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Found 21 results

  1. Okay, so I lost the links to my Oc's and I have like 5-6 Oc's and I can only remember 3 of thier names atm sice I'm OCD and have a mental memory loss issue. It's annoying, but How can I find my oc in the database?
  2. Dancing, Smiling, Laughing, Moving My feet to the beat of my heart. Unaware of the pain in my chest Called Reality Was hitting me hard until I was Turning, Spinning, Flipping, Circling As the outdoors I was in Became smaller and smaller My beautiful dress turned to ash And they'd store it away in a dusty old closet Heaven knows what I'd just lost I was a stranger to myself my life, It was forgotten and all my thoughts were contaminated by the cruel world that is to exist i kept holding my breath to keep the toxins from coming in i was a stranger to myself my rhythm, it was forgotten i wanted to go back back to my naive self but it's better to leap forward than to tumble back and fall after all, it was when I learned to breathe again That the key to my life was uncovered I liked it better when I was dancing Until I learned to sing
  3. I usually do pony related artwork: But sometimes whilst waiting around i do other artwork, usually i give myself a set time limit which tends to result in half completed work, most of the time i give myself about 15 mins. Latest Picture: Sketches: No idea why they are sideways, ive tried rotating them and they preview fine on my PC, probably just a windows 10 issue -.- Anyone know how to fix it?
  4. This is mostly in general. I tend to feel alone a lot. I think this may have something to do with having a huge family. I have six siblings I grew up with. I have my parents and when I was little we would go visit my grandparents, cousins, uncles and aunts. In school, I always had someone to talk to and find someone who I loved to talk to... but now I'm an adult. Out of school. Out of a job. I still live with my parents, but they are still so busy. My siblings are almost all gone, but the ones that are here are introverted. I'm not. I am very not introverted. I don't get energized by being on my own. Boy, I learned that I do not. (I am not making much sense, I'm sorry.) I like to be around people. I like to see that they are having fun. I like to watch them be active even if I'm not active myself. But that sometimes is lonely. If all I'm doing is watching, then I get bored. I feel invisible. ~~~~~~~~ Okay, so I took a small break to fill out applications for Nanny positions. I'm trying to just find work, but it is really hard. It's hard for someone like me who does not really have the same... I guess "work quality" that other people have. I like to take care of people. I love to take care of children. I guess that is what is bothering me the most at the moment. I don't feel needed or wanted. Mostly not wanted. I don't feel important. I have trouble seeing my skills and worth because a lot of the time, it isn't something tangible. It's not something people really think about or care about. At times I don't feel inspired or motivated to do anything. I can't write. I can't draw. I can't finish a planned project. I get frustrated at myself and feel even worse when I can't figure things out, or I think things are too hard to deal with. I guess I'm just having a problem just finding a purpose for myself. I suppose one of the hardest things is that I KNOW I have a purpose, I just don't know what it is. If I knew what it was, it may be easier, but my map is missing a marked destination. I guess a problem is I am having a problem trying to figure out what destination I want to go to. Sorry if I'm going a bit metaphoric on everyone. I do that.
