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Found 17 results

  1. The title pretty much says it all. Now I'm sure most of us have an OC, whether it be from a novel your writing, a fanfic you wrote that involved an OC, etc. Ever been curious to know if they are Mary-Sues? (Mary Sue- Basically a character that is perfect, cliché, everyone loves them, a badass, etc.) This is a test I found on a website that can tell you that. Gender doesn't matter. My score: (Which utterly surprised me, I thought my OC was a definite Mary Sue) Take in mind that these tests are not 100% accurate, so don't start throwing furniture across the room because you got a high score. Link: Here's a shorter one that Pripyat Pony mentioned. Link:
  2. Please note, I am not suggesting Twilight Sparkle is a Mary Sue and this is not my opinion about her or an anti-Twilight Sparkle post. However, since she has turned into an alicorn, I've heard a few say that they think since this transformation, she's become a Mary Sue. I wouldn't say she is personally, but others are saying her transformation has only made a negative impact to her character, and making her look like the center of attention for everything. What does everypony think?
  3. So Alicorn OC's have been really making me mad lately. I really just don't like them. Whenever I come across an Alicorn OC, its generally a Mary Sue type pony. I mean, my friend's Alicorn OC is just perfect in every way. And that's how it is with most of the fandom's alicorn OC's too. But the big reason I don't like them is the fact an Alicorn is supposed to be something rare and amazing. Not just 'Oh, another Alicorn, great.' Anyway, what are your thoughts on them? Please, I don't mean to offend anypony who IS and Alicorn, I'm sure its great. Please don't get mad at me...?
  4. My main OC is going to be a pegasus. Big deal, right? NO. But right now for my main OC, I'm using an alicorn named Princess Navi, as you can tell by my name and profile pic. So, I don't understand why all the hate goes into having an alicorn oc. Okay, so what if most suck? No need to be rude! So my question is: what should I do to fix my OC? My pegasus OC has some design hiccups that need fixing. Here is what I consider to be THE OC GUIDELINES! 1. Don't make it have an amazing special power or be the BFF of all the mane six 2. Evil/sad/emo backstories are a NO-NO 3. Handicaps. Bad. Use in strict moderation. 4. Rainbows are used too much= NO. 5. Recolors are unoriganal. 6. Throwing on a cloak, glasses, 20 hats, and some butterfly wings is just SAD. 7. Be consistent with your color scheme. 8. Have a name that matches your cutie mark and colors. 9. Be VERY careful and tread lightly with alicorn OCs 10. Hrybrids are hard to do. Don't do them if it doesn 't make sense. 11. Make sure your cutie mark makes sense. 12. Sons and daughters of princesses, villains, or the Mane 6 are bad. Okay, that's about it. But one last rule: 13: PONY CREATOR IS ONLY USED TO GET AN IDEA OF THE DESIGN. GOT IT? This really angers me, because artists lose skill (and sometimes money) to this EVIL THING. The PONY CREATOR is the only thing I hate about the Living Tombstone: PONY CREATOR OCS! You are bad and you should feel bad if you have a pony creator OC. DRAW IT, JEEZ. Or at least ask someone to draw it for you. You guys post good/bad OCs below!
  5. What is the real definition of Mary sue? How the hell do you recognize one? What's your opinion about Mary Sue OC? We all know this word. You can easily find this magic words in some fanfics, roleplays, fan made characters, tabletop games, or whatever else. Lots of people seemed to be throwing it around and around with blatant disregard about its true meaning. The more fanmade materials this fandom creates, the more ambiguous the term become. Heck, some even call any characters s/he doesn't like as Mary Sue So what do you say about it? Funmode: create the worst Mary Sue you can get in less than five minutes. Post the resulting horror in a spoiler.
