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Found 10 results

  1. From the last 13:48 of 15:00mins of the 1hr live stream. Here I discuss potently what the 200th episode of My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic could be about. ps. between the cut out of 2:37-2:53, I was talking about "Sledgehammer" by Peter Gabriel as the song Pinkie could a cover on. Comments are Welcomed @EquestriaDaily @mlpforums @MyLittlePony @MLPMovie @dhxmedia @HasbroNews @MMeghanMcCarthy @NicoleDubuc @dhxmedia @lady_writers @joshhaber @goldenrusset @JoshuaHamilton #RAWAfterMania #RawAfterMainia #WrestleMania #MeToo #MLPSeason8 #fakeittilyoumakeit
  2. Well, when one looks at it, the staff was not only pointing out the complaints and criticisms we as fans have had over the seasons. But through the "We're Not Flawless" song, basically told us that not everything they've showcased in the past and will showcase in the future is going to be perfect or exactly what you (as fans) want. And the ending where AppleJack asked about the ponies (representation of the fanbase) outside the castle, and Twlight's response was that they can wait, I look at as the writing staff telling us, that the answers to the questions we seek will come, but we have to wait and be patient. Another thing I sense with this episode (based on what others , like Silver Quill and Dr. Wolfe had to say), is that the writing staff was kinda telling us that if want answers to these questions/criticisms/complaints, that perhaps we should try to do it ourselves. Because it seems that they're telling us at the end of the episode, that yes we will possibly get the answers to our questions, but that the door is opened for us to try and answer these questions through our own interpretation. Now did they have to have Starlight say the line that she did, about it not being the Mane 6's fault, but everypony else's for focusing on the wrong things. In a way no. But it was done, because the writing staff was reminding us, especially at the end when Starlight brought the two foils from earlier, what the core/heart of the show and lessons were really about and who (originally) the target audience it was aimed towards. However, like SQ said in his video, it doesn't mean the writing staff (through the characters) wants to incorporate these lessons and morals into trying to make our everyday lives better, because they probably do, but at the end of all this, to remember what the show and the lessons were/are really about and who (originally) they were really meant for. Not saying we can't enjoy MLP : FIM for what it is , that being a good overall story/series (comic books, TV) or the upcoming movie. Because we can and should. But as the writing staff (as meta as it was) reminded us at the of this episode , that through our enjoyment, to remember what the show originally was meant as and who it originally was meant for. Have A Blessed Day-bwrosas
  3. I know what some of you might be thinking. This is another "no criticism allowed" Thread, right? No, i have no intentions of doing that. This is about something else entirely. Everytime i go around the fandom after the episode aired, i see thousands of Reviews popping up from Random people and everyone has a certain style of reviewing each episode. While some, if not most of these reviews are well thought out, some of them seem very bad, maybe even down right mean towards the writers. For example. A review of an episode should never get personal towards the writers. You should never say they're stupid, or worse, they should quit their Job instantly. I think that Spike at your Service was the worst episode ever and that Merriweather Williams is the worst writer of the MLP Staff. However, that dosen't mean she is a bad writer overall. She made some great episodes for Spongebob, which proves that she has skill. You shouldn't jump the gun and say to a person, that she has to quit a Job. A Job that might feed her Family and pays the Bills. Yes, we have to criticize the Writers for what they do, or else we will get one Rainbow Falls after another. But we also have to defend the writers from stuff like this, because in my eyes, that's not right. What do you think? Do you agree, or should we actually criticize the Writers as harshly as possible?
  4. So, this video was put out regarding MMC. Apparently, there was a lot of stuff Larson wanted to do in the s3 finale, the script was a lot different, but Hasbro being Hasbro, basically said, "not gonna happen" He wanted to make it a two-parter and they denied it. So for all of you who blame Larson for it being a poorly made and rushed episodes, shift your blame to Hasbro for stupid executive decisions.