  5. Lost

    Lost Art

    So, i figured as the majority of my topics created are here on the Fan Art section, i may as-well create this one, rather than continuing to create new topics each time i do a sketch or a signature i figured i should just put them all in here and post in here every time i make something new. I'm gonna try and do my best to organize all of this. Latest Picture: Favorite Picture: Digital Art Sketches
  6. So the new teaser clip for "The Lost treasure of Griffonstone" is out. spoilers: The first thing I really couldn't help but notice was the lack of wordbuilding continuity, since I'm a fan of both wordbuilding and continuity.....According to what the map shows and what Twilight says, Griffonstone is a place within the borders of Equestria (I guess our chances of seeing the lands beyond Equestria is slim to none, this season) But in the actual map of Equestria, seems like the land of the Griffons lies beyond Equestria itself, rather than within its borders. Originally, I thought that Griffonstone might have been a Griffon town, like the dragon town district in Manehattan, from the IDW comics, but...well....Twilight said it's a kingdom of Griffons in Equestria (and apparently the coolest kingdom, so I guess screw Canterlot where Celestia and Luna live, Twilight's own kingdom, or the Crystal Empire. HA!) (though just how many bloody kingdoms ARE in the borders of Equestria?) second thing I noticed was Twilight's views on the Griffon kingdom and its leader....apparently being "the coolest kingdom in all of Equestria.....and see the actual idol that unites an entire species, which would've been absolutely amazing". Soooo....I guess screw the kingdom of Canterlot, where Celestia and Luna live and who also unite the pony species, the Crystal Empire, where Twi's sister in law lives and unite the race of crystal ponies, and screw Twilight's own kingdom, according to her. Griffon kingdom is coolest, says Princess of Friendship. What are you guys' thoughts on Griffon territory being a small kingdom inside pony lands, rather than its own country, like Equestria? What are your thoughts on Twilight pretty much bashing the other kingdoms of Eyestria (and by extension, Celestia, Luna, and Cadance, who also unite species?)
  7. Howdy everypony! Here's one for ya, what do you lose on a regular basis? For me, it's as simple as a comb. Here's the little devil: Remember where it is folks, cos it'll disappear in a moment. That thing gets lost DAILY. I make very sure that it sits below my radiator every evening, and yet the next morning it takes me several minutes to re-discover it. It drives me insane. Do any of you have a similar problem, or am I genuinely going mad? XD Whether you lose and then find the same thing over and over again, or lose something permanently and have to buy a new one, I'd love to hear your stories.
  8. [PMV] Lost Friendship This is my latest PMV which I just uplaoded recently on my channel. In this video we gonna explore the feels trip before we move on to Season 5!
  9. Yay! I've finished the second one! AND WARNING : You probably gonna hate this video because of the shipping! Please watch until end! XD
  10. May be This was not the year for me. Not my year of great achievement, Not my year of Finding love or not my year for making a name for myself. No this has not been my year and it has not been Wolf's year. From my birth to the year 2000 I had something in me. I had courage, pride, joy, strength, will, curiosity and I had something here *Puts Paw on heart* However that Year...I lost it all and became a shell of who I truly was and became a ghost to all. I never fit in, I stayed to myself not giving anything. when I opened up I kept my cards close to my chest only showing what I wanted ponies and people to see and that was not much. I never kept a diary I never shared the full truth and I kept secrets that may never be heard ever again. I will admit I have heart Ponies and people, not often Physically in fact hardly Physically and some emotionally. Always non intentionally more often then not purely on accident. I have had friend become enemy's and some friends lost. I have made some enemy's friends and mixed with the good and the bad. However in the mist of it all I was always alone. since then I made a shell and many layers of walls to protect me. I had the skin of a dragon, the swiftness of a wolf, the cunning of a demon and the face of an angle. DDWA was what I created and they protected me from 2000 to 2013 it was in the last six months of 2013 I was introduced to a witch needs no introduction, but hay may as well. I was introduced to a show I thought was meant for girls "My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic" A friend suggested it so I thought I would indulge her request and watch the first two episodes as they were linked making one...literally the two episodes were streamed as one Part one and two. after watching the one episode i kept going and going and over six months of broken viewing I watched all of them up to 2014 January 1st so while I waited for new episodes I hunted answers as to when it will come out and I found the site MLPForums and By 29th January I developed a Pony sona/Wolf and began a true journey of my own. Little did i realize that yes the many years from 2000 to 2014 were not my years, Pain, anger, frustration, loss, bullying and having no real direction. However that changed because what died in 2000 was