  6. So, I am writing an MLP fan fic, but I need to check if my OCs are to Mary Sue (not all of them are mine, so don't blame me for all of them). The fan fic is of a war between the two sisters that's happening but it doesn't launch it straight away, it happens after three or so chapters. My first OC is Princess Noctis, my main OC that I have edited a lot over the past few years. (Please don't judge her on her sister or Spyro Jack, they are my friends' OCs) Basics Name: Princess Noctis Nickname(s): Noctis, Noc Gender: Mare Species: Bat pony alicorn Age: filly Birthday: Dec 21st (longest night) Sexuality: Straight Allegiance: Luna Republic (At first), Peace Corp (Later) Appearance Body colour: Really dark blue Body type: Tall, thin (not too thin though) Mane & tail colour/style: Dark blue, young Luna (bit more ragged, no swirls) Markings (Stripes, spots, whatever): none Eyes: Light, piercing blue Cutie mark: Crescent moons with mane-coloured, sparkly mist and bat wings Accessories: - Height: 1.3m (average fillies are about 1-1.2m) Weight: 13 KG ~ 24 KG Notable features: Bat wings, slitted pupils, fangs Other: - Personality Personality in general: shy, timid, smart, clever, intelligent, claustrophobic, cheeky Fatal flaw: shy Likes: night, the moon, the outdoors, bats, wolves Dislikes: sunlight, bugs, bullies, the colours pink and green, walking Favorite food: Apples Favorite book: Flutterbat Favorite pony: Fluttershy Favorite animal: Bats Favorite song: Twinkle twinkle little star Favorite place: outside (night time) Other favorites: racing, flying, speed, silence Least favorite Food: grass and hay Other least favorites: houses, buildings Daily life Place of residence: Canterlot/ Ponyville Occupation: S.M.I.L.E agent Talents: flying, moon-raising, bats Hobbies: flying, racing Friends and family Mother: Princess Luna Father: Prince Nyx Siblings: Princess Apocalypse Other relatives: Princess Celestia, Princess Solis, Princess Apocalypse Lover/spouse: Spyro Jack Offspring: - Friends: Sky (bat), Figura (changeling), Discord Enemies: King Sombra, Tirek, Princess Solis Pets: A blue phoenix she gains part way through the book Magic Powers: Alicorn magic Super hearing Super sight Can communicate with bats, wolves and other similar creatures Do they like using magic? Yes because it reminds her of her twin Flying Wings: Bat wings Wingspan: 3m Top flying speed: 8000+ mph (rainbow dash flys at about 7600+ mph) Does your character like flying? Yes, being pretty much raised by bats Do they use flying in their daily life? Yes, she prefers flying to walking Other info Theme song: Stop the bats ( )Quote: “YOLO!!” Any other info on your character: she gets tired during the day but awake at night Backstory: Birth Noctis was born the way most other natural born alicorns are. It is a magical event and Luna and Nyx were both ready for it. Magic spiraled up both their horns and then they touched. This sent cosmic fireworks into the air which exploded into thousands of stars that showered down all over Equestria and lit up the sky. This went on for quite a while and then the biggest one exploded far above Luna and Nyx’s head and sent a giant metor-like star slowly descend towards the two lovers. Just as it was 5 or 6 metres above Luna and her husband a group of bats passed through the light. Apon the passing, the star grew brighter. Then it touched the ponies’ horns and knocked them both backwards with an explosion. Now there was a bat shape scorched into the ground and on either wing there was a foal, one with a ragged, dark blue mane and tail and an even darker body and the other with a black and red mane and tail constantly changing colour with her black body. These cute offsprings of Luna and Nyx weren’t normal alicorns though. They had bat wings and fangs. Nyx was shocked and was scared of the child, but Luna being Luna, was kind and caring to her her newborn foal. 2 yrs Noctis had always had speech problems, if it wasn’t for her tutor, Fluttershy, she probably would still be speaking high pitched squeals which only Fluttershy, bats and other bat-ponies understood. You see, this young filly had been having secret midnight outings to see the bats, who had taught her their language. They also taught her to fly. 5 yrs Now she was starting preschool, the filly had learnt most the pony language and could speak it fluently. She now spends most her time with Fluttershy or out at night and now sleeps upside down. She was quite lucky to have such an amazing sister who stood up to the bullies for her. Her twin also teaches her magic. 8 yrs The age she was when she got her cutiemark, she was flying out at sun-set, but Luna, her mum, had overslept so she couldn’t raise the moon. Noctis was worried, so decided to take matters into her own hands and raise it herself. She brought up the large silver ball and when she came down, she noticed something. Her cutiemark! 12 yrs Now, Noctis was at the same social level as the others (pretty much) and is starting school. Luna at first tried to get them into Canterlot High, but they were full. Luna realised that schooling in Ponyville would be the only other option, so she sent them there. Luna told the CMC (they had grown up to about 17 horse years) that they had to help look after the younger counterpart of their club. I might have to edit the backstory a bit, oh and she's the element of peace (new set of elements) (credit to the maker of the form:
