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Found 24 results

  1. Entertainment is subjective, especially in the case of MLP, but what do you think constitutes as a valid form of criticism and scrutiny over invalid forms of criticism? How would you define/differentiate the two?
  2. Speculation on What Season 9 (The Last Season?) of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Will Be Like: Speculations based on leaked information! Spoilers ahead. Anyway, those are just my speculations on what could happen/occur come Season 9 (should it be the last season of FIM). But what do you think, do you agree with my speculations? What are yours? Let me and everyone else know. 😊 God Bless and Take Care. Speculation on What Season 9.docx
  3. Hey, everyone! As you might know, I've recently been returning to websites like this and EqD to get back in touch with my old friends from the Brony fandom, and experience some nostalgia before the inevitable happens with My Little Pony. Since the start of the end is happening soon, now that I have collected my thoughts on the topic, I just wanted to say that, although I might no longer be a Brony, there's no denying that this show and the fandom around it meant a lot to me... Personally, I never expected that the day I decided to watch MLP out of being bored and finding something to do on my mother's old, slow and pink laptop could have lead to such a big part of my life. Since 2014, being in the fandom gave me a place to be in my free time, it helped me discover parts of myself I never previously knew about, I learned a lot of lessons and I became the person I am today, all thanks to the ponies. And so far, nothing, not even my obsession with Splatoon have managed to come close to what MLP was to me. It sounds silly to say but, MLP left a big impression on me, and it influenced me in a lot of ways that I never saw coming (e.g. my art style is quite clearly derived from MLP for the most part). I'm not sure where I would have been without this show, as it has helped me grow, it has helped me mature, and the fandom felt like a second home to me... Because of the kind of mark MLP has left on me in my life, I just wanted to say thank you to Lauren Faust, DHX Media, Hasbro, and of course the Brony fandom for making MLP the thing I remember it as today. To anyone here (or elsewhere) from the fandom that I may have fell out of touch with, I just wanted to say that I'm sorry things couldn't work out and I do wish things were different... I'm sure that in some way, shape or form, if you were my friend during my Brony years, you have definitely left some kind of influence on me. I have really enjoyed my time in the fandom and I wouldn't have my teen to young adult years spent any other way! Personally, for me, MLP wasn't just another popular show to me, but it was also an experience, which lead to many other things in my life and basically branched out into something more than just something to watch when I'm bored. I'll be sure to watch the episodes as they air, and it has been fun being part of the fandom for as long as I have! -Nightfall Samuel. And now, one of the first Brony songs I ever listened to, and also the song I knew would become nostalgic when the time finally came, also no doubt my favourite fandom song:
  4. Hello everyone! Here's a new game that I came up with for you all. The rules are fairly straightforward: I will say something that starts with the letter A and is somehow related to MLP. The next person will say something that starts with the letter B and is related to MLP, and so on. Start over again at A when you reach the end of the alphabet. Each time you go through the alphabet, try to use different words! You can be creative with this! If you like, you can say an episode title, song title, or character's name that contains multiple words. Just put one of the words in bold to signify that it starts with whichever letter you are going for. For example: The Cart Before The Ponies could count for the letter C and This Day Aria could count for the letter A. Have fun! I guess I'll start with A: Applejack
  5. Hello everypony, I see you! OK, good morning everypony and welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews"! This should be a fairly short review today, but that doesn't mean there wasn't a lot to like here. Without further ado, let's get going, this is "Viva Las Pegasus"!!! First and foremost, I would describe this episode as an exceptional experience episode. It didn't have a particularly deep message, if any at all, BUT it was just a whole lot of fun, and in that regard it excelled. I've been wanting to see Las Pegasus in the show for a long time (and I'm sure I'm not the only one) and boy oh boy the animators did not disappoint here. The sights were a blast and exactly what a Las Vegas-ponified locale should look like, and there was a lot of fun to be had this whole episode. I adored the side characters we got, from the