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Found 36 results

  1. Hello everypony, I've recently started playing an old MMORPG called Ragnarok Online. Does anypony know or have played this game? I used to play this game more than a decade ago and decided to play it again after seeing an ad. It's been an enjoyable experience, but I imagine it would be more fun if I can play it with other Bronies. If you see this post and are interested in the game, please reply or message me The server I play is on called Ragnarok RE:START Odin.
  2. So... Here's a thread about discussing the game Guild Wars 2, from ArenaNet. So... Welp, My main is a mid-level Norn Necro named Ronikerim. I am currently guild-less and a free-to-play player, so... My main is a part of the Durmand Priory. My second character... well... is a human thief named Corvaros, made to look like Corvo Attano from Dishonored 1. He is a low level character. Also, this can be a thread to discuss the lore and mysteries of GW2 and the various characters and ships in the GW2 world. Also, please give me a guild I want to play with other people...
  3. Couldn't find a thread so here is one! Anypony else playing Black Desert Online? Its a Korean MMO that recently came out in Europe and America and its AWESOME! The game is Buy to Play in our regions with no monthly subscription, it has a Cash Store but is by no means pay to win. Here is a video that inspired me to buy the game: And some screenshots of some of my characters: If anyone from Europe reads this and either has the game or is planning to get it, i play on the server Croxus, we should play together!
  4. Back in my Grade school and High school days this game was huge in my country, This was arguably as popular as World of Warcraft was in america during it's golden period. It had one of my favorite background sound tracks and it was also extremely fun. In fact , I've been thinking of getting back into it for the sake of nostalgia. I was wondering if anyone else had played this game back in the day or what they thought of it ^ ^
  5. Wildstar went Free-to-Play My story: So the Wildstar thread on mlpforums is pretty much dead, I posted in it with the new Free-to-play update in hopes of seeing more of my dear friends from here at the forums to join me in the game! Play together, enjoy housing, all that good stuff. I post status updates about Wldstar, and they go unnoticed (which seem like my status updates in general, which is sad). The EQD guild Space Ponies is pretty much dead. as about 90% of all members have not logged on in 1 year. Even steam friends that expressed interest in playing together (and even got into the Wildstar Free to Play rush). It is saddening when anypony and everpony you know will not even give you the time of day It gets to be exceptionally disheartening. </3 mlpforums thread here But enough about that ... for now I guess. I want to play Wildstar, I wish to invite people to the brony guild Space Ponies (founded by Sethisto, who sadly has not logged on in over a year.) I want to be able to enjoy Wildstar, the fantastic game it is, and talk pony with my pony friends. I play both Exile and Dominion (however I just re-started my Dominion characters since my old ones were deleted in the character cleaning. Wildstar is Awesome!! There is so very much I want to talk about, so much to explain why the game is worth your time, but I will have to leave that to their promotional videos. Which I will tell you that the trailers live up to the kind of game Wildstar is.even with the free-to-play transition. Which I would like to add, are among the LEAST money hungry companies I have ever seen. They are such wonderful people those developers. Everything in the shop (excluding ONE item; which are gypsy fortune key things) can be bought just by playing the game! Even premium membership! They have a thing called the cosmic rewards program (awesome; good rewards for reasonable ranges just for supporting the game!). And did i mention everything is reasonably priced? Im talking to the point where its quite cheap to just about EVERY other F2P game. Personal bank terminal, use one anyone you are to access your bank! you can buy that with like 30 omnibits ... you can earn like 130 a WEEK, and they are relatively easy to come by since you get them from killing mobs, completing quests, etc. the NC coin (premium currency) prices are quite cheap too! $5 gets you 400, some things are as cheap as 30 or 40, etc. I havent been following all the prices much but overall its quite reasonable. But all things in all, they are great people, and for all that they deserve the money all the more. Especially with how they aren't gauging people for money. Free-to-Play currencies done right! Platinum/Gold/Silver/Copper are the normal currency earned just from playing the game Renown is a currency earned just by playing with people, be it a dugneon, expedition, raid, questing, or even just killing normal monsters together. Prestige is a currency earned from pvp Omnibits are the currency earned by various means from playing the game (killing monsters, doing