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Found 16 results

  1. Have you ever felt as though posting on forums (can - but doesn't have to - include MLPF) is a waste of time? Ever just asked yourself, "Self, what are you doing? You could be drawing. Writing. Reading. Peeling potatoes. Pretending you're a grizzled old sea captain... Why are you wastin' yer time a-postin' on this here forum?" I leaned into the sea captain role a bit at the end. Or a really poor Applejack impression; I can't tell. Furthermore: What do you hope to accomplish at these forums? What, if anything, do you feel you have accomplished on these forums? What's your favorite flower? Disregard that last question.
  2. Just making this poll to see the most common ranks and such.
  3. Thread is pretty simple, post who your favorite member is by using this BBCode ' [ member = (member's name) ] '. *Remove the extra spaces. Saying why is optional. @Keezuw, @SCS, and @LittleRawr are my favorites.
  4. Don't know if this goes in General Discussion or Forum Lounge but the Favorite Member thread is in here so I'll go with this one. So, if you were gay, (That is if you aren't already) which member would you go gay for. I've been talking to new people recently, so maybe some of the other male Pinkie fans I talk to.
  5. Greeting fellow ponies and creatures of Equestria! This club is officially open to any team moon members or non-members to post anything they wish that involve with Luna's and the rest of her teams, TEAM MOON! Post pictures, talks/dicussion, supports, or anything you wish to add to contribute to the team! HAIL TO THE MOON! Banner made by @BornAgainBrony Video made by @BornAgainBrony. Make sure to credit him for his hard work!
  6. Hi all! I'm not really sure where to post this, so it sort of falls here as the least-disruptive option. It's not important news by any means, but I figure it might be interesting to see what I've been doing with regards to mlpforums. 2017-10-03: Set up a basic ubuntu VM in virtualbox. Downloaded ipboard (our forum software) from our Github, but couldn't get it running. With Feld0's help, however, I did manage to get the official, vanilla download sort-of running. (ipboard's documentation is really sparse.) 2017-10-07: Installed all the things. Configured nginx, installed mysql and some php extensions. Got the forum 'can it be installed' checker to come up green after some misunderstandings. It seems to want /var/www/html chmod'd to 777, but I gave it 664, which is slightly more secure, and ipboard accepted it. At this point, I realize I should have installed mariadb instead of mysql. It's too late however - after half an hour and gratuitous use of virtualbox's snapshot ability, I determine I can't uninstall mysql enough to install mariadb. 2017-10-11: Some configuration later, and I finally have a running copy of ipboard! Taking a chance, I unzipped the git copy of the forums overtop of it, and it Seems To Work™. Pushing my luck, I install a few extensions for the forum as well, and everything continues to work just fine. Spooky. 2017-10-18: Today, I started looking at installing the iAwards "application" for us. It seemed to be go fine in testing, after I upped my VM's Nginx's HTTP "POST" size limit. I also installed a few other applications, and upgraded my VM's version of IPS Communit Suite. (Which I think is ipboard? I'm not sure.) I'll hopefully have time to finish that up this weekend. Anyway, that's it for now! I hope to post updates here as things get on. Nothing important, just the day-to-day maintenance and sysadminnery that I'm doing behind the scenes. Please, comment, let me know if there's a better way to do what I'm doing, and – thanks for reading!
  7. Hey everypony! So, with the MLP movie literally on our doorstep, I think now would be a great time to have the forum celebrate the event in style by asking any out there of artistic ability (or even those just handy with photoshop!) to design a suitable banner for the forum that we can fly for the duration of the movie period. If you're interested, please message any submissions to @Dark Horse, @PathfinderCS, @Fhaolan and @LadyMercury. You can submit whenever, there's no real closing date. Should we get enough submissions we might try and see to it that as many as possible are featured for a period of time. Ever wanted to see your creation at the top of the forum? Well now's your chance! I'd only ask that you please keep submissions related to the movie as a whole and please avoid anything that might be considered spoiler-ish. Don't want to ruin anything for anyone! With all that said, get out there and get designing!