being born again. So no I had nothing, but now. I have been here just over a year January 29th was when Phoenix landed here and he is here to stay. We came here to find answers to a question we no longer remember and we came here finding more then we barged for. We met AppleGearRising. It was funny I was writing my first draft of my story and me and Apple had spoken a little and I liked his personality so I asked If I could use his OC or him in my book. Sadly he declined as he did not have an OC but he did offer assistance. We truly connected when he spoke of having a bad day so we had a PM chat hoping I could brighten it up and judging by what was said it helped. we then spoke on and off for a while until 20th of march and that is when I met Nick 1925. He Commented on a status Apple made and I could see he cared about Apple so I had a chat with him and went well I guess. He was a little uneasy about me but we quickly got traction in a conversation at the time. He strongly resembled Fluttershy because he was off and then I mentioned something he was passionate about he then went slightly excited but like Fluttershy quickly wound back down. However we kept talking until we has a stable ground in which he could confidently talk with me. then we, being me and Wolf, Nick and Apple began really communicating and we formed an almost brotherly tie, Like family. I have every message I ever sent them here on the forum and between them we have had over 1200 replies to one-another and in every reply we have been truthful and kind. I once said that between the three of us we could have used the Elements of harmony And I would not tread ether of them for anything...and I mean anything. you see over the past year I have been rebuilding my tru self and that is Phoenix, but I did not truly create him...My family did. My brothers, who I have never met. However I trust them more then any one else...I trust them like they were my true brothers and I love them the same way to....and unconditionally to. They could tell me anything and my view on them would not matter what they said. We are Family and that is all that matters to me.
  11. So I just realeised something. Anita Sarkeesian got 158 thusand dollars to make like 10 or so shitty videos, while our charity foundraiser is getting to 3 thusand maybe. What the hell is wrong with this world?
  12. Any one remember this movie I think its one of the best movie I ever seen . Also this scene from Space Odyssey is the best. Dave: Hello, HAL. Do you read me, HAL? HAL: Affirmative, Dave. I read you. Dave: Open the pod bay doors, HAL. HAL: I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that. Dave: What's the problem? HAL: I think you know what the problem is just as well as I do. Dave: What are you talking about, HAL? HAL: This mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it. Dave: I don't know what you're talking about, HAL. HAL: I know that you and Frank were planning to disconnect me, and I'm afraid that's something I cannot allow to happen. Dave: Where the hell'd you get that idea, HAL? HAL: Dave, although you took very thorough precautions in the pod against my hearing you, I could see your lips move. Dave: Alright, HAL. I'll go in through the emergency airlock. HAL: Without your space helmet, Dave, you're going to find that rather difficult. Dave: HAL, I won't argue with you anymore. Open the doors. HAL: Dave, this conversation can serve no purpose anymore. Goodbye.
  13. I honestly cannot seem to make up my mind as to what I want to do with my life. I am uncertain as to what degree, major, or career to go for. I'm doing this project in Economics which requires me to list three potential careers I am considering for my future and I have to find what college major would be most appropriate for each. I can't even particularize three careers I want to go for. I have numerous thoughts and ideas for multiple majors I can go into and many career paths I could take but I cannot specify three in particular that I would want to pursue. First off, here is every major I have ever considered thus far: Economics Finance Accountancy Business Administration Entrepreneurship Business Management Communication History English/Literature Graphic Design Web Design Software Engineering Geology Meteorology Physics Astronomy Culinary Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Botany Biology Medical Science Psychology Sociology Environmental Science That just about sums it up. The ones that are crossed out are, at this point, hopeless endeavors. Gave up pursuing those years and years ago. The ones that are italicized are ones that have been more profound interests of mine for many years now. Though I'm afraid I may not have the mental capacity to endeavor in those fields due to the immense amount of science and highly advanced mathematics that they may entail (e.g. Trigonometry, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Integrals, etc). Mathematics is indubitably my greatest weakness here. A lack of confidence is also another weakness of mine which may hinder me from pursuing anything in Business and Communication. I do not think I have the leadership-like mentality to handle much in the business field, as much as it intrigues me. Economics, Finance, and Accountancy may also be quite rigorous due the immensity of number crunching and the fact that I am not even sure if I want to actually pursue the careers of such fields. It is practical and it