quests, etc.) NC Coins are the premium currency bought with real life money Service Tokens are the currency earned from login rewards, omni bits, and NC Coins, like they are actually only used for convenience (dye clothes, use teleport before their normal cooldown, etc.) C.R.E.D.D are redeemable tokens that give 1 month "signature service" which is basically the premium membership of the game. They can be bought using platinum/gold/silver copper through the C.R.E.D.D exchange in-game Cosmic Points are earned from spending money on the game, which ranges from purchasing NC Coins, purchasing signature service, and in the spirit of not leaving Free to play players out of the mix, you earn 1,000 Cosmic Points just for redeeming C.R.E.D.D while the person who purchased the C.R.E.D.D with real money earn 4,000 just for buying it. The ratio is 3,000 per the $5 USD, this does not include bonus points for things such as purchasing 3 month+ signature service. There are more that do not directly relate to real money, such as crafting vouchers, elder gem points, prestige (pvp currency), and renown, but those are used for different things etc. So yea, if your interested just post here or in the Wildstar thread, and show your interest. I would certainly appreciate it, and i sincerely look forward to playing together I strongly recommend you watch a few videos from the two playlists listed below to see what Wildstar is about! Wildstar System Requirements I recommend especially checking out paths, combat, and housing videos. All my characters are on the PvE server Entity!
  6. Howdy everyone! I'm surprised that no one has made a World of Warships topic here on the forums! Anyway, do any of you guys play World of Warships? I know some of you have played World of Tanks. World of Warships is in Open Beta now and is somewhat an official release... but no matter what, I'm excited and I've been playing this game alot and I'm having alot of fun with it So, with that being said the game can be downloaded from here: Anyone play? Add me!: Name: Raincloud97 (My OCs name and my birth year. That's what it stands for) Ya should also climb on my Teamspeak server and play with me. I can PM you the TS info. Hope to get you on my contacts list and play divisions together and then blow up some nubs. Happy Sailing! -Shy
  7. Today expansion for Guild Wars 2 called Heart of Thorns was given release date,and release is just around the corner: And I seen lot of negativity about this,and so I was wondering to hear actual people opinions about this expansion To my this is great news,with this expansion guild war 2 will reach thet point thet they aimed at release of core game.And will open up space for lot more specialization (upgrade to main class) thet they can drop in game with feature patch (I believe they are evry 6-8 months).Also we will finaly get raids and guild halls
  8. I'm new here. Been a Brony for a long time but just stumbled across this place. Was just curious if we had any WoW playing Bronies among us? Wouldn't mind adding to my friends list. Maybe we could do something like leveling or dungeons when I'm not busy? Nothing serious of course. Just for giggles. Can't find too many Bronies that play on my server.
  9. So I know that we have gaming events on Steam and the like, but I've never been much interested in those games. The thought occurred to me that it might be neat to have something similar, but on an MMO. Some of the best times I've had in gaming have been in guilds of like minded individuals doing raids or goofing off in pvp. So, I wanted to see if anyone else here was interested in finding a game that we all agree on and creating Poniverse guild there. I've thrown up a poll. Obviously seeing if anyone is interested is first and foremost, as otherwise there's no point. If we get enough people, I'll make more polls for the games, server types, ect. I've added the games to the poll. Nobody seems interested in subscription, so I've removed them. I'm going to list some potential games to get the ball rolling. Feel free to add suggestions: Free to Play Free to Play games are going to be the most accessible to everyone, since nobody needs to pay for anything. -Star Wars: The Old Republic -I've played it a decent amount, though not at end game -Decent player base -Stuff to do at endgame -Star Wars -Cash shop is pretty bad -Lord of the Rings Online -I've actually never played this one -Been around for a long time -Tera -Haven't played this either -Action oriented combat -Rift -I've only played a bit of this, standard MMO fare -DC Universe Online -Action oriented combat -Unique in that it's a super hero MMO -Cash shop doesn't seem too oppressive -Can realize your fantasy of being the Mysterious Mare Do Well -Maplestory -Pirate101 Buy to Play (No Subscription) You still need to buy the game, but you don't pay monthly. -Guild Wars 2 -Played it a little, pretty good -Action oriented combat -Has a cash shop, but only for cosmetics -Elder Scrolls Online -Somewhat nonstandard MMO combat -Cosmetic cash shop Again, feel free to suggest other games. I'll add them to the list.