  7. Just want to offer my full thoughts on Princess Flurry Heart, who is surprisingly not being discussed as much as I would have originally thought. First off, the books are considered canon by many now more than ever, because all of the writers of the books have now written for the show, and the books are officially licensed. Stories made by people who work for the show count as canon. That said, here goes the main arguments. 1) The show makes it very clear that Alicorns are supposed to be special. It's complete and utter break of continuity if too many Alicorns join the cast. If everyone is special, nobody is. 2) There are indeed two kinds of Alicorns, born and ascended. That's why I stopped complaining about that aspect. But, it is worth noting that most of the Alicorn tribe vanished (source: Book of Two Sisters, written by show staff). 3) However, the show makes it clear that the Two Sisters, Twilight, and Cadence are special even among Alicorns. The first 3 are connected to the Tree of Harmony, and Cadence to the Crystal Heart. Those 4 are special even among Alicorns. So, Flurry Heart should not be on their level. And giving her some grand destiny is a major risk to telling a good story. More on that later. 4) Born Alicorns are a thing, but the fact that she is a special Princess without earning the title puts her in a different status from the other 4 Princesses. Celestia and Luna had to prove themselves to the population of Equestria, even though they were elected into power by a council solely because of their Alicornness. The population was not completely in support, so they had to prove their right to rule over all ponies by uniting Equestria. Cadence saved the villlage by fixing the Crystal Heart Spell. Twilight mastered the Magic of Friendship. All of them did things before earning the full title of Princess of Equestria. 5) The earned title of the 4 Princesses was a major part of the show's intended feministic message. That females can earn powerful positions with hard work and determination. Strong females. Flurry Fart was born a Princess, which cheapens that message. 6) There are several issues related not only to her Alicorn and Princess status, but here status as a "special" baby. "Special" babies are notorious for being walking plot devices. If they don't give her any significant power, then this will be headed off. But if she is "special" and powerful, the risk for bad writing skyrockets. 7) If I were to use the example of Poof from Fairly OddParents, Poof was a MacGuffin and Deus Ex Machina at the same time. He was a walking plot device, existing only to serve as both conflicts and solutions. Given the general difficulty of writing a baby (since how deep and interesting can the character of a baby be?) it is all too easy for them to become a mechanic, rather than a character. 8) Further, if they do something stupid like a "Chosen One" type of story- not only has that been done already in this show- but it is an overused trope. And it's all the worse if you have a baby be the "special" character. Because a baby, lacking in reason or autonomy, can only be shallow. And if they make the baby smart, and/or powerful, it changes them into a character, sure. But that kind of OPness and Precociousness makes them a borderline Mary Sue/Gary Stu on TOP of being a walking plot device. 9) Babies are one of the worst characters to add to a show, and are notoriously easy to mess up. If she isn't special or powerful, then fair enough. Flurry Heart would then be in the same class as Cadence and Shining- just kind of there. But if she is made special and/or powerful, it would be horrible. 10) Regardless of whether she is special or not, the chances of her being anything other than a stupid plot device is very low. In all likelihood, she'll be more of an object than a character. 11) Underneath it all, it can't be forgotten that a historically bad character type was forced into the show by a toy company that cares about profits way more than writing a cohesive story. No sane writer would add one of the worst archetypes to a show if they weren't forced to. Babies are an inherently easy character to mess up, because their inferior capacities make them an object, and not a character. And adding higher capacities makes them OP and boring instead of a walking plot device. There are two extreme sides of adding a baby to a show, and very little middle ground So, there are all the reasons it can go wrong, or is perceived as a major threat to the quality of the show. That said, let me preemptively state some solid counterarguments. It could be said that the writers are very capable, and indeed they are. They have taken plenty of lemons from Hasbro and made them something cool or interesting. However, it is verrry hard to fix babies. It could be said that the books are only semi-canon, and I want to say no to this. I don't think something officially sanctioned, and officially written by the writers is anything