will grant me much pay which is good but will I enjoy it? I don't know. Overall, I feel as though I am struggling to balance out these two factors: Practicality vs. Recreation Many of the aforementioned majors and fields of study I have listed are quite practical. Almost half of what I listed just so happens to be statistically among the highest paying majors in America. Whether it be Economics, Finance, or the field of Medical Science - these are all good paying jobs which would endow me with more than enough yearly income to buy a house and support a family. Sounds great! Sounds ideal. But do I have what it takes? I don't know. I have never been good at mathematics. It was only until last year that I barely began grasping the concept of Geometry and a little bit of Algebra. I've been doing well in my Algebra II class this year insofar that I may be able to pass by the time the school year ends. I am currently going through my last and final year at high school as a senior. With only around four more months remaining. Then that's it. I am done with high school forever. After this ensuing summer will be the start of my first year at a two-year community college. It's all general education and after that, I will have the ability to go to a university of my choice and finish off my remaining two-three years and get a bachelors degree. In what though? I have no idea. After going through much thought, contemplation, and self-evaluation, I realize what my true passions are - I am immensely fascinated with human behavior - whether it be by an individual or group and the underlying reasons for that. I admire reading about history and studying the various cultures and past civilizations. I am also greatly enthralled by the beauty of nature; the mountains, the trees, the plants, the atmosphere and both its tranquil and tempestuous nature. I know. I seem to have the potential to partake in the studies of Psychology, Sociology, History (some particular area), Environmental Science, etc. Yes, both the various sciences and the humanities fascinate me to an extent but the very thought of having to process numbers and complex equations gives me great trepidation. I'm okay with a certain degree of math but I am not sure if I have the potential to master it enough to where I can familiarize myself with its essence and use it as a valuable asset in assisting me to reach my dreamy endeavors. All I know is that I want to experience nature at her fullest potential! I want to live among the mountainous heavens. I want to live in peace and I want my future family to live with me in the realm of nature and experience her beauty altogether. I want to be knowledgeable in the sciences of nature and humanity and know all the various humanities - art, history, philosophy, etc. But how will such endeavors support me? How will I get a job with such passions? I don't want to be stuck in an office counting numbers for the rest of my life but that may be my most reliable option; the most practical approach to life I can take. I just feel so lost right now.. I just want to make my life an adventure; an adventure I can someday look back and remember and proudly reflect on...
  14. PurplePony

    My Piggy

    Before this entry I would like to thank every pony who took the time to read my last blog and current/future blogs. A special thanks @ TwistedShadow Thank you for the support man, even if you don't read them all (i don't expect that lol) it is nice to know others care and got your back in a moral support kindda way. So thank you all and on that note here is my next entry This started out as a writing excersize it got really deep, really fast. All the things I wrote there looking back was about things me and my dad shared. I wrote this before he passed.... I think I am going to print out the bit about my piggy and tuck it in his suit pocket.. Finally feelin good! So I am going to set a timer for I think about 15 min, For this period of time I am just going to express the emotions in my face. There will be no backspace button so sorry for the really bad grammar. Feel free to comment or leave your own 15 minutes of writing! I wanna hear what is on your mind too guys! Ok, I will start with a bit about me, I am stubborn, I like cheese. Cheese is so good! My favorite way to eat cheese is fried in a fry pan.... gooey on the inside crispy on the outside. It's so good. I make myself hungry too often lol. What else is on my mind today? Racism in chocolate bars! I am unsure if this is unintentional or not but I can't go around calling people dark if they are black they get offended. So why do we call it dark chocolate? Also has anyone else noticed that white chocolate is always before the dark and milk.... just puttin it out there. People get angry over such dumb political correctness I bet one could actually create a chocolate up roar and have the name change to sound 'right'. NOT trying to be racist or anything I was just thinking of how people are offended by the Red Skins team name, it got me thinking that people take things way too far. I would like pudding right meow. What kind of desserts do my readers like? I made a black forest cake the other day and oh my gosh was it ever good. I feel out of touch with what is going on in the world.. anything cool lately? I miss my piggy he was the ugliest, most cutest piggy I ever did see. My daddy gave him to me when I was born, ever since then my piggy was always there for me. I