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Found 22 results

  1. Note: Over the last month-plus, some content originally leaked (e.g., the Student Six's names, episode titles, some summaries) have been officially revealed, and chances are more will, too. But as always, please keep all leaked content not officially revealed yet — and/or if you're unsure if you're revealing too much — under the "spoiler" tag. (Hit the eye icon to trigger it and type within it.) Title: Fake It 'Til You Make It Air Date (U.S./Disc. Family): April 7 at 11:30am Writer(s): Josh Hamilton Summary: "When Fluttershy is the only pony available to look after the Manehattan boutique while Rarity is away, she takes on a series of characters to cope with the intimidating clientele and learns that she was already the best pony for the job just by being herself." Remember to join us at the CMC Clubhouse on! Episode will be linked after it airs. DM:
  2. After twilight became a princess in season 3, Twilight literally became the 4th ever princess in Equestria. She is now royalty and have authority, but in episodes like Rarity takes Manehattan, not only was no pony showing respect to her, they didn't even realize she was a princess! Now, I understand she doesn't want to be "special", but how could no one recognize a princess? and one more thing. Suri Polomare in that episode was the most disgraceful and parasitical kind of being. they present the kind of character that is what drags our world down, and even though I disliked the bullies back in ponyville, Suri is a whole new picture and makes even the bullies look amateur. I don't understand why twilight didn't step in and do something, this is a Monarchy (since its ruled by royalty) and I bet mighty princess twilight who saved Equestria - twice - could have done just something to punish her.
  3. Sometimes I bring up how much I wanna see Babs again in the show, and finally meet the Manehattan CMCs, but sometimes people say that her VA, Brynna, isn't interested anymore, and it's yet to be proven true. On her Twitter, fans say how much they wanna see Babs again, and Brynna likes their tweets. So obviously, this isn't the case. Brynna NEVER said she never wanted to come back to the show. I mean unless somebody has proof that she said she doesn't. I really want a Babs episode, just one last time! I wanna see how Babs' life turned out with her cutie mark, and finally meet the Manehattan CMCs for the first time. I really expected to see a Babs cameo in season 4, and I really expected an episode where the CMCs go to Manehattan since season 5! We did see a Babs cameo in season 5 walking along Aunt Orange in Made in Manehattan, and we did get to know that Babs got her cutie mark, but that just raises more questions than answers. Hopefully either this season or next season, we'll get this loose end tied up. I'm sure Brynna would love to return to the show just one time to finish the story that's been started! After all, her dad voices in the show regularly! So you think we'll see Babs again soon and meet the Manehattan CMCs? If you really think Brynna is not interested, I'd like to see proof of it, because I'm not getting why people are assuming this. EDIT: Look, even if Brynna really isn't available to do Babs, surely (don't call me Shirley) we would've seen a Manehattan CMC comic or chapter book by now, right? So if it isn't happening on the show, it's gotta be in the comics then!
  4. Remember when Coco Pommel got her name changed because of a legal issue? Well I think her name could still be "Coco" and "Pommel", but separately. Just not together. I don't think the legal issue would apply if her name is pronounced separately. So in the show might be just called either "Miss Pommel", or just "Coco". Then I think Hasbro would be safe, right? The "Miss Pommel" thing obviously worked, but I mean, if she was also called just "Coco".
  5. There was already a post about who is the richest among the Mane Six, right? It's right here: Now how about who's the richest among the side characters? Obviously, Diamond Tiara is, so let's not count her, Silver Spoon, Filthy or Spoiled Riches, or Fancy Pants for that matter. Oh yeah, and not the princesses either. Just the side characters that seem average. Like let's go with: Spike, each CMC, Zecora, Cheerilee, the Cakes, each of the Apple family how they split the profits, Starlight, Snips, Snails, Coco Pommel, Cheese Sandwich, yunno all those characters. Of course Discord can make his own money with his face on them!
