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Found 17 results

  1. Like the title say: Can you read Binary numbers? If you can, you can respond with yes, or a 1, or whatever you like! However, if you can't maybe you will be able to after you read this post (by me, the lousy teacher): Oh my, you made it this far? Did you look inside the spoilers? I hope you did! Next up is multiplication... (And yes, it exists): And lastly, division. This is actually a difficult matter. I don't have all the answers on this one. While you can do the reverse of the multiplication, it is still out of reach for me to solve all cases: So, if you made it this far, it is only one more thing to learn then. How to read binary numbers. When you have read this one, you don't even need to reply to this topic as you will know by default, the answer: So, now, you should be able to read binary numbers without using a calculator.
  2. Hallo everypony! Welcome to my first ever blog entry! What better way to start a blog than a fun little leisure logic quiz? Here's the question: "You want to go for a sleep. This image shows the map of your bedroom," "You want to sleep lights off. But you are scared of the dark. How can you switch off all the ceiling lights using the light switch without any assistance and sleep on your bed before your room gets dark?" Answer:
  3. So, after watching Legend of Everfree I've completely lost track of how magic is supposed to work in the human world. I'll sum up the progression of magical presence over the course of the movies, and then attempt to make sense of it all. Equestria Girls Originally, there was no magic in the human world. The portal existed, but was only open once every thirty moons. Then Sunset Shimmer stole the Element of Magic and inadvertently caused the powers of the Elements of Harmony to awaken within the Humane Five, thanks to Twilight's help. Rainbow Rocks Somehow, the Humane Five transform into their anthro forms when they play music. This happens both when they play alone, or when they play together. It's pointed out that this is weird, but it's never addressed beyond that. Friendship Games The Humane Five now transform whenever they display their Element, as well as transforming when they play music. Sunset figures this much out, but not why this is happening. Legend of Everfree The presence of the...human world Elements (?) gives the girls powers that seem to be vaguely related to their pony version Cutie Marks. The gems themselves trigger some kind of transformation. The magic in RR and LOE bothers me most of all. The musical magic baffles me to this day because it comes right out of nowhere. It mainly annoys me that they point out how odd it is and then never mention it again, despite their magic being directly related to the plot. Hell, a throwaway line about the latent magic the Element of Magic gave them reacting to the presence of the Sirens would have been enough. It would have had its own problems, but at least it would have been something. Then there's LOE. I don't even know where to begin here. For no adequately explained reason, the girls end up with magic that seems based on, yet not consistent with, the magic their pony forms have thanks to their Cutie Marks. Fluttershy can talk to animals, Rainbow Dash has super speed...but Rarity can't fire diamond shields in the pony world, nor does Applejack have super strength. I also doubt Sunset ever had the power to read minds, since her ability was a surprise to her. I presume this power was awoken within them thanks to the mysterious EoH-like gems from the cave, which may or may not have reacted with the Equestrian magic within each of them. But that raises the question, where did the gems come from? Why do they have power? Are the gems a consequence of Equestria and the human world starting to meld together, like what happened in the Reflections arc of the comics? The stinger seemed to hint at something like this. If so, then why don't the powers of the girls map exactly to the Cutie Marks of their pony counterparts? I'm fairly sure pony Pinkie Pie can't make frag grenades out of sprinkles. I get the feeling that by this point, the writers have given up on keeping the magic even the slightest bit consistent, but I'm still looking for an in-universe explanation. Does anyone have any coherent theories about the way magic works now? Do you think we'll ever find out, one way or another?
  4. In "Too Many Pinkie Pies," Pinkie feels there are not enough Pinkie Pies to go around, and so she clones herself. In order to do so, she visits a mystical pond known as the Mirror Pool, and recites a poem that ends in something along the lines of "I won't be scared at the idea of being doubly mared." A mare is a female horse, a male is a stallion. Pinkie Pie is a mare, but what if a stallion wanted to clone himself. Would he have to say "doubly stallioned."? This may not work very well, because "stallioned" doesn't scan in terms of poetry, and it doesn't, by any stretch of the imagination, rhyme with "scared". Is it possible the Mirror Pool only works on mares, and if so, why? What do you guys think?