remember if I had a bad day at school, if my friends were picking on me, whatever happened good or bad piggy was there lookin at me cheering me on from the confined space of my bedroom. In my mid teen years I forgot how important he was to me and I stopped telling him what was going on ( I know this sounds weird but I had no one and I have had no one for as long as I can remember.) Little by little I neglected my piggy. Then something tragic happened, I lost my home and for a long while I lost my family. Its a long story that ended in flames. My house burnt and I moved away to finish school even more alone than I ever realized possible. I worked full time and finished high school, I didn't graduate at the top of my class but I exceeded my expectations, and as much as I would like to say I was completely alone, I wasn't my piggy was there through it all. Through all the crazy moves, the guns that were pointed, the frantic struggles, my piggy was there through it all. The worst incident was the first house I lived in, I was threatened by my land lord with a gun and ended up leaving with the police I had 20 min, to get everything and leave he was there. He was there when the next house I could find was a crazy ass nun who went through my personal stuff and destroyed my ability to go to church. He was even with me at the next house I could afford... my roomate was a coke head! It pains me greatly to write this next bit, the tears won't stop. The last move, the place I am at now 2 years since my life went to absolute shit my piggy is no longer with me. I lost him in the last move. I don't know where he went. My only friend, where did you go? I am so sorry I wasn't there for you like you were for me. I am sorry I could not be as faithful as you. You always were there to listen and soak up the tears. You would remind me of when things were good. Now you are gone. gone forever and it pains me so. I have not mourned the death of family like I have mourned the loss of my piggy. I cry almost every night thinking about him, it haunts me every night. All I want to say is I miss you dear friend, you will always be greatly missed. Like my piggy daddy you are gone, my dear friends you will be greatly missed. I cherished every moment we had together <3 ~PP Leave your own 15 min rant or response to mine? Tell me what you think
  15. It must be clear from people who say me post often a month ago, that I have so much less time at the moment then what I used to have to browse the forums. At one point I was posting many times a day effortlessly and spending many hours enjoying reading all of your topics, but nowadays I seem to have barely any time at all! Lets face it; I'm struggling with both time management and just a massive lack of time for everything. Currently I am trying to juggle: 1. My course 2. My church/reading my bible 3. Societies 4. Catching up with friends 5. Playing games like Pokemon and Dota 6. House Work/cooking and I just don't currently have the time management skills to be able to do it. But there is a pony I know that does, Twilight Sparkle. So how would she do it? Make Lists! The thing that Twilight does more, and quite possibly better then everyone, is make lists! It's defiantly something that I have started to try out more and more, in fact I even have 3 notebooks purely for different types of lists! Without lists I have a feeling Twilight would struggle . Time Table! Second to her list making is here ability to make time tables. Multiple times we see her with her diary, time tabling in everything about her life! I mean, she never ever doesn't have time to do anything and manages to fit everything in. We see this especially in lesson Zero where she even seems to be able to make other people around her conform to her time table. Having a detailed diary is defiantly a good way to achieve this and I will defiantly be taking a leaf out of Twilight book and buying a diary and finning it in! She maybe over does time tabling to an extent, but can you blame her? Go to the Library! (so I wrote it out and them my pc crashed and deleted this paragraph, writing it again sucks) Twilight sparkle lives in a library. So surely there must be a reason for this? So 2 days ago, I actually decided to takes a leaf out of Twilight Sparkles book, and went to a library. Now I have not been to a library ever in my life, and I really had to force myself to go. Once I was in there though, I was amazed at how the atmosphere allowed me to work for almost 3 hours straight (sadly my laptop died as I forgot the cable), and I got so much done I couldn't believe it! The fact that I was surrounded by books also made me feel funny... like I wanted to read them..... Read Books! This seem's to be the one thing that Twilight loves doing the most, and I can see why. She know's so much about everything that she knows what's going to happen in a situation before she has even experienced it. I have to admit, if I read more then many aspects of my course would be a lot easier (maybe if I read a book on time management I would even be able to manage my time better to read more ! If Twilight found a book on making schedules then I'm sure there is one for this). I always want to do more reading, I mean even Rainbow Dash does reading! So Thank you for reading, I hope you have learned a little bit, or at least thought about time management. But overall, if all you took out of it was Twilight Sparkle is awesome, then that's OK to !
