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Found 25 results

  1. We already have a saddest moments in gaming but not one for tv/movies D: For me I have a few. Episode 15 from Kirby of the stars made me bawl my eyes out, such a depressing ending ;_; also bye bye butterfree once again bawled my eyes out :'c and no manly tears where shed, just sissy tears ;_;
  2. Post all your fav forum moments, maybe I just made this thread as an excuse to post this picture, maybe I didn't but who the hay cares. POST ALL TEH LULZY MOMENTS OF THE FORUMS HEAR Spoiler'd for image and wingboner
  3. What was the moment you liked most of all it made you so happy it was hard to say much about it other then "Thank you mlp for giving me this moment" for me its when Twilicorn happened
  4. So what are your favorite moments in this show? Scenes or gags that hit you just right? Here's some of mine: Ponyville Confidential: The part where Diamond Tiara says, "No more Namby Pamby stories," and somepony says, "But Namby Pamby was a great editor!" That joke always gets me. It's About Time: When they were scouring Equestria for problems and Rainbow Dash said, "My weather ponies gave the clear from here to Las Pegasus!" That one always gets me too. I guess I like name puns. Super Speedy Cider Squeezey 6000: The part where AJ and friends lost, and AJ swallowed her pride and congratulated Flim and Flam, and then said to the townponies with tears in her eyes, "Go on y'all, it's OK." Return of Harmony Part 1: Discord's entire entry scene in the Canterlot Castle. Just excellent all around. Oh, the intro of this episode was great too.
  5. I need a list of every "You know, for kids!" moment that you guys can think of. If you don't know what I mean- it's a moment that is rather intense, edgy, or just unfitting for a "kids" show. Such as Sombra enslaving Crystal ponies. Go Go Go
  6. What were your favorite MLP: FiM funny moments? For me it was when
  7. oh my dear Celestia! i was on google looking for a male pony base and oh dear! i found this gem. i would like to see what you think the story behind this. i hope you enjoy!
  8. DreamWorks animation has given us plenty of films, and a good deal of them contain very emotional moments, happy or sad, nightmarish of hilarious to name a few. So, which moments from DreamWorks animated films do you consider the most tragic? Here are some examples: *How to Train Your Dragon: Stoic's demise and funeral in the sequel. Likewise, Hiccup losing his leg and the aftermath of it in the first movie *The Prince of Egypt: Moses' nightmare, while mostly scary, is rather tragic too. Likewise, the song "Deliver Us" and Moses' reaction to the impact the plagues cause on Egypt, and his breakdown after Rameses mourns his deceased first-born son. *Shrek: The montage in the first movie with Rufus Waltwright's version of Hallelujah, and the "I Need some Sleep" scene in the sequel, as well as Shrek being fooled by the Fairy Godmother in the castle. *Kung Fu Panda: The way Po feels when Shifu and the Furious five at first act bitter towards him and consider him unworthy of being the Dragon Warrior, Master Oogway's ascension, and from the sequel, Po's flashback to the day Shen and his wolves raid his village to murder innocent pandas, with him losing his mother and being separated from his dad in the progress.
  9. I know we all have our favorite ponies, but we also have our favorite moments with them too! Of course, I love Fluttershy the most. My favorite moment with her would HAVE to be her in Filli Vanilli. I love Fluttershy's singing. I also love bringing Flutterguy back into the picture. Plus her face when the curtains fell.. Priceless! Classic Fluttershy I always loved.
  10. This will be quite a spoilerific thread, obviously. So, enter at your own risk. That being said, what are some sad moments you experienced in games? The moments which made you shed a tear and feel for the characters in the story. I recently completed Tales of Xillia 2. And my god, it has some tragic moments. I think the saddest moment for me is where Elle finally sees her father again, and you end up killing him right before her very eyes. Afterwards, she becomes severely depressed.