  5. Saw the Cristian Bronies thread and thought it would be cool if there was one for atheist bronies such as myself. Agnostics are welcome as well. Heck this is an open forum so anybody can post here and I won't have it any other way cuz you know free speech. Just be ready to have your opinions challenged. So, logically speaking, how are you doing this evening?
  6. I believe that there is no such thing as time travel, but rather dimensional travel. The way I see it, it is the only way to make it work without destroying all of time and space and still have others sell and buy such a device. Here, let me explain my reasoning: Let's say you used "time travel" to the past. Actually, let's not because, in my opinion the original post explains the whole problem there. That thing about changing it would cause you (past self) to not want to change it, causing you (still past self) to not go back and change it, which will cause it to not change, and the paradox consumes all. However, with what I'm saying, by traveling to "the past", you go to an alternate dimension where everything is the same except you (current self) go to the past. through this logic, you can change history all you want with no consequences of your actions in terms of time and space. You go to the future, which it is another alternate dimension, but it is one where you (current self) affect the future and you (alternate dimension self) "time travels" for whatever reason they have, whether it be to change what you (another alternate dimensional self) did. You take the place of that you (current dimension's self) and time keeps going, unaffected, because everything was set in stone to happen from the very beginning of your travel. So what do you think? Could this work? If not, how could "time travel" work?
  7. Okay so after watching all the episodes until "Do Princesses dream of magic sheep?" I just realized somethin that Luna isn't doing, but she can technically do it. If Luna controls the Moon and Stars, she should still be able to control the Sun because technically its a star, am I right?
  8. There has been one thing bugging me in MLP:FIM. The background ponies act unlikable. We see this in some episodes like Magic Duel, Bridle Gossip, Putting Your Hoof Down, and For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toil. Not only that, but they scrap logic. For example in Magic Duel, they kept harassing Trixie, but didn't consider any motivations Trixie had. Like mabye oh say, Trixie could have been a show pony who simply moved from the stage to the streets, but didn't exactly know what to do. Gee, reminds me of a certain writer who wrote a certain episode that got all of the Bronies riled up. I've seen the residents of Gravity Falls apply better common sense!
  9. This post is only to show that anti-bronies make no sense and should be ignored. I'm not worked up or anything, I just want to send a message. Anti-Brony Logic I had this thought in my head before getting to sleep, and I felt the need to let it out. Personally I don't call them anti-bronies, but just haters. Anyway, I have a problem with two of the most popular things the haters say. 1. "Bronies are gay and are attracted to ponies." I'm sure we've all seen this before, and it's probably a lot more vulgar but since children are on here too I don't want to go too far. This statement contradicts (I hope that's the right word) itself. It's implying we are attracted to the mane 6, which is also why they call us pedophiles because they think the mane 6 are underage girls. Because of this, we must be attracted to girls, too. Gay guys wouldn't get excited over a cartoon girl. Therefore, we can't be gay. Also, as Shire Pony Malinter said, the gay bronies were gay before they knew what My Little Pony was. This makes the haters homophobes. 2. "Bronies are cancer and need to go die." This one is ironic. Cancer tries to kill people and sometimes succeeds. As far as I know, bronies have never tried to commit murder. This sentence is basically trying to kill us by sending us death threats. This makes the hater closer to cancer than bronies. Yes, there are haters of every fandom, but the bronies are probably the ones who get these two "insults" (doesn't offend me, really) the most out of any fandom.
