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Found 81 results

  1. If so what do you like? Ive seen and liked Soul Eater, pokemon, Solty Rei, XXX Holic,Count of Monte Cristo:Gankutsuou, Baka and Test, Death Note,DBZ, and Naruto.
  2. So just as the title said. I will share mine later on but go on ahead and share your favorite anime/manga characters and why.
  3. I have thought about making this thread for quite a while not since out pony merch thread is so large and I know there are many anime fans on this site. So here are some questions to get you started! What anime merch do you own? What do you want to own? What do you plan on buying? Where do you buy your merch? Give us tips and suggestions! Also, feel free to post your collection! Posters, Clothing, Figures, Novels, etc! So what do you own? Let us know! Is this you?
  4. I'm not sure I put this in the right post but if needed, the mods is welcome to move it. Here's a manga as a contribute to this Rarity's investigation event! Reviews are allowed
  5. One Punch Man started off as an awfully-drawn webcomic. A professional artist liked it enough to redraw it in an extremely detailed style. Recently, it also got adapted into an anime which just ended. Basically, it's about some guy who became the strongest superhero in the world, to the point where he can beat anyone with one punch (hence the title). He has grown bored of life due to the lack of challenges, and seeks a worthy opponent, to no avail. Any fans around here? Who is the best hero? (answer is Mumen Rider).
  6. Hello there! I decided to finally publish this thing I had in my drawer for too long. The quality is not good and I can't do anything to improve it right now (too busy with my job, PG studies and making a game). Next parts will be published as somewhat cleaned sketches, so... uh... yeah. The reason is simple - there are two types of people. Those who dig read comics mainly for story and those who read them mainly for picture. My comic at this moment is for the former. Those who thought "Hey, a familiar title" would be right. This is a copied name of "A Certain Scientific Railgun" and there are some copied story elements. But aside from that, there is almost nothing copied from "To Aru" series. Almost... Ahem. Here are the links. The second part is already at the state of "sketches" (though there is only one page at the moment): Part 1 (14 pages) Part 2 (1 page as of now)
  7. Welcome to the Official Pokémon Thread! Here you can discuss about the series in general, whether it be the latest game announcement to the anime/manga/TCG to your own headcanons or theories. Just sit back, relax and have a good time discussing topics with your fellow fans. And if you feel like it, you can fill out these fun forms that can be found in the spoiler below. General Questions: When did you become a fan?: What do you like most about the series?: Who is your favourite Pokémon?: Who is your favourite human character?: What is your favourite game?: Do you like anything outside the games? (i.e., anime, manga, TCG, etc.): Make your own Pokémon gym!: Create a team!:
  8. So I tend to listen to a lot of Celtic music off hand and like to write or make things and one my fav bands is Clanned. They are just a wonder to do something creative too and the idea of from the lyrics of this song made me think of this young girl in the ocean just sitting while fish swim by and flowers dance in the currents. Mostly used pangs and had to retouch up some texture with some soft lighting effects in the background and on the girl with her make to you. Mostly it was playing around with the threshold of the layers and the layout work in how they looked. Music: Pngs: Girl: Fish: Fish: Flower: Flower: Texture
  9. Kakashi Hatake, from Naruto, finally had his face revealed at a Naruto exhibit that took place last year in Japan. I realize that this is a bit late, but i'd love to hear your thoughts. Source: Kakashi's face:
  10. Here is a short Naruto AMV I created not terribly long ago. I felt that this song could really relate to Shikamaru. (Assuming you are fimiliar with the anime) NOTE: I am not looking for a critique; just thought i'd share!
  11. I am a big fan of Shonen Jump's hit anime, Naruto. So I decided to create a thread dedicated to discussing it!
  12. Hey y'all, it's me Thunder. Guess what? I've come back from the ded, yaayy! I haven't posted here in a loong time (again..). That's because I really didn't feel like I'd drawn anything worth posting here, since I don't wanna use this as an art dump y'know. Anywei, I've been wanting to do this for a long time, but never really got around to it. I love the oldschool stuff, so I'm trying to mix popular 80's and 90's styls together, to come up with something cool. I think I'm getting it, maybe lol.
  13. So I did a Ao no Exorcist that I was working on the side with my other from Breaking the Line and sort of took an abstract walk as I did in the others which seems to work well with me in terms. No effects of are used, just brushes, redoing layers and erasing in some parts and just moving things. Kept to colors of blues and just all around black in simple things. Time: 5 Days Layers: 12 Used: Gimp 2.6 Anime/manga: Ao no Exorcist Theme: Lost
  14. Since there was a scene in Scaremaster showing us cutouts of ponified versions of certain anime characters, I've been thinking, what anime/manga would Fluttershy check out and like? I think Fluttershy would like Love Live and Azumanga Daioh.