  11. With E3 being about a month away, lets take a trip down memory lane, as E3 has always been a huge even for gamers, as their always prone to both great and just utterly awful moments for gaming industry giants. But for the sake of this blog, lets just get the bad stuff out of the way Honorable mentions: UBISOFT E3 2011 The actual conference wasn't actually that bad in terms of game announcements. But then I remember that Mr Caffeine was there 5) E3 2012 in general For a showing that was set to reveal two new platforms(Wii U and Vita) you'd expect this one to be great, but surprisingly and unfortunately, it was very lacking. On top of Microsoft still being Kinect heavy and EA being EA, it's really sad when freaking Ubisoft had the best E3 showing that year with the reveal of Watch Dogs(which unfortunately didn't turn out the way people hoped) 4) Microsoft E3 2010 Why was this conference so awful? One word: Kinect. Microsoft's E3 2010 conference was the first and most infamous of many Kinect heavy E3 conferences. No one was interested in the Kinect, and none of the games they were showing were doing them any favors. Topped with bad actors, grown men asking the Kinect to put up Justin Beiber, and one of the most embarrassing showcases of Star Wars within recent memory, it'd be a while before Microsoft would be able to have another good conference. 3) Sony E3 2006 Many legendary memes were born from this trainwreck. Giant Enemy Crab, riiiiiidge racer! Five Hundred Ninety Nine US Dollars. The list goes on. Not only a weak showcasing of games, but the PS3's price point revealed is what hurt this conference as well as the PS3's launch, which delivered an awful blow to Sony's finances(who were already selling the PS3 at a loss), It wasn't until a $300 price cut 2 years later that the PS3's sales would finally improve 2) Nintendo E3 2008 Unfortunately Stong shows 2 years prior wasn't able to stop Nintendo from dropping this turd of a conference. 2008 was a dark year for Nintendo fans, which is inexcusable when earlier that year they release Super Smash Bros Brawl. But they couldn't keep that momentum going, as for this conference they went full-on casual, nearly every game spotlighted were mostly minigame collections, tons of peripherals, Cammie Dunaway and boring stuff like sales numbers. And to top it all off, they ended the show with Wii Music...let that sink in. The conference did a huge number to Nintendo's and the Wii's rep among the press, gamers, and fans alike The only announcement worth mentioning was GTA Chinatown Wars and maybe Nintendo cockteasing Skyward Sword It was such a disaster that Nintendo would hold an October conference later that year, formally apologize for the E3 conference, and then announce games that would've definitely been welcome then, such as a new Punch-Out(which is awesome btw), a new Sin and Punishment, Madworld, Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon and etc. 1) Konami E3 2010 It was a tough call between this one and Nintendo 2008, but in light of recent events, I feel like giving it to Konami out of spite. Then I decided to watch it again and just though " wonder they're in such an awful state". Seriously, just watch, this video speaks for itself
  12. What's is the most embarrassing Brony moment, or even better, moments you have had in school? Mine is not that great, but i'm sure yours will! Mine was when I was showing someone my jailbroken iPod tough 4th gen. Turns out, the theme reverts when opening folders. So when opening the folder, my Derpy wallpaper was shown. He then took the iPod and showed everyone! Keep in mind I was in grade 5 and was a closet Brony, waiting patiently for season 3.
  13. So, what are some awkward moments that you hate when they happen? 1. When there is a random silence and I pick up my phone and pretend to text someone. 2. When someone says something to me but I can't understand them. So, I just nod and laugh hoping whatever they said wasn't a question. 3. When I thought I saw someone waving to me, but they weren't. So I just pretend I was fixing my hair or checking my phone. 4. Holding the door open for someone far away and you're not sure if you should keep holding it or not. 5. When someone says "thank you" to me and I mess up my response by also saying "thank you". 6. Realizing mid-argument that I'm wrong, but I keep arguing anyway. 7. When I run into someone on the sidewalk and side-step them, but then they go the same way as me. Then we do it 7 more times until the requisite of awkward laughter.
  14. I thought this topic would be a good one to ask, so I did. As for me I will have to say my happiest moment, or moments were when my kids were born. I must say i was off yhe chain happy more so on my second one cause he almost did'nt make it. So after the doctor came in days later, and said he's going to be fine I let out a cry of happness for sure. Today he is my "littlest pony" cause he likes the show, yes I ponified him, and he loves it.
  15. I.e. recorded, taken a screenshot of, etc.. Like, say, something weird happened when you were playing Skyrim, but you didn't have the chance to take a picture of it before moving on, or you got an insane once-in-a-lifetime kill in BF4, but you didn't have your recording software turned on. Ever have a moment like that? ~~~ Now this might sound silly, but I recently got an xXxXx_MLGMtNdEwRiToZcInEmAtIk360p12FPSqUiCkSkOpE_xXxXx in CoD:AW. However, it occurred during the one game I decided not to record (as I like to record my games), meaning it was lost foreveeeer. I felt kind of upset, but I got over it pretty quickly- I mean it's not like I'm into that stuff, I just like to make parodies of them because I think they're funny. Still, I kinda wish I'd been recording at the time. Now, I know to always keep 'shadow recording' enabled on ShadowPlay.