  5. This is something I've thought about a few times. I've always been interested in the production aspects of movies and cartoons and really like how all the VA's and others working on the show interact with the fandom. This recent video with M.A. Larson talking about Magical Mystery Cure brought it up again. MLP was kind of doomed from the start, seeing that it was being aired on a small new channel available only in higher level cable/satellite subscriptions that not as many people had. Also MLP's history. According to Larson, Magical Mystery Cure was supposed to be the series finale. Had the whole Brony thing not started, I think that would've been the case. There are a couple things to keep in mind: What you see airing now is roughly a year old (a.k.a season 3 was a WIP while S2 was airing- the fandom really started picking up at that point) Hasbro isn't going to keep shelling out cash for the show if it isn't bringing in more money from merchandise sales. I mean look at the end credits, all those people aren't working for free. Even before seeing the video- I figured Hasbro probably would have closed up shop on G4 MLP after season 2 or 3. Being on that small network, I just don't see how Hasbro would have justified the cost without bronies boosting the ratings. That would have been a shame because there is still so much that can be done with the show. HOWEVER, Hasbro now does seem to genuinely interested in the fandom now based on some of season 5's slightly deeper topics, the 100th episode, and some various merchandise licensing agreements. Based on some of the So do you think the fandom actually saved the show? I bet the fandom does bring them a noticeable amount of profit at this point. *EDIT--- If you think about it more, technically the internet saved the show BUT it doesn't directly fork over the cash *
  6. I just think he will do a good job. He made wonderful episodes like Slice of Life and Magical Mystery Cure.
  7. Okay, so Amy Keating Rogers was originally supposed to write "Slice of Life" and M.A. Larson "The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone", but then they had to swap thanks to scheduling conflicts. How different, better, or worse to you think the episodes would've been if things had played out as originally intended. Because I gotta say, I think I like them enough as is, but one cant help but wonder... Off the top of my head, I can see the Griffonstone episode being more eventful, but less emotional; while SoL might've been a little busy and crowded, but with more emotion. What your thoughts on the subject and how things could've been???
  8. Title says it all. Apparently, M.A. Larson says that Art of the Dress has hints to later episodes in the lyrics like: "Fluttershy some thing breezy!" "Rainbow won't rely on tank!" So do you think this is true or could it just be him trolling. Discuss away!
  9. I'm surprised no one posted this yet. It's season 4 related, but I felt like it warranted it's own thread. Recently Equestria Daily released a list of writers announced for season 4 My opinions? I think Meghan has done a good job as a head writer so far I missed AKR and Charlotte Fullerton so I'm really glad to see them back I always liked Polsky's episodes so I'm happy to hear that he's back I'm also happy to hear about more Powell, since she wrote my favorite episodes from S3 And personally Merriwether stepped up her game in Season 3(I'm probably one of the few people who liked Spike at Your Service) I'm kinda anxious to see what the new writers will handle the show(apparently one of them worked for Beavis & Butthead and Celebrity Deathmatch) Also, notice that a certain popular writer was missing from the list
  10. Yeah. See all the tags I attached there? This new show premieres right after the beginning of MLP:FiM season 3, on November 10th at 11AM Eastern (8AM Pacific); it's got a ton of MLP:FiM's cast and crew working on it too. Here's who's involved so far: DHX Media produces the show Property of Hasbro Studios Daniel Ingram and Steffan Andrews are composing BOTH the show's songs and the underscore: https://www.facebook...397590640312389 https://www.facebook...434218823306937 - Voice actors on board: Ashleigh Ball (Applejack / Rainbow Dash) Tabitha St. Germain (Rarity / Luna / Granny Smith) Nicole Oliver (Celestia / Cheerilee) Peter New (Big Mac) Sam Vincent (Flim) Kathleen Barr (Trixie, Queen Chrysalis) Shannon Chan-Kent (Pinkie Pie (Singing)) Article contains MLP:FiM season 3 spoilers / images: http://family-room.e...son-3-premiere/ - Writers: Mitch Andrew Larson - Cindy Morrow All in all, looks to be very promising! Have some videos: Episode 1: Episode 2: Opening Title + "Littlest Pet Shop Pets" (Daniel Ingram):