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Found 13 results

  1. Shanks

    Luna Fan Club

    HUB Welcome to the Luna fanclub! EDIT: I would like to thank ~Scootaloo for making this signature for the fanclub. Luna is the co ruler of Equestria along with her sister Celestia, as the princess of the night she is responsible for raising the moon every night and also has jurisdiction over ponies dreams. After being banished to the moon for 1000 years for becoming Nightmare Moon and threatening to plunge Equestria into eternal night and being reformed thanks to the mane 6 and the elements of harmony Luna has had some trouble re adjusting to modern society as some ponies still fear and mistrust her. A few rules -No spamming post to become biggest fans -This is a children’s show, and believe it or not there are younger people who go on these forums, please limit content to suggestive only. For example you may post a picture of two ponies kissing, but they cannot be doing anything inappropriate, or showing things inappropriate. -Do not post a picture of Applejack in the Luna forum, because Applejack belongs in the Applejack forum unless of course Luna is also in the picture. -Do not hate on another fan club -All of MLP Forums rules still apply. -Fan art is encouraged but all images with the exception of the cover image in this first post must have the proper spoiler tags. Large amounts of unspoilered images on a single page can often cause lag and nobody likes to deal with lag. Here is some fanart to start things off
  2. ... What is life? ... "Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor." -- Sholom Aleichem ... This quote does not help me, I still do not know who I am anymore. Life is a dream, game, comedy, and tragedy all at the same time, but I am not wise. I'm not a foo-well, actually, yes. But I'm neither rich 'nor poor. So how could I perceive life as all these things and yet...I am not categorized like everyone else in the world is. My instability is controlling my fragile will. Soon everyone related to me will notice this and remove me from their lives which are oh so organized compared to my train wreck. Pity me. ... What the fuck am I saying? I already killed everyone related to me last week. Fuck this shit, I'm gonna go find Princess Lun-evermind. This is "Luna Eclipsed". Spoilers ahead, if you haven't seen "Luna Eclipsed", that's because you've probably been blinded by the eclipse. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - So this episode opens up with Halloween. Oh, no, sorry, they call it Nightmare Night. Spike is pacing the floor waiting for Twilight, because she's slow not only mentally (still got a stick up my ass on that), but also physically. Nevermind that, however, Twilight is going trick or treating as Starswirl the Bearded. Ah, the myth, the legend, the bearded. Still waiting for more story on him, but unfortunately recent seasons of this show have a habit of not doing anything worth a good flying fuck. As she's getting ready to go, a knock comes on the door. It's Pipsqueak the President Pirate at your service, along with some other children and Granny Smith. Suddenly, a chicken that's not Scootaloo shows up. SON OF A PIP! Pinkie Pie wants candy, and when Twilight suggests she's too old for this, Pinkie Pie threatens to murder her. She also says Twilight's costume looks like a weirdo clown, but I digress. They go into town square looking for adventure when they run into Pinkie Pie again. Their adventure is stunted when Rainbow Dash creeps along in a Shadowbolt costume and stomps a dark cloud to cause thunder and lightning, scaring everyone in the vicinity. I'm actually starting to like Rainbow Dash now..........what is season two doing to me?! I think Spike is dead again........................................................................................just saying. After that fun, they run into Applejack, who thinks Twilight is a country music singer. Purple ponies don't sing country, they rap. . Twilight stays with Applejack as briefly as she did the other fuckers and goes off with some other cunts as well as Zecora, who is telling the tale of Nightmare Moon. Thanks Zecora, but we already know how that went down. I couldn't get any of the names right, everyone was an asshole, and Nightmare Moon died. The End, you can all go home now. Alas, the story continues, as Zecora explains the backstory of Nightmare Night and what not. Essentially, people dress up on Nightmare Night to hide from Nightmare Moon, 'cause she's gonna eat you, so you give her candy instead. Still a more flowing narrative than "Crusaders of the Lost Mark". Suddenly, someone arrives... Ah. There you are. I've been looking for you since "The Return of Harmony (Part 1)". Where have you been? Strangely, when Luna arrives, everyone is scared shitless. She says she now