other than canon. It could be said that Flurry Fart being a walking plot device is no different from Cadence or Shining, and a couple of other characters, and to be fair, that's right. However, that doesn't mean it is excusable to add ANOTHER boring MacGuffin/Deus Ex Machina, who, if done wrong, might ALSO be a Mary Sue. It could be said that maybe MLP isn't intended to be feministic anymore, and that it has deviated from the original path, but I disagree. Because, even as recently as Season 5, we saw plenty of cases where the strength of the main cast as self-made, independent females, was made very clear. And even if that is not the direct intention anymore, having even one character that breaks the mold of strong females is definitely a disconnect from some of the feel of the show, which features many strong female characters that do things to show their strength, ability, and they earn their achievements. Making being born an achievement is a disconnect. It's obvious to say that I am jumping to conclusions about her being "special" and that I should wait until the episode actually comes out. But, don't forget that Alicorns are by definition "special" in the world of MLP. So, that's very much a given conclusion. The odds of her being normal are outweighed by the chance she'll be a special snowflake. The show itself makes it very clear that Alicorn = Special. Even though making her normal would help the situation, this is objectively a break in continuity. Nobody will deny that the show itself is canon. Believe me, I would love if she is just a normal pony. That would stop her from being a Mary Sue, at least. That would actually make an interesting notion that the 4 Princesses > normal alicorns > normal ponies. Which is an interesting power dynamic. It would also make for some Alicorn lore, and more specialness to the main 4 Princesses. And also that Alicorns aren't inherently powerful. Which is definitely one of the better ways they can handle this. But will the writers make her normal? Time will tell. It would still be a contradiction to the existing story, but it would be better than having an OP special snowflake baby. Tangentially related, but not really- Mane 6 as Alicorns would be cruddy for different reasons. It would make it a bit more boring if they all had the same abilities. Putting them in the middle ground or normal alicorns > normal ponies would be a disservice to their importance, but making them all on the same level as the 4 Princesses would be boring. Also, that would make Alicornness TOO normal. I like the idea of "normal" Alicorns, but seeing a bunch of them, and seeing everybody attain that just gets rid of diversity, and makes things flat. There should be such a thing as "special". Because if nobody is above the rest, then it becomes washed out. At first that may seem contradictory, but the short way of saying it is this. There should be "special" characters. But that specialness should be earned, not given. Also, if too many people are special, nobody will be, hence having an entire cast of "special" characters (ascended alicorns) would cheapen the value of that gain. It can be said that MLP was created to sell toys, but it should be subtle, and it isn't good if the story we love is harmed by MLPs status as a toy commercial. The writers chose to make a good show, and when Hasbro makes an executive decision in affront to the canon, it is infuriating. Just a reminder that they only care about their bottom line, breaking through the 4th wall without a care. When stuff like this happens, it snaps the viewer back to reality, saying "That doesn't fit! HASBROOOOO!" That's what I can think of in terms of direct responses to my points Now, how can the baby be done as well as possible? (in order of preference) 1) The Changeling theory is fascinating and would actually be amazing. But I doubt it 2) She is disabled/deformed and she can't fly or use magic or something like that. This gives her flaws. If her power is negated in this way, it's an interesting way to use her. The only exception is I don't want a darn dumbo story where the only thing she has to worry about is bullies. Bullying has been done very well in this show already. Don't need to cover it anymore. 3) She is some kind of omen. Not my favorite choice, but if it's something where she is barely featured, then I don't mind much. 4) She is just a normal pony. Nothing special about her, and she's just there. This makes her no better or worse than Cadence and Shining in their first appearances. 5) Don't feature her like, at all, outside of these two episodes Stories I DON'T want. 1) Chosen One BS 2) As powerful as the Princesses 3) Poof-format stories where she goofs stuff up only for everyone else to clean it up 4) Kidnapping. Unless it is related to the changeling story possibility mentioned above. 5) The only conflict is dealing with a "special" baby that is harder to take care of than normal babies 6) Dumbo/bullying type of story Anyways, that is a big read, I know, but please do. Also, I should point out that her eyes being bigger is just the new Foal model. If you remember the Pinkie Pie episode, AJ had this eye style in her baby picture as well.
