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Found 1 result

  1. I honestly cannot seem to make up my mind as to what I want to do with my life. I am uncertain as to what degree, major, or career to go for. I'm doing this project in Economics which requires me to list three potential careers I am considering for my future and I have to find what college major would be most appropriate for each. I can't even particularize three careers I want to go for. I have numerous thoughts and ideas for multiple majors I can go into and many career paths I could take but I cannot specify three in particular that I would want to pursue. First off, here is every major I have ever considered thus far: Economics Finance Accountancy Business Administration Entrepreneurship Business Management Communication History English/Literature Graphic Design Web Design Software Engineering Geology Meteorology Physics Astronomy Culinary Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Botany Biology Medical Science Psychology Sociology Environmental Science That just about sums it up. The ones that are crossed out are, at this point, hopeless endeavors. Gave up pursuing those years and years ago. The ones that are italicized are ones that have been more profound interests of mine for many years now. Though I'm afraid I may not have the mental capacity to endeavor in those fields due to the immense amount of science and highly advanced mathematics that they may entail (e.g. Trigonometry, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Integrals, etc). Mathematics is indubitably my greatest weakness here. A lack of confidence is also another weakness of mine which may hinder me from pursuing anything in Business and Communication. I do not think I have the leadership-like mentality to handle much in the business field, as much as it intrigues me. Economics, Finance, and Accountancy may also be quite rigorous due the immensity of number crunching and the fact that I am not even sure if I want to actually pursue the careers of such fields. It is practical and it will grant me much pay which is good but will I enjoy it? I don't know. Overall, I feel as though I am struggling to balance out these two factors: Practicality vs. Recreation Many of the aforementioned majors and fields of study I have listed are quite practical. Almost half of what I listed just so happens to be statistically among the highest paying majors in America. Whether it be Economics, Finance, or the field of Medical Science - these are all good paying jobs which would endow me with more than enough yearly income to buy a house and support a family. Sounds great! Sounds ideal. But do I have what it takes? I don't know. I have never been good at mathematics. It was only until last year that I barely began grasping the concept of Geometry and a little bit of Algebra. I've been doing well in my Algebra II class this year insofar that I may be able to pass by the time the school year ends. I am currently going through my last and final year at high school as a senior. With only around four more months remaining. Then that's it. I am done with high school forever. After this ensuing summer will be the start of my first year at a two-year community college. It's all general education and after that, I will have the ability to go to a university of my choice and finish off my remaining two-three years and get a bachelors degree. In what though? I have no idea. After going through much thought, contemplation, and self-evaluation, I realize what my true passions are - I am immensely fascinated with human behavior - whether it be by an individual or group and the underlying reasons for that. I admire reading about history and studying the various cultures and past civilizations. I am also greatly enthralled by the beauty of nature; the mountains, the trees, the plants, the atmosphere and both its tranquil and tempestuous nature. I know. I seem to have the potential to partake in the studies of Psychology, Sociology, History (some particular area), Environmental Science, etc. Yes, both the various sciences and the humanities fascinate me to an extent but the very thought of having to process numbers and complex equations gives me great trepidation. I'm okay with a certain degree of math but I am not sure if I have the potential to master it enough to where I can familiarize myself with its essence and use it as a valuable asset in assisting me to reach my dreamy endeavors. All I know is that I want to experience nature at her fullest potential! I want to live among the mountainous heavens. I want to live in peace and I want my future family to live with me in the realm of nature and experience her beauty altogether. I want to be knowledgeable in the sciences of nature and humanity and know all the various humanities - art, history, philosophy, etc. But how will such endeavors support me? How will I get a job with such passions? I don't want to be stuck in an office counting numbers for the rest of my life but that may be my most reliable option; the most practical approach to life I can take. I just feel so lost right now.. I just want to make my life an adventure; an adventure I can someday look back and remember and proudly reflect on...