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Found 15 results

  1. Recently, people have said that rainbow dash (best pony ever) isn't a very good choice for the element of loyalty. That she is more suited for honesty. But I wanted to post a few objections to this, and hear if you agree/disagree. 1.she turned down the shadow bolts (isn't that their names?) Offer of fame for her freinds. 2.came to celestia's defense after discord's insult. 3.relentlessly persued applejack to bring her back in the last roundup. 4.admitted to the pranks in griffon the brush off to defend pinkie. 5.willing to give up her dream in wonderbolt academy for the sake of her friends. And that's off the top of my head. I want to defend dash's title as element of loyalty, if you agree or disagree then reply. Just please be resonable with your responses.
  2. Creative


    Lets face it, betrayal hurts, even when you get to know a person for a long time and you give them your trust and then one day they deceive you, figuring out one day this "friendship" they built with you was just a cover up to benefit their own agenda in a destructive way. People can be ruthless sure, and there are many people that will lie and make an attempt to crush you just to get what they want. Just know that you always have to be ten steps ahead. We have all been betrayed at least once in our lives and its not a good feeling. Do the culprits Reconcile with the ones that have been offended ? that is on their own accord. I could go on and continue to be poetic about this topic, but I will leave you with this one very important moral: Looks can be Deceiving
  3. Hello friends, Another picture completed- this time featuring Rainbow Dash!
  4. Title pretty much says it all. The fandom always blows a gasket whenever the mane six don't follow their element to a tee(which I think is ridiculous). But the more I think about it, the more I realize the elements aren't that easy to follow, whether it be not following it enough, or following it too much. Out of the six elements, which do you think is the most difficult EDIT: Also consider: Which of the mane 6 has it the hardest?
  5. Something which is bothering me lately, but first a little context: I won't go into too many details because this is a private matter, so suffice to say that i uncovered a conspiracy made against me under my nose by someone who i considered among my closest friends. He would not admit it even if i presented him with evidence, and he attempted to cover his tracks. I don't want to risk breaking the ties that we had since childhood, but at the same time i'm very disappointed by his actions so much that i feel sick. It's a serious breach of my trust in my friend, which is why this is a big deal to me. How would you deal with a breach of loyalty from those you consider closest to you? Do you sweep this under the rug, or do you confront them?
  6. And now, for that thing I've been talking about nonstop for almost a week now, the PMV on Rainbow Dash's fan song by AcousticBrony and MandoPony, "Loyalty." Let me know what you think about the final product!
  7. Any loyal fans of TPP here? TPP has been unpopular lately with a usual 1000-2500 viewer count. It's just that sad. Good thing I am still watching it If you are loyal. Answer these 1.What is TPP first pokemon that reached lvl 100? 2.Did we choose helix again in Firered? [Yes/No] 3.How many attempts we have to beat the E4 and the champion? 4. Is the False Prophet forgiven? [Yes/No] 5. What is the nickname of our character in Firered? Platinum? 6. What's next after platinum? Answers ¡pןobʇɹɐǝɥ˙9 uoǝןodɐu 'ǝɔıןɐ˙5 ɯnuıʇɐןd uıʍ sn sdןǝɥ ǝɥ 'sǝʎ ˙4 301˙3 (:< ou ˙2 ןןıɹɐɯnzɐ ˙1 But seriously, I don't want to be the only one
  8. I encourage all who have not yet heard Eurobeat Brony's works yet, to give this work of his, as well as his other pony works, a listen. Well, if you don't listen to this song below, this topic won't have nearly as much impact So please do so thnx~ You clipped my wings too close to the quick You have taken me out You plucked a bloodfeather out of my heart Not even telling what that was about I try to understand it Where's the you that I used to know? You know I try to be lionhearted I can't, when you're letting me go Guess I'll fly to another horizon into another land, ready to find my future Spread my wings out for departure Into the softened crystal rain Guess I'll fly in another direction knowing the friend that you lost will be gone forever Keep that in mind in the future Around the next friend you betray -- Some chronologically relevant pics: Let me just preface this all by saying, I, like everyone else, agree with Dash's decision to end her friendship with Gilda. Gilda, incapable of maturing past her abusive, bully-esque personality, no longer had a place in Dash's now maturing life, around her new-found friends who did not behave in that same way. But, unlike most, I find their relationship fascinating, and the