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Found 38 results

  1. @Everypony I have slaved over my Original character's look for days just to have it looking like this. Is there any way to make him look nicer? I also want to give him one of those sweet pilot hats. They look cool.
  2. DeltaWither

    How to draw well on MS paint.

    We will draw Santa Claus for this tutorial. First step: open paint. Second step: add a few details. Done! Now you can draw on MS Paint like a pro. (I took the santa pic from this video
  3. DeltaWither

    Luna drawing

    This is the first serious drawing I´ve ever made, considering that the best thing I´ve done before this was a bad sketch of a teacher i hated in 30 minutes in class and a not finished drawing of Malathrom´s oc, which I would have finished if I didn´t try it in class, without a reference and he didn´t have a detailed mask covering his face. This one was made in home and with no distractions. I used Microsoft Paint and a mouse, so don´t expect it to be too good. I like it but I´m the creator so my opinion might not be 100% objective. Open the spoiler for the image. Here is the process just in case someone cares.
  4. Dolphanatic

    Draw somepony in ten seconds flat!

    Here's how it works. The person above you will name someone, such as a character from MLP:FiM or a celebrity or whatnot, and you have to open an image editing program (preferably MS Paint) and draw said character in ten seconds or less and then post the image. Then you request what the next user will draw and so on. To start this off, I challenge the user below me to draw... *Drum roll* Twilight Sparkle!
  5. Hypn0ticD

    Visual Art Hypn0's Art Dump!

    Hello, everyone! Long time member, Roleplay World Sectional, and first time poster in Octavia's Hall! I keep telling myself and others that I really, really need to get back into drawing, no matter the means. I've finally done so, and I've now decided to subject you all to display my various creations! First up are three "concept" pictures I drew at work, using the most amazing art program - MSPaint. Sometimes, you just gotta focus on something other than your job, and other times, you can only use what you've got. These are the result of both! ----------- First up is an unfinished lineart of a rather poorly proportioned male in a tuxedo. No reference used, but I need to work on guys more! ----------- Second is of my character Colette Irving, crossdressing. She knows what she looks like, so why not? (That, and I watched a video on women trying to be drag kings the night before!) Used my imagination for reference. Managed to finish this one! ----------- Third is another unfinished lineart of one of Colette's friends named Madison, or Maddie. Undecided on who the guy is, though. Imagination at work again, as well as attempted different facial shapes. Need to work on that. That's all for now! Hopefully, I'll have a Photoshop (Elements) picture for you all next time!
  6. Twireadbok

    Ms Paint challenge

    This is for everyone who can not draw. Quickly, go on ms paint or whatever you have and draw something (badly) in under a minute, then post it here. It can be pony-related or not, doesn't really matter. This is mine: Muffin of DEATH! untitled.bmp
  7. Eternity Ending

    a pony i made

    i made it in ms paint and it turned out not like crap and so i am happy pony of awsm.bmp
  8. Captain Brony (MG11)

    Visual Art RWBY Art "Scribbles"

    RWBY art made by me using only Microsoft Paint. (MechaG11 is my DeviantArt and RWBYforums username) I've been a huge fan of RWBY since the debut of the Red trailer and it has ruled my life for about the past 2 years. After drawing with black pen so long I wanted to do something with color for a change. I managed to make it look how I want despite using MS paint. I feel good about it and will probably do more in the future. Lemme know what you guys think!
  9. I know it's awful. I'm still posting it here.
  10. EDIT, on 2/9/15! This thread is sadly canceled due to refocused priorities or some crap like that...:/ I'm tired of drawing in MS Paint as well, so if/when I ever reboot this it'll be rebranded as GIMP drawings :3 Sorry if you wanted to see more of my art! I may start a new thread with my traditional drawings but I don't think I'll do that for a while. So yeah. ----------------- I've always drawn like a fiend, but I've never posted much of what I draw until now. This year I plan on showing you guys what I draw! But I won't sell this thread as "daily", since some days I don't have much time to draw on the computer and occasionally I have no time. I'll just update this as often as I can :3 1/1/2015 - [FNAF 2] Toy Chica sketch 1-2-2015 - Blushy (with Alana, my main OC) 1-5-2015 - Random airbrushed gryphon, with linked progress pics
  11. remove p l e a s e ?

    Scale Down The Avatar Above you!

    What you do is take someones profile picture, put it in MS Paint, shrink the image, then scale it back up. Here's an example I did with the banner, since no one's above me:
  12. So here it is guys, I like to pass the time in MS Paint and I might have a little something extra in my ginger ale... Anyone want to drink and draw with me? Rules: Draw anything you want! Also, If you choose to partake, list your poison of choice (Be smart people don't drink if you are underage) Let me start things off with this lovely rendition of my pet chicken. I'm sure things will get progressively worse on my part as the evening goes on... Come on guys dont leave me hanging! A dirty martini down the hatch. I friggin love olives. So lonely...... ANOTHER martini because I have 3 bottles of ovlicves in the fridge. I love my chickens people. Hubble is awesome she sites im my lap and is just as good as a dog. Her poop is worse though. She poops more. No she doesnt her poop is much much smaller so I guess her poop is better. She doesnt care where she poops though. Still she has never pooped on me.
  13. Flash Forward