  6. It's been three seasons since season 3, and the closest thing we had to Babs is hearing that she got her cutie mark in the beginning of season 5. Don't you think it's about time we got to see Babs again? Not only Babs, but I think we should have a CMCs going to Manehattan episode! We can finally meet who the Manehattan CMCs are, and we can see how Babs is doing with her new hair saloon job, and how her old friends are dealing with the situation, and only the Ponyville CMCs can help! What do you think? You think we should have a Manehattan CMC episode next season? I know alot of you are tired of Manehattan, but that's because most of them are Rarity episodes. It would make Manehattan interesting again, if we got to meet Babs' CMCs! Plus as a bonus: maybe we can meet Babs' sister Sunflower too! Yes, she is named Sunflower, it's confirmed in the comics.
  7. Build Party! On the 29/July/16 there will be a build party in manehattan, Everyone is invited to build a skyscraper or town house to leave there mark on Equestria. Each player will get a block of there own to build in and help from staff if needed! The Party will last a whole day! If you dont think you got the stuff to build a whole skyscraper of your own you can invite some friends to work with you! Rules: 1:No "was here signs" 2:Only build in the plot you are given unless you have permission of another player to help out. 3:Keep the theme Big town, new york etc.
  8. Shoosh Rarity, your episode already debuted Good evening, everypony, and welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews"! My apologies for being so late in getting my review out, but I have a good excuse; I spent about 4 hours total driving yesterday so I could spend time with my family celebrating my mom's, grandpa's, and grandma's birthdays in Frankenmuth, MI, otherwise known as Little Bavaria, seeing as all of their birthdays are in May. I had some great food and a great time with my fam, but the driving took quite some time, admittedly. Anyways, I have now seen this episode twice and I must say it is absolutely delightful in every which way. Nick Confalone is proving to be a fabulous addition to the writing staff, and this was certainly the funniest episode in quite some time, possibly the funniest one since "Slice of Life" last season. Without further ado, let's begin. So thankfully, I don't have a whole lot to say about this one because there's not much point in going into specific events or characters. It was an ensemble episode, but not like earlier seasons where you'd expect really momentous stuff to happen when the entire gang was involved, or even a significant slice of life lesson. The fact of the matter is that the show is old enough at this point, the story and characters developed enough that they can have an episode like this, one where there's just a lot of silly stuff happening and not much in the way of a lesson or plot. And it was executed wonderfully in this instance, I am happy to say. The most impressive aspect of it all was the execution. Recap episodes like this do not always work, and they were very creative with the timeline here. I've seen TV episodes like this before where you get events that have already happened recapped by different characters, but the manner in which they did it here, with an ongoing newspaper interview where different characters were getting interviewed (at different times, as SUPER CLEVERLY indicated by the different background characters at booths in the diner, especially with RD and AJ where it was clear they were getting interviewed at almost the same time because they not only appeared together but also had the same background character at the booth behind them in their scenes) was incredibly clever and inventive. It also helped establish and maintain the pacing of the episode; the episode was essentially just a string of gags that different characters were going through, and we've seen that before, but the interview allowed us to get insight into character's thoughts and reactions to what they did which we normally wouldn't be able to get. It was like watching a DVD commentary of a show or movie, except instead of the creators, the characters themselves were commenting on themselves. The cherry on top, of course, was that their interview was being conducted by J. Jonah Jameson pony, which, being the superhero lover I am, absolutely killed me in all the right ways (not to mention they also squeezed a fantastic Pulp Fiction reference in that diner as well). Even her schneezes are graceful! D'awwwww, I just wanna give her a hug, SHE'S TOO CUTE!!! LAMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! See? These girls know what I'm talking about As for the gags themselves, again, I see no point in going into the specific ones because there were just so many of them, and most of them worked. What I think was most notable about these gags, compared to others we've seen in past episodes (because this is certainly not the first time we've seen situations get out of control) is that they not only fit the Mane 6 to a T, but they brought Manehattan to life as a setting. Every time the show has been in Manehattan we've gotten to learn more and more about it. BUT I would argue we've never really seen the city in such a normal context. The girls are almost always either sightseeing or busy with something of their own that just happens to be in the city, but doesn't involve it too