  10. I have recently been playing Star Trek Online a lot. Possibly an unhealthy amount (No such thing!). Anyway, I was wondering if we had an STO fleet or not, and if so, how many people were interested in the new Romulan faction that will be released in May? If anyone else plays, what do you like/dislike about the game, and what faction do you prefer? My tag is @jadescale1 and I do quite a bit of PVE in the form of STFs and helping newbies with missions and such.
  11. My favorite is Phantasy Star Online 2 It's got everything a great game needs! Fast paced combat, Giant Robot armor, an attack on titan themed boss, lobby derping, a deep story, live concerts and the ability to raise a "mini me".
  12. 2 Pokemon alike new games - indie - browser based - totally free to play - multiplayer Ok first one is called as Monster MMORPG it has more than 1900 monsters : yes you heard it right - 1900 monsters to play capture battle etc the game url is : check out its credits to see huge list also if you have concerns about validity of these games here 2 links for you - 207k Likes facebook verified game application in order to register monstermmorpg game : And the second game is called as Pokemon Pets this game is totally based on official pokemon shinies etc Pokemonpets uses awesome fan made pokemon artworks the game has all pokemon including gen 6 only few forms are missing the pokemon pets game does not even have donation feature so it is 100% free and equal for every player in order to register PokemonPets game : anyway check out both games and see yourself whether you like them or not
  13. Hello! So as I'm sure many of you know, The elder scrolls online is quite a bit of money for a supposedly semi-decent video game and on top of that there is the subscription fee, I love the elder scrolls and have wanted to play this game since I first heard of it a year or so ago, and currently it is only 20.00 bucks on steam so I'm seriously considering buying it. But before I do something I might regret, what do you guys(or girls) think? is it a decent game? am I gonna regret buying it? I'm not tooooo concerned about it fitting perfectly into the series or have stellar graphics, I just want a game that will be fun for a while. Before I buy is there anything I should know? or should I buy it at all? Thanks for any and all help!
  14. This is a topic that I come across every once in a while: people playing characters opposite their gender in games (usually guys playing as girls in MMOs). This topic pops up more often in games where one can choose a gender to play as when they are creating their character. I'm creating this topic just to hear the views of my fellow forum members. So, what are your views on the subject? Do you believe there is a relation between playing the opposite gender and one's sexual orientation and/or gender identity? Does it bother you when others play as the opposite gender; if so, why? Are there situations where playing the opposite gender is more acceptable? For those who play the opposite gender, why do you do that? I'll post my views later on. Also (just to leave no room for doubt) this discussion isn't limited to just MMORPGs; feel free to talk about other cases such as FemShep or maybe Persona 3 Portable's FeMC. Edit: Finally got around to posting in my own thread. post #100
  15. Since this is the media chat, I thought I'd post one of my favorite games for the iPhone. Celtic Heroes! The game has excellent graphics is a ton of fun. The game actually looks like it's concept art! The game is basically a dungeoning and boss fighting/level grinding game with PVP modes and so much more. I would encourage you to join. Here's a link to the game's website. P.S. If you want to play with me, I'm a level 150 rogue on Rosmerta.
  16. Is such an amazing videogame!! Here is the review:
  17. I was looking around the internet recently and happened upon this new fan-made game called Legends of Equestria. It's an MMO based on our favorite little ponies, with questing and pets and flying and whatnot. It looks like there have been a few demos, but so far I haven't had the chance to try it out. Anyone else heard of this game? Tried it? Have anything to share? Thoughts? Opinions? Anything? (and on a side note, they're looking to hire people for the project. The techie and creative types might want to check it out )
  18. Here's the link to the Online Game: I started playing in 2009 then took a break a year or two later, but recently I've been playing a little bit of this game since a good....awesome friend of mine wanted to play it with me, and so I have. We've even attracted a few people to join from this website to play with us. Perhaps you have played this game before or would be interested in doing so :comeatus:? I happen to be Agent C3, and hey, maybe we've met before .