fact that we've seen no return of Gilda to be a waste of incredibly powerful potential for feels and back-story. I'd have rather seen Gilda return than Trixie, and I still feel this way, despite having enjoyed Magic Duel very well. Upon meeting Gilda at a younger age and until the events of Griffon the Brush Off, Rainbow Dash could easily be described as a less intense version of Gilda. Like her, she's very opinionated, very tomboyish, very brash and easily to anger, and generally a strong-willed individual. For all we know, she may have even had some of Gilda's bullyish behaviors, as a result from hanging out with her so much, in the old days *as one of the above artworks shows*. It's blatantly obvious that it was this fact that made the two such great friends, to start with. Seeing as Dash's days in flight camp were at a far younger age, the two of them have easily been friends for years. This brings us to the events of Griffon the Brush Off. A character's decision to move past and end a friendship with a long-time best friend, in the name of having matured past them, is a very powerful theme. The fact that Dash is the Element of Loyalty, and that in this particular instance, her actions are seen as betrayal in Gilda's eyes of all things, makes it even more so. Gilda may be lower on the maturity scale than Dash, but that's no reason to pass the situation off, and her, entirely. Way too many people don't bother to take in Gilda's point of view, because they do just that. Thus, many don't even bother to consider just how feels-ridden the implications of Dash's actions were. I don't know about you, but even without my wall of text here, that theme is told perfectly in Eurobeat's song, above. If I were in Gilda's place, I'd be pissed and feel betrayed by Dash, too. Just as Trixie had beef with Twilight over 'showing her up' with better magic, Gilda has somewhat of a personal grudge with Dash now, seeing as she was more or less betrayed. 'Betrayed' for perfectly good reasons, but to Gilda, it's all the same thing, because at the time, she could still see no other explanation. So this brings us to the present, again. As we progress through seasons, and Dash learns lessons about maturing further through similar characters like Lightning Dust, my hopes for some kind of Return of Gilda episode with implications regarding Dash's decision become less and less likely, unfortunately. We may very never see her again, and would thus never know if she would return the same, and seek vengeance, or if she would return with a higher-level of maturity, capable of understanding Dash's actions, and try to re-establish herself into her old friends' life. But then again, perhaps that's a good thing as well. Leaving this legacy as is, as a very powerful theme that is wonderful to see in a show like this, is great in of itself. All in all, I'd like people to take these things away from this topic: Right and wrong is a matter of perspective. Because Gilda's beliefs, maturity and behaviors are fundamentally different from Dash and the other ponies of Ponyville, Dash's 'loyalty' towards Pinkie Pie is practically a betrayal, to her. Loyalty is praised by its' 'friends', but hated by the opposition, in all things from war to relationships. Just because Gilda's point of view is not 'right', due to those beliefs and maturity level, does not make her feelings and thoughts any less real. While she may have passed off Dash and stormed out in the episode, I seriously doubt this rather quick end to her at least somewhat long-termed relationship with Dash didn't impact her later on, if only a little. All of these themes are powerful and worth thinking about, and I don't think this one in-particular gets nearly enough of that. Like most of my analysis topics, rather than aiming to establish an opinionated stance and argue a point through and through, this topic's goal is more to put a boldface on things, and give everyone who may not have ever considered these things before, that chance :3 Feel free to post your thoughts, and that if you've never really thought about any of this, if it helped broaden your horizons and give your brain some food for thought. It's what I love to do :'3 I really enjoyed Gilda as an antagonist that early in the show, while characters' personalities and maturities were in the process of being shown and developed. I would have preffered her to return in the show than Trixie, because due to her history with Dash in her pre-mature years, there would have been spectacular opportunities for some good backstory for Dash's character. Sorry, Fluttershy and Trixie fans. Sincerely, ~Chaotic Discord~