much. Here, Manehattan, as Ponyville has been so many times in the past, was an actual character because everything they were dealing with was just big city, Manehattan problems. Rarity's in a pretty rundown place where her pushy landlord could easily jack up the prices because real estate is at a premium in the city, there are raccoons, a big city diner, a dance club above Rarity's shop with ponies who apparently spend all day just jamming, the list goes on. Everything here affected the characters, it wasn't just something to point to for the audience and go "hey look, we got this big city reference in!" That's not to say I haven't liked Manehattan in the past, but this felt like a great development for it, because everything going on felt normal, not like the girls were just visiting (even though that's exactly what they were doing). City's being their own characters is important in order for a setting to take on new meaning, that's why getting a place like Gotham City right for Batman is so critical when writing that character. So yeah, overall, I was really, really happy with Manehattan's depiction here; it didn't feel like a tourist destination for the girls, but really lived and breathed here. Organization's my fetish! Got a sock drawer that needs rearranging? This is not to say that I think the episode was flawless, I do not. My biggest complaint is Plaid Stripes, the weirdo daughter of Rarity's pushy landlord. I have nothing wrong with a character, especially in an episode like this, being weird, but almost all of her humor felt really, really forced. Like, I know she was young and "eccentric" but I just couldn't buy that even someone like her would propose some of these ideas, and that made the humor from her less funny. Thankfully, the episode is so quick-paced and funny already that, upon a second viewing, I realized it's really easy to ignore how unfunny her stuff is because so much other funny stuff is going on around her. Highlights for me in particular would be Twilight's organization fetish (what else do you call it at this point?), Rarity demanding no spoilers, the raccoons freak out when Fluttershy told them they had to leave, the dance club ponies (especially the one with the giant pigtails), Pinkie's Rarity-devil and Rarity-angle, and RD and AJ's brohoof, and that's just to name a few, so with all that, yeah, it's easy to ignore the forced jokes from Plaid Stripes. What I can't ignore is that for some bizarre reason some bucker decided the last shot of the episode, after a perfectly nice moment with the Mane 6, had to be this 5 second bit with Plaid Stripes in which she did nothing but suck from a spoon and put on this stupid smile. I don't get it, it wasn't funny, and just felt really awkward. But again, it's a very minor complaint. Overall, this was just the show having fun with its main cast, taking advantage of how phenomenal they know all their VAs are (seriously, every single one of them had some amazing deliveries on these lines here, especially Tabitha, she deserves special recognition), and just giving them a fun episode without much of a plot or a lesson. It was really just about how much the girls know that, despite how different they are, they can all rely on each other through pretty much anything at this point, even if it's as goofy as some of the stuff they were dealing with here. There's absolutely nothing wrong with a show this seasoned just taking a break and having fun, and I'm glad they did it here. It was a blast and a reminder of why we love this show and its characters so much; not just because they're well written and developed and because the show is seriously one of the smartest children's shows on television today, but also because sometimes the show knows when to just kick back, relax, and have unadulterated, pure, unfiltered fun. That's all I got everypony, until next week (in an episode I have been VERY much anticipating), this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off! *cue dramatic exit* Ow... they usually go much better than this
  9. So, hello again! I'm passing here to show you guys this artwork I've just finished. It was a cover art request that I received quite some time ago. I'm not currently accepting more requests (as I still have to finish an entire list of them) but here's my newest artwork. The file is huge, so I'm not sure if it will be displayed in full resolution here, but whatever. Anyway, I hope y'all like it! Here's a link to the page -
  10. So, today's episode was a complete rip-off of Gift of the Magi. Despite good humor, I cringed every time I saw a cloned plot point from this classical tale of gift-giving. Aside from basically stealing a story and putting ponies in it, a completely predictable plot, and a moral that could be known verbatim without even finishing the episode, it seems like the third strike in a row that shows the beginnings of less involved storytelling in MLP:FIM. The other strikes were how Princess Poof was used in the season opener, and the redemption-forgiveness arc that lasted all of 5 minutes, and doesn't look like it's going to be given more screen time after the opener. What do you guys think? Does it seem like the writers are starting to get a bit lazy? Any other occasions that I missed? Or do you disagree with the qualms I had with Flurry Heart screeching a conflict into being, an unsatisfying redemption of a promising villain, and a carbon copy plot? Let me know below.
