’s never previously mentioned cousin was the bad guy and several episodes in a row where the heroes had to say farewell to each other because they needed to return to their respective homes after the war. They cry, and like most characters on this show, they cry a damn lot. I don't know what else to say. This show is a miracle. Not for how good it is, but for how out of this world it is. All of the episodes are on youtube on Mondos official youtube channel and don't you dare stealing their clips, because they will shut down your channel.
  2. I watched the MLP S6 finale one day. I got bored the next day and made something. Is this an epic coincidence or what?
  3. I always get the question by other big disney fans, who always ask me "what is the better motto for life: Bear Necessities or Hakuna Matata?" I think people go at it the wrong way, because here is what i always answer: "it depends on what economic system your are living under. With communism, all you need is the bare necessities, because that's what you are getting from the goverment. But Hakuna Matata, you will always run into alot of hardship under capitalism, because you might not make alot of money, so it's like whatever, no worries." So yeah, that is that. Just looking too much into the messages of movies from my childhood again.
  4. Made an MLP Themed Song Cover of "He Lives in you" as sung by Twilight Sparkle. Twilight's singing voice provided by: Leave your thoughts below in the Comments, thanks!
  5. Oh god, why? These vids i am about to show you, are 5 years old. I was going through a hardcore disney phase at that time and i liked to sing disney songs all the time. After awhile, i thought i could maybe do Fandubs of some of these movies. I did very Amateurish, with a cheap webcam microphone. Here they are: Me singing "Friends on the other side" from the princess and the frog. The movie that gave me this hardcore disney phase. Me singing "Hellfire" from Hunchback of Notre Dame. One of my favorite villain songs, not just Disney. Me dubbing Scar from the lion king, during the gorge scene with Simba. Well, give me your opinions on it, i guess... XD
  6. Hey guys Megachangeling here. Well this moths been a good month for me lots of stories both here and on FIMfiction. However I have 4 new ideas a and I need to choose just one so I'm gonna ask you which of fic ideas you prefer. Idea 1. A MLP/ Green Lantern crossover where Sombra and Tirek retern with an army of black lanterns and wreak havoc upon Equstria . So the guardians of the universe decide to send rigs from each lantern corp to Equstria and a new war of light begins there. If you guys like this option tell me who you thing shoukd be in each lantern corp. idea 2 during the events of the fox and the hound 2 Todd and Dixie are caught in a magical trap and find themselves allied with Discord during his chaotic reign. Idea 3 Discord , the cmc , Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are banished from Equstria during the beginning of the first lion king mkvie and end up there but are rejected by the pridelanders so they ally themselves with Scar and the hyenas Idea 4 Lightening Dust , Rainbow Dash and Trixie are exiled from Equstria after ther arrogance gets the better of them. All 3 are sent to different places and encounter Bloo , Eddy and Cartman along the way. All 6 team up with other MLP villains and jerks to seek revenge . If you like this idea tell which pony shoukd meet each non pony first.
  7. Bambi and his female friend Feline had just convinced Bambi's mother to let them go to the " pond " the only downside they had to bring Spike . " so where are we really going ?" " Feline whispered so Spike couldn't hear ." A junkyard " . Feline was about to yell out in excitement but Bambi shushed het . Spike couldn't hear them but he knew they were whispering . He sighed dreamily ." That's so cute young love " he laughed . The fawns however looked confused " um what ?" They asked . " well you two are going to betrothed ." He explained . " what's that mean ?" Bambi Asks ." Betrothed it means you're gonna be married ." Upon hearing this Bambi abd Feline stuck their tongues out in disgust ." Ew I can't marry her she's my best friend !" . Bambi growls " yeah it would be so weird !" Feline chimed in ." Yeah well to bad that's it works ." Spike laughs as he grins smugly . Bambi smirked " well when I'm prince that'll be the the first thing to go ." Spike laughed without humor " not as long as I'm around ." Bambi's smirk grew wider " well in that case you're fired and exiled ." Spike frowned " sorry but only the great prince can do that !" Feline chimed in again ." Well he's future prince " . Bambi nodded and hit Spike with his hoof " that's right so you gotta do what I tell ya ." ( cue I just wait to be king music and song ) After the long and somewhat disturbing music number . Spike is left unde a pile of forest animals asses . " Bambi , Feline where are you ? Ugh I hate my life ." That's the first parody guys sorry I didn't type the sing I was just being lazy .
