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Found 8 results

  1. Ok, see this globe? Now see this map? the mountain ranges on either don't align. so do we just look at this as a lack of thought into location, or do we have a nearly complete view of the world of mlp, and if so, what are these other places?
  2. Here is OST Collection: Maps for Mario Party 3 on the Organ (Disclaimer: This is Version 1. Future updates to this will be made in the future). Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here:
  3. Hey guys! It's been a while since I was last on here but I decided to get some suggestions and opinions on my Warrior Cat RP site's map description (since the map is not done yet.) Here goes: The map consists of 4 major territories; SparrowClan to the upper left, DoveClan to the upper right, RavenClan to the lower left, and OwlClan to the lower right. A river snakes it's way down through DoveClan territory from a cliff at the outer edge. The water that cascades down forms a small pool at the bottom of a waterfall. Behind the waterfall is a small cave, but I'll get to that later. The river, after bottoming into the pool, sneaks down DoveClan until it touches the border between DoveClan and OwlClan territory. from then on it follows the border until it branches out into two paths near the middle of the territories. It forms a border between RavenClan and SparrowClan, as well as RavenClan and OwlClan. The path between RavenClan and SparrowClan climbs it's way north around the outer edge of SparrowClan territory and stops to form a large pond. On the other side of the border, the land slopes upward into a flat plateau-like expanse with twoleg houses covering it's area. At the bottom of the slope, on either side of the river there is thick vegetation: Juniper bushes, brambles, and many other other types of plants, many good as medicinal herbs. DoveClan, the territory with it's land sliced in two by the river, is formed of open moor, with rolling hills and lush, although somewhat sparse, vegetation. Trees clump together around the hill sides where they meet the river, forming a small clearing between. On one side of the river within the clearing is where the camp resides, sheltered from the wind by the hills and trees. Another smaller clearing resides a little ways away, nestled between the hills, unsheltered by the trees that surround the camp. This is the training hollow. The trees from OwlClan also come up around DoveClan territory, snaking their way behind the expanse of hills. OwlClan's territory is primarily medium-height pine trees. dense with underbrush and pine needles. Few deciduous trees grow in the thick woodland area. The woods open up to clearing surround by thick brambles, guarding all around the space. A large, hollow tree that had fallen many years ago lays under some of the brambles, offering an entrance into the large camp that OwlClan calls home. Not far from this clearing is another, smaller clearing. This one isn't surrounded by brambles and instead is just offered by the absence of trees. This is where OwlClan's apprentices train to become warriors. OwlClan doesn't have much medicinal herbs growing within it's pines but past the line of trees where they break away to make room for the river is a clearing where herbs that need lots of sunlight and water grow particularly well. Near where the river stretches between OwlClan and RavenClan is where the Pine trees thin out and mingle into deciduous trees, creating a mixed forest for RavenClan to call home. The trees are less dense here, but still close enough to provide protection from the rain and wind. The sky can be viewed through the branches and leaves of the trees overhead, unlike the thickly wooded areas of OwlClan where the trees provide a sort of roof. Brambles also grow thickly here, with more lush vegetation to hide among and patches of herbs growing across the territory where sunlight lays in swatches. A clearing makes its way into the trees, a taller oak reaching into the sky within the space. Around the tree is where RavenClan makes its camp, among the sprawling roots and trees ringing the clearing to make dens for themselves. Smaller and less guarded is near the edge of the territory, a spot surrounded in vegetation and brambles. This is the training hollow. At the Southern edge of the territory from RavenClan to OwlClan is a large twoleg area. the river stretches through it. Last but not least, SparrowClan. This Clan is also populated by trees. Oaks, Birches, Beeches, and Ashes cover the vast majority of the ground. Not many brambles dot the landscape, but berry bushes and flowers are not a rare sight in Newleaf and Greenleaf. There is quite a bit of space between trees, but it is still partially sheltered from the sky. Near the center of the territory is a hollow, where the ground dips down. Rocks that stick up from the earth, covered in moss, mark the camp between the trees. Nearby another hollow is carved into the ground, being the place where the apprentices train. The cave that rests behind DoveClan territory behind the waterfall is the Mooncave, where Medicine Cat go to speak to StarClan. Spikes of rock dip from the ceiling and reach from the floor, dispersing to show a deep pool where the moonlight reaches from the entrance. It seems to glow. From the area where the river splits is an area untouched by markings of territory. This area belongs to all of the Clans, where meetings are held under the full moon. The corners of each Clan dip down here, surrounded by flowers, herbs, brambles, and small trees. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this just as much as I enjoyed writing it. xD Tell me if anything should be changed or added, and please tell me how you like or dislike it. <3 Thank you all!