  11. Welcome back everypony to another edition of Batbrony Reviews. OK, third episode of Season 6 with a new team of writers. How did I think this turned out? Well, all in all pretty good, I'd say. This was hardly my favorite third episode of a season ever (and yes, I do categorize those because I think they play an important part in setting a tone for a season), but it wasn't awful, that's for sure. Without further ado, let's take a look at "The Gift of the Maud Pie"! Seems legit So I suppose the best way to go about covering this episode is looking at its three main characters, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Maud Pie. Starting things off with Pinkie, my feelings on her here are a tad mixed. I think with her it was most apparent that this was a new writing team, because given how over-the-top she was, I never felt like they were completely comfortable writing for her, like they were hitting so many Pinkie-tropes just to prove they know how to write her. It felt somewhat forced, but on the other hand one can justify her behavior here as well. We know that Pinkie Pie absolutely loves her family and totally goes the distance for them even more than she does with most ponies, so sometimes with something like a special day like this with her sister, she can get over-the-top even for her. None of the actions she took felt wrong for her character, just some of the reactions went on just a bit too long at times, is all. But that said, I could totally see the dilemma here being a problem faced by Pinkie Pie, she was fun, a good sister and friend as always, and just plain ol' Pinkie. Plus it was nice that she was the one learning a lesson, and from her older sister no less, which feels very natural; it feels right that if she's going to learn a lesson at this point in the show, it should be from someone older and a bit more mature than her like Maud who gets both her sister's flaws and strengths. Overall, she was just fine; it was hardly my favorite Pinkie episode ever, and I might've liked a little more nuance with her character, but she was good. Pinkie Pie and the Quest for Diabetes! I'm honestly surprised it took Pinkie six seasons to almost get arrested Best... song... EVER!!! Our supporting Mane 6 character, Rarity, was great here. With her, I actually liked her more dramatic side coming to the fore just because that makes sense when she's with Pinkie. When the Mane 6 are coupled with each other, they tend to bring out different sides of each other; Rarity by her nature is a bit of a drama queen already, so paired with the most over-the-top member of the Mane 6, it makes sense that she'd be more dramatic than usual. Her impression of Pinkie Pie was possibly the best humorous moment of the episode, and it didn't feel like she was unnecessarily going out of her way to help Pinkie either. She's generous by nature in all things, including with her time, and especially to one of her closest friends who she knows cares so deeply about her sister, this makes perfect sense for her. I did like too that we continue to see her business expanding, as it's a nice recognition from the writers that time is not static in this show, but continues to pass; these girls grow older, they have new achievements in their professional lives and are not defined solely by being friends with each other and heroes of Equestria. Hopefully we eventually get to see this shop open up, and maybe even Coco Pommel will get involved in it somehow! Finally, I'd be remiss if I did not mention Rarity dressed up as Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany's. I mean, my gosh, it's about time that reference happened! Audrey was simply the walking, living, breathing definition of chic and style, so it's just a perfect fit using Rarity to make such a reference, and my goodness, she looked fabulous with that look! Overall, Rarity had a solid outing here, it was nice seeing her with Pinkie and Maud, and she filled a supporting role very nicely in a not-so-serious episode. Oh my, oh my, oh my, I need more of this look on her!!! SO MUCH MORE OF IT!!! Quickly, give me fan art, now!!! When you've officially spent too much time around Pinkie Pie Finally, we come to the best character in the episode: Maud. I would just like to reiterate that when Maud was first introduced, I was not a fan, not in the slightest. I didn't like the schtick they were doing with her for a long time, but I think they started winning me over around the time Rainbow Rocks came out. I think