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Found 52 results

  1. Miss Glimmer! ready to cause trouble and be totally cute while doing it!
  2. woo woo! starlight! i adore her former mane style, bangs are an automatic win for me! (bang twins!)
  3. this was based off of the confrontation between Nightmare Moon and Twilight in the first two parter of season 1, the feelings and atmosphere there will always stick out to me for how tense and amazing it was!
  4. Miss Powerful, ready to cast some spectacular spells and tricks!
  5. a slightly older piece of my favourite sisters! (i gotta say, the royal sisters just might be my favourite to draw!)
  6. Recently, I decided to redesign my Vesper Flare because she was either too saturated or too dark, making the colours clash with one another's and not easy on the eyes. Here's an art of the old design : As a matter of fact, I redesigned her with a more soft and pastel colour. I also added complexity to the hat. Here're some follow-up arts of her : (I swear I will resume studying from now on lol)
  7. (Left to right) Shadow Trail and Swish Current Shadow Trail - Is a Former Wonderbolt, weather control pegasus, and a member of the Shadowbolts. She is a resident of Glimmer town Safe-zone Appearance: Dead Equestria: Exile (Coming soon), The Commonwealth (Coming Soon) Swish Current - Is a pegasus filly and a resident of Glimmer town Safe-zone Appearance: Dead Equestria: Exile (Coming soon), The Commonwealth (Coming Soon)
  8. New drawing from the friendly neighborhood catpony, new OC. She is twin-sister of of my first good OC inspired by my first pony OC that was terrible (edit- both she and the first good OC are based on the terrible OC). For context, here is my original OC I got the base inspiration from....and well, I basically went into total opposite way. Nothing else to say really. Drawn wit tablet, colored with mouse, used medibang paint pro.
  9. Hi, I drew again, and it's new OC again. I know there's lot of text, my skills aren't enough for me to tell all that information visually in the little time I have to draw.
  10. Astral Flame is a ten year old batpony filly who has spent half a year searching for her missing parents, as such she has decided to settle down in a dark area of the Everfree Forest near the Ponyville central park. There she has the privacy to live in peace without the xenophobia of the other races and she has the privacy and space to train so that she can achieve her dream of one day getting accepted into the night Guard and serving under Luna... However, there comes a time when she gets found out...but the pony (Your OC or a canon character of your choice) who finds her out, isn't xenophobic or superstitious like most others, instead he or she will take her in, help her in any way they can to search for her parents and to even help her train and achieve her dream. This is primarily going to be a mixture of slice of life and adventure, but perhaps as Astral gets older, a romance is possible. Rules: 1. Obviously both the RP section and the Forum rules apply, so please keep everything to a maximum of PG 13+ (meaning coarse language, violence (if any), romantic sort of things...) 2. No Mary Sue or Gary Stu OCs 3. All races/species allowed, but Alicorns must have limitations 4. If unsure about anything, ask me about it 5. Please try to post as often as possible 6. Also please try to type at least one paragraph per reply, but no fillers 7. Above all else, have fun!
  11. Welcome to the Mrs. Cake Fan Club! Mrs. Cake is one of the owners of Sugar Cube corner. She married to Mr Cake. They both have two fillies. Her type is a Earth pony. She also has some good looking hair if you ask me! Rules (By Tomixx) -No Spamming to beome the biggest fan -This is a children's show and believe it or not, there are younger who go on these forums, please limit content not to unappropiate - Don't post a picture of Pinkie Pie on the Mrs. Cake Fan Club - Don't hate on other Fanclubs - All MLP Forums rues still aply to this Fanclub Enjoy! Eat a ton after viewing this club!
  12. Hello everypony~! I'm FallBreeze. Some of you have seen me on my introductory post, but still don't know much about me~! Feel free to ask questions here!
  13. I have a few questions. Why do most ponies have round faces and some have square faces? Some say that the mares have round faces and the stallions have square faces but is that true? I mean Zecora is a female with a square face and so are Celestia, Luna and Cadence but not Twilight or Flurry Heart. Also, some colts have round faces. Are colts born with round faces and they go square when they grow up? Why are Flurry Heart's wings bigger than her body and is it because she's an Alicorn? Speaking of wings, why are Bulk Biceps's wings smaller than the rest of his otherwise large body? (Like they're the same size as a foal's wings) Why are Celestia, Luna and Cadence much taller and thinner than most other ponies? Why are Big Mac, Shining Armour and the Cake parents taller and chubbier than most other ponies? Why do adult pegasi fold their wings to their bodies but I've never seen a pegasus foal do that?