adorable acrobat pony and her director to the hilariously obvious Siegried and Roy parody! The backgrounds looked great the whole episode and the LOADS of background ponies were a lot of fun as well. Smugshy is so, so smug Flim and Flam also had exactly the type of episode you'd want them to have. It was nice getting to see them in the role of hesitant heroes (for once), but at the same time I very much appreciated that they did not get reformed. It just wouldn't seem true to their natures to do so, and besides, they're not really evil anyway; I'm pretty sure this episode solidified their status as true neutral characters. They're always out to improve their own fortunes, and that's exactly what they were doing here, it just so happened that this time they actually helped other ponies for a change as well. Besides, at least now they're just ripping ponies off at a tourist destination, it's not like they're claiming to cure diseases or trying to run the Apples out of business now. So yeah, fun episode for them, and I'm happy they didn't get reformed; Equestria's not a perfect place, after all, and it's nice to see that some "scoundrels," especially hilariously over-the-top ones like those two, never change. Plus their revenge on Gladmane was actually quite satisfying to see unfold. Applejack and Fluttershy also got the combo episode those two always deserved. When "Bats!" first aired, I was EXTREMELY disappointed in the results because the entire time, Fluttershy was portrayed as always being in the right, and AJ always being in the wrong. It just wasn't very well executed and didn't live up to what those two as a pair could be. THIS episode, on the other hand, completely did! From the start they complemented each other nicely, and they continued to do so even after they had disagreements. They both weren't comfortable in a locale like Las Pegasus, they both helped solve the problem when they went their separate ways, and they supported each other with their own strengths from start to finish in identifying the friendship problem and solving it. Suffice to say, this episode has more than made up for the disappointment that "Bats!" was. Applejack: she just found your magazines, you know, THOSE ones Overall, like I said before, the episode was an experience first and foremost (a fun one at that), and in that capacity it excelled. It felt actually very much like a Scooby Doo episode; solving the problem was more important than any lesson learned, and even the resolution wasn't that important compared to the viewing experience itself. The episode was about giving the viewer a fun time above all else, and with that being the case I must say it passed with flying colors. That's all I've got for this week everypony, until next time this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit* You may be happy, but you will never be as happy as a pegasus covered in pink prairie dogs
  6. Hi everyone, So as the title suggests, which hiatus was the hardest for you to go through? For me, it's a tossup between the season 4 & season 5 hiatus. For season 4, you have to remember what everyone's mindset was like back in 2013. Twilight just became an Alicorn and the 1st Equestria Girls was released in select theaters (I remember not being able to get seats during opening weekend because the tickets were all sold out ). Let's just say that we were all antsy to see if anything would change in the show now that our titular main character had ascended. Speculation was at an all time high at this point as many people were throwing in their $0.02. Some people outright left the fandom, while others (myself included) stuck around knowing that the show was in good hands . For season 5, aside from replacing Twilight's library with her castle (R.I.P. Golden Oakes) nothing too dramatic occurred that would cause an uproar like the season 3 finale. However, I think we all remember the sheer length of the hiatus though. 11 MONTHS WITHOUT A NEW EPISODE OF PONY!?!?!?! I think many of us were nearly losing our minds towards the end (kinda like Twilight in Lesson Zero actually ). For the amount of time that they made us wait, i'm probably gonna go with the wait for season 5 as the most painful of them all! On the other end of the spectrum, which hiatus went by the quickest? That award goes to the wait for season 6. After what we went through waiting for season 5, I think it only toughened all of us for any lengthy breaks that Hasbro could throw at us. I'm curious to see what your thoughts are. Discuss away