wants your admiration, and aims to change Nightmare Night into a bright and glorious feast. Of course, the ponies misinterpret that line as she's gonna eat us. Ponyville has become Tumblr............................or the MLP Forums. Twilight aims to go help Luna, and when the two meet up, Luna recognizes her costume as Starswirl the Bearded. Congratulations, you've spawned another shipping. It's very easy to do those, by the way. Just have two characters talk to each other and you have a decent shipping. Meanwhile, Twilight says that if she changes her approach, she might be met with a warmer reception. Advise I should take? Nope. "For fuck's sake, does anyone brush their tongue around here?!" The two of them visit Fluttershy in hopes she can help her be "kinder", but Fluttershy is also scared shitless of Luna, so her aid is useless. Well, actually, Fluttershy, in the midst of her psychological breakdowns, manages to teach Luna how to speak quieter. It works, but as she's embracing Fluttershy (another shipping has started), Pinkie Pie and her disciples come along and assume she's been killed. That's how most religions work. Well, since Pinkie Pie is not an option, Twilight and Luna visit Applejack in hopes to teach the princess how to have fun. So she tries a series of games and realizes that gaming is what she wants to do with her life. Unfortunately, Luna takes this a bit too far and turns toy spiders to real spiders, scaring the whole town. She gets pissed off and declares that Nightmare Night is cancelled. SCREW YOU GUYS, I'M GOING HOME! Now, if it were me, I would've ignored Luna and just celebrate the holiday anyway, but these ponies are not me, or else Equestria would be a much more interesting place to live. Twilight deduces there's one thing left to do. She has to bring the two religions together. Yes, indeed. The First Church of Cupcakes and the Lunar Republic must join forces! That's when Rainbow Dash shows up to do her lightning trick and fuck everything up. Nevermind, I don't like Rainbow Dash anymore. So Twilight's had enough and tackles Pinkie Pie to confront her head on as to why she's scared shitless of Luna. That's when Pinkie Pie explains that she's not really scared of her, she just thinks it's fun to be scared. Luna withholds enthusiasm as I have a laughing spasm. "Goddammit, why the hell did Celestia create purple ponies?" The rest of the town realizes they haven't done the candy offering, so while that happens, Twilight commands Luna to go to the statue and do a scary thing. While, yes, this scares the townsfolk, Pip returns to ask Luna if she can scare them again next year, and that this is his favorite night of the year. When she accepts (with her Canterlot voice), Pip squeaks that she's his favorite princess, and he and the children run away happily. This brings joy to Princess Luna as Twilight writes a letter to Celestia telling her of her sister's character development. Since when was Chuck E. Cheese a citizen of Ponyville? Luna has by example taught Twilight that giving friendship to others is valuable, and in the end, Luna does the thunder lightning cloud trick on Rainbow Dash. She's now my favorite princess as well. And so concludes "Luna Eclipsed". ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a lovely episode. The character development in this episode alone with Princess Luna far surpasses many other episodes. Her trials and resolves are orchestrated perfectly as she struggles to seek approval from the members of Ponyville. It also opens up a whole other level of depth to the character, as striving for the approval of others was what turned her into Nightmare Moon, and the acceptance of others, on a smaller degree, is part of what reformed her. So this episode just brings the characterization full circle. I also like that Luna isn't portrayed as a god like Celestia is. Yes, she's important, but she's a person too, and the writers show no fear of exploring her as such. I think that's what makes this episode so great. Sure, the comedy of this episode is decent, and while the resolve was ever so slightly weak in hindsight, Luna made this episode spectacular. I'm giving "Luna Eclipsed" a 10/10. GG NO RE ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welp...........we found Luna. Now what?
  3. so it would appear that aside from raising and lowering the moon, lunas powers also include watching over dreams while keeping nightmares at bay and helping ponies through their problems in their dreams, kind of like the ponies subconscious.. that and being feared on nightmare night for 1000 years.. probably causing nightmares.. so if luna was on the moon for the past thousand years, what became of these dreams? did ponies become consumed by their dreams, where any dream had the power to corrupt the pony or cause them suffering? Or did they simply not dream?
