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Found 45 results

  1. The full name of the title is actually: "Would you leave this world and go to live in Equestria"? The purpose of this topic is to ask people if they wanted to say to this world "bye bye" and say "hello" to Equestria world, and of course reasons, why those people would leave (or not) our world. I'll start: I would leave this world and go to live in Equestria, because I feel, like in Equestria I would find a society (Mane 6 + Starlight + Spike) that would be fine with my imagination of utopia society, true friends, that would be interested in most things you do, that would listen, that would be happy and grinned with life and spending time with you. I'm an egoist, from what I see, but whatever. I am just very worried about our humanity and human world, about things, that most people do, about cruelty, that can come from social behaviors... I just really want to go to Equestria - at all cost (if that only would be possible). *idea of the public poll is to check how many people will actually be brave enough to vote with the risk of being eventually criticized*
  2. What region of the world do you live in? Just curious as to where most members of MLP Forums lives. Choose N/A if the question doesn't apply to you. Some questions have more than one possible answer, so answer the ones that you feel works for you. I know that the U.S. and Canada have many different ways to divide them into regions, so I gave the option to select more than one choice if you wish. The poll is broken down into the U.S. states and regions, Canadian states and regions, European regions, and world continents. Choose more than one if you are away for college or temporarily living somewhere else. If you want to, that is. I would have loved to put every country and place on the poll, but that would take waaay too long. I hope I was thorough enough. XD ----- I've always lived in Oregon, but I'm currently in Oklahoma for college. My favorite state is Washington, hooves down. Map I used for Europe: Map of Equestria:
  3. If you were presented the opportunity to be immortal, would you? You are immune to injury and disease, the only way you can die is if you kill yourself. You are also granted the ability to kill yourself by thought, incase you lack a means to do so. Would you take it? If not, what would you change in order to accept it?
  4. How do you think you will die or how do you want to die?
  5. Alright guys. Let's have some fun. How many countries have you ever been to in your life? Better yet, list the ones you visited! I'll start: Australia: Melbourne Indonesia: Jakarta, Bali Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur Singapore: Singapore The Netherlands: Amsterdam China: Beijing Hong Kong: Hong Kong Canada: Toronto, Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Peterborough, Kingston, Brantford, Hamilton, Halifax (next month! :3) USA: Houston I wish I could travel to more places, but I haven't unfortunately. Can you do better? And yes, the country you live in counts! ANOTHER BONUS: Write the city name you visited!
  7. Have any of you been to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida? There's a Barney the Dinosaur liveshow there that's been there since forever! Now alot of attractions got replaced there. The only ones that haven't been changed are the E.T. ride and the Barney live show. Now I don't want E.T. replaced, no way! But Barney, he's not even on TV anymore. It's surprising that people still go to his live show. So instead, how about a live show for people ALL AGES can enjoy? Replace the Barney show with an MLP live show! Not that garbage MLP liveshow that's been around, mind you, I mean a better one! With original songs, and a plot that actually makes sense! It would involve the Mane Six doing... something, like preparing for a celebration but it doesn't go as plan because alot of things are going wrong, and in the end, well I don't need to say the moral, I'm sure you'd know what it is! It would feature live-size costumes of each of the Mane Six, maybe some video screens around showing some of the characters that the Mane Six talks to, and there would be lasers and lights, and music! And then in the end, the kids can go to the MLP-style playground, because there's a playground kids can interact with voiceboxes and colorful rocks back with Barney, but not it'll be MLP related! There's also a waiting pre-show outside since a live show would already be performing inside, people have to wait, and there's this old guy singing for the people in the Barney version, but in the MLP version, it would be Spike and the CMCs entertaining the people before the show starts! Also for you princess fans, Princesses Celestia and Luna would be giving the instructions and safety tips of what the show is going to contain, and no smoking, eating, or drinking allowed, or flash photography. Of course there will be cameos of each of our favorite characters on the video screens including Big Mac, Starlight, and Derpy! So what do ya think? You think Hasbro and Universal should consider replacing the Barney show at Universal to an MLP show?
  8. Pretty simple topic here and to clarify, this doesn't have to be a concert or performance you have been to personally. It can be one that is on the internet somewhere, Youtube and such and you can post it here. I am sure all of you have at least one concert that you love. Comes with the territory of loving music. First one I want to share is a concert by the Mexican aggro-tech duo, Hocio, live in Berlin for their group's 20th anniversary. I like that one quite a lot, probably my favorite live performance by them. Secondly is a concert by the ever-so-awesome, Nightwish, at Wacken Open Air 2013 with their at the time new vocalist Floor Jansen. Needless to say, it is amazing.
  9. Just got my tickets to see Iron Maiden live on their Book Of Souls world tour. Anybody else thinking of going?
  10. At BUCK we’re always seeking something new and unique to showcase, and this year we’re lining up a range of new acts, as well as our favourites.Today we’re thrilled to announce our most exciting new guest yet, in his first ever UK performance – Shawn Wasabi! Unfortunately, no one can really be told who Shawn Wasabi is or what he does – you have to see it for yourself. Thankfully that’s as easy as watching this video: Shawn Wasabi is a 21 year old producer and controllerist raised by a traditional Filipino family in the city of Salinas, CA. He started his passion into the world of pushing buttons when his childhood friend Ian (of Hyper Potions) left his Midi Fighter 3D over at his house in April of 2013 to play around with and which eventually led to the creation of the live mashup Pizza Rolls. Since then he has established an internet fanbase and reputation as one of the most dynamic controllerists around: pushing buttons for the internet and live for international fans alike. He awed the world again with his latest release of Marble Soda, which hit a million views within 48 hours of being uploaded. Beyond the glittery mixture of sugary sounds, Shawn Wasabi is also well-known for the very rare and colourful Midi Fighter 64 controller he uses to create his music. Built with a mixture of 3D printing and laser cutting, this controller was engineered exclusively for Shawn Wasabi by the Midi Fighter inventor, Michael Mitchell. Shawn will be playing live in the UK for the very first time at the Summer Sun Celebration at EventCity Manchester on 9th of April – this will be a truly unmissable event! Tickets and additional lineup information are available at, and as always, stay tuned to our website, facebook, and twitter for the latest information. SUMMER STARTS HERE!