what changed was that at first, it felt like they were treating her personality too seriously, but now when they use her they have a nice combination of self-awareness in satirically using her while still treating her like an actual character and not just a walking joke. Case in point, she was hilarious here. Maud, as always, was just Maud; neutral as anyone can be, interested by the last things any pony ever expects (including, yes, cracks in the sidewalk), and just doing her thing with Boulder. But, as always too, she surprised in pleasant ways. Her delivery of the lesson was perfect in its setup and execution; she gave back Pinkie's gift without a second thought and then very soundly explained to her sister what giving a gift is really all about. It's gratifying to see a lesson about selfless love coming from that character because it reinforces that yes, Maud does indeed have a lot of personality and cares about the ponies around her, she just does it in her own way. But when you get down to it, in the end, she does care about the ponies in her life, even if she doesn't show it as most ponies would. Hopefully we get to see some more from the other Pie sisters this season, but for me, this was a great appearance from Maud and she carried herself very nicely; for a new writing team, they struck a wonderful balance with her in having her be both funny as only Maud can without coming across as just a caricature, but still a character whom we can take seriously and care about unironically. Great episode from Maud, and definitely the strongest character here, I thought. Maudjestic: Majestic taken to a whole new level! Too hawt for me to handle When you officially done bucked-up As for the rest of the episode, it had a lot of highlights. We got to see a lot more of Manehattan this time around than we have in past episodes there, and I loved as always seeing more of that city and its ponies. The couple of references they made were great (it was very nice seeing a return of the Planes, Trains, and Automobiles reference in the Steve Martin and John Candy ponies, and fitting in both a Big and Breakfast at Tiffany's reference in the same episode was pretty awesome too), the settings themselves were very colorful and I look forward to rewatching this episode and trying to spot things I might've missed the first time around. The one thing that kind of rubbed me the wrong way with the animation was I felt they were doing a bit too much at certain points with some of the faces Pinkie and Rarity were making, like the expressions were a bit more than what was called for, even for ponies as dramatic as these two. The party cannon gag was almost abused, especially early on, but once you saw how they fit it into the episode it made a bit more sense and was pretty forgivable in that regard. See what I mean about the faces? It's just a bit much, even for Pinkie; not terribly distracting, but noticeable enough Overall, this was a nice third episode of the season; like I said before, it was hardly the best one we've ever had and certainly less impactful on the rest of the season than third episodes in the past have proven to be, so a little more akin to Too Many Pinkie Pies from Season 3. But it was funny, had some really great sights and animation to take in, and hit just enough high notes to be plenty enjoyable. I look forward to rewatching this one and, like I said, catching bits I might've missed, and all in all, I think the season is going just smashing so far. Until next time everypony, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit*
  12. AT LAST, some word of S6.... somewhat, just a sneak pic. No info of when nor what's coming, but it's something, considering they've been quiet for long . Well, at least we know everyone's favorite unexpressing rock loving poneh is back UPDATE: Well, apparently S6's new theme is going to be Equestria's exploration. While we seen a lot outside Poniville and Canterlot as the series progressed, it makes me hopeful that we're going to see even more this season
  13. I've been thinking, and Manehatten is a confusing place. They didn't stop for a princess first of all. And they try to make it seem like you can't go on the "road", with crosswalks and all, even though the only thing on the road is horse-drawn carriages. But at the end of "Made in Manehatten", there are ponies just walking casually on the street while carriages pass them by! Then they even just sit down in the street to watch a play. What is going on here?