  4. I am sure this has been discussed to death.. but if we look at when she was banished and when she returned, it was as if time literally STOPPED for her for the past 1000 years - like she was simply paused and when she returned she went right back to doing exactly what she did the moment she was banished. Celestia seemed to sense the one thing she would try to do is eliminate her and so she appeared to hide. Does this mean that nightmare moon assumes celestia is gone and seeks to rule in her stead? Or without the elements of harmony was luna able to detain her and then go after what was rightfully hers? The story doesn't really fully explain this.. what are your thoughts?
  5. Hey guys, Just wanted wanted to share the song me and VaceslaV made. I had a blast making this! Even with the time zone difference (I live in the US Eastern Standard time zone while he lives in Australia where they're 15 hours ahead of me) I think that the collab went very smoothly and turned out quite well! Any feedback is appreciated. Lyric Video: Thanks for checking this out!
  6. Right. So I was watching a clip of the episode ''Luna Eclipsed''. And when fluttershy heads for the door. After Twilight goes ''Right Fluttershy?'' When Fluttershy says yes. Her face looks almost exactly like Uboa's!!! Uboa is from Yume Nikki. It's at 1:05. I Almost forgot. I should wait for someone to have a decent reply. I Hope someone has. I'm not new here. Just a bit forgetful.
  7. Having recently re-watched the Season 4 sneak peek at Comic-Con, I've been doing some thinking, and I think I may have come to a conclusion, regarding Princess Luna and the extent of her powers pre-Nightmare Moon and post-Nightmare Moon. So, if y'all will bear with me, take a look at this first image. Good powerful Luna (pre/post-NMM) I believe this is Luna's regular form, as obviously denoted by the wavy mane and tall, imposing physical form. But in my eyes, it's more than just that. Immediately after the Elements of Harmony exorcised NMM from Luna, I believe that in the process, much of Luna's and NMM's combined powers had to be sapped as well (like when the Engineer's buildings lose health when being sapped by a Spy in Team Fortress 2). This left the poor, remorseful princess a shadow of her former self, weak and vulnerable. However, Celestia did forgive her, and obviously brought her back to the castle in Canterlot, where she spent the episodes between her revival and the episode "Luna Eclipsed" recuperating from her experiences as NMM, as well as regenerating her powers. Finally, by the time "Luna Eclipsed" debuted, Luna appeared as we see her now, her powers and her strength fully regenerated. To reiterate, I believe this is the normal form of Luna, possessing the regal poise and imposing physique/power of a true Equestrian monarch. With that out of the way, let us now turn our attention to the next image. Underpowered Luna (Immediately post-NMM) I believe this to be Luna, underpowered and not entirely physically strong yet. From what I can tell, her non-wavy mane and downgraded physical form denote a lack of power, sapped from her when the Elements of Harmony destroyed Nightmare Moon. This subsequently left her weak and vulnerable, unable to conjure up any sort of resistance to Celestia or the Mane 6 (that is, if she wanted to). As the title states, I believe this to be Luna in her weakened state. Now, to get to the point, I'm going to show you this colored image from the Nightmare Moon S4 sneak peek. Examine it with care. Good powerful Luna (Immediately pre-NMM S4) Does the Luna in this screenshot not bear a exact resemblance to the good powerful Luna I previously explained above? Now, don't get antsy yet. I'm not suggesting NMM's absolute return in Season 4, I'm just explaining a theory of mine comparing the Luna in the sneak peek to the Luna that has regained her strength and power since being freed of NMM. This Luna has the same wavy mane and coat colour to that of the Princess Luna we know and love today. Therefore, my theory, at this current time anyway, is correct, unless you guys have anything to say. And if you do, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED :okiedokielokie:
  8. So yesterday I a made a topic about ponies you have overlooked which you can see here and I figured why not make its opposite were there any ponies you loved from the start? There are a lot of ponies I liked from the beginning but 4 in particular come to mind and they are Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Luna and Derpy and a certain Draconoquis that loves to cause chaos. Applejack: I like characters that shoot straight from the hip and tell it like it is and you certainly get that in a charming cowpony package with Applejack. She became my favorite pony pretty much since I started watching the show. Pinkie Pie: Pinkie Pie has always made me laugh and it is very hard no to like a character that can do that because of this when I first started watching she became my second favorite pony