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Found 1 result

  1. Announcements: We are officially up and running! Please take a moment to skim through the rules before posting. What is this? This is a thread where artists of all different levels, skills, and art forms can come together to exchange art of the mlp world. Everyone who posts will receive art, as long as they are able to give art in return. How does it work? - Take a claim on the above member's character (your official agreement to draw their character) - Post a reference of the character you want someone to draw - Draw the character of the member above you [WITHIN 15 days of posting] - Update your progress on the completion of a character - Post the final product of your art on your last post - Repeat the process once done with your part of the trade Claiming Form (MUST USE): I Am Claiming the Character Above Me! Art Progress: (ex- sketching, coloring, detailing, finished, etc.) Finished Art: (enter your finished piece here) Rules: (optional – usage rights, off site, selling/trading, etc.) Ref: (the character you want drawn here) Basic Info: (optional – name, gender, species, personality, etc.) Preferences: (optional – forms of art, poses, transparent background, etc.) Other: (optional) - Use the form to claim - Only characters related to the MLP Universe will be accepted (includes Equestria Girls) - Please do not ask for art of MLP/EG canon characters - Draw the character directly above you and provide a legible, easy to interpret, reference for the next person under you to draw. - You must FINISH your art from a previous claim before posting again. - 15 days is the maximum time given to users to complete their art (unless an extension is given under certain circumstances.) - ONLY claim art if you are capable of drawing the character - You must OWN the character you are posting for art of; Requesting gift art is okay. - Sloppy sketches will not be accepted. - Nearly all types/forms of art are accepted in this exchange, as long as time, effort, and detail are put into every piece. - Use of pony bases are allowed if... The base artist gives permission for your use of base You properly color and detail the base with obvious effort You get the okay from the character’s owner - Art must be of reasonable quality, as determined by thread staff, in comparison to what you are capable of. - All art is free. - Feel free to PM the owner of the character you are drawing once completed. - Have questions please contact me! Temporary Bans: If you do not finish your art in 15 days, you will be PM'd by me and given a TWO DAY extension to finish your art. After that, you will be banned without further warning until your art is completed by you or someone who does it in your place. Bans: NONE! Let it stay that way. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I Am Claiming the Character Above Me! (I'll randomly draw someone's character on this site! Art Progress: Planning Finished Art: (WIP) Rules: Please give me credit and feel free to use it anywhere. Ref: Basic Info: Valeska/ Female/ Earth Pony Preferences: I'll take whatever you can give me. Other: Thank you so much!