  16. Do you have any embarrasing moments? I have one, i was chillin on deviant art (kitsunefireball) and my brother (my parent technically) asked me what a brony was, i froze and said "uh...a fan of a show?" luckily he bought it and i didnt have to explain any further, thank god because he would think we all did bad crap, you know what im talking about
  17. I tried to look up if there's a topic about this, but couldn't find one. There was only one for death, and I see that there are so many types of different touching scenes so... So what scenes have really touched you? Did you feel touched when your favorite show had it's last scene in the whole series, because you just felt that it just was so perfect? Maybe there was a certain type of good bye that really moved you? Or maybe how someone told the other one they loved him/her? For me, for example, one of the most touching moments ever was when I watched Scrubs, the ending episode. I don't know why, but it was just so perfect, with the scenes of what the future holds and how they will keep in contact and stay friends. The way how they did it without words, with only music in the background, just touched me so much. It was just so beautiful. And often, in romantic comedies or some teen movies, I get easily touched and let out an "Awww" when someone tells that he/she likes him/her, when the other one clearly has feelings during the whole movie too. Even though it has been clear throughout the movie that that certain scene would come. So generally, if you know internet memes, I'm searching for "them feels" -moments so to say. Scenes that moved you and you seriously felt so much while you watched something!
  18. I think life is generally cool, but some things take life's coolness up a notch. I'm talking about those moments where everything feels perfect and what ever stresses us out doesn't matter, at least for that brief moment in time. For me its... - Going clubbing: I love the nightlife and going out with friends. I can easily dance the night away, get lost in the music and forget what ever stresses or worries I may have for that brief moment. I've always enjoyed myself whenever I've gone out to clubs and when I leave, I feel this (not drug induced) sense of euphoria for lack of a better word. -Exploring the city I live in and taking pictures: I love walking around and taking pictures and find my city stunningly beautiful. When I'm walking around, I feel like I'm apart of something bigger if that makes sense. There's so much life and stuff to do here. - Drawing, listening to/ playing music and playing sports also can put me into my own little world for a bit. So, what moments make your life 20% cooler ?
  19. We've all had those moments at some point. Those bizarre, messed up, sometimes outright insane moments that force us to stop, take a minute to register what just happened, and just make us go Allow me to start by sharing a few that happened to me over the weekend. -Made a pit-stop at a trucker's station on my way to Sacramento. I wanted a snack, but literally every item in the vending machines required change, and I only had dollar bills. There was a machine in the wall that read "Change", and so I slipped a dollar in. When only one quarter dropped out, I was fuming, thinking it had cheated me out of 75 cents. But upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a Susan B. Anthony dollar. I'm still scratching my head over that one. -This one's more cool than it is "WTF" worthy, but just as we were getting into Sac, one of my friends pointed out a "patch of rainbow" in the sky. I looked up and, sure enough, there was this small swirly patch of cloud in the sky, beaming off a swirl of colors. My initial reaction was "what on Earth am I looking at?" Inevitably, though, my mind drifted to ponies and I thought of Rainbow Dash... . -The worst one - and this is slightly NSFW, so be warned - happened when we were driving around looking for a Mickey D's to stop at. We took a wrong turn and ended up on the fringe of one of Sac's ghettos...which, as it was, had a bunch of whiteys like us shitting a ton of bricks. While driving down one of the streets, we had to stop for an older, hunched over black lady to cross. Her pink umbrella was the first thing to catch my eye. The second were her nipples, poking out over this putrid, orange-ish, frilly, lacey abomination of an outfit. After she'd passed, my friends and I just sat there for a minute, mouths agape. We then flipped a U-ey and made a bee-line towards the direction from whence we'd come. What are some of your own WTF moments? Do tell.