  14. Hi Yet again, I have made and drawn new OC. This time it's ghost-thing. Here She is. I made this pretty quick so quality isn't best . I made background in 2 minutes so it's obviously bad :-P . You know the drill, critique/feedback and all that. (I use GIMP)
  15. Here’s a breastfeeding scene from Sesame Street: Here’s another breastfeeding scene from Rugrats: Now, picture a breastfeeding scene in an episode of MLP:FiM (perhaps Mrs. Cake breastfeeding Pound Cake and/or Pumpkin Cake). Would you find that ok or ‘not ok’? I’d personally be a-ok with it.
  16. In "Too Many Pinkie Pies," Pinkie feels there are not enough Pinkie Pies to go around, and so she clones herself. In order to do so, she visits a mystical pond known as the Mirror Pool, and recites a poem that ends in something along the lines of "I won't be scared at the idea of being doubly mared." A mare is a female horse, a male is a stallion. Pinkie Pie is a mare, but what if a stallion wanted to clone himself. Would he have to say "doubly stallioned."? This may not work very well, because "stallioned" doesn't scan in terms of poetry, and it doesn't, by any stretch of the imagination, rhyme with "scared". Is it possible the Mirror Pool only works on mares, and if so, why? What do you guys think?
  17. SunGlimpse in her prom attire :3 This is aslo for mlp.war on Instagram! I imagine that she would be very shy but she'd also look very pretty ^^ Probably staying away from everyone just eating all the time xD (I'd totally do that) BG from the mlp wikia
  18. Okay, a lot of you have probably seen the fan animation "Button's Adventures," and have probably noticed how popular Button's Mom has gotten. (If you haven't seen the animation, here is a link: ) Anyway, she has yet to be given an official name by the creator, so I thought it might be fun to think of name ideas for her. Post below what name you think might be nice for her character.
  19. After @@Sporemane, suggested my old version of my OC Mercedes should be her evil twin in this thread , so I was excited to draw...her lil sis! (the twin idea got scrapped because I have a lil sis, so why not?). Her Blue-Red mane is a reference to red and blue roses (not Photo Finish maiden). And she has heterochromatic eyes, a reference to an anime (if you know which, you get a cookie! :3) I tried to make her look like she's walking but, meh. Audi VaiRose Her Big Sis, Mercedes
  20. Thought I remake my OC Mercedes to a new one, a complete overhaul with new color palette. Before After
  21. Just entered an OC for an RP, so figured I would show off my art to relieve some boredom. The cow-licks hair spikes pays homage to Sonic Boom (Sonic The Hedgehog). More details in the link in my sig Made using GIMP, which I'm not really good at (it was better on paper but the cutiemark is hell lot better here). Mind you I hardly do digital art, this the best my amateur pen tool skills can offer
  22. Hey y'all, its been a little bit since i last posted any pony art here at all really, i haven't even done any for a while to be honest, so I figured i'd try some again. So last night I drew some pony art, i thought about just drawing my OC or something, but then i thought about the new OC who i've been working on, whos my new little mare . And i figured, might as well get her some drawings, since my OC has already had a good few. Yes, i basically am going to ship them as far as their story goes, i felt like my stallion needed someone to love, and i figured that I might as well make her someone to love . So thats how i came to create my New Mare OC, whos still yet to be named actually, so I just refered to her as my new mare OC . She has now been named Bella! I tried my best to make her color scheme look good together with my Ponysona, and I think they look pretty good together, but i guess its up to y'all. Anyways heres the art without further ado! Sorry that it looks kinda crap, i'm really rusty having not done pony art in a while, but hopefully i can get back into it some. Heres the pony creator image, if my drawing obstructs your judgement of the actual OC . And frankly I don't like shipping my OC with cannon ponies, so i figured i'd make my own to ship it with . Ps. I would like to also thank @Blue Moon for his help on the creating of the new OC, i had some help from others and I appreciate all of their help aswell, but Blue did a whole lot of helping, and spent a good bit of time suggesting things, so big thanks to him for making this OC the way it turned out!
  23. I was just thinking about this as I was looking at pictures of the Manehattan and Whinnyapolis delegates from Princess Spike. I noticed that the former barely has any pictures of him on Derpibooru, while the latter really has something going for her in the fandom. This support even seems to extend to other ponies like Berry Punch, Tree Hugger, and Octavia, who seems to be much more popular than her stallion bandmates. Is this just me, or does anyone else seem to think that female characters are much more likely to become Ensemble Darkhorses than male characters? If so, why do you think this is?
  24. Hey everypony! Note Wise here! Made a new song for my favorite pony. I'm quite happy with out it turned out! I sure hope you enjoy as well, just something fun to dance or jump to I feel. Thanks for all the support! If i could hug you all, I would!