  9. Kindness: The Element of Kindness is found in characters who have a deep compassion for others, and an acceptance of others for who they are. A kind character seeks not only to do no harm, but also to heal hurts in others, and nurture them. While they aren’t necessarily as generous, encouraging, or devoted as others might be, a character who embodies Kindness has a deep compassion and empathy for others which most do not. They are more aware of someone’s feelings and well-being, and how their actions—and the actions of others—might affect them. For this reason, a kind character tends to be reluctant to engage in confrontation and might try to stop it before it starts, and would be the first to make peace afterward and take care of those who were harmed. Laughter: The Element of Laughter is found in characters who are optimistic at their core, and seek to use their positivity and energetic good cheer to make the world a better place. A cheerful character tends to be upbeat and rarely discouraged or fearful; even when things are at their worst, they can find the silver lining in the dark clouds. While they can tend to be odd or appear to not take things seriously, this is often not the case; a cheerful character generally understands the gravity of a situation, but chooses to focus on the positive and fun aspects of it instead of dwelling on the grim and negative. For this reason, a cheerful character tends to be more apt to encourage others than to oppose them; they are more likely to throw a party to try to change someone’s attitude than to argue with them. Generosity: The Element of Generosity is found in characters who readily make sacrifices for others, giving of their time, effort, possessions, and even opportunity. While Generosity is similar to Kindness, it differs in that while a kind character might nurture someone by making sure that they get the medical care they need, a generous character would absolutely insist on taking care of the person themselves. It’s not enough for a generous character to make sure someone gets something nice or something they need; a generous character has a deep need to make, give, or deliver it themselves, personally. This can get them into trouble by causing them to try to take on too many responsibilities and thus suffer from the ‘weight of the world,’ but it is this theme of personal and dedicated self-sacrifice which is the mark of a generous character. Honesty: The Element of Honesty is found in characters who focus on personal integrity, responsibility, and straightforward morality. An honest character is more than simply someone who doesn’t tell lies (in fact, they may lie if it serves a higher sense of responsibility); they have an ‘honest heart,’ and try to be dependable in all aspects of their life. An honest character usually has very strong self-discipline, and firm convictions in what they think is right or wrong; they rarely (if ever) cheat, even against their enemies. To an honest character, a commitment they have made is a sacred duty—an oath or vow that they must fulfill at any cost and by any means necessary. This can lead to an honest character being blind to the assistance others can offer, as they focus on their own personal responsibility and how important it is to their ‘honest heart’ that they make good on their promises. But it is this dependability and firm moral core of steadfast integrity which defines an honest character. Loyalty: The Element of Loyalty is found in characters who place immense value on those who they consider important, and choose those friends over others—and even themselves. A loyal character desires value and acceptance from their friends, and regularly does things in service to their friends which they do not—or cannot—do in service to others. While a loyal character shows aspects of the other Elements in the things they do, they usually show them more when serving their friends. While they might help others and reap the glory for themselves, when helping friends they are likely to do so even to their own detriment. This is the difference between a loyal character and anyone else: a loyal character will push themselves far beyond the lengths they would normally go to when they do so out of loyalty to those they care about. Magic: The Element of Magic is found in characters who approach the world with an outlook of idealism, faith, and wonder, and strive to see what makes all things special. A wondrous character focuses on the unique and the important, looking for what makes each pony, each situation, each experience, ‘magical.’ Often, a wondrous character tends to have an innocent, even naive, outlook on life; they have an optimism which is similar to (but more restrained than) a cheerful character’s. A wondrous character approaches situations with a unifying faith in the world around them and their friends, and more often than not, it is they who more readily see the ‘magic’ of friendship for what it truly is.
  10. This is a 4x6 acrylic cutie mark piece I did for a going away present. A good friend (and now brony thanks to me), left this week for a new place in Chicago. Fare thee well!
  11. Just thought I'd share a little something I rather enjoyed working on. More to come, I'm sure! Nothing like being the fastest flyer in all Equestria!