  7. NOTE: this was moved from my discussion topic to here ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ How many elements of harmony are there? This is my first discussion topic and first post so if you find errors please message me. And any gaps where you think and episode would fit please comment it down below and I will have a look and update this thread/discussion as needed. If you have any questions or would like to add on. I made a very big question for myself to answer and if you want to put pieces together with me just message me with the evidence and I will add it with your name.???? WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD! You have been warned… ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I have a theory about the equestria universe (MLP: FIM & MLP: EQG) There are 9 elements of harmony... This may sound crazy but if you look at the picture shown in the beginning sequence for mlp season 1 episode 1 (mare in the moon part 1)(the one above), as it shows the elements of harmony in gem form, you will see 3 empty points on the picture. elements of harmony vector by spiritofthwwolf Link to external image (opens new tab) as shown in the picture on the above(very top left) theses are the elements in gem form shown in the first episode of season 1 during the intro where celestia talks about banishing her sister to the audience. The picture shows 3 points with missing elements, either this was an error in drawing by the artists of there are 3 hidden elements. In the centre is the element of magic and around the outside from top clockwise is; loyalty, honesty, kindness, generosity and laughter. They can be recognised by there distinct colours. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The currently known elements of harmony Igniter element- this element is needed to be able to use the rest Magic- twilight sparkle. This is the most powerful element of harmony, this element is the one to ignite the rest of the elements, without its spark none of the other elements of harmony would not work --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sub elements- these elements require the igniter element to be within range when ignited to activate, without the igniter element the sub elements don’t work. These also require the other sub elements to be there when the igniter element activates to be able activate themselves. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Loyalty- rainbow dash. This is one of the elements of harmony, this element requires the spark of the element of magic to ignite it. Honesty- apple jack. This is one of the elements of harmony, this element requires the spark of the element of magic to ignite it. Generosity- rarity (belle). This is one of the elements of harmony, this element requires the spark of the element of magic to ignite it. Kindness- fluttershy. This is one of the elements of harmony, this element requires the spark of the element of magic to ignite it. Laughter-Pinkie pie. This is one of the elements of harmony, this element requires the spark of the element of magic to ignite it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unknown elements/unfound elements. Booster elements- like the sub elements as they require the other elements and the igniter elements to be in proximity to be activated, but these elements are not required to be their when the igniter element activates, but when they are there they boost the power of the other elements. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Possible names and bearers. (Characters who could have multiple elements have two or more names next tot them) Ambition/forgiveness- sunset shimmer Courage/equality- starlight glimmer Love- princess cadence (of course) Protection- (prince) shining armour NOTE: I said starlight glimmer as an element holder because of the way she was willing to stand up and be responsibly for what she had done when she made her mistakes and she admitted she was wrong, which does take alot of courage todo. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ How the element work, link to their bearers and what kind of magic do they possess. The elements of harmony link to their bears based on how strong the bearer shows the elements power, for example, the element of loyalty links to rainbow dash because of her undying loyalty to her friends, she would much rather have friends than pursue a dream of hers, to become a wonderbolt (shown in the first episodes of season 1). The elements are linked to the tree of harmony which is the object which controls the elements magic, this tree is what chooses the new bearers then links with them through an event, such as when the mane 6 all go their cutie marks the elements linked to them then, this is what caused them to be able to bear the elements. The combined power of the mane 6’s elements is known as friendship magic, though this is an extremely powerful magic it can be beaten by Terek, who absorbs the power of the elements right of the mane 6. But there is a more powerful magic, created when the mane 6 unlock the box in twilights kingdom, it was able to defeat Terek, who had literally all of the magic in equestria, including all alicorn magic, when it drained him and returned all the magic back to equestria. This powerful magic is known as harmony magic, it is produced by the tree of harmony when all of the elements (including the 3 booster elements) are in close proximity of the igniter element. The tree of harmony activates this magic when disharmony destroys equestria, it all travels into the bearers of the elements and also causes the cutie castle and cutie map to be created, this map is directly linked to the bearers and the tree, so when the tree senses disharmony in the land it directs the elements bearers to the problem to be solved. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Location of the 3 hidden elements I believe the location of the 3 hidden elements is inside of the tree of harmony. I believe this due to what I said before about the tree emitting harmony magic, created when all 9 elements are activated in close proximity to one another. The reason why I say inside the tree, is so they are not discovered until the new bearers come within proximity of the tree, then the new elements will be revealed and reform into the bearers cutie mark, also at that point the new bearer will be added to the cutie map and get their own throne in the cutie castle. The reason why celestia and Luna did not get these element is as the three hidden elements were already linked to a pony from that time, the rest where then linked to them as they showed each of the elements greatest strengths, but because there were only two of them, they stayed in gem form when the three hidden elements unknown bearers passed way further down the line a new bearer for each were chosen, so until the new bearer gets close to the tree they will be unable to find the last three elements. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Expansion of my theory When the mane 6 had to give up their respective elements, the tree of harmonies gained full control of them again, but without breaking the bond with the mane 6. This leads me to the harmony magic, this is the magic that was created on the first time the elements where created and first used. Harmony magic is the strongest magic in equestria and can only be produced by the elements of harmony. This magic was created when equestria was founded on the first hearths warming eve. This is shown in the hearths warming eve episode of mlp when the three tribes final come together, when the second in command for the unicorn tribe suddenly lights up and dispels the windigos and creates a magical love heart in the air above her. This magical explosion is similar to the way twilights happened after the sonic rain boom. I think this explosion of magic was the creation of the elements and the tree of harmony, along with its own powerful magic, the harmony magic. Also I think when twilight also had a sudden orb of raw magic around her, it was the trees way of bonding her with the element of magic. This just happens to be coincided with the sonic rain boom, speaking of that episode too. I think the elements all linked with their respective bearers when they got their cutie marks. Their cutie marks being the same shape as the jewels formed form the elements in the first episodes of S1. Each element links to their respective bearer’s cutie mark and personality. This connection is also shown in the finale of season 5 when starlight changes the future by stopping the rain boom, none of the mane 6 ever then linked with the elements of harmony, this then caused what happened in the alternate timelines, but only the original timeline twilight stayed linked with the element of harmony, causing the cutie map to still appear, this is because the tree recognizes the dis harmony, tries to fix it, but fails as the elements aren't linked to bearers, except for twilight, who still is linked, that’s what causes the cutie map to appear, the tree was only able to fix that much, and keep twilight and spikes memories, this is why they then remember each timeline and what happened to cause them. The missing booster elements currently either don’t have bearers or the bearers have not been close enough to the tree to be fully linked with their respective element. For example starlight glimmer may be a bearer of an element later on, she is linked with her element but has not been close enough to the tree to allow the element to reform and link fully with her, and the same goes for sunset shimmer, we see she linked with the human worlds version of the elements when she ponied up in rainbow rocks, but she has not come back to equestria of been near either dimensions tree of harmony to be fully linked with her element. The ninth and final element has no current bearer that we know of, either season 6 of mlp will show us this or the next equestria girl’s film will be the one to reveal all. _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ If you have any ideas or questions about this theory or would like to help me build it up, please comment below. Any questions or theory ideas will be put in their own heading called questions and theories, I will try to answer the questions, and thank people who add on to the theory. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Questions and theories 11/01/16 Update 1 - Yamet, on 10 Jan 2016 - 9:17 PM, said: The elements only works if all of them are used at the same time. So how did they use the elements if there are actually 9? Thank you Yamet for the feedback. My answer to this is that the mane sixes element represent friendship magic, so they are activated with one another when in close proximity to each other. But, when used together with the other three elements I think it will boost the strength of the elements to create a magic more powerful than friendship magic, harmony magic (theory of name). --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ please feel free to comment down below any thoughts of your own on this theory, it is much appreciated to see both negative and positive feedback. if you have any idea on how I can this theory better into the show, please do comment it. I will be updating this discussion regularly to improve detailing of the theory and to try an place that into the way the show is at the moment. hopefully season 6 will help bring more ideas and theories to the table. i will update this when I can, when i update a section i will put a date in front of it or as a title to show that from that point till the end of the paragraph is new or has be modified __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  8. i haven't watched mlp in a year because i forgot what episode i was on so i would watch it but i have no idea so should i start season 5 again or should i try to guess what episode i'm on please help me
  9. Sitting in my room fighting the battle to stay awake writing my silly story with my only allies being determination, The Wonder Years and Motion City blasting at full volume, and this cup of coffee I made for myself. Since I'm really only good at procrastinating Because I have plenty of free time though, I'll be listing off this season's episodes by a scale of 1 - 10. My opinion on these episodes and season 5 will change over time. Except for Princess Spike. Princess Spike was awful. The Cutie Map: 10/10, a really good start for Season 5 and really sets this year's theme of Cutie Marks. Castle Sweet Castle: 7/10, as Rainbow puts it, it was alight. Bloom & Gloom: 9/10, a GOOD CMC episode? Well, maybe a good Spike episode isn't a hopeless dream after all! Tanks for the Memories: 5/10, I like how Rainbow didn't even have to do community service for jeopardizing the lives of others in this, I need more of this to fill the empty void that Dan Vs. once filled Appleoosa's Most Wanted: 5/10, well, maybe Spike's episode will be better... Make New Friends but Keep Discord: 2/10, what? Discord's a redeemed villain? I couldn't tell, really. The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone: 6/10, the lore wasn't really worth much. Slice of Life: 10/10, one of the best non-opener episodes in Season 5. Dipshit Princess Spike (silly old auto-correct): -1/10, the embodiment of everything I hate about Spike's treatment. Nothing redeeming about it, not even the memes could sway my opinion. Please put Spike out of his misery already. Party Pooped: 1/10, I'd wish they would stop yakking around. The yaks felt every little bit of stereotypical and were simply unsympathetic on screen (I was kinda hoping they did go to war just to see the Princesses curb stomp them). Amending Fences: 10/10, Larson, stop tormenting me like this, please. Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheeps: 3/10, this episode sure is a good one to sleep through. Canterlot Boutique: 8/10, what I learn is Rarity's well liked for a reason. Rarity Investigates: 7/10, I love me some film noir. Made in Manhatten: 4/10, meh 1. Brotherhood Social: 4/10, meh 2. Crusaders of the Lost Mark: 10/10, I'm loving the CMC right now. The One Who Pinkie Pie Knows: 3/10, a dull watch. Heartbreakers: 8/10, and in good old Pinkie fashion she makes a comeback. Scare Master: 7/10, Flutters' not savage enough. - EQD What About Discord: 2/10, okay Discord, pack your things and beat it. You may not be the nicest of the recurring cast, but you should know by now that not being a dick is mandatory. The Hooffields and McColts: 3/10, almost as bad as the yaks. The Mane Attraction: 9/10, AJ has the coolest childhood friend out of the six. The Cutie Re-Mark: 4/10, the alternate timeline hijinks were all entertaining (still don't see how two greedy salesmen are worse than a centaur who becomes more stronger and destructive by absorbing magic though) but the pacing near the end felt iffy, and I generally not a huge fan of how they capped things off. Overall, I'd say this was a good season despite some bumps along the way. Hopefully Rainbow won't destroy another weather factory while we all hibernate. Oh right, my story.
  10. Is there a Pony or other Species of character in MLP: FIM who you sound like? I sound like Happy Celestia on a normal day and on a bad day I sound like Calm Trixie.