  8. ( takes place directly after i just can't wait to be prince ) . Bambi and Feline laughed they had escaped from Spike ." We did it we lost the lizard !" That was great idea !" Feline laughed ." Well I made it up ." Bambi gloated ." With my help !" Feline corrected smirking ." Oh yeah?!" Bambi head butted her sending the the two them tumbling . They wrestled briefly until Feline pinned Bambi down with her hooves ." Ha pinned ya ." She chuckled ." Bambi growled annoyed then as Feline Turhed away Bambi tackled her again . They wrestled until they landed in a large ditch ." Pinned you agin ." Feline gloated . Bambi however was concentrating on the thick fog that lay before them . The fog Clare's and the two fawns went wide eyed when they saw a huge broken down bus . They used their hoooves to tear down some rusty metal and then saw it. Miles and miles of wasteland and trash were as far as the eye could see ." Woah " Bambi and Feline said in unison ." Wow it's really creepy .." Feline marveled . Bambi nodded " but isn't it great ?" Feline smirked " we coukd get in a lot of trouble ." " yeah I know ." They laughed and Turned back to the bus . " I wonder if it has any brains in there ." Feline asked curiously ." There's only one way to know c'mon lets go check it out ." They were about to go in when a familiar purple dragon showed up ." Hey !" He growled pushing the two fawns along ." The only checking out you're gonna be doing is checking the hell of here !" He yelled . " ha look rocks for brains is scared !" Bambi mocked the reptile ." That's mr rocks for brains to you fuzzy ! Right now we're in a lot of really real danger !" Spike fretted worriedly . Bambi scoffed " danger oh please I' live on the wild side I laugh in the face of danger . Ha ha !" He fake laughed in front of the bus . Suddenly he heard real laughter coming from the bus . He jumped back and saw 2 dogs and a fox enege from the bus ." Wel well well what do we have here Todd ?" The female dog asked the fox ." I don't know Dixie uh what do you think Scamp ?" Todd Turned the male dog who said something but it was buried under laughter and slobber ." Todd nodded " just what I was thinkin a trio of cute little trespassers !" Todd's face Turned into a snarl ." It was accident I assure you ! I simple small navigational problem !" He starts to crawl away but Dixie uses her paw to hold his tail down ." Wait wait I know you you're the great prince's little pet ." She smirks darkly . Spike looks at her offended." I'm the prince's helpful assistant!" Dixie glares at him annoyed she was corrected . ." And that would make you ..?" Todd questioned as he and Scamp circled the fawns . " future prince !" Bambi spat . Dixie laughed " do you have any idea what we do to princes who step out of their forests ?" Bambi glared at her disdainfully ." humph you can't do anything to ." . " technically they can we're on their teritory ." Spike explained ."'but Spike you told they were nothin but slobbering , stupid , butt sniffing poachers !" " icsnay on the buttsniffingay ." Spike hissed ." Hey who are you calling buttsniffingay?! " Todd who could apparently speak pig Latin snarled ." Oh look at the sun it's time to Go !" Spike exclaimed pushing his friends along in a hurry . But Dixie blocked their path " hold up we'd love for you to stick around for dinner ." Dixie smirked " yeah we coukd have whatever you little deers waht !" Todd cackled at his very very stupid deer joke ." Hold hold on i got one ! Make mine some fried fawn what ya think ?!" The two carnivores made many idiotic puns . Until Scamp piped up " uh guys guys !" He interrupted ." What Scamp ?!" Dixie growled in between laughs ." Hey did we order this meal to go ?" Todd asked ." No why ." Dixie asked expecting another joke ." Because there it goes !" Todd yelled and showed her Bambi , Feline and Spike who were running away . Spike was running until he was caught by Todd's paw . Farther up ahead Bambi and Feline stopped running ." Did we loose em ?" Feline asked tirely ." Yeah I think so but where's Spike ?" Bambi asked . Meanwhile " and then the littie stupid dragon hopped all the way to the dragon boiler !" Todd narrated leading Spike to a geyser ." Oh no not the dragon boller !" Spike scremed in fear and pain as he