  11. I was wondering... which region are you guys living in right now? Keep in mind it's different from your ethnicity. If you want, you can state the specific country you're in now through replies. Me? I'm in North America, specifically Canada. EDIT: Feel free to mention ethnicity as well. I'm actually Indonesian by passport, but I have a PR in Canada.
  12. Should I get QuakeWorld or Quake Live? I just would like to know your opinions.
  13. Important note: Please read the general rules below before submitting your banner. Otherwise, it may not be accepted! Submit your banner to Child of Hiigara (and nobody else) by Wednesday, March 25 at 11:59 PM (PDT). Voting begins immediately! Banner contests are back! Sorry for the delay, folks. Hopefully, we'll be able to get banner contests up regularly from now on. For those who don't know, we used to have banner contests every month. Each time, we had a different theme, usually based around a pony. The winning submission, chosen by our wonderful members, would be used as the site's banner. We'll do contests a bit differently this time. Four weeks, four banners In the past, the winning banner was used for a month. Now, we'll have a new banner each week. For three of those weeks, we'll be using the top three banners in the contest. For the fourth week (not necessarily the last), we'll spice things up a bit. Three things can happen at this point: 1) the staff pick a fourth banner from the existing contest submissions, 2) we ask members to make a banner under a special theme (e.g., an international holiday or other special event), or 3) you send us a submission of your choosing (bonus points if it's episode related!). This also means... You can use any pony (or ponies) you want In the past, we allowed only certain ponies to be used in each contest. For example, one month was all about Applejack. Another was about the CMC. The rationale behind this was simple: to give less popular ponies a shot at success. But that was when we had one winner. Now that we have four (three for the contest, and one for the bonus), that's much less of a problem. Finally... Don't hesitate to send us banners outside of contests! Seriously, we love it when you send us banners! If you want to show off your creative talent, that fourth slot could very well be yours. Go nuts! General rules and submission instructions - Banners should be approximately 1000x255 pixels and saved as a .png file. More info here - Send contest submissions to Child of Hiigara (and nobody else) via PM - Send bonus (fourth week) submissions to all the admins in one PM. This can be done at any time during the month - One entry per member - All entries must adhere to the current theme, but creative liberties may be taken (to fit an airing FiM episode, for example) - Anyone who wishes to edit an entry that has already been sent may do so, as long as the revised version is submitted by the deadline - All entries must have the name of the forums, MLP Forums, as well as being pony-centric and related to the show in some way. That being said, feel free to be creative! - All forum rules still apply. Any entries that do not adhere to these rules will not be accepted - Please do not post your entries anywhere else on the forums until after the winners have been announced. Although we can understand your excitement to show others your hard work, please keep them under wraps This month's theme: Springtime! - Must showcase an aspect of the season spring - Must highlight at least one pony of your choice If you have any other questions or comments, let us know down below. And so, without further ado, let's begin. Good luck and have fun!
  14. I'm about to do a broadcast while I draw Sunset Shimmer(as a human). The number is 249-662-987 if anyone wants to join ^.^
  15. Besides water and the essential stuff, What can't you live without? For me: -Internet -My phone - MLP and it's community -Cars -Music -Friends What about you guys?
  16. Planning on seeing a band or artist in the near future? Or have you already seen somepony recently and wish to share the experience? Post the here! In the next few days i'll be attending the "An evening with Machine Head" show. No openers, just two and a half hours of the greatest metal band to step out of the bay area since Slayer. Not only that, but I get to attend a VIP meet & greet! I have the honor of meeting Robb Flynn, Dave Mcclain, Phil Demmel & Jared Mceacharn, the architects of some modern metal masterpieces and the recent high charting Bloodstone & Diamonds album. Tis gonna be epic. Also this coming april, I'll be traveling w/ my parents to see Finnish symphonic metallers, Nightwish, w/ the masters of military history turned metal, Sabaton & rising power metallers Delaine, one of my dads current favorites. This will be my first time seeing the same band (Sabaton) three times in one year and the first concert I'll be attending w/ both my parents. Your turn!
  17. If you were able to live anywhere in Equestria (Ponyville, Canterlot, Cloudsdale, etc.), where would you live in?
  18. A lot of people would ask if another person wants to live forever. My answer would be yes, but at the same time no. See, I want to live forever, but not until the end of time. I want to live forever, and die when the world ends. Because, well, technically, that is the end of 'forever', isn't it? When the world is not there anymore, and we're all dead, that would be the end of forever. That's when I want to die. When everybody else does.
  19. So what does wikipedia say about the town / city / village you live? Here is the town where I live =
  20. Ok, everypony more childhood cartoon movie turning live is JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS next year ? How excited are you ?
  21. Just a quick fun survey. My answer is yes.
  22. This song was performed at Russian Brony Convention in Moscow on 3 May 2014. We invited cosplay actors to accompany the song. What do you think?
  23. All right so what if you got to move in or be roommates with your favorite pony? Me personally I would find it SUPER AWESOME FUN FUN to live with Pinkie Pie, the true super duper party pony. She would cheer me up, always wanna hang out, and we'd PARTY IT UP! So discuss away!
  24. Has anyone noticed that in the show, the only character in the mane 6 who's house is not shown, is pinkie pie?