  11. Now I might have reached the point where I feel like I really need to take a break from MLP: FiM and the fandom in general. Remember how Tommy Oliver rage quit the brony fandom? Well I seem to be having a very similar situation he was in. I started watching FiM in April 2014 but didn't get into it until June of that year, and that summer I was obsessed with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I was watching like 6 episodes every day and saw most of the series, I was very enthusiastic of the show and wanted more so I looked up fan content and even joined MLPForums because I wanted to discuss about the show while being safe from haters. However after that summer my enthusiasm died a little bit though I was still very enthusiastic, however in the past month or so my enthusiasm dropped a lot. Why did it drop a lot? Well it's not because I thought FiM was getting worse, it's because it excites me way less than last summer because the novelty wore off on me and I feel like it's only natural that happens. But the fandom wore off on me way more. For one, I got really tired of discussing the show and the world etc., Just like any forum, there are some members that annoy me. Forums tend to bore me really quickly but I've never been so active on a forum before and made over 1200 posts and several blog entries but it's finally wearing on me. Another thing is that most of the fan content doesn't interest me that much honestly and most of it bores me. The fan content doesn't convince me to be more enthusiastic. I prefer the official content of MLP over fan content by leaps and bounds, because official content is more of my comfort zone. Let me just say Nintendo fan content interests me so much more. So yeah the show and official content such as books is what keeps me intrigued in MLP not the fandom. I actually did make a couple of fan projects such as a drawing of Ganon riding Sombra, and an MLP YouTube Poop mainly because I thought they would be funny to make. I also am planning a YTP Movie with MLP characters crossing over with Keldeo from Pokémon (Which is what got me into MLP) because he looks like a My Little Pony but other than that I have no fan projects planned. And after I make that project and when the show ends I'm probably going to move on from the fandom entirely though I'll still watch FiM from time to time. Another thing I want to mention is that there are several other shows I like to watch such as Regular Show, Fullmetal Alchemist, Doraemon, Gravity Falls, Spongebob, Powerpuff Girls, Wander over Yonder, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Pokémon films, and Phineas & Ferb. I just got back into Regular show which is my favorite Cartoons Network show and I also like to rewatch childhood shows as well. I feel like most of my other favorite shows have better storytelling than FiM, they are faster in pace, and have more interesting content in my opinion. And those shows entertain me way more than MLP fan content, and sometimes even FiM itself. While I feel like there are other shows with better more interesting storytelling I do appreciate how most of the stories in FiM have a moral or message which is one of my favorite parts of FiM along with the songs. Now from 2010-2012 I was obsessed with Adventure Time, not as obsessed as with FiM last summer but still very enthusiastic. I almost joined the fan community and forum but didn't. And I was excited for Season 3 to come out as well. However after 2012 my enthusiasm for Adventure Time dropped a lot, mainly because it excited me less and I enjoyed Regular Show more. And now I hardly watch Adventure Time anymore because the novelty wore off on me and there are other shows I like more. I could watch it again and get back into it but I just don't have the motivation to. So I lost a lot of my enthusiasm for the show and even more for the fandom and I also miss watching the earlier episodes. So I feel like I want to take a break from MLP: FiM and get back into it starting fresh by starting with the first episode and working my way down to the other episodes with a different view than I used to have. I want to do this to regain some of my enthusiasm but I probably will never be as enthusiastic of FiM as I was last summer and I'm probably not going to be very active in the fandom either because it mostly doesn't interest me and I'd much rather just simply watch the show with little to no activity in the fandom. That being said I'm probably not going to be very active on these forums anymore mostly because the fandom mostly doesn't interest me that much and forums in general bore me quickly. I may actually catch the new episode "Slice of Life" but after that I'm going to take an indefinite hiatus from FiM and I may even stop with the fandom, it was fun for a while but it's time for me to move on to what I love like simply watching cartoons, playing games and make drawings. I'm also on YouTube where I make YTPs on occasion (I'm still new) and DeviantArt though I'm more active on DeviantArt where I make fan drawings of my favorite shows or games. You can check out my YouTube and DeviantArt if you want: So basically I won't stop watching FiM but I may leave the fandom because it mostly doesn't interest me and when I'm not watching FiM I'd rather watch another show than look up fan content. And I will probably start fresh by going back to the first episodes with a different view on this show than I initially had. So yeah while I'm having a similar situation as Oliver though I'm not rage quitting. I'll continue to watch FiM and occasionally pick up some merchandise but I'm pretty much done with the fandom. Please comment on this if you have anything you wanted to say.
  12. Now I feel like there are several members in this community who are expecting too much out of FiM. What I mean by that is that there are are people who are expecting tons of episodes with more dark, epic, more serious feels to them. But I feel for the most part this is a slice of life show with some good messages that's less stressful than other shows with some few Disney style moments on occasion. I feel like most of the plots revolve around the situation of the message they are trying to tell. I feel that if we like this show it should just be enjoyed for what is and not for what it can be. There are shows like Gravity Falls which has dark and often more deep, epic, serious stories if that's what you're into. So are we expecting too much?