  19. So, I've played MMO(s) for a pretty long time. I've played both PTP (Pay to Play) and FTP (Free to Play). I was on Elder Scrolls Online the other day and this HUGE controversial debate about PTP games are better than FTP games and which makes the most profit. From what I gathered, FTP games actually acquire higher profit than PTP due to micro transactions. I guess psychologically, a $5 EXP buff looks a lot better than a monthly $14.99 subscription fee. If you buy more than one, maybe three or four... you've already passed the limit of a monthly transaction for a PTP game. There was another topic that PTP games have better customer service than FTP due to who is getting paid more, I honestly don't know if that is true or not... Quite frankly, I'm never a person who let's big-time review companies (IGN, GameSpot, etc...) ruin a game's image for me. The only thing that truly ruins a game for me is the community. I use to think that FTP games attracted crap communities (meaning a community full of elitist trolls that enjoy picking on lowbies or less experienced players) more so than PTP. But hooo-boy was I wrong when I saw how people trash talked about which is better. Quite honestly, I love games like Guild Wars 2, Aion, TERA, Star Wars: The Old Republic just as much as Elder Scrolls, World of Warcraft, and Realm Reborn. Is there truly a better side than the other? Any thoughts?
  20. So, we're finally allowed to discuss what we have done in the BETA testing for those who don't know! I had a wonder of a time playing the beta and would love to know who else will be getting this game and what type of character they'll be playing~ I'm thinking of preordering the Imperial Collector Edition for my birthday and making an Imperial tank since their racial bonuses are health, sword and board, etc. Also, who's excited to find out what the new class is?! Anyone got any leaks on it? ; V;
  21. I know there are those of you out there that spend a ton of time meticulously crafting your character's looks and I'm very curious to see what they look like. This is your chance to show off: break out the badass armor or dawn a dainty dress; prepare a picture perfect pose or... don't ( I ran out of steam XD). I think that pretty much does it for an intro. Now let's see those selfies I'll edit in some of my own soon, don't you worry.
  22. You saw it coming, and here it is. The Runescape Thread! Quite frankly, i was surprised to not being able to find a thread about it! I'm pretty sure (and also hope) there are some RS players out there, well, this thread's for you! - Quick story of Runescape : It's a game made by Jagex, maybe you know them from Funorb. I believe it began in 2002 as a very "basic" game, but through the years it has had a ton of updates, and has quite alot of players on it (although it decreased again) - Now, if you're new to it, i guess you could compare it SOMEWHAT to WoW, but not completely. You play as a character you create yourself, and do quests and skills to obtain money, and level-ups, and the general mmorpg things. - It got me hooked in 2007, and i'm proud to announce i'm a 7 year veteran to the game! Hooray for me, not so hooray for my wallet. - So please, if you're a RS player, or maybe got interested in it, add me in-game, the username is A Pinkie Pie - Other than that Because printscreening is a bad thing to do, kids. I apologise for the small text.
  23. Anyone else looking forward to WildStar? What are your thoughts on it?
  24. So, did anyone get a beta invite for this weekend's Elder Scrolls Online and for those who did, are you planning on playing this weekend? I'm planning on playing some and I'm looking for someone to play with. Let me know if you if any one of you is interested!
  25. I'm sorry to say it, but for a system that prides itself on being so easily accessible I can't play a Goddamn thing on this! I apologize for my tone, I'm just a bit frustrated. I wanted to try the Secret World because it looked awesome, when I found I couldn't because apparently it can't be downloaded on Mac's. I was a bit upset, but got over it. Then the same thing happened with Star Trek Online, and Champions Online! If there's anypony that can lend me some advice on how to make these games run on Mac, I would appreciate it.