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Found 3 results

  1. After seeing a lot of growing interest in this series from people I've passive aggressively pestered into watching it around here, it seemed odd that we've never had a thread for discussing the series. This will do nicely, though . We can talk about favorite episodes, characters, the movie, anything you like . Since it's a spoiler heavy series, I'd be careful looking through here unless you've gone a decent ways through the anime. People who've finished it might be advised to put anything major in spoilers, especially for the movie since I know plenty of fans haven't seen it yet. Anyhow, after sterling recommendations from people like Kagami and Twiliscael I finally got into this show last October. I was immediately hooked, if extremely confused, and marathoned all of the episodes over the span of a weekend. The music, characters, animation, all were on an entirely different level than most anything I'd seen before and now it's quite possibly my favorite thing that I've seen My favorite episode is the tenth one, and my favorite characters kind of bounce around a lot, but currently go: 1: Sayaka 2: Kyoko 3: Madoka/Homura 4: Mami I like all of them though . Anyway, have at it, other Madoka fans
  2. Ok so I had the strangest thought a moment ago... note: <one of my favorite animes is Madoka Magica, which is why this is being applied> CAUTION (POSSIBLE SPOILERS): If you HAVE NOT seen Madoka Magica, then I suggest you avoid the topic to avoid possible spoilers. So in the anime Madoka Magica... The character Sayaka Miki is overcome by despair and hatred, thus her soul becomes completely tainted with madness and negative energy. When her soul is no longer able to carry the weight, she changes into a witch. In MLP: FiM... Luna is overcome with jealousy of her sister and how no one appreciated her beautiful night. When Luna transforms into Nightmare Moon, it felt as if Luna had lost herself right before the darkness overtook her. I guess her soul also became tainted with despair and she changed into an evil entity... Does anyone see where I'm going with this? XD Sayaka becoming a witch... Luna becoming Nightmare Moon.
  3. I regret nothing. I am not sorry. I am also very unoriginal and there are probably 5 billion other Quad City DJs mashups involving the Madoka Magica OP.