  13. I see there's a topic on favourite episodes, however there hasn't been a thread on favourite moments on the show yet. I decided to create this thread because there have been a lot of amazing moments in the show. Which has been your favourite moments in the show, and why? Let me start off with mine: Nightmare Moon getting a friendship beam to turn into Princess Luna (Season 1). This set the quotient the show started with. The Rainboom heard 'round the world (Season 1). I enjoyed it because of the bravery Rainbow Dash pulls to save her friend, Rarity, and makes an effect out of it. The Gala (Season 1). I enjoyed the gala there because of little moments that made it entertaining. Discord petrified once more (Season 2). When a mad god just doesn't learn that friendship is magic, what do you do? Get your friends that were corrupted and have them exact revenge! Uniting for a Cause (Season 2). When Windigos are causing problems, the three pony races unite to defeat the Windigos. Queen Chrysalis defeating Princess Celestia (Season 2). You know a villain is powerful enough when she cripples a Princess single-handedly.
  14. I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this if not, I apologise but I'm looking for pals! My gamecentre is << Sapphire >> There may be spaces, if not, try without the spaces. But the > < are included. Please add me so we can gift hearts to one another -_-
  15. Does anypony here play the MLP: FiM mobile app as well? Because I was wonderkng if I could add y'all aa a friend there. Would be quite rad to have somepony to visit other than Celestia.
  16. I really want to start drawing ponies. I need help with creating a ponysona. Are there any tips you can give me for creating a ponysona? Also, have any easy tips for drawing ponies?
  17. Well I'm not sure if it's been done yet, nor if it's really that okay for me to make a topic like this. But this one had to be done. As usual this is not a topic to discuss your hatred of this episode, just discuss flaws you had with it. Personally, I'd say either the dragons, the mane sixs attitude and the moral. If I had to pick one I'd say the moral. It tied in with my other choices in a sense I say that's the flaw. What about you guys?
  18. Hey hey. Since I'm bored, and have been wanting to do it, I'm gonna go ahead and lay out my basic impression of every single episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, with 1 of 5 ratings for each: Amazing, Great, Good, Average, or Mediocre. If I feel an episode teeters in between two of those, I'll just put both, and will elaborate a bit at the end of each season and will link to my extended thoughts on an episode when possible. Without further ado, here we go: Season 1: Friendship is Magic, pt 1- Good Friendship is Magic, pt 2- Good The Ticket Master- Good Applebuck Season- Great Griffon the Brush Off- Great Boast Busters- Mediocre Dragonshy- Great Look Before You Sleep- Great Bridle Gossip- Great Swarm of the Century- Great Winter Wrap Up- Great Call of the Cutie- Good Fall Weather Friends- Great Suited for Success- Amazing Feeling Pinkie Keen- Amazing Sonic Rainboom- Great Stare Master- Good The Show Stoppers- Good A Dog and Pony Show- Great Green Isn't Your Color- Amazing Over a Barrel- Great A Bird in the Hoof- Great The Cutie Mark Chronicles- Great Owl's Well That Ends Well- Great Party of One- Great The Best Night Ever- Great Overall- Great A whole lot to like in Season 1! Every single episode of the season is entertaining and full of great moments, and where everything started. While I didn't much like Boast Busters(sorry, it's just not very well-paced plus it introduced Snips and Snails who are terrible), I understand its impact on the fandom with the introduction of Trixie. I felt Green Isn't Your Color was the best episode of the season, if not my favorite of the series because every character in the episode has an amazing role in it, plus it has a ton of incredibly entertaining moments. Suited for Success I feel similarly about, plus it had an amazing song and was my first episode so I have a connection to it. Feeling Pinkie Keen is just a flawlessly entertaining episode though imo, it always makes me laugh. All in all, season 1 just rocks, but the series gets even better! Season 2: Return of Harmony, pt 1- Amazing Return of Harmony, pt 2- Amazing Lesson Zero- Amazing Luna Eclipsed- Great Sisterhooves Social- Amazing The Cutie Pox- Good May the Best Pet Win!