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Found 4 results

  1. The Wrestling world mourns, from the death of one of it's most iconic late 80s characters. Harry Fujiwara, who was most famously known as Mr.Fuji in the WWE in the late 80s and 90s, died at the age of 81. His most famous role, was being a manager, playing a mostly sneaky japanese stereotype, calling himself "the always devious." The most famous wrestlers he managed whered Don Muraco, the powers of Pain, The Orient Express and WWE Champion Yokozuna. He was also an accomplished wrestler in the 60s and 70s, winning numerous territory titles around the world, like the canadian heavyweight title in maple leaf wrestling and the WWC North American Heavyweight Championship. If there is a heaven, i can imagine that fuji threw salt at st.peter to enter. Rest in Peace Mr.Fuji. You'll be missed.
  2. So Mr. Slash and Burn who is the woefully out of touch manager I have at the grocery store I work at who dosen't know what the fuck he is doing is out looking for scapegoats and of course yours truly is one of them. Just recently he started scheduling the opening dairy clerk which is usually my good friend Martin but 2 days a week is me 6AM-3PM instead of 7AM-4PM because of how early the loads have been coming in which on most days is no problem but on Wednesday which is one of the days I cover that shift seriously bites me in the ass. It is because on Wednesday loads are nearly always late which is a problem for 2 major reasons, first I have to write an order for the next day which is extremely difficult to do if I don't even know what the frag we even have because I barely got to work any of my load. And this of course takes time to be precise usually about a half hour to 45 minutes depending on how large the order is and how unsure I am of what we have. Sure I always print out the invoice and that does help but it dosen't exactly read like a novel and the items are in no particular order that I am aware of. And the earlier shift gives me less time to work the load which puts me even further behind. So yesterday like alot of Wednesdays my load came in late, it came in at 12:30 and because it take time for the truck driver to deliver the load I didn't get to start breaking down until 1:00. So I broke down what I could and when it was time to start writing the order at 2:00 the only things in my load I worked were a few holes for the eggs. Around 2:30 or so I send my order and I because the assistant manager wanted me to face my section because one of the higher ups was coming that took about 10 or 15 more minutes so I only got to work a few more cases before it was time to go home. So I head right up front to clock out and Mr Slash and Burn asks me how much of the load I got done and I told him the truth and he had this shocked look on his face like I just told him his mother died or something. He then proceeded to go on a bullshit story about how he supposedly "understands" that the load was late but how I "should have got more done" and how I should just not focus on stacking everything off and wheel out the major holes. Which of course sounds great in theory but when you consider the fact that I know I won't get my load done, the cooler is at least half the size it should be and I am getting both a milk load and another wall load (yogurt, cheese, eggs ect) the next day I need as much space as I can possibly get. So if I am able to at least stack everything off than making room for the next days loads will be relatively easy and Martin can easily wheel the stuff out to the sales floor once he is ready to do so. After getting that unexpected and undeserved tongue lashing I was finally able to call it quits for the day and get out of there, but ladies and gents when I come back Friday morning that unless some miracle happened I will probably walk into one hell of a mess. Probably not as bad as the mess I walked into last Friday but a pretty bad one nonetheless.
  3. Okey dokey I just had one soul crushing week I have enough rage to melt the safes at Fort Knox and it has been a while so it is time for another rant about my shitty dead end job. For those of you who haven't tuned in my manager Mr. Slash And Burn as I have called him for his amazing ability to completely and utterly fail at writing schedules which screws myself and everyone else over by not having enough help. Just last week he came up with the brilliant idea to give two keycarriers (low and mid ranked managers) off without having ANYONE cover for them which granted didn't affect me much but the higher ups at corporate sure didn't like and let him know that. But like the nice guy he is he blamed EVERYONE for it except himself by yelling at EVERYONE for EVERYTHING. He had a little chat with me this morning about how I am a big fat pathetic screw up who can't do anything right. Okay to be fair to him he didn't use those exact words, but he might as well have so for your reading pleasure I am going to provide for you a few snippets of his BS and my little rebuttles that I wanted to say so badly today that it hurts but kept my mouth shut. "When work the 7-4 shifts your section is a mess" Yes, it is because you don't schedule enough help up front so I as a backup checker in addition to already being a dairy clerk have to come up there every two fragging seconds. I have barely enough time to do anything and when I have to write an order I don't what the frag we even have back there which causes me to make mistakes. "You didn't do what I asked you to do, I face 90% of your section" Yes I did you lying piece of filth, you told me to face my section and I did granted I missed a few spots and that is my bad but you and I both know that while you did get the spots I missed that I am the one who got most of it. And yes getting the holes is important but so is getting the back room ready for the load, I know what is back there and what I need to do you can tell me if you think I should do something else instead first but you can try not being an ass about it. and my personal favorite... "You need to have a sense of urgency, if you can't cut it than I can find someone else who can" If I don't have a sense of urgency than can you please explain how I have the respect of nearly all my coworkers including most of the managers I work with current and in the past? And there is also the matter of overdoing myself on the job to such an absurd extent that I received 3 knee injuries that have taken me out of work for a couple of weeks each, one of them taking me out for an entire month. So with all due respect sir you can go fuck yourself and have a nice day.
  4. Ok, I'm still a bit pissed off but here is the story. So me and three of my other friends went into McDonalds and we all asked for a Happy meal with girls toys, Now it just happened to be the manager(I would assume) working the till, and he said "I know about you faggots, I'm not going to help you with your creepy bullshit", There may have been some conversation between this but i don't remember but what i said was "Go get us our fucking food you fat, stupid, homophobic piece of shit" in a loud voice, My friend said i was ready to punch the guy out(He stopped me, I have been arrested for assault in the past) and i remember him saying something reluctant but doing it. So thats my story of what happened today, just thought i needed to share it.