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Found 8 results

  1. Gruss Vom Grogar Turns out Grogar exists. Turns out he also comes around once a year during Hearth's Warming to gather up bad ponies to take them to his hellish home of Tambelon. So now, because of Discord's shenanigans the Legion of Doom is being taken to Tambelon, but don't worry: Grogar was sure to take the mastermind of their scheme along with them.
  2. The Ghosts of Canterlot Castle "Ah, welcome one and all. So glad you could make it to our little tour of Canterlot Castle. I hope you're all in good spirits. Now, please step lively, we don't want to lose anyone on the tour. No telling how lost you could get in these old hallways, or just what might be lurking in the cobwebbed corners. Well, there might be some telling, but of course it's mostly old stories and legends of the castle's history. And Canterlot Castle has quite a lot of history behind it. "You'll feel quite a lot of cold drafts here, but that's quite common in these old castles. The wind seems to fly right through the joints and mortar, and there's very little in the way of insulation. But there are those who say that icy chill creeping down your spine is the spirit of poor little Cozy Glow. Over a hundred years ago a little moppet of a foal once pranced through this halls; an orphan pitied by the princess and taken under her wing. But this orphan's adorable curls and big eyes hid something sinister. The princess always took ill whenever she dined with her pupil, and one day she grew so sick she couldn't raise the sun. It was during this darkness that a blizzard iced the kingdom over, and Cozy found herself locked outside with no one able to hear her cries over the howling gales. And so perished Cozy Glow; frozen to death in a storm as dark and cold as her heart. Every now and then you'll see a phantom foal wandering the halls, chilled blue to the bone and begging for warmth. "But let's turn our minds away from such dreary affairs, and instead look upon these magnificent bedrooms. These serve as guestrooms for any visitors to the castle. This one, here, however, once served a very unwelcome visitor. It was centuries ago that our city fell to the invading Changeling Army led by Queen Chrysalis. She overtook the castle and threw the princess in the dungeon, and for a time lived quite comfortably in Canterlot. But while the queen was enjoying herself, her subjects struggled to eke out a living in the city. Success had spoiled Chrysalis and made her deaf to their pleas for assistance. This of course led to the great Changeling Revolution, which I'm sure you all learned in school. Queen Chrysalis met her end on a chopping block, and the ax swung not by an enemy, but one of her own changelings. Ponies who stay in this room claim to hear her screams of fury, howled in the night by a head hastily sewn back on with thread. "We'll take a short detour through the dungeons to get the west wing where I'll show you our magnificent ballroom. Mind the cobwebs, and do be careful of any rodents; remember they're more afraid of you than you are of them. Nothing to be afraid of here. Well, there was at one time, but that was long, long ago. Some of you may recall learning about Lord Tirek, who came to Equestria with the goal of pilfering all of our magic. He would have gotten away with it had it not been for his brother Scorpan warning the princesses, but subduing him did not come easy. He was locked in these very dungeons, chained and under guard until he could be tried, but suffered an untimely death from what we now believe to be poisonous mold. Oh, don't worry, we've long since taken care of it. Lord Tirek is a different matter, however. They say you can hear him marching through the castle, his chains clanking deep into the night..."
  3. Puppeteer "I gave you strings to hold you down, To make you fret, to make you frown! You had no strings 'til you met me, My strings won't let you free!" Discord was kind of a jerk.
  4. Source I started doodling something while listening to music from Quentin Tarantino movies and it turned into this. I guess it's Grogar's allies if they were from an alternate version of Equestria where it's a lawless wasteland and they all meet up and ally by coincidence. It sort of gives me a 'The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly', vibe. I imagine they'd all have their own little backstories for what they're fighting for. Tirek, after escaping Tartarus, fought a magical being and absorbed some magic before being wounded and is unable to properly take in more. Chrysalis is fighting to avenge her fallen Hive, of which she is the only survivor. Cozy Glow is the last of her town, and after stealing a magical firearm from an alchemist and a backpack of fireworks she does her best to survive.
  5. If Scorpan finally appeared on the show to become a season's arc, what do you think would happen? How would he be found by the Mane Six? What is he going to do in the season, and what's his purpose? How do you think he feels about leaving Tirek imprisoned in Equestria? Who would Scorpan have a good friendship with? How would he do in the finale? And finally, who do you think would voice him? It's alot of questions, I know! I dunno if Scorpan is coming back next season or not, but I do think he'll come back before the show ends! I'll put in my theories down below if you wanna see them, but otherwise, I'd like to see your opinions! ________________________________________________________________________________ Even though these are just theories, a little bit of season 7 spoilers down below! Since next season is going to have something to do with Equestria's history, I have the feeling that Scorpan might make his debut next season! If not him, then maybe Star Swirl, I dunno, but something about Equestria's history is going to happen, as proven by the future comic issues. Now if Scorpan comes back, like if Twilight's history books lead to discovering Scorpan, I would believe he'd want to try to reform his brother, since I think he might know something about the Mane Six reforming villains all the time, and might help make peace with him, which is what I think the season arc might be about. I dunno for sure of how the Mane Six might discover Scorpan, but it might have something to do with the history books that Twilight's gotta retrieve from the villain of a future comic issue. If Scorpan comes, he's obviously going to have some sort of relationship with Twilight, but if he wants to learn how to reform Tirek, then he might want some advice from Starlight, who is a reformed villain herself, so I see them being close. The number one character I see Scorpan being close with though is Spike, mainly because in MLP G1 Spike and Scorpan were best friends, so if Scorpan were to stay at Twilight's castle, Spike might offer to take care of him since Twilight already has her princess duties, as well as giving lessons to Starlight, and the two would have a brotherly bond, like a replacement Tirek to Scorpan; and of course Tirek might use that to his advantage against Scorpan. Besides, this would give Spike a guy to hang out with in a regular bases! Of course when the finale comes, if Scorpan does become a season's arc, Tirek would obviously come back, and perhaps Chrysalis might have something to do with it. I dunno if Scorpan would be successful or not in reforming Tirek, but perhaps if not, Scorpan might just put him in a cage, but take him home, which is probably what he should've done. Imprisoning him was the right thing, but imprisoning him in a foreign land doesn't look right. Imprisoning him back in the comfort of his own home might be the right way to go. Unless he does get reformed. I don't work for the MLP staff, so I have no idea! Oh, yeah, I almost forgot! A friend of my suggested Patrick Warburton being the VA for Scorpan, and I strongly support that idea! If Patrick Warburton is interested in MLP (which I dunno if he wants to or not cause him liking MLP is unconfirmed), but I think the voice might suit Scorpan well! Now all Scorpan needs is a wheelchair! XD Alright, now your ideas!
  6. I know the reason for this: he befriended the ponies and then once Tie-rek wanted to take over Equestria, Scorpan sold out his own brother! Yes, he did the right thing, but how does Scorpan feel about this? Scorpan probably regrets it afterwards! He's probably at his homeland right now in sorrow, dying a little on the inside! I mean I'd be surprised if he was thrilled for what he did! Scorpan IS a good guy, but he sold out his bro-bro, his own flesh and blood, and he would NOT feel good about this if we saw him again in the series! What do you think about that? Basically the question would be, how do you think Scorpan would feel about what happened to Tie-rek?