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Found 3 results

  1. Okay, so I was thinking about this the other day. What's your biggest flaw about yourself, and what's the best thing about yourself? Feel free to make yourself sound as bad or good as you want! I'll start with bad, as what I'm about to say will make me sound really mean. At times, I can be sort of manipulative and stubborn. I'm pretty good at lying, and I'm very proud. My brother said I could be a supervillain if I wanted to. I just summarized the absolute worst things about me, but I promise I'm not that bad! Now for the good, which sounds completely opposite to the bad, but hey, I have mood swings! When I'm in a good, or even normal mood, I'm really bubbly. And hyper. And loud. In a good way of course, haha! I think I have a lot of energy, because I bounce a lot when I talk. And I talk a lot So there you have me Manipulative and stubborn at the worst times, and bright and energetic at the best! What's your main flaw, and your main good trait (What's the opposite of flaw, I can't think of anything!)? (By the way, I'm not as mean and cruel as I probably made myself sound! I'm happy 75% of the time, so my evil side hardly ever comes out )
  2. So guys, I know we all have favorite background ponies or fanmade ones. But the question is.. Which of them would you love to be more involved in the show? Or even be one of the main characters in the show in the future.. *Cough* VINYL SCRATCH *Cough* *Hack* *Gag* Edit: Added Lyra Hearstrings to the poll. Sorry about that guise *Smacks head* Edit: Added Colgate
  3. Welcome to my main artwork thread, where i upload all my drawings. However, my OC Commador has a different topic: (If it is worth your time can you please give some feed back on this thread or maybe my OC's thread? It help me a lot and is greatly appreicated) Anyway, have some artwork! A Small "What If..." Comic involving RainbowDash. One of my first skecthes, its not all that good... Just something i did of my OC after i read Cupcakes... Bump, Jeez my freind post's a thread and with in minutes he has 8 repiles. I post something and get NO replies. that kinda sucks.