  14. OK, good morning everypony, and welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews." Quite a lovely episode this morning if I do say so myself, though not a terribly mind blowing one, but hey, that's just fine. Aside from it's somewhat fast pace, this felt like a somewhat more contained episode, if only because it was limited to a particular neighborhood in Manehattan. I don't have a whole lot to say about this one, but let's dive in, shall we? Oh come on, it can't possibly be that bad- Oh. Ohhhhhh. Uh, Rarity, I don't like where this face is going. Like, at all. Not feeling the Rarijack, darling? No, not really. First of all, it's always nice to see a RariJack episode. I've been on record many times saying that they're my favorite pair of friends among the Mane 6, namely because not only do they get along so well despite having wildly different tastes, but also have progressed very much in their friendship since the show began. That was very evident here, especially in how they complemented each other so well during their time in Manehattan. Rarity was very supportive of Applejack the whole time and also patient with her uncomfortableness with the big city, and Applejack did a nice job of keeping Rarity focused on the task at hand. They didn't really bicker once (though that partly could have had to do with the fact that there was a lot going on in this episode), and they did a wonderful job of tackling their problem together (though the focus of the episode was quite clearly Applejack given that she had a little more to learn about both herself and that she could actually do some good in a city like Manehattan). All in all, the most horrible thing to happen to either of them was the loss of *gasp* APPLEJACK'S STETSON, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! R.I.P. AJ'S hat: you will always be remembered fondly. You're in the armmmmmmssssssss offfffffff an angel! Next, we saw the return of the lovely Coco Pommel, who is simply one of the most adorable supporting characters this show has seen to date. To be honest, she had a very strong return; we saw that she's been trying to make a positive impact in her community since Rarity first met her (albeit also getting a bit in over her head in the process), and not just trying to further her own career, but still needed some help doing so just cause, well, she's only one pony, and a pony who quite clearly couldn't refurbish an entire stage and park on her own, at that. It was very cool getting to visually learn some about her childhood and background, and interesting to learn that she was a local Manehattanite. I'd always been under the impression since her first appearance that she was on out-of-towner who wasn't used to life in the big city and got taken advantage of by Suri Polomare just like Rarity did, but apparently that's not the case, so that's interesting to know. Not a whole lot else to say about her other than that; her heart's clearly still in the right place, the revival was successful and I imagine she'll do a bang up job heading that up from now on, and she was quite delightful to see again. Nice continuity from DHX, very appreciative always to see continuity in the show. Oh Coco, why you so cute?!?! Finally, Manehattan itself was very fun to see again, and this time the city itself was much more the focus of the episode than it was in "Rarity Takes Manehattan," particularly Coco's old neighborhood. We got to hear multiple accents that are all unique to New York (the Brooklyn accent is standard enough for a kids show, but it was VERY impressive to hear a Latino Bronx accent, I did not expect that in the slightest!), there were all kinds of references to New York-centric media and popular culture, including Newsies and Seinfeld (and even though this isn't New York-centric in the slightest, they also worked in an AMAZING Peanuts and Charlie Brown reference which I simply adored ), and the city itself just got really nicely fleshed out. It had a character here, a distinct look and feel to it, and we got to see it very much for the diverse metropolis that it really is in a more standard neighborhood than we saw in, again, "Rarity Takes Manehattan," which was set in a far more fashion-and-business-centric district than this episode was. You're a good stallion, Charlie Brown The moral too, about teaching others how even the smallest acts of charity can make a big difference, as well as how to slow down for the things that really matter in a community, was very nice, although, as Jeric and I both agreed, it would have been a bit better if they just showed it in the final play scene rather than reiterate in the dialogue afterwards as well as like they did, that made it just a tad forced. But hey, I get why they did that, not all the kids who watch the show might have gotten the moral otherwise, so it's forgivable enough. Twilight was quite adorable in her boredom for the few minutes she showed up, the continuity in this episode was again very much appreciated, just like in last week's episode, the humor was spot on, the animation was colorful, clean, polished, and just gorgeous looking as has become standard fare for this show for a while now. All in all, a very, very solid episode; nothing in particular that makes it first tier for this show, but nothing really wrong with it either. It's an episode that's comfortable being what it is, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Looking forward to next week's episode very much, until then everypony, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off! *cue dramatic exit* Oh shush, Twilight, you'll get your moment in the spotlight soon enough. -_-
  15. SwiftDust in Manehattan I've been wanting to try drawing skyscrapers to practice on perspectives, and tidbits of details here and there for a new wallpaper for my phone's homescreen; I thought of Manehattan right away. I have an OC, named SwiftDust, who is living in the big city, so I thought of him being a great start in making a project like this. And here we have Swift in his usual early morning scene, starting up with a coffee drink, still in his black pajamas while watching the sunrise. What do you guys think?