- Great The Mysterious Mare Do Well- Mediocre Sweet and Elite- Great Secret of My Excess- Great Hearth's Warming Eve- Amazing Family Appreciation Day- Great Baby Cakes- Good The Last Roundup- Amazing The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000- Great Read It and Weep- Great Hearts and Hooves Day- Average A Friend in Deed- Great Putting Your Hoof Down- Great It's About Time- Mediocre Dragon Quest- Great Hurricane Fluttershy- Great Ponyville Confidential- Great MMMystery on the Friendship Express- Good A Canterlot Wedding, pt 1- Amazing A Canterlot Wedding, pt 2- Amazing Overall- Great/Amazing Just an awesome season overall. While there were some not very good episodes like Hearts and Hooves Day(wasted potential for a true Valentine's Day episode) The Mysterious Mare Do Well(I don't think I need to tell you why this one's not very good), and It's About Time(probably the dumbest episode in the series imo), the good really outweighs the bad here. The brilliance of the episodes I dubbed amazing really knows no bounds, especially Lesson Zero and A Canterlot Wedding. Season 2 is declared best season by the majority of bronies, and I tend to agree with that notion. Season 3: The Crystal Empire, pt 1- Amazing The Crystal Empire, pt 2- Amazing Too Many Pinkie Pies- Good One Bad Apple- Good Magic Duel- Amazing(review: Sleepless in Ponyville- Average(review: Wonderbolt Academy- Great Apple Family Reunion- Great Spike at Your Service- Great Keep Calm and Flutter On- Amazing(review: Just for Sidekicks- Average(review: Games Ponies Play- Good(review: Magical Mystery Cure- Amazing(review: Overall- Great Season 3 is short, but pretty sweet. Not a single bad episode really, and quite a few incredible ones. I didn't like Sleepless in Ponyville as much as others did really, but I certainly don't hate the episode or anything, and Just for Sidekicks was also somewhat dissapointing to me. But with the awesomeness in most of the rest of the episodes, especially the premiere, Magic Duel, Keep Calm and Flutter On, and the season finale, there's a lot to love in season 3's smaller package. Phew, that was exhausting. Thanks for reading, and feel free to tell me what you think of every episode! And let me know what you disagree with, if you care enough. All in all, I think the whole series is pretty great, and I hope the upcoming Season 4 gives us a ton more of great/amazing episodes! Oh, and for the record: Equestria Girls- Good
  19. My story named: Enter: Equestria, is now complete and ready to be read! The story can be found in this topic: It would also be a great help if you bump that topic, but if you don't want to you don't have to. Reviews for said story can be found here if you want to check them first: I hope you all enjoy!
  20. How do you think MLP: FiM will affect coming toy cartoon series? Well, there will probably be some impact, but what? I mean, it could be that hasbro makes a transformer that is a pony, or that some toymaker, Hasbro or otherwise, makes a toyline directed towards bronies with some kind of "Action ponies" including a series of course ... Or, it could be that even Mattell tries to bring quality to their Barbie-..... cartoons. Or that an existing franchise desides to bring in qality and/or ponies or other anthrofied animals and/or "darker stories" to whatever series and toyline it is they have. The most probable, as i see it, is that others try to copy the succsess of FiM, in various ways, and with varying result..... But now, what do you all others think?
  21. Ok, now that Lauren Faust has managed to make a massive makeover to MLP, that is nothing short of a massive success, it is most probably just a question of time until other shows tries to mimic that success, with extremely varying results. So, the questions i ask,is these: * Which shows do you think will be the next to try by fixing a makeover similar to Lauren's work on MLP? (No, i'm not forgetting the rest of the staff, but Lauren did put together part of the staff, who then put together the rest.) * Which shows would you like to get a makeover like the one above? * Will the makeover be successful or not?