  8. Born In Alternate version of Equestira. This version Magic is dieing , unicorn birthrate has dropped from about 1:1:1 to around 1 unicorn for every 30,000 non-unicorn pony. Taking place over the course 500 years. (for a ruff time line: 30 years post show Luna, Twilight, Celestia and the Elements vanish for an unknown reason, Giving way for the Equines Republic of Equestira(ERE). 60 years post show, Cadance pulled the crystal empire from time ones more. ~200 years post show Discord is found turned back to stone in an unnamed forest.) Crime is at it's highest in nearly 200 years. Homeless and Unemployment is on a sharp rise. Alicorns are nothing but a myth at this point(Hey in Fallout Equestria, it too only 200, if you want more canon example....Luna). Formed in the Astral Plain, Twilight used The elements as a frame work for her,Luna,and Celestia's magic and part of their life force to make her. Mary was "Born", And was sent back back to equestira in a hope she could help protect it from the darkness that was descending on the land. She was placed where the outskirts of what was once ponyville, now a few houses barley cleaning to life, Via A large rip in SpaceTime(See "Do princess Dream of magic sheep", like that one).She was picked up be one of the Town's folk and brought to ponyville. There the town met(All of around 20 ponies), and decided that giving her over to the ERE would end badly(Letting you decide that one),They choose to raise her in secret. Although she tries her best to behave, She is naive to the horrors of the world and curious to the point of insanity. She has a kind nature, and tries to help the ponies of ponyville. She likes life, cute animals, Stories about the elements of harmony, Bananas, the night sky, and books. She dislikes Bullies, The color yellow, peas and when things don't go to plan. Due to the nature of her creation she doesn't have a true cutie mark, Her cutie mark is a reflection of the "true" Alicorns. She has to hid her cutie mark with make-up to appear as a black flank. really kinda thought out for a Mary Sue but don't hold back. Art & OC by me, base found from someone on DA Theme for her that i'd think fit:
  9. (There is an optional drinking game for this parody. Every time it mentions beautiful, bottyfull, bootyful, etc, you take a drink of some sort of fluid whether it be alcohol or chocolate milk.) This story of MaryWeather, the blind special fab blind princess the third, she was a acliorn. SHE WAS SOOOOOOOOO BOTTYFULL THAT EVERYPONY DIED. jk, she was bootyful tho. one day she saw a evil descord and she ate him with her awesome dragon form that was awesome and bootyful thene she seed Sghining Armior and they did it and it was fab and bottyfuf. She was so happy that she decedd to be he waifu. they had a littl baby nanmed Milky Shakes and she had biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig byubs and her bootyful milkshake brought all teh boys to the yard and threy saw her and they thought he was butyfulfl. One day MaryWeather gotted into her dtragon fom again and was angstful. she decided all of equestria wold feef her rath and SHE BECAME SO BOOTYFUL THAT EVERYPONY DIED. but then she was good so she made a new world with ther star poweres and made a whole neew wold that was bootyful. it was called bootyfufle world and she was queen and has so many waifus now she so bootyful. I apologize for this horrid beast of a story.
  10. WARNING! THIS IS A PARODY AND THE STORY AND "ARTWORK" ARE POORLY DONE! Insane the Pony Unce Upony time, there was very Yandere kawaii red ponhey named Insane Margory Love-face Al Pacino Sugarspell Scarface the Unicorn or Insane fir shart. Insane was very bootyfuf and was in relationshet wif her waifu, Bulk Biceps Senpai. He lived her ans she loved they were so in loved. Bulky senpai was getting tirrd of Insane chan's crap and murdered her in cold blood because she cheated on hiom wif Fluttershyy sensei and stuff. Then sghe cam back and stebbed him wiif a knnif. THERE WAS ALL THE BLUDS AND SHE KIIL PEOPLE SHE SO BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTYFUL I apologize for what you just read, everypony.
  11. So, as the title sums it up, write up the worst Mary/Angsty Sue character you could ever think of. Make it OP, a pity whore, a drastic Anti-Sue, whatever, but make it real bad. May the worst idea win! So, first entry! TwiRainShy PinkRareApplePie is a Pegasus-Unicorn who has rainbow mane and rainbow coat and black and red oversaturated as hell tail, she is loved by anyone, killed Discord and Tirek and she is also the holder of the 7 helements of armory! She's the daughter of all the mane 6 and even straight girls fall for her!
  12. I've been curious of this for a while. During the time I've known this fandom I have noticed an almost pathological fear of Mary Sues. It happened back in Season 3 when everyone was begging for a good Applejack episode, and then again when people thought princess-hood was taking Twilight's character too far. Not to mention, people are quick to dismiss OCs that are Mary Sues and fanfics with Mary Sues in them. I clearly understand why everybody would rather avoid them. But in the Brony fandom it seems like a problem we're worrying about every other day. Just for some friendly discussion I'm curious to know what everybody's take on this is. Personally, Mary Sue is a term people use too lightly. I'm a writer. I know when I've created a Mary Sue and I know how to change them for the better. For that reason, I'm normally calm when writers are working their magic cuz I know MLP has a good writing staff.
  13. If you had a daughter or sister in your care, and you don't want her to fall into the dreaded realm of "blind fangirlism" (e.g. Bieberism, One-Directionism, Twilightism, etc.) how can you stop her, and save her life? Plus, (aside from MLP:FiM) would you like to recommend any good subcultures for her to join?