was blasted out of the junkyard ." Hey why don't you pick on someone your own size ?!" Bambi growled bravely standing on a trash pile ." You mean like ... You !" Dixie pretended to ask ." Oops ." Bambi realized that was a very stupid thing to say . They screemed as the canines chased them . Suddenly their enemies popped up from behind a geyser ." Boo!" They shouted trying to snap their jaws on the fawns . They had a close call when Todd almost caught Feline . Then they went on a bumpy ride triage a animal rib cage where they ended up on a hill of garbage , bones and rotten food . They began to climb but then Bambi heard Feline scream ." Bambi !" She slipped and was almost eaten by Dixie but Bambi scratched the dog with his hoof leaving a mark and causing dixie to l let out a bloodcurdling snarl . Bambi and feline tried to cilmb up a pile of trash but fell into it and were trapped . " here littie fawns ..!" Todd growled as the carnivores closed in ." Rawr rawr !" bambi tried to roar like a lion . Dixie laughed " do again kid c'mon .. Suddenly the bellowing of a huge buck is heard and the antlers of the great prince . Dixie , Todd and Scamp were quickly pinned down " uncle uncle !" They begged " silence !" The prince roared ." Ok ok we're gonna shut up right now ha we're really sorry ." Dixie begged . " if you ever come near my son again !" The great prince warned " oh this this is your son ?? Did you know that ?!" She asked turning to Todd ." What me no no !" He said also pretending not to know " Scamp ?" They asked . Scamp nods stupidly . As the great prince was about to kill them . Then Todd waved " heh heh uh see ya !" He and his fruends yiped in fear and ran off .
  9. Hello guys today I'll be casting two parodies using animash characters . One of South Park and one of Lion King . First the SP animash cast Stan : Bambi or Copper Kyle : Simba Cartman : Scamp or Todd Kenny :Oliver Butters : Ed TLK animash cast Simba : Balto Nala : Jenna Mufasa : the great price of the forest Sarabi : Rain : Zaziu Spike ( yes I know he's from MLP but MLP is part of animash ) Scar : Shere Khan Timon : Cash Pumbaa : Copper Shenzi : Dixie Banzai : Todd Ed : Scamp There you go there are the casts ! Tell me if I should change anything or add someone or which one you want done first .
  10. Welcome to Equestria.TV Friday Movie Nights, where your fellow Poniverse community members join together to watch movies and chat, but the fun doesn't stop there! When episodes are airing, you can tune in the next morning, where we’ll all watch a new episode of Friendship is Magic together on a live stream, and you can join us on Wednesday nights for Lounge Night, where we just sit back, relax, and watch whatever we want, whether it be movies, livestreams, or ponies. And remember, even when there’s no movies or livestreams, there’s always something to watch! We keep pony videos and episodes playing non-stop, 24/7! Site is good to go, will be a little rocky start, but we are good to go. Tonight we have something very special as we unveil a new design for our website tonight! So get ready to sit back, relax and sing some hakuna matata with us. The website should be going down soonish to implement the new design, but don't worry, it will be back up in time for movie night. The Lion King Showtimes 6:00 PM EST 11:00 PM CET Good Burger Showtimes 7:30 PM EST 0:30 AM CET UNSCRIPTED SATURDAYS: Live comic reading w/ guests 2:00 PM EST 6:00 PM CET Unscripted saturdays is an event where us staff get together and play some videogames or while talking about random topics or show an extra movie if we feel like. Its filled with action, adventure, explosions and romance! Come hop onto the chat and join us in our random antics. FAQ If we have last minute technical difficulties, the movies may be delayed for a short period of time, which will alter both of the movies’ starting times, so stay tuned to this thread for updates. If watching the movies becomes an impossibility for some reason, we will watch ponies instead. Feel free to contact the ETV staff (which will be viewable in the channel’s Message of the Day box) if you happen to have any further questions on the subject. If not... Join in on the party! (All of these events will be taking place in the CMC Clubhouse.)