  10. Hey all you Pokemon fans, it's time to list some Pokemon logic, or Poke logic.Just think of the thing in Pokemon that lacks the most logic to you and share it, In the Pokemon world, it is legal to capture and make wild animals beat each other up in battle for this world's equivalent of a sporting event, but if you ride that bike indoors, so help me. In one episode that gave 700 japanese kids seizures, Pikachu caused the secures, but Porygon, the Pokemon of the episode, gets banned from the anime. Ash and co. are able to tell which Pokemon are in Poke balls that look exactly the same, but can't tell Team Rocket under those stupid disguises until they say their motto.' So share away!
  11. So I like to use a plugin called "Sausage Fattener" by "Dada Life" to fatten up my bases in mixes. The only problem is that I've been told that I should understand what the plugin does, and how I could recreate the effect of the plugin using only the default tools in Ableton Live 8. So I understand what the "fat" sound is, and why (for certain types of music) it is essential to have a fat, full-spectrum base. The only problem is that I cannot effectively recreate the "sausage fattener" effect by myself. My best guess is that it distorts the sound a bit to bring out more unnoticeable frequencies and then it compresses the waveform to create a flat, full-spectrum sound which appears loud due to the fact that it can utilize all areas of the frequency spectrum. I guess that too much of this technique would remove distinguishable formants in the base which can give it its own character though. If anyone knows how to do this weird compression-distortion technique, please let me know. Any other tips and tricks, even ones not related to sausage fattener would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully there are people on right now >.<
  12. Ever since "Pinkie Pride" aired, I've been seeing a lot of Pinkie Pie X Cheese Sandwich 'shipping. First off, let me say that there is nothing wrong with shipping these two, or with shipping in general. They are adorable together and arguably perfect for one another. It's only a matter of personal perspective that makes this ship feel weird to me, and I'd like to explain why I don't ship it. I have two reasons. Of course, they are connected, so maybe just one two-part reason... 1. Weird Al - Maybe others don't feel the same way, but when I was watching "Pinkie Pride," I couldn't help but think of Cheese Sandwich as Weird Al, not just a pony being voiced by him. I grew up listening to Weird Al's songs and came to nearly idolize him for his talent and quirky, funny personality. He inspired me. I don't know many people who would date their heroes, guys. Maybe some would, but to me, that would be really weird. I've had fantasies of being adopted by my heroes, but never of dating them. I just can't picture Weird Al as anyone's boyfriend. 2. Heroes - After Cheese Sandwich sings his song near the end of the episode, it seems that he feels the same about Pinkie as I feel about Weird Al. She inspired him. She's his hero. I would imagine that, idolizing her the way I've always idolized him, he would also feel that sense of wrongness about dating Pinkie Pie. The thing about heroes is that they often seem unattainable, people you not only wouldn't date, but can't date. Dating a hero seems like breaking the universe. Conclusion: If Pinkie and Cheese dated, it would break the universe. So there you have it. That's just my two bits on the subject; everypony else can ignore it and continue shipping Best Pony 1 and Best Pony 2 if they want, but I'm just gonna be sitting here not reading any PinkieCheese fanfictions for the aforementioned reasons. Just out of curiosity, though... is there anypony out there who agrees with me? Feel free to comment whether you agree or disagree. Providing reasons for your opinions is always a plus. c:
  13. Well people keep saying that the hammer would simply go through. I find it hilarious that nobody has considered that the stone corners of the pedistal might be breakable. Everyponys view on this?
  14. Currently I'm using reaper, and as good of a Digital Audio Workstation as it is, it lacks a couple things I would like out of it. Namely a better interface, a movie window, and virtual instruments I can use. I guess the point of this thread is to convince me otherwise, encourage me, or give suggestion to a possibly better DAW. I would preferably get Digital Performer, but that is much more expensive than Logic. I also have a $100 apple app store gift card I could use toward Logic. Discuss away.
  15. My friend Pinkazoid knows of a thing called "logic". What is it?
  16. The title says it all; here's 3 I hear often. Not sure if they're called paradoxes or not, but whatever. I'd like to know if you guys know any good ones to confuse my friends with?
  17. Why are there benches with back rests in ponyville? Don't they just kinda sit on there hunches? There's no need for lumbar support... right?