  16. So, I heard about Rarity Takes Manehattan too. Since it's a Rarity episode (finally), I expect great things!!!!!! Perhaps Babs Seed making an appearance.....?
  17. So by season 4 we have a pretty good grasp on Ponyville, Canterlot, and the Everfree Forest. Which cities or location do you wish they have a full episode in so we see and learn more about it? Cloudsdale, Manehattan, Appleloosa, and Crystal Empire have seen some time but not to the extent of Ponyville and Canterlot. Fillydelphia and Los Pegasus have been mentioned but not actually visited yet. My vote is for Cloudsdale. I'd like to see more about the weather factories and stuff and more of what pegasi culture is like.
  18. Just something I was a little curious about. Manehatten is supposed to be like a copy of new york, hence why babs seed speaks with a brooklyn accent. However, the oranges, who live in the same town, seem out of place, acting more like the canterlot nobility than anything else. On a side note, a post I saw on another site made a good point. If they're not farm workers, then why do they have orange related cutie marks?
  19. Trixie has come to terms with today's technological advances, and decided to go to a place called GameStop since it seemed to carry what she needed to have some excitement while traveling long distances. Upon nearing the entrance, Trixie spotted a kid outside full of disdain while his Gameboy was lit in fire... Trixie paid no mind and went inside and catch the deals she could find. Trixie hopes to come back in time for that gaming session evening this so called Rainbow Dash had planned. If Derpy is involved, Trixie better bring a controller in reserve...
  20. A Weevil in Manehattan Weevil is a Changeling colt whose family, amongst thousands of others at a time of mass migration, have left peasant life in the Changeling Kingdom behind in search of a better one in Equestria. Now living in the Six Points, a multi-species slum in Lower Manehattan, Weevil does his best to adapt to growing up in the big city, where he is surrounded by an oddball collection of friends and enemies and faces not just the resentment of the embittered majority, but the real, constant threat of vicious gangs that plague the streets. But through it all, Weevil keeps a level head, an unwavering dedication to his friends and family and their values, and in doing so, will hopefully come out on top from whatever twists and turns life in Manehattan throws at him.
  21. It was brought up that the CMCs help out fillies/colts with the infamous blank flank status affliction that seems to terrorize the average foal more often during these times. To counteract, a project was put in effect to get around it and make everypony feel good about themselves by going by what you would call the "hands on" approach of acquiring your cutie marks. Since their efforts have implicitly recognized, they seem to be on the cusp of expanding their works and laying out new assets all over the country. OK, maybe that's exaggerating, but a close contact in Manehattan of all places sounds like a terrific way to kick things off! My question to you is, will this expansion affect the name of their group in any way? If they soon make tons of new friends from various parts of Equestria, they can contact them from long distances and set up new names for their venues, like the Cutie Mark Crusaders East if you live in Manehattan. Or, keep it universal but because you have so many members, the name is changed to Cutie Mark Legionaries (an example) not unlike how Justice League from DC Comics was turned into the Justice League Unlimited. In the case for the Cutie Mark Legionaries, I know it's pretty shallow of me, but it also has some historical context into it deriving its name from the Roman legions that would roam Earth much before another major historical event, the crusades. Pretty clever, huh? Oh, I'd also like to point out that you should take the sophistication option with a grain of salt: what they're doing is pretty ambitious but not entirely implausible. Opening up branches doesn't seem like a bad idea.