  16. A new Sonic the Hedgehog game was announced. Sonic Lost Worlds is a Wii U and 3DS exclusive coming sometime this year. It has been compared to Sonic Xtreme and Super Mario Galaxy. I am incredibly excited for it. What are your thoughts.
  17. I've been making game-play videos on YouTube for a while now, but i've started a new series in-which i play Black ops 2 with some brony friends. Right now i only have 2 of these videos up under the series title of FiM (Friendship is Murder). The format i am using is to post 1 main video that has all of us playing in it and separate videos to watch from our points of view throughout the match. I'm looking for any form of feedback an suggestions for how i could improve or change these videos, i am open to suggestions for renaming the series as its just a name i came up with last minute at like 4AM. This is the first video, it has no editing on it therefor is much easier for me to produce: The video is a montage created in the in-game editor, there are links to watch from either my point of view or my friend's point of view. While this method is the fastest way to produce a video, it limits what can be done, leaving very little room for editing and the video is limited to 20 clips in length by the game. This is my second video, it is highly edited therefor required alot longer to produce: The video is filmed in the CODcast feature which means i can record the whole match rather than just 20 clips, clicking on either of the video sides will open up a highlight video of the kills in that match by that player, so clicking me (top left) will bring up my highlights. This method takes alot longer to produce but removes most limitations meaning i can edit to my hearts' content. Which do you think is the better format, and what other changes could i make? Any feedback at all is greatly appreciated
  18. Decided that i wanted to draw this: This is only my 3rd drawing ever (yes ever) and i only started drawing a few weeks ago (you can see my first two on this thread: ) I think the scale is a little off and her "arm" is kinda wrong, but what do you think? any feedback/suggestions? edit: now that i see them compared i see so much wrong with it, the scale and angle is all wrong, it looks hardly anything like the original and nothing like rainbow dash :/
  19. Hello everypony-Raccoon here again with another entry. I see people enjoyed reading my last entry. ") Yesterday (as you know) was pretty good, I enjoyed looking at how high school was going to work. Today however was a disaster. It was just awful. I think we should start off with knowing a little more what I did yesterday. Yesterday, I got some clothes, a gym bag, and a pair of running shoes. However, these were an expensive pair of running shoes, about $100. (For you non-American folk, I'm not sure about your currency, but this is a lot of money). I also got a lock for my gym locker. The next day, I went to school and my mom told me to put the lock on the gym locker at that time. I went to the area where the gym was, but it didn't look like I was allowed to go in (probably was though). Now we will pause on what’s going to happen to the shoes (which I'm pretty sure you do know at this point), to bring you something that happen at my video game class. We were finished learning about the class rules for the day and then the teacher decided to show us a game someone did last year. He brings up a game that takes us to a tittle screen called Mega Dash. The title screen was interesting. It had Mega Dash and rainbow letters, and it also had...a pony on above the words. Then the teacher said what I was expecting but couldn't believe: "This is a game that was made by a student last year. It’s a mix of an old game and a new show. The game is Megaman, and the show is My Little Pony." He said that with a straight face. No one was laughing, and no one was making any cracks about the fact it was My Little Pony. No one even was mad or was like, "You got to be kidding me." Then he started the game and there was Rainbow Dash. It played kinda like Megaman except you jumped through most of it and there were no enemies except the boss. What was the boss? Princess Luna. And yes, it was Princess Luna and not Nightmare moon. Someone in the class even said, "Hey, it’s Princess Luna!" The teacher didn't beat the boss though. Poor Rainbow Dash. Anyway, back to the shoe story, I basically lost the shoes and was going nuts until I got to where my mom was. I told her that I lost my bag, and then things got personal. I did find my bag though. It was a pretty hectic day. I'm going to play TF2 now. I also love comments!