  8. Well, where to begin. I am Koukatsu. If we're on friendly terms, you can call me Kou. It sounds like Toe, with a hard K. Or you can call me Kouk, like the red can of pop. I'm pretty much an open book, willing to disclose a large amount of my life. Life is just a story, after all, and what good is a story if you don't tell it? Which is why some of you may recall "Koukatsu Brand Story Time", or some may notice that I talk most when I talk of myself. It's not that I love the sound of my own voice, but that I love to tell the stories. But to pick at the story, to find snip-its that fit together to create a view of me from a singular post? This is a difficult task. So, in addition to what I post, feel free to Ask Me Anything, and I will use any questions to craft future posts in this blog. I like Family Guy, Futurama... Obviously MLPFiM. Castle... Arrow... Constantine, South Park... X-Files. This is just the weirdest way to talk about my life. It feels like a list, and I'm trying to avoid that. My original bestpony is still my bestmane6. Rarity is best mane 5, end of discussion. You're welcome to your opinion, but I'm welcome to ignore it. My true bestpony is Derpy. She is the embodiment of love and tolerance. The abuse she endures, not just from other characters, but from the overzealous bigots who tried to have her removed from the show, and actually succeeded in at least making them alter her character... Even so, she's always smiling, always doing her best, 4th wall be damned. I like gaming. Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft... XB1, PS4, PC... It's all good. Real gamers just game. None of this "you suck because you don't have console z, and console q is garbage" crap. My favorite series is .hack//, because it's a good story, a strange idea to play a game inside a game. Unique at the time it was created. Above that, it lasted two arcs over seven games, and all seven games carried your data from the first. It was an amazing thing, and I still have all seven games. That's the reason I own a fat PS3, instead of a slim. I'd drop money on their remakes in a heartbeat. I graduated high school, though it was a close call. The grades weren't the issue, I got straight D's on purpose, put in minimum effort and all that, whole lot of cutting class. Being lazy and smart is a terrible combination. Another issue arose, and I was nearly expelled the week before senior finals. It's a twisted story, started by a sick lie that was created to abuse a simple truth. The entire purpose was to get me expelled, but I won over the people who would have done so, and was able to graduate, though I could not walk at my graduation. I love anime and manga. There are far too many series that deserve a season two, and don't get one. My favorites include Mysterious Girlfriend X, My Little Monster, The World God Only Knows, Eden of the East, Guilty Crown... and many, MANY more. I'm a bit scatterbrained, and rather forgetful. In the tail end of 2007, I was in an accident, some idiot snowbird made an illegal left, and I ended up with minor brain damage. When you travel, you should learn the laws of the place you're traveling to. I've had a good life. I've been in fights, and made friends. I've been homeless, poor, middle-class. I've mooched off of blood relations, and worked several jobs. Presently, I have two jobs in addition to being staff. I don't NEED two jobs, but I part-time at GameStop, because it's fun. The money, and the discount, are just bonuses. I've not chosen a pet, save once. I picked out a kitten. Years ago, my parents gave him away, without discussing it with me, or asking how I felt about it. Then they were surprised when I would no longer take care of THEIR cats. I don't understand that logic. I'm rambling a bit, I do that, sorry. Also, Socks fired me last night and gave Pathfinder all the jobs. TL;DR version: I'm awesome. I like anime, manga, television, and gaming. Other people tried to tear me down, and failed. I am awesome.