  11. Hey guys I'm Megachangeling12 and I'm a fan fic writer . So these are my first story idras here on the forum I hope you enjoy ! First off you should keep in mind my fist idras are parodies I have a original story in development right now that I'll tell you you about in a later thread . Anyway my two ideas are parodies of my two favorite Disney mivies ( lion king and Aladdin ) it's your job as the viewers to choose which idea you like better whichever gets more votes in the comments wins . Also keep in mind that number one these are my casting choices and .2 you can absolutely make a suggestion to change a vast member as long as it dosn't majorly affect the story line . With out fur ado here are the casts Pony King cast Shining Armor = Simba Candice = Nala Spike = Zazu Good version of King Sombra = Mufasa Discord = Scar Zecora = Rafiki Celestia = Sarabi Luna = Sarafina Twilight = Timon Applejack = Pumbaa Trxie = Shenzi Dash = Banzai Pinkie Pie = Ed Changelings , diamond dogs , Timberwolves and fillies = other hyenas Other creatures = other animals Ponladdin cast Twilight = Aladdin Rarity = jasmine Spike = Abu Pinkie = genie Discord = Jafar Rainbow Dash = Iago Opal = Rajah Celestia = the sultan The Phoenix ( I don't remember it's name ) = the magic carpet Diamond dogs = guards Those are my casts but remember feel free to make suggestions !Some other stuff I'm working in include that story I mentioned earlier , the ponies with lantern rings , a South Park parody and a spongebob parody see you later ! Sorta guys double posted please erase this ( I'm such a moron ugh I'm sorry guys I accidentally double posted
  12. Hey guys I'm Megachangeling12 and this is my first attempt at a MLP related story . Both the choices here will be Disney parodies . One is MLP version of the lion king and the other a panicked Aladdin . Now even though I've cuisen a cast dosn't mean you suggest cast choices in fact I'd be honored to here you ideas so feel free ! Anyway here are the casts I've chosen The pony king cast Shinning armor as Simba Candice as Nala Good version of King Sombra as Mufasa Discord as Scar Celestia as Sarabi Spike as Zazu Luna as Sarafina Twilight as Timon Applejack as Pumbaa Trxie as Shenzi Rainbow Dash as Banzai Either Pinkis Pie or Derpy as Ed ( leaning toward Pinkie ) Background ponies as other lions Zecora as Rafiki Changelings , diamond dogs , dragons , other monsters and Fillies as other hyenas Other creatures as other animals Ponladdin cast ( I suck at titles lol ) Twilight as Aladdin ( it was going to be applejack but I decided against that ) Rarity as jasmine Spike as Abu Pinkie as genie Discord as Jafar Either Lightening dust or Rainbow dash as Iago The Phoenix ( I forgot it's name ) as the magic carpet Celestia as the sultan Changelings and diamond dogs as guards Those are my casts let me know yours ! My next projects I'll be working on in this order are a South Park parody , a spongebob parody and an AU story where Discord won adios !
  13. I drew this picture of Simba and Nala several months before I joined this site. I messed up simba's face but I think Nala came out well. :/ Thoughts?
  14. Favorite 2 things MLP has referenced: Star Trek S1, E1, Luna's crime and punishment are very similar to Khan's from 'Space Seed(TOS)' and Wrath of Khan. Khan attempted to gain control, as did Luna. Also, as Kahn himself said, he was 'marooned for all eternity on the center of a dead planet.' S1, E10, The parasprites in this episode are cute, round, all-consuming reproduction machines. So are the Tribbles from the TOS episode 'The Trouble with Tribbles'. S2, E26, Though this is very vague, the Borg and The Changelings have the same color scheme, black and lime, they are both ruled by queens, and both come from a very distant land. The Lion King S1, E4, When Applejack scares the bunnies into stampeding, they run around a fainted Daisy (coughcoughMufasahackwheese) S1, E11, Near the end, a similarity can be seen to the Circle of Life scene at the beginning of The Lion King. Many different kinds of animals are all walking in t he same direction. The sun has just come up. And then Twilight stands on a cliff that looks a heck of a lot like Pride Rock. S2, E7, Rainbow Dash and the competing pets are in a large ravine. Suddenly, an avalanche comes and traps RD, the stampede of animals rushes by, and she screams for help in a very Simba-esque voice.