  15. So been a while sense I did any kind of anime/manga wallpaper yet Norgami dug me more and more out and now I must fan out and make some wallpapers for this anime (you must go see it or read the manga). This wallpaper is simple in the background being black, the bamboo is in shades of greens to darker tones and in adding in a neon glow and outlines in just playing around the layers a bit. Did a blur effects to give it a sense of fast movement in like passing by. With the main female, did a oil pointing like effect to blur her and make it black and white with adding soft glow and lighting a bit in like with the bamboo. Render: Anime/Manga: Noragami Layers: 22 Time: 4 days Cannon: Hiyori Iki Used: Gimp and
  16. I freaking adore this anime! So, I figured i'd make a discussion thread for it!
  17. So, I didn't see a thread for this, and I thought Id create one. Discuss anything related to JJBA here, but please be sure to hide spoilers properly. Some of you may be wondering, "What is this 'JoJo' you speak of?" Well my friends, allow me to explain. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is a manga series by Hirohiko Araki, first published in 1987 and still ongoing, currently on its eighth part. It has been adapted into anime many times, most famously the 1993 OVA of the manga's third part and the 2012 adaptation of parts 1 and 2, the latter of which led to Part 3 also being animated (still in progress). The series has influenced many things, including video game characters (e.g., Guile from Street Fighter) and produced a fair amount of memes you may have seen, most notably "WRRRRRYYYYY" (did I kinda ruin this somewhat intelligent explanation by mentioning memes?). If you wish to read the manga, the best place would probably be Batoto. The anime series can be found on Crunchyroll. I recommend watching the anime until you run out of episodes, and then starting to read the manga from there.
  18. -if I tagged this wrong in any way, my apologies- So, yugioh. That card game that was once on motorcycles! I couldn't find a thread on it already around, and I think I'm not the only one here that likes it. Whether it be the anime, the movies(yes, there are a few), the manga, the animations, or just the plain 'ol card game, here we speak of it. This can also double as a YGO PRO discussion and meet, as well as any fan made cards you make! Just have fun, and play a few rounds of a children's card game, or just remember when Pegasus just was a strong duelist!
  19. I've been reading comics and manga ever since I was a little kid. And I remember my first comic ever was Spawn, first issue too. But I also had some great memories with manga as well. My friend had brought a Japanese version of Naruto #1 which did not censor the sexy jitsu (or whatever the fuck it's called). But as I grew I up I leaned towards American comics, because they just seemed more imaginative and not afraid if they choose a different style or not. But I want to here your opinion on it. Oh, and fighting in this thread is accepted and wanted.
  20. So I'm a huge fan of Web-Comics, given the wide range of styles and story just keep me hooked long into the wee hours of the nights and just finding more to keep me hooked! So I'm wondering if any one else likes web comics or manga and such and what are your favs and for what reasons? Also a thread to post some directions to good ones or new readers to this branch of the net! This is one I've been reading for a long time and just love like a good book in rereading it all once a year! A mix with furries, magic, love and drama! Personally its one of the best on the web in my books! So you get a female drifter who gets cursed to be a werefox! Sounds a bit of a simple story but after 20 pages this furry themed comic is going to drag you into this world! Having been a fan for this comic for over 8 years and now with new updates! Click a link for a good read! Epic Quest, fox girl, magic with elves and a deep rich history? Welcome to feywinds! All I got to say is one of my new favs and just click the link for a good bit of art candy and story!
  21. Hello~! I'm just going to post some of my artwork(pony artwork included) and I'm hoping for some critique mostly and maybe some commissions and watchers on my deviant art^-^ Okay so my deviant art ID: Tia_Moon78 My Artwork~: Espeon: EspeonxUmbreon: My Fursona/Jen's Fursona/ Her Mate: Jen's Fursona: Circus Bear Fursona: Maid 1: Maid 2: My OC Punkbeat: Chibi Glaceon: My Adventure Time OC Eileen Wolf: I hope you enjoy! Don't be too shy with your critiques. And if you'd like to request a commission just ask me for the details via message. Fin~
  22. im getting better everyday!
  23. This is a page for talking about the anime and trading card game, Yu-Gi-Oh! What do you think about Arc-V? What kind of deck do you use? Wanna trade? Do it here!