  9. This was why I wanted to host an event like the World Cup on MLPF. Reading through all these quotes again has left me hoping that most of my Masters work will be done by the time I kickstart the qualifying phases of the 2017/2018 MLPF World Cup. Thanks @Stellafera for making the vid once again For those of you unaware of what I'm talking about, here's the thread for the inaugural edition. It's basically a huge voting tournament to determine who the forum's favourite pony is. And a chance to show which character you love the most healthily. Also, the logo by @Zhooves
  10. I've felt for some time now that I don't really belong in - or to - this community. Yes, my unceasing affection for a certain sky-blue pegasus lady has tied me permanently to MLP:FIM, and I will likely continue to watch and enjoy the series. But I'm not a Brony; that's a label I discarded well before today. It may sound beside the point, but being here has caused me a good deal more anxiety, overall, than the forums, themselves, were ever worth. Were it not for the friends that I made, I would have simply walked away months ago. I created some post count goal on a whim to give myself an excuse to keep posting, and I committed to it somewhat obsessively. But I see no point to it anymore. Outside of PMs, I won't be posting at MLPF anymore. Won't be interacting with the forum community anymore. I do believe some will be glad of this, and more, still, won't feel strongly about it one way or the other. This is just as well. I considered posting exclusively in the RDFC, but the RDFC is not Rainbow. And, for all I know, the RDFC may be better off in my absence. I hope that it will be; I've nothing to offer but well wishes to that fan club and its members. I'll be around, but, at the same time, it's as though I won't be. What matters most to me remains intact, and I'll be going quiet without doing any real harm. Have some fun, people. And ponies, too; should you know any.
  11. Would anyone be interested in creating an MLPF Maplestory guild? The staff wouldn't need to pay a cent as the game hosts itself. If anyone is interested please contact me and create a character in Nova.
  12. So, I just received my first batch of warning points ever. xD This was the result of a back-and-forth I had with a member in the "Ugliest Pony" thread. Which, in my opinion, is one of those rather ill-conceived and inherently inflammatory topics that people seem to love so well on these forums. Did I take things too far? Arguably so. Did I enjoy myself while doing it? To a point. Were my actions justified? It doesn't particularly matter. It doesn't matter because I responded sardonically to hyperbolic hate; something present in apparent abundance on these forums populated by individuals who falsely subscribe to love and tolerance. Personally, I love those who have earned my affection, and my tolerance is reserved for those that merely aggravate me. And at times I fight fire with, well, sarcasm. But it's a curious kind of hypocrisy that goes on here. Rather than stomping out a thread that is clearly, by its very nature, promotive of disparaging responses, the staff deems it appropriate to treat the symptoms rather than the cause. I've seen a number of topics involving the dreaded C-word shut down right quick; the excuse seemingly being that the topic is more trouble than it's worth. It invites controversy. And yet, topics that purposely advocate negativity and welcome insult under the pretense of lively debate are permitted to thrive. Why is this? Why does the fandom (at least as represented by this forum) love "hate" so much? Is it simply that hyperbole is comparably more eye-catching? Does exaggeration create the illusion of being more interesting? Perhaps. While I refer to my punishable actions as a "symptom," I do not forget that I am still responsible for those actions. That being said: I shall wear my warning points as a badge of honor. Not because I believe that every word I typed was wholly deserved or right. Not because I feel that I've been done some tremendous and unforgivable injustice. But solely because I acted in response to something I found to be wrong. Though, like myself, my method was certainly imperfect, I was at least capable of recognizing the obvious and feeling something genuine amidst the exchanges of hyperbole and sarcasm. And to whom it may concern: You do not know vitriol. Not truly.