  14. Brony: violence, sex (occasionally), logic, romance, emphasis-on-witty/campy-humour (?) Pegasister: romance, Mary Sues, gentleness, beauty (???)
  15. Does anyone notice in some fan fictions Ponies are ridiculously overpowered? As in Celestia with literally with God like powers and invincibility? I think a rule in fan fiction, multiverse theory and writing in general it doesn't matter who you are, you could be literally of a God's level of power, you could still die by fighting the wrong person. Say for example, canon Celestia (of canon level of power) tried to fight the god Bhaal (from D&D), aka the Lord of Murder. I don't think she would win against such a being. However, if she's from one of the mary sue universes, then Celestia could win. At the same time, somewhere out there in the multiverse there are even more powerful versions of Bhaal that exist, whom would easily kill overpowered Celestia. At the same time there's beings out there, whom can defeat Bhaal. I guess, what I'm trying to say, there is a counter force to everything. It doesn't matter who your character is, he or she can still be defeated by someone, if you attacked the wrong universe and got into the fight with the wrong person.
  16. Okay so I have said quite a few times on here that I am not a fan of twilicorn but despite my misgivings I am trying to at least look on the bright side and can think of a few ways this might still work. Before I begin though I have noticed that several critics of twilicorn have said that this could work if it is temporary but I do not agree with this. Sure the way twilicorn was introduced may have been pitifully lazy writing but to simply grant alicorn status out of nowhere and then take it away as quickly as it was given would also be lazy writing and lazy writing cannot be solved with more lazy writing. 1. Twilight as princess of friendship: this will probably happen regardless of whether or not this actually works out so it is highly unlikely that Twilight will leave her friends. Think about it, she is the element of magic which is a combination of all the other 5 elements of harmony and the title of the show is "Friendship is Magic". Expecting the princess of friendship to leave her friends would be like expecting Cadence as the princess of love to not be with Shining Armor. Twilight if anything will need her friends more than ever as she gets used to her new responsibilities as a princess, Rainbow Dash could teach her about flying as some have pointed out for example. Rarity could teach her about some of the finer points of high society etiquette though I am sure Twilight is well versed on it being Celestia's apprentice a little sprucing up though never hurt anypony. Applejack could help her sort through all the BS, suck ups and flank kissers trying to get in good with the new princes that will inevitably come her way. Pinkie Pie could help cheer her up when she is feeling down or discouraged and maybe make it a little less likely to have Lesson Zero moment. 2. A rational explanation as to why the coronation was so abrupt: there are many different potential scenarios I have come up with in my head and most of them involve some kind of emergency. We all know that alicorns get a massive power boost so perhaps whatever threat is lurking required Twilight to take this power boost a bit sooner than Celestia had originally planned. It could be a new villain or the return of an old villain it could even link to why Celestia wanted to reform Discord. There is nothing that will completely get rid of the abrupt nature of this change but it can be smoothed over slightly with some good writing. 3. Twilight's power grows slowly over time: my biggest concern with twilicorn was that Twilight would become too powerful too fast making her a Mary Sue. But having great power dosen't mean you have complete control over it, during this one flashback scene where it showed how Twilight got her cutie mark she had a massive magic surge which not only caused Spike to hatch from his egg but to temporarily grow into a fully grown dragon. Thanks to her years of training and study she has much greater control over her powers then she did back then but turning into an alicorn is far more significant than simply slapping a pair of wings on Twilight. We don't know how big of a power boost that Twilight got but we know that is probably fairly substantial. We saw from Magic Duel that while Twilight was far more powerful than your average unicorn still had her limitations and as a alicorn if this is done correctly will still have some limitations. Simply put if Twilight is able to perform the kind of spells Trixie did under the influence of the alicorn amulet right off the bat than I am going to be seriously pissed. If written correctly Twilight could learn to master those kinds of spells and other high level unicorn and alicorn spells gradually over the course of a few more seasons.
  17. Before you comment, know that I'm not trying to bash Twilight in any way. But...don't you guys think she's becoming a little bit too powerful? I mean, she can conjure wings, teleport herself and other ponies LONG distance, levitate things well, and now she can change the laws of gravity, use dark magic, and even turn full-grown mares into temporary fillies (as seen in the upcoming Trixie episode commercial). That', a bit too powerful, I think. She had limits in the sixth episode, but now she seemed to be able to conjure magic without breaking a sweat. Discuss.