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Found 27 results

  1. wanted to work on some anatomy, linework, and coloring plusssss I miss summer so here's luna in a not-well-drawn bikini top
  2. Hi! This is my frist time posting on Visual Fan art~ I just wanted to share a few drawings I have made~ Of moon butt and others. I hope you like them~
  3. ... Removed... Removed... Removed...
  4. ... Removed... Removed... Removed...
  5. the best pony of the night! I love her so much <3 I designed a design for a sweatshirt that I might get eventually! I might even put it up on my redbubble but im lazy xD
  6. A lill re drawing i did from one of the episodes. not colored yet cus I can't find my big package of drawing materials :
  7. These are 2 drawings I made of Princess Luna, top one is with no armor and bottom one is with armor. If you can, please let me know which one is better, or if I should change anything.
  8. Hello Everyponey, This is my first art post here at the forms so I would like to start with a new picture of the first pony I ever successfully drew from FIM. Princess Luna! critiques are appreciated and I hope to colour it soon. Have a wonderful day! P.S. I don't have a scanner and had to adjust it after taking the picture with my phone thus the odd random pixels.
  9. Well i finally filled up my first sketchbook since new year. even though it took like 6 weeks or so. Was aiming for a month. (ah well, happy i kept at it) I did this mainly for alittle practice and abit of fun i guess, since it was last page on my sketchbook. I did use a reference for it i found on google images. (I always feel bad for using a reference strangely.) I didn't have right colours but it turned out okay. I think...
  10. I'm really proud on how this turned out! everything seemed to come out how I wanted it ;3; she is such a pretty pony omg -------------------------------------------------------- "It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves." - William Shakespeare
  11. I had to do something with this doodle, hope you're still alive after watching it. Deviantart Link
  12. Oh damn. This was painful to make, but I liked how it came out. It's just a cover image I made for something I'm currently writing. To make Luna in the most show-friendly manner I could, I had to use 9 different pics of her to adapt colour, position and expressions, but at the end I think it was worth it. Option 1 (Normal) Option 2 (Darker) What d'ya guys think?
  13. Doz2nd


    A luna drawing. Feel free to criticize it, Still a WiP so anything can be corrected with your input. Very large, be ready to zoom out,
  14. I love doing artwork where ever availible! my most popular peice is Luna, and then my plushies! and now the plushies! all plushies are hand made with high quality minky and hand embroidered eyes! Custome oc's can be bought here-> if you have any queastions or comment's Quote me! Thanks for looking!
  15. Here are two of my sketches I found Celestia (my Celestia toy is on their 0^0 Luna (filly Luna)
  16. Decided I wanted to draw Luna today, so here she is!! c: She is my favorite princess <3
  17. In the Past couple months i have been working heavily on some of my ultimate favorite characters from the mlp fim show- Luna and Derpy among others i have yet to post here. most of them are digital work with the exceptiion of one, wich has made me the most proud. Luna in pencil. Enjoy!
  18. okay... So my first Pony drawing ever and pretty much my first overall drawling ever... please point out what I need to work on because Luna is what I will be working on a lot! (PHOTOS TAKEN WITH IPHONE SO NOT GOOD PICTURES, SORRY) Also she is yeah her eyes are closed if you cant see that (:
  19. Challenged myself on this one. Still not quite up to the skill level I used to have years and years ago (and let go stale), but I'm getting back into it again. Based on the Uprising music video by Muse. I know I'm a bit behind on the whole Lunar Republic meme, and unless you know the song the connection is vague, but ah well. Oh, and yes the eyepatch was a deliberate homage to egophiliac. I love his depictions of the batponies.
  20. Okay so Im new to drawling and this is my 2nd ever pony.. I DID NOT trace I looked at a refrence and made minor changes at the end.. but for the most part I wanted to have a HUZZAH picture :3
  21. so last night after i got done hanging with my pegisister, SunnyRayshine, i drew luna. and listened to my little pony music at the same time. yup. if you want your oc to look this epic go ahead and give me a ref and i will do my best! Doc Ginger other
  22. LUNA! yay its luna again! first painting in a while and didn't have a reference so I went by memory- but I think I got her aura color wrong- I think its purple but im really not willing to change it- it's still good- eh- probably an hour or two's work- not very long I was bored-
  23. One of my later works. This, and other pieces are to be found on my deviantart page MrIcantdraw.^^ I wished to contribute to this intruiging society, so I decided to post some art ^.^
  24. So umm, this is kind of the first piece of art I have tried on, I know my lining is horrible.. I normally just sketch things as a passtime, but umm yeah...what do you guys think? Should I keep trying? and if I should. what are some good tips for lining and making digital pictures? I am a complete noob at it.
  25. I actually love this ones completely! I hope you can see why... It was one of the least time consuming peices I've done, it took a Friday then a monday(an hour each!)