  13. I don't know why, but I'm suddenly feeling the urge to give a shout out to many members of MLPF. So here goes nothing. I challenge you to make a song out of this... Wait a minute... maybe I should give it a go before I start grad school for my next blog post... ---- DJ-BRONI3 was my first close friend here... while Steel Accord is valiant 'cross the roleplays... Good luck being a GK Logical Aventura... cause you'll need it when you start your soccer career... And Artemis I missed all those Skype chats during your leave of absence... Oh MLPF was and is a place of friendship... MLPF is a place of love and of community! MLPF will never be the same... if all these friends of mine were never here! Oh Sugar Cube and Wingnut thank you for all the advice you gave me... I still ship you with each other every now and then ! Dsanders and Pink Mist are such a lovely couple, although I honestly think you need to continue growing together... Oh MLPF was and is a place of friendship... MLPF is a place of love and of community! MLPF will never be the same... if all these friends of mine were never here! Now I'd best be getting... to the other members... I apologize for not mentioning them yet... Batbrony thanks for being the best Derpy fan, and :Flutterdash: you're an awesome fellow Canadian! Oh Akemi Homura you were the first member I met... but I had always remembered you as Devin McCourty! Now I'd better mention all those people who helped me... with the World Cup and making it a huge success! PE Brony, Thunder-wing, Stellafera, and Anilewe oh my! Then there's Flipturn, yayayayayala, PinkiePieRules, and The JLmle who helped me keep things alight! Now Ghostfacekiller39 I simply can't forget... because he's made himself well known by all his posting... but how could I forget Lincolshirepony... who's basically been my closest friend on MLPF... I also know of a certain Sir Godot... who likes to change his usernames a lot But anyway, he's an awesome Phoenix Wright fan like me... and then I've got to mention Super80 Wolf... (whose love of flying I can't ignore!) Oh MLPF was and is a place of friendship... MLPF is a place of love and of community! MLPF will never be the same... if all these friends of mine were never here! Now I'm almost at the end, but I've got so many more to mention... Doctor Xfizzle... thank you for advertising MLPF... if it weren't for you, I'd never be here! Ninetails I haven't seen in a while... but I remember the awesome high school RP we played together... Frostgage you're an awesome sports fan! And Bojo is best Mexico fan! Then there's Bronypony and Mightymags... an awesome physicist... and an awesome advice giver... Oh why do I have to feel so sleepy... SCS is best admin... and I miss Blue Moon and Budding Night and Sir Flutterhooves... I shant end this tune on a sad note... so... I'll throw in Chikoritabrony cause he's a cool Pinkie Pie fan... Oh MLPF was and is a place of friendship... MLPF is a place of love and of community! MLPF will never be the same... if all these friends of mine were never here! ---- Good night. Time to rest... and think of more members to shout out to...
  14. Well, it's just as the title says. Here I propose the national anthems that you guys can hum to as you revere your favourite character before the start of the World Cup match. Rainbow Dash Fluttershy Rarity Applejack Pinkie Pie Twilight Sparkle Derpy Hooves Princess Luna Princess Celestia Princess Cadance Zecora Queen Chrysalis Discord Shining Armor Octavia Granny Smith The Great and Powerful Trixie Sunset Shimmer Applebloom Spike Sweetie Belle Spitfire Soarin Mayor Mare Bulk Biceps Vinyl Scratch Daring Do Scootaloo Dinky Doo Angel Lyra That's all of them I think. You'll hear these anthems right before a World Cup match!
  15. Pokemon MLPF Version? WHAT? Yes, Pokemon MLPF Version. This will be the Pokemon you all know and love but with some (comedic) improvements and the replacement of Pokemon with forum members. When can I get it? Currently there is no release date. However, the game will come out in small segments, so that you can play up to a certain point while we make the rest. We? We, the members of MLPF! You don't have to be a coder or spriter to help make the game. Submitting a character you're known by (or your OC) helps the game. My OC? Won't that make the game full of ponies and kind of bland? Upon receiving your OC, I will change it into a Pokemon based on the moves, character, and type you provide. When the game comes out, how do I get it? Due to legal issues, you'll need to find a ROM of Pokemon Ruby yourself. Then you'll need to download Lunar IPS Patcher, and apply the patch to your ROM. What if I'm a spriter or coder? If you can sprite, or even make pixel art, please contact me via private message! I need all the help I can get. While I can probably code the game myself, the sprites may not be top notch without a spriter. Okay, enough already! Make me a Pokemon! Post with this form. If you get a brohoof from me, your character has been accepted. Image (spoilered): Type: Areas: Name: Good Stats (2): Bad Stats: (2): Ability: Rare or Common: Specific Moves (1-5): Hold Items: Gender Ratio:
  16. MLP Forums Group Picture Vector Thread Alright. I've been thinking about doing a big MLPF group picture for a while, and now that I know how to vector, I think now might be the time to try. I've gotten 50 requests, meaning that entries are closed! Thanks to everyone who posted their original characters. You'll be getting art soon. Participants (updated every 24 hours or sooner):