    The MS Paint Continues! :D

    (That moment when your favorite part of a song comes on....) I made a new creation out of MS Paint, and I decided to make a base for you guys to use! Feel free to post your creations here or request a pose/character for my first ever MS Paint tutorial! And mine's down below it!
  14. So I was reading a webcomic on ms paint adventures when I had an idea for a fan fic that may be produced in a similar format. I know that I don't want to copy Hussie's story telling style exactly but I am wanting to do something like what he did for his paint adventures. I am wondering if there were a way that I could...incorporate it somehow without completely ripping it off. Do any of you guys think it would be possible to make such an idea work without coming off as a ripoff?
  15. Cocodrillo


    Ok so after a while... once again... I'm fucking bored. Like, seriously. Have Flutters. Edit: Yeah and also, it looks better in fullview. It's kinda big. (And the original version) Drawing this reminded me of FlutterStalker which is along with Princess Molestia my favourite ask tumblr. Also fitting music... Pinkamena had Sonic Youth, Fluttershy has Radiohead. (I just felt like it when it started to play while I was drawing it..) And no. I'm not dead.. yet.
  16. Recently a while back I created a design for a Nike Rainbow Dash tennis shoe. If any of ya'll have seen my artwork before, you may have noticed that I'm not a fan of coloring. I just prefer shading/pencil drawings. Anyways, I don't want someone to do this for me, I would just like suggestions for the color scheme on this shoe design. (Pictures posted below.) The original picture was drawn on paper, then I remade it on MS Paint to screw with the colors. It was not long after that I found out the coloring was going poorly. My goal with this shoe design is to try and not make it tacky. I was aiming for more of something that was not as plastered with rainbows and other things that challenge the shoe design to be subtle and simple. Simplicity is sometimes the key to a great innovative idea. I began to screw with the colors a bit with this color guide I jacked from Google images. I'm not really feelin' much of the color design except for the wing and Nike badge. And here is my plainly drawn shoe just for your viewing pleasure. And this was the original idea. And here's a link to my deviantart just in case you folks are interested in the other weird crap I seem to come up with:
  17. Yeah its another rave about how much technology hinders me. I finally got enough motivation to make an ask tumblr and improve my art. Feeling proud, i decided to upload all my art to the tumblr and the forums respectively. It was going all well until my scanner decided to stop working for no reason. I checked the drivers and they were fine. rolled the drivers back and it still didnt work. re-installed the program and still didnt work. So i decided to re-draw all my hard work on the computer using MS Paint. I found out that there is little to no precision in MS Paint. Sometimes i wonder if technology is really here to help us or if its there to hinder us.
  18. Cocodrillo

    AppleDash and Stuff.

    Yesterday I posted some drawings in the blog entry but noone cared (well, I didn't feel like making a new topic because of that stuff...). Screw you. I'll do it. Here are the drawings I posted in yesterdays entry: Filly Applejack for my friend: My little heart warming princess Melting Ice: And on top of this.. another drawing for my friend.. (<3) AppleDash: (RDs mane's fucked up a little) Enjoy your Heart's Warming Day.
  19. If any of you remember the paper drawing I made of anthropomorphic Rainbow Dash, I decided to re-make it on the Microsoft Paint and add some colors to it. So here we are, anthropomorphic Rainbow Dash with upgraded detail and some fancy shoes! I like shoes. So, feel free to leave your comments, questions & concerns below and i'll be sure to answer them. That is if you want to.
  20. Dr. Frasier Crane

    Christmas pony

    Hello again! Here's another mspaint pic, with a christmas-y pony trudging through the snow. Problem is, I have no idea what to name her, any ideas?
  21. Dr. Frasier Crane

    My ponysona

    An idea for my new ponysona, Jenni. (Sorry! I'm sure you're sick of seeing me in the fan art thread now xD ) I've drawn her before but never digitally, I may post my little doodles sometime. Hope you like!
  22. Dr. Frasier Crane

    Discord MSpaint

    Another MSpaint pic, woo! This time of Discord Man, I've finished two today, in-between homework xD I really look forward to getting my tablet and lappy back, so I'm not stuck with paint... `-` Anyway, I hope you like it!
  23. Dr. Frasier Crane

    Screwball MSpaint

    Another pic I did of Screwball/Topsy Turvy in mspaint with my trusty mouse and powered be Skrillex : P (sorry about the quality, whenever I save a drawing and close paint, it just turns to crap, and I have no idea how to stop it.)
  24. Dr. Frasier Crane

    Fluttershy MSPaint

    Another experiment in MSPaint. I decided to do Fluttershy this time! Again, done and finished entirely in MSPaint and with a mouse. Seriously, you won't believe how much I miss using my tablet. (quality has been reduced a bit, sorry :/)
  25. Cocodrillo

    The Best Pony.

    Ok so.. I was supposed to study which means.. drawing time. This time: Dashia. Don´t expect miracles, it´s a fast drawing. I just wanted to do some badass mane.. Ok the pre-painted picture.. And the final version: It´s supposed to be look "from behind".. just to let you know, so you can say the shading´s wrong. Ok I guess I´ll listen to Radiohead´s "In Rainbows", revise for a while and go to sleep... (23:54).