  4. - Early Ancient Times - Middle Ancient Times - Late Ancient Times - Classical Era (Golden Age) - Dark Ages - Steampunk/Industrial Era I am beginning to map out my little own alternate world, Minecraftia, and no, it's not strictly like Minecraft, but it has similarities. How does it look? (I made these in Google Paint App)
  5. Hello. Here I present my attempt in mapping the library in Ponyville. I started from making a list of all occurrences of the library in the original show episodes, with their corresponding timestamps, for quicker searching through them for particular screenshots. Here it is, in a plain text file: This list will be updated and expanded along with my work. And then I started from mapping the second floor, because it's where the action of my fanfic is supposed to start. Here's my attempt in making such a map, according to the reference screenshots from the show: Unfortunately, there are some "paradoxes" which I cannot resolve :-/ First of them is the staircase leading downstairs to the first floor: In the beginning of the first episode it is located just below the "tree column", as you can see in the pictures B and C above. It's separated from the desk by two bookcases inside the wall, just under the bedroom. But then something strange happens in picture O: The hole with the staircase totally disappears! And in its place appears the bookcase which was on its right. Also, the part of the "tree column" seems to detach and moves in between the bookcases. It's occluded by Spike for some time, but when he goes out of the view, this is what we can see. The staircase reappears later just next to the desk, and under the Twilight's bed, as we can see in picture N, and it stays there for most episodes. I don't know which location of the staircase is right. I tried to resolve this paradox by stuffing in these two bookcases between the staircase and the desk, and stuffing two other staircases on the other side of it (just below the stairs leading up to the bedroom). At first, this seemed to work, as long as on the shots like in picture N we assume that the desk occludes the two bookshelves behind it, and only the staircase (next in a row) is visible, and then the two other book shelves, which look pretty much the same as the former two, but swapped, are visible there. Unfortunately, this cannot work, because we should see the desk from the side in picture N to make it occlude the two missing staircases. And we see that the desk is just next to the staircase, because there aren't any discontinuities in the edge of the bedroom floor above it, which could explain such a perspective :-/ This leads us to the other "paradox" of this floor: the round bookcase paradox. The round bookcase with hearts and flowers ornaments around it, seen in picture N as the second from the left under the stairs to the bedroom, magically changes into a window/door leading to the reading balcony :-/ We can see this window/door in pictures M and L, and partly in picture G. This paradox can also be solved if we assume that the round bookcase didn't changed into a window/door, but just stood in this place for some time, occluding the window locating behind it. And then Twilight discovered the window and removed the bookcase to reveal it. But this collides a bit with the staircase paradox, because both seem to be located in the same place in pictures B and C, just next to the small bookcase under the stairs, and just below the "tree column" (of course before the staircase magically moves to the right, nearer to the desk, in later episodes ;-P ). Do you have any ideas how these paradoxes could be solved? If we agree that these magical changes of locations are just errors of the artists, then which ones are errors and which are the correct locations? :-P There are also some other, minor inconsistencies for this floor. For example, the gratings in windows sometimes differ. Once they're round oval shapes, the other times they're made of a grid of straight lines. This is the case for the kitchen window, just behind the writing table. Compare pictures F and G, for example. This is the very same window, as you can match the writing table, the curtains, the shelves with plates, and the fireplace. Other things are more consistent on the other hand. For example, picture H is a view as seen from the bedroom, when standing next to the Twilight's bed and looking a bit diagonally to the left. Then you can see the kitchen window at the bottom, and the two other windows above it, as compared with picture G. You can also match the part of the chimney, the flasks on the shelf above the shelves with plates, and a photo standing on the fireplace. Just after Spike's bed (basket), there's a little bit of the top of the desk visible, and a bit of Twilight's bed. Just above the bed there's visible a part of the dark wall behind the bed. This is the part of the wall visible also in pictures N, O, B, and more visible in pictures D and E. When you compare pictures D and E, you can also see some round window located above and to the left from the kitchen window. I cannot quite match this window with the exterior view. The stairs on the left of pictures O, N and M (visible also in pictures J, K, L and G from another point of view) definitely leads to the bedroom. This part has been quite uncertain for me for some time, until I catched the frame seen in picture A, which is the best proof that there is a pathway connecting the bedroom with the vanity/mirror and stairs. This passage is located between the huge dark bookcase in the bedroom and the beige "tree column", which hides it from the view in pictures B and C. That's why it was uncertain to me that there is any passage; I thought that this is a wall, until I saw the frame from picture A and I saw Twilight going there and then going down the stairs in the next scene twice in a row (see the episode with falling stars). Unfortunately, there are even more "paradoxes" at the first floor :-/ Like some windows or doors appearing from nowhere, just to disappear in the next episode o_O MAGIC EVERYWHERE! :-P And some inconsistencies in interior-exterior scenes (for example, with matching windows, or levels). I'll describe them next time. For now, I'd like to know your ideas about how to resolve these paradoxes I already described. I need to map the library correctly for my fanfic to be as much show-accurate as possible, because it intertwines its storyline with the official series, and it will be "visual" (I mean, a comic book), so it needs to match the appearance of the original show. Edit: Here we go again! ;-/ This editor has screwed my formatting again! It glitches royally. Let someone repair this or I gone crazy sooner that you can say "crazy" ;-P
  6. i just got amnesia dark decent and i want a good custom help me please help me...thank you
  7. It can be made from the in-game editor or made entirely from scratch. I'll post mine later; I'm using my IPod. *Edit* CURSE YOU AUTO CORRECT! *Portal 2 CHAMBERS
  8. Why is this a gaming tag? Because for April Fool's Day, Google Japan turned the entire world into 8-bit. EVEN THE STREETS. GO TO YOUR HOUSE TAKE PICTURES IN EIGHT GLORIOUS COLORS. I am saving pictures of every place in my childhood, because I have dreamed of this moment for the past TWENTY YEARS. MY PAST SELF WOULD HAVE LOVED THIS SO MUCH AND HE IS ENJOYING IT NOW AS MY INNER CHILD EEEEEEEEEEEHEHEHEHEHEEEEEEEEEEE /)^3^(