  20. I want to ask, what was the saddest thing you saw on your favourite childhood shows? Mine was from a show called The Trapdoor on the final episode when Rogg dies, it to this day is the saddest thing I seen. even though Rogg is perfectly alive, its still sad
  21. There are at least two for me so far. I just cried a little seeing Rainbow Dash do the sonic rainboom. I watched it a few times on Youtube and it was cool then, but in the actual episode it's so amazing. To see RD really unsure of herself for the first time and then pull off something like that makes me feel like I can do anything, too. Another one is when Twilight meets Fluttershy for the first time. She's so timid and nervous that it makes Twilight uncomfortable, which makes Fluttershy even more uncomfortable, and the conversation comes to a quick and awkward end. That really resonated with me because I've been there so many times...I'm terrible at meeting people, and I'm so shy in person that I come off as antisocial. When I saw that, I knew this was a character I could identify with. And when she went crazy over Spike it got hilarious, and that's when I decided "I must keep watching this show. MUST."
  22. We have all probably played at least one game that has gone faulty on us but have you ever played a game where the fault happened at a crucial moment? I have two situations: MLP FIM app - I got the bug where the game loaded the "Hasbro gaming" logo and would turn itself off. I was forced to delete the game and reinstall it which annoyed me because I was one heart away from buying Scootaloo. Monster Hunter Tri - I was taking part in an online quest to capture a Rathian. As soon as she started limping, my connection was terminated due to network instability.
  23. We've all watched the show. We all laughed with it, and enjoyed it. Spongebob has had a lot of great moments, so I'm asking: Which were the best/funniest? Post them here! For me, it's gotta be these: 1. 2. I could list so much more...but what are yours? I miss the old Spongebob...
  24. I have had a lot of fun these forums. A good portion of my time has been filled with jokes and laughter so I was wondering what the funniest moment you have experienced on these forums? Here's what happened a few nights ago... Comrade-Dimitri-Hammer:Who knew that a really bad sprained ankle would make me so tired.... XrosOver: *Raises hand* Comrade-Dimitri-Hammer:*Throws coffee mug* SHUT UP! I'm the doctor here! XrosOver:"sorry sir! I'll get back to scrubbing the floors..." *steals thrown mug* Comrade-Dimitri-Hammer:You better...hope you didn't touch that coffee mug. It's covered with the smallpox virus... XrosOver:I got surgical gloves!!! *gives Trollface* Count Ponydox: I SHALL SAVE THEE! *throws antidote at XrosOver* XrosOver:*looks left* "Wha?" *Takes a bottle to the knee* Comrade-Dimitri-Hammer:And I got a gun. *Bang* Count Ponydox:And I have agility. *dodge* XrosOver:"not fast enough...Holy crap he shot Ponydox! You bastard!" Count Ponydox:just a flesh wound! Comrade-Dimitri-Hammer:Don't worry, it's a tranquilizer... He will be fine. XrosOver:"oh good..." *picks up tranq shell* "elephant tranquilizer?" Count Ponydox:*falls over* Comrade-Dimitri-Hammer:Hmm...too much cocaine? Probably should've used the stun gun instead of the drug gun... Comrade-Dimitri-Hammer:You there, janitor! Fetch me a body bag and a bathtub full of acid. XrosOver:"yes sir......" *grabs body bag* Count Ponydox:*wakes up* my, that was a nice little nap! XrosOver:"AHHHH" *knocks Ponydox out with rock* Comrade-Dimitri-Hammer:OH GOD IT LIVES! *Fire five darts into Ponydox* Count Ponydox:*rock just bounces off my head, as do the needles off my chest* XrosOver:"IT'S PARADOX PONYDOX!!! RUN LIKE YOU AREN'T DRUGGED! Count Ponydox:*stands up, walks over to Dimitri, stares him straight in the eye* Comrade-Dimitri-Hammer:*Russian HeadButt* Count Ponydox:*just bounces off head* XrosOver:*Picks up scythe* CELESTIA DAMN IT!!! *decapitates self* Count Ponydox:O_o dear celestia...'re the new janitor...clean up this mess... This all happened on a status update about a bad sprained ankle!
  25. I was looking for a thread like this to post in... But it somehow doesn't exist. Anyways, post your funny gaming moments here. One time I was playing Halo CE with my cousin. (campaign) I threw a grenade into the room, and after it exploded I walked in and found a grunt stuck in a corner with his arms flailing and blood gushing out. Me and my cousin tried to get him unstuck... We tried for about 10 minutes then decided to leave. 20 minutes later, we were lost and somehow found our way back to the grunt... Which was still in the same place with it's arms flailing. Then we wasted all of our grenades and ammo trying to free it. After that... We killed ourselves.