  12. On behalf of myself and everypony in Equestira We'd like to present to you this fine gift for being ... well ... AWESOME! (click for larger image) It's a Shield! We also have it in SOLID GOLD! (click for larger image) The End Credits: Both Shields I created and you can find higher resolutions on my deviantart Inspired by Dash's Crystal Pony Armor, the Gold one was an accident.. seriously. As for the other images, there all edited and such. The first was a screenshot of the show that i cleaned up a bit. The second one with all the different characters was fun peicing together and is all in good fun. The third is obvious. A lot of credit is due.. i hope i get all these accurately.. Pinkie Pie: Rainbow Dash 2nd frame: Rainbow Dash 3rd frame: was a cutout from a screenshot Mayor Mare 1st & 2nd frame: Cutouts from screenshots Twilight Sparkle (i added the wings): Spike (lol): Rarity: Applejack: Can't find the artist who made the vector... Fluttershy: Lyra Heartstrings: Image found on dont know who made the vector. Bon Bon: Found on Tumblr Big Macintosh: Cheerilee: Found on the wiki. Dr Whooves: Derpy Hooves: No amials were harmed in the making of th... wait no.. i did trip over my dog. She didn't appreciate it very much. *shrugs* Anyone want to make this into a mod for a game? Skyrim? I've got a pretty cool idea for a sword too. <-- doesn't have Skyrim or a comp that could handle playing it ;~;
  13. Here's a song I've been working on for a friend here on the forums It is both a request and a tribute to Rainbow Dash. It also comes with lyrics. Lyrics Why do I doubt myself? Is it that I’m not strong enough? I was made for so much more I was made to soar and fly, oh I’ll keep going ‘til the end Voices keep on taunting me Saying I’m not good enough But I’ll prove that I am brave I will try with all my might! I will keep on going ‘til the end I’ll be strong oh I’ll be brave I’m the element of loyalty! When I fall I’ll Get back up! And never leave you behind! NO! We’ll get though this together! Just have faith and you’ll survive! We will soar on wings like eagles We’ll reach for the skies And never stop ‘til the end! Yeah! And never stop ‘til the end!
  14. Here come more lyrics. This time, it's a rock cover that uses some aspects of the layout of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata in C# minor (1st movement). This one's about the fall of Nightmare Moon. The Fall (Nightmare Moon) (Beethoven Moonlight Sonata intro for 3 bars, on fourth lead into 6/8 Medium-Hard Rock) (Medium-Hard Rock for 4 bars then lighten) Verse 1 Days, turned into to months Months, into years Years into decades To centuries and then a millennium Verse 2 Darkness filled her heart A clash with the light A simple request Turned into a vengeance of fire Chrorus It was her plan Spoiled by light The sun and the moon collide, a fight For whom shall reign the skies above The night, shall reign forever more (Short guitar solo for 2 bars) Verse 3 Twas told the legend The mare, in the moon Nightmare moon, she was called Brought fear and terror in the night Verse 4 Just a simple request Rejected by her older sis Forced herself, unto the throne Banished to the moon Chrorus It was her plan Spoiled by light The sun and the moon collide, a fight For whom shall reign the skies above The night, shall reign forever more (Guitar Solo for eight bars then lighten) (Spoken) Elements of Harmony (with an echo effect) To end the night of terror Take six Who are the chosen (Getting a little heavier) (Spoken) Applejack, you are the one The one who everypony can trust You assured Twilight in fear’s eyes You…represent honesty (Short medium heavy riff and guitar solo for 2 bars) Fluttershy, you are the one The one who can be shy at times But, you have compassion overloading as you tamed the beast You…represent kindness (Short medium heavy riff and guitar solo for 2 bars) Pinkie Pie, you are the one The one who spreads the spirit of joy wherever you go You laughed away the fears and in fear’s eye You…represent laughter (Short medium heavy riff and guitar solo for 2 bars) Rarity, you are the one Despite your love for gems and riches You gave up your lovely tail to a serpent in need You…represent generosity (Short medium heavy riff and guitar solo for 2 bars) Rainbow Dash, you are the one The one everypony can depend on You stayed with your friends instead of following your hearts desire You…represent loyalty Bridge And once combined the 5 elements Produce the one to end it all The true meaning is that… Friendship is magic! (hold “magic” for 4 bars) Chorus (Reprise) It was her plan To rule the skies No longer her great destiny It was the fall Of Nightmare Moon! (hold “moon” for 2 bars) (Chorus riff chord progression for 2 bars) (Last 6 bars of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata 1st movement, guitar solo over these bars, then begin to slow arriving at the end of the 6th bar. Take last 6 notes of the third to last bar and slow them down. Hold last note with a heavy C# minor chord. Roll cymbals with Nightmare Moon’s cry, Crescendo to two final hits. Cut on final hit) (Rainbow Dash: Awww yeah!)