  20. Hello everyone. I am a time traveler from the year 2014, and I'm here to warn you about one of the future episodes -- Season 3, Episode 13 - "Damnation". This is supposedly the "lost episode" of the show My Little Pony - Friendship Is Magic. It was a tape found in a back alley in October 2012. I must warn you to take care of yourselves if you manage to stumble upon a tape with the exact title... the five teenagers who found it and watched the tape have either killed themselves, went mentally insane, and one refuses to talk about it completely. The tape was especially suspicious for not only this but because the episode had not even aired yet at the time; in VHS format, no less. But I will tell you the content in this episode should one of you folk manage to stumble across a suspicious looking tape -- just so you can stop the film right away. The episode begins with nothing peculiar except for the fact that the episode skips straight to the intro - no reflecting on the past episode, no credits, nothing. After the intro, the tape cuts to static for about 30 seconds. After this, the screen cuts to black. A faint sound of an ambient synthesizer noise creeps it's way in. This goes on for about 25:11 long, before finally, the first hints of animation become clear. Everything looks like a grey sloppy pallet. This goes on for about 10 minutes before finally, everything becomes clear. The animation reveals Spike, everyone's favorite dragon, walking down a road in the middle of a forest on the outskirts of Sweet Apple Acres. Except this isn't the normal Spike. Everything around him, including Spike himself, looks grey, dreary, and miserable, a complete opposite from his usual cheery demeanor. His face wasn't showing, and he was walking in a straight line down the seemingly endless road for about 10 more minutes with depressing keyboard notes in the background. Suddenly, everything cuts to black for a few more seconds, before it cuts to Spike standing in front of a mansion. A colorless cabbie is parked in front of the mansion, revealing that Spike has just stepped out of it. By this point, the keyboard notes have faded away, leaving literally nothing but silence. Abrasive, stomach twisting silence. By this point, Spike finally turns his head, to reveal a demented evil smile. Spike then turns his head to the cabbie, his face becoming even more sick and twisted with each second. You can practically hear maggots eating away from the inside of his scaly flesh. Suddenly, Spike turned to the cabbie and shouted "Yo homes, smell ya later! I looked to my kingdom I was finally there, to sit on my throne as the prince of Bel-Air!"
  21. Hiding behind hateful love, I feel despair. A bloodcurdling scream, so common. But, tears have been dyed scarlet. Fallen on a dark, stone paved street, Tattered, crying and in bloody rags, Was it you all the time, who cried for me? A very tightly clenched heart, steeled, Ready to unlock through cage to light, Has failed you once again, it is true. And, I lowered my head in shame. Silent, grieving tears continue to fall. But several feelings make promiment. You won't understand a temptation. I want to tear that fortress around you From stone to stone till it becomes debris: A firm castle to hellish remains of rubble! I want to claw open a healing, scabbed Wound that is bitter with angry hatred. I'll see exactly how bloody I can make it, And paint the red with even more of red. But even so, it's you whom I love so dear, Who I will always want to always be beside. I want to be your knight, I want to erase pain. I don't want to cause trouble, lest he strikes. And, this makes me so confused, so astray. If I cross a fork in the road, will it vanish soon? If I walk in darkness, it the sun brighten it out? If I learn how to smile, would I not create pain? Would I not be so forlorn? Would I never cry? And, would should such a black hatred end? Is this true, real thoughts, emotions? I question myself every single day. I don't want to live this way, with hate. I don't want hurt other people either. And, I'll promise that I'll die when I must! So, come on, and hear my cry now!