but has moved down on my list not because I like her any less but because I have gotten to like some other characters more but she still enjoys a pretty high spot on my list at #3. Luna: I can't say that I fell for Luna exactly from the start because she really didn't start to get going as a character until Luna Eclipsed in that episode I saw somepony who struggled to fit in and readjust to society after being gone for 1000 years in other words I saw a lot of myself when I was growing up. This brought her though I didn't stress this on the forums as much to being tied with Applejack for best pony. Derpy: Before I started the friend that introduced me to ponies told me about the Derpy controversy and when I eventually watched the original version of the episode on youtube I was extremely angry because I felt like a great character was sabotaged because of a simple misunderstanding without really being given much of a chance to make it right. Even as a Derpy fan I can admit that it could have been handled better but I recognized and still do the great teaching opportunity that Derpy presents to those who are seen by society as different. Discord: It was hearing about this guy that finally convinced me to watch this show and though I cheated and watched the Return of Harmony 2 parter before the other episodes I watched all the others in order. I may not have been completely sold on the show yet but once I saw him I just had to know if every episode was really this good and though not every episode is as good I found even the more mediocre episodes enjoyable.
  9. So I figured I would set my pieces up more like this. I may do full episode ones, but by focusing on one particular thing I may be able to convey my points better. I think I will also have one for my standing criticisms. That way I will be in the opposite chair, so to speak. This first one is about Luna's ability to enter dreams. complaint Lunas new found power to enter dreams contradicts her past. Why in the world would she become Nightmare Moon if she could enter peoples dreams and socialize with them. Yeah she must be so lonely with all those ponies whos dreams she can enter right. This makes no sense and comes from nowhere. It would seem to me that those who complained about this haven't seen the first episode for a while or didn't pay attention to the opening narrative. Im going to quote the reason given for Luna becoming Nightmare Moon. "But as time went on the younger sister became resentful. The ponies relished and played in the day her elder sister brought forth but shunned and slept through her beautiful night" A key word is used here Shunned. She felt that their choice to sleep during the night was shunning it and her by extension. The ability to go in to ponies dreams would not in any way change this. If anything that ability might demonize her. It should also be mentioned that people are often quite dismissive of dreams. Even in the episode after waking up Scootaloo comments that "it was just a dream" So all most ponies would ever see of her and her work was a dream whilst they got to personally see her sister and her work. Everything in Equestria seems to need a helping hoof save the everfree forest. So why do dreams seem weird? Things are going to blind side you sometimes in world building. Think about it how many times have we seen a pony dreaming in this series? I cant really recall one of the top of my head, let alone one that would require Luna to interfere.
  10. Here's a piece I was inspired to make after watching the episode "Luna Eclipsed" many times. How is it? I would like some feedback please.
  11. So I just found out which episodes are going to be on the, Crystal Empire DVD. The episodes well be. Crystal Empire part 1 and 2 Sonic Rainboom Luna Eclipsed It's About Time So some pretty good episode on this disc. I like that they're keep up with the whole holiday episode on a disc. There is one problem. With a season 1 DVD coming out, who is going to buy this? I can see myself buying, because it has a part 1 part 2 episode on it and hub may not show it that much after it airs. Like I said, some pretty good episodes on it, mostly season 2 episodes, so that a reason to buy it, but still with a season 1 coming out, season 2 may be out in a few mouths after this one comes out. So not sure if I well buy it. Also is anyone that is getting season 1 planing to keep their DVD's they have right now? The reason to keep Friendship express is because of the Derpy episode,but after that there so no real reason to keep the second disc. So just wondering.
  12. I made this on gmod i hope you all enjoy.
  13. Personally, I didn't take to her off the bat mostly because I was expecting a shy, timid Luna to appear. But, after my third viewing of the episode, she really grew on me. So much so that she's replaced Rainbow Dash as my third favorite character (Twilight's always best pony, and I just love Pinkie Pie's broken personality). So, what do you guys think of the official Luna?