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Found 3 results

  1. We seriously don't have a topic over this? I'm shocked! So here's one! Certain aspects of this game may not be up to par (that character roster!), but I do have to say everything else is pretty much amazing! Surely I'm not the only one here playing this?! If you have a NNID and are playing Mario Kart 8, you should post and become friends with other members! I will try to keep this topic updated. Form: Forum Username - Nintendo Network ID Envy - WoodwindsRock Evil Derpy - Evil_Conker Steve - STVH1295 Felix - XSilver Bojo - elBojo Biznis Kitty - EldinRanger Gernia - FaloRoy010203 Jamaican Jam - Resolute_Blue Mars Caramel - Sherwood_McCloud AppleDerpy20 - AppleDerpy20 RockinRarity - SillySallyBanana Mixbeat - Yosukex3 ErBoi - ErikB314 Forlong -Thunderflare Geek0zoid - Geek0zoid Nick1925 - Fade xViZZioNz Soullite - Soullite
  2. I recently started a set of Daily tournaments on Mario Kart 8 They are as follows: Bronies' Gem Cup:6046-9961-4338 - 50cc Bronies' Apple Cup:4962-0290-0496 - 100cc Bronies' Rainbow Cup:1059-0220-7871 - 150cc Bronies' Cupcake Cup:2922-3886-1145 - Mirror
  3. After that PMV for Everfree